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Commander O'Shougenka

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This is my commander O'Shougenka. I made him look like O'Shovah from the Codex entry.I have chosen to paint my army in a snow theme, as I personally like white miniatures.The white armour is painted with three layers. First is the skull white spray followed by a white primer to cover the areas not reached by the spray.Second layer is the shade, which is either a specialised "clip" that is brushed on (not clipped), or a color mixed with glaze. Third and last layer is skull white mixed with glaze again, to make the paint transparent.The grey areas are painted in the same manner but with foundation astronomican grey.The blue areas are painted in four steps. Foundation fenris grey, then shaded, highlighted first with fenris grey again, then a last highlight with fenris grey mixed with space wolve grey.The base is made quite simple. SLate grey carved and chopped to fit with the base. Then some sand to cover the areas not covered by the huge stone.Paint the sand fenris grey and then stone in black. I then drybrushed the sand with foundation Tau ochure and then then stone with fenris grey.Second drybrush layer on the sand is foundation dheneb stone and on the slate stone it's astronomican grey.Finally I added some beige moss and of course some snow.


[gal_img]1495[/gal_img]As I play a renegade army I think I can stray a little bit from the hard printed stuff. Anyway, I believe as a renegade army, the commander uses what he can find and construct.O'Shougenka have had his men construct a massive battle station to fight in the bigger battles that he is currently in. The battle station that was constructed is basically a larger and more tough version of the battle suits currently in use. Though, it is a huge battle suit and by it's on can lay waste to a whole army.The battle suit is named XV101, which is in the ten series of suits, and the one represents version one of the model. MBTB stands for Massive Battle Tactical Battlesuit. The MBTB is only used in larger battles, as it is towering and hard to manuever smoothly like the normal battle suits. Thus the tactical advantage is jumping in and out of battles is not possible and the element of surprise will most likely be impossible with the MBTB in the field.The MBTB has four crew members. There is the operator or driver, who is of rank Shas'O, then he is supported by two technicians who do backup checks on the systems of the MBTB. Lastly, there is one navigator or spotter, his assignment is to aid the operator and guide him or her on the whereabouts of the enemies.When I am going to use this giant, I will be using the rules for Apocalypse expansion rule book of the Imperial Warhound. Thus this giant will ony be used in Apocalypse battles.The XV101 is made of one skyray gunship and an additional skyray upgrade sprue. Three piranahas and eight gun drones.For the weapons one could use whatever you have at home, but as I have just invested in two Apocalypse vehicle boxes, I had enough spare weapons.Some of you might not approve of this, but bare in mind that this is just for fun and for Apocalypse expansion gaming.

XV20 Stealth Suits "Shadowstrike"

[gal_img]1497[/gal_img]These are my XV20 stealth suits. I have named them XV20 as I have converted them to look more like Shadowsun's stealth armour, the XV22. So going from the normal XV25 to something between XV25 and the XV22 gave me this result, my XV20's.They are quite simply converted. Only using the parts from the XV25 box. The main thing is to cut hte body part. Cutting the jetpack, and then cutting off the helmet. The helmet is furterh cut in half, just behind where the ear should be.For a guide how I did it, refer to my  topic here.Anyhow, I chose to paint them as I ahve painted my whole army. They are in camo all of them anyway. The only, if any, difference is that the suits have more white areas then my other units.Tactics with these are simple, infiltrate if possible and annoy the enemy with a hail of shots, then disappearing into the shadows once again. Sometimes I might add a fusion blasters in the unit to be able to shoot at a vehicle in the first rounds.The unit has gotten it's name from it's qualities of course. Strikes from the shadows and then dissappears again as they never where there, "Shadowstrike".

XV8 Crisis Team "Spitfire"

[gal_img]1498[/gal_img]Here is one of the elite choices of my O'Shougenka army. This unit is equipped with burst cannons and missile pods, and multi-trackers. The amount of shots they can shoot out for their points is the exact same as the equal amount of points invested in stealth suits.So why have this setting instead of stealth suits. Well for starters, with an army lead by O'Shougenka/Farsight there can only be one unit of stealth suits. And I personally love quantity shots. The universe have more enemies then just space marines.Anyhow there are 15 shots each turn that they can lay out. Five stealth suits at the same points lay out the same amount of shots.Now the upside of the XV8 crisis vs. VX20 (my stealths) is that if a unit loses a wound, the XV8 still have the same amount of fire power, where the XV20 have lost three shots. Losing two wounds makes the XV8 lose 5 shots, while the XV20 loses 6 shots.Furthermore, the XV8 are tougher thus having better staying power then the XV20's. But of course the XV20's have stealth making them harder to spot at a distance. The pro and cons are by this rule makes them both equal in my eyes. The spitfire unit, as I called them after my inspiriation from the second WW RAF fighter aircraft, main target is light infantry and transports.

Sniper Drone Team

[gal_img]1500[/gal_img]One of my sniper drone teams. I personally like these teams, as they have long range, good AP and strength and causes pinning.Depending on what army I play I use these in different way. In case of my pinning army, the sniper drones are the bread and butter in the pinning army.They make good use of the markerlights from the pathfinders to lower the leadership on the enemy unit they are shooting at.Otherwise, I have them to annoy the enemy with their strong weapons.

XV8 Shas'El and XV8 Bodyguards

[gal_img]1499[/gal_img]This is my secondary HQ in my army. It's a Shas'El where I converted him to look like the XV8 crisis suits on the Tau Empire codex cover. The models are painted in the same way as O'Shougenka.I chose to have the body guards equiped with plasma rifle and fusion blasters, as I prefer to specialise my crisis suits. The normal settings I guess would be plasma rifle and missile pods the "fire knife" as it's known. But as I am not a big fan of being one of the crowd I chose to not to use that combination... ever.Further equipment are targetting array and hard-wired multi-trackers.The tactics with these guys is to stay at around 17" away from the enemy that has normal movement. At this distance I can jump, and come within 12" of the enemy, shoot with 8 high strength and good AP value shots. Also 5 special shots from the cyclic ion blaster. After that I can of course fallback again to my cover.Their main purpose is to hunt down power armoured infantry or infantry with terminator armour, or similar. Of course, if vehicles or units with armour values decides to come by, the fusion basters will gun them down.Optional upgrade for my Shas'El is a positional relay so that deep striking units will arrive earlier, and in combination with a devilfish from the pathfinder unit, the precision of their deep strike will be greatly improved.

Hammerhead Gunship

[gal_img]1501[/gal_img]Very few of these exist in Shougenkas cadre, but the few he has are used with great skill.Most of the gunships are equipped with the railgun turret, as they have enough weapons to deal with infantry. The railguns give the cadre that extra punch it needs against heavily armoured vehicles that they encounter in their battles.The gunship is painted like the rest of the cadre, Shougenka doesn't apply additional camoflauge to the armour, as the warriors inside now are more part of the rest of the army. Moral is an important thing for Shougenka, so that everyone treated is the same boosts the overall morale.In total, Shougenka has nine Hammerhead in his commande. Though these are seldom used all at once. Only in huge epic battles will he call for their aid.


Gallery image
Shougenka uses drones extensively, more then any other normal Tau force. As Shougenka is a part of the Farsight enclave, reinforcements are slim and they are forced to use other means to refill the ranks.Shougenka doesn't want to put his Fire Warriors in emidiate danger or combat until they are fully trained beyond normal standards.With this, Shougenka uses gun drones as part of his basic force instead of Fire Warriors.

Pathfinder Team

[gal_img]1503[/gal_img]A full unit of pathfinders with two additional gun drones. Not much to say about these, two rail rifles and shas'ui with target lock so he can seperate his marker light from his unit.Depending on the army setting I am playing the marker lights will be used for different uses. In case of my pinning army, I will use the markers to lower the leadership of the enemy.Otherwise the marker lights will be used as normal to increase the accuracy and the like.

Fire Warrior Team

[gal_img]1504[/gal_img]Here is one of my Fire Warrior squads. They usually form up with ten Fire Warriors and two gun drones. They are all equipped with pulse rifles, as I personally perfer carbines over the rifle. It suits my game style more and it makes me stick out from the Tau crowd.I also include two gun drones as they have the same weapons and add a nice bonus in appearance. But they are also good in close combat with their higher initiative that is equal to a Space Marine. Sure, they don't have the same stats as a space marine and not suited for close combat as their primary function. But, it's a nice bonus that has served me a few times.I usually also include a markerlight with a target lock for the shas'ui. So the unit can mark a target for one of my other units.With carbines on all my Fire Warriors I also have a slightly bigger chance of pinning the enemy. I know it's nothing to be relied upon, but it is a nice bonus. Overall, my opponent's underestimate the power of this unit.Primary target for this unit are of course light infantry. Shooting at them first and in an emergency they will assault their target to either bind them for a round of combat or hopefully take them down if their numbers are greater and the foe is weakened greatly.

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