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  • EST 03/5632 Inquisitoria 8932/2339
  • Crossfile:Xeno, Eastern Fringe, Tau, Farsight, Ethereals
  • Date Compiled: 803.M41
  • Input Clearance: Inquisitor Pethindor Branus
  • Author: Pethindor Branus
  • Transmitted via: Cannimus Prime
  • Transmitter: Astropath Dorgan Fehge
  • Target location: Mars
In the name of the all-mighty emperor I return to imperial space having spent the last four years serving on the verge of the Damocles Gulf. I bring word and knowledge on the Tau empire and its recent incursions into Imperial space. I am honoured to give a full report on the nature of the 'rogue' commander Farsight, who is currently selling his services on the near side of the Damocles Gulf. This is most troublesome as the nature of the Xeno defences on our planets, this side of the Damocles Gulf, seem to be of much greater strength than was seen during the Damocles Crusade. This brings me to conclude that the Tau Xeno are a much greater threat than were originally anticipated. During my time researching the Tau Xeno, I have been in 'close proximity' with them and have come to understand, that they are truly a insidious race that seems to be able to convert even the most loyal citizens of the emperor to the so called, 'greater good'.
My short sojourn on the world the Tau Xeno call 'AL-12a', has lead me to conclude that the Tau have little experience of the warp, and the perils of chaos. It was there that I witnessed them capture a daemon prince on a expedition from one of their hidden observation posts. The daemon prince in question was a one, Ex-'Offerenus Parsious' He now goes by a different name amongst his followers. Unfortunately there would have never been a situation to cleanse this scum while the Tau Xeno inhabited the facility. So I offered to stay behind when the Tau Xeno left the planet. The daemon prince himself was able to elude me for some hours while I tracked him around the facility. Finally I confronted the monster and showed him the emperor's wrath like he so surely deserved. Thus doing I was able to leave the planet feeling that I had accomplished something worthy. A full report of this ordeal can be found in the Inquisitoria file 8932/2337.
Since then I have been skirting Tau space on the edge of the Damocles Gulf, trying to learn more about my ex-captors the Tau Xeno. In this I have failed, and beg forgiveness, however I was able to pick up much knowledge of the 'rouge' commander Farsight, or 'O'Shovah' in Tau Xenolexicon. Of this commander, information is sketchy. I recall that enquiries into the nature of Farsight have been already been commissioned and have taken place, but I believe I have important information direct from the Tau Empire itself.
Farsight is a controversial figure in Tau society. To his followers he is a figurehead of the 'greater good'. A full report of the Tau 'greater good' can be found in the Inquisitoria file 8932/2322. However outside of his followers there are great sways of opinion, between him being a traitor or simply misunderstood. From the Tau Xeno I have 'questioned' I have been able to draw up a number of theories on the nature of this figure. I rely these theories to you, in the hope we may be able to exploit a weak link in the Tau Xeno 'greater good'.
Main Theories follow;
+++Commence Attachment Transmission+++
+++Transmission Received... Decoding...3...2...1...+++
+++Show Attachment+++

Theory 1

Most of this information comes from a highly respected Aun'vre and Por'O who I was able to engage in 'conversation' on their ship, which I boarded from my recon shuttleEmperors Eye's.The Aun'vre took it in his opinion that the 'anomalies' somehow changed him (Farsight) into seeing the full extent of the imperium. This seems a very likely theory seeing as Farsights worlds are much more heavily guarded against attack than other Tau Xeno worlds. It would be prudent for the inquisition to commission an investigation into what the Tau Xeno call 'anomalies' as I was unable to find a correct translation into high gothic.
The theory mainly rotates around the artefact ' Grinawn Blade'. Apparently this was found by Farsight on the dead world Arthas-Moloch. I have cross-referenced this artefact with the Scythes of the Emperor M39 records, and have been unable to find direct information relating to the object in question. However in doing so, I do believe that this artefact is a power weapon or is akin to a power weapon as it fits with descriptions of the weapon in combat.
It is this artefact that is believed to be the cause of his change from the 'greater good' and in the words of the Xeno Aun'vre;
"His forces were being wiped out, when, as a last resort, he picked up a sword in pride of place in the temple, a temple with strange, tall thin beings with pointed ears as statues venerating a crippled one at a forge. Grabbing this weapon he was able to destroy the enemy. With the sword came visions, and strength. He saw a ghostly plain, where hundreds of the tall thin warriors stood, wielding swords the same as the one he found, lead by a figure of molten fire itself. He saw as they clashed with the same warriors he had fought, and how, one by one they were beaten back. He saw death itself fight against the molten god, and a vast explosion when the molten god was beaten, that levelled the entire battlefield."
 -Aun'vre Kor'vior
I am unclear into if this is fact, opinion or an elaboration of a descriptive metaphor. It is seen, that after the ' Dawn Blade' came into Farsights possession, that his personally changed dramatically. In doing so it appears that he became reclusive and distant from the rest of the Tau Empire. This lead to him taking it upon himself, to reclaim the Damocles Gulf and setting up his 'enclaves' as they are being called. If indeed Farsight has greater knowledge of the imperium then it leads me to speculate he is holding back secrets from the rest of his race. What this says of the Tau Xeno I do not know, but it does seem to me that in these actions he is no longer to be considered 'reliable' As other reports on the Tau Xeno have shown, Farsight is indeed selling services as a mercenary force to the highest bidder. May the emperor smite those who engage with these Xeno!

Theory 2

The second theory is an amalgamation of three separate sources, one from a Kor'el, one from a 'Uash'O' or group command section, this I witnessed and was part of for a short time while researching Farsight. Not all within the command shared the same views, and so I was the cause of a few heated debates. Finally the views were summarised by a Fio'vre who 'serviced' my ship for micrometeorite damage.
This theory is based on the Tau code of honour. It assumes after he killed off/lost* his Ethereal advisors he became reclusive under fear of retribution from his fellow Tau. This is assuming that Farsight has a feeling of guilt for the ethereals that he was responsible for. Both the Kor'el and most of the command group believed he was still a loyal soldier of the Tau Empire. However there was an indication from a few of the Aun'la in the command that I was touching on subjects, which were not to be talked about. Soon afterwards it was suggested that I should leave the command group as I was an 'outsider'. This view was made ever stronger to me as the days passed. In total I spent four days on the Tau orbital stationKor'ye'va Kais'b'he While I was there I was able to record a number of conversations made between members of the command using my Lexicon Datum Skulls. These conversations were associated with the names of Aun'va and O'Shaserra and seamed to point to a political rumour or undercurrent. Without time to investigate further I bring this news to your attention as again it may be in the Imperiums interests to explore this possible 'instability'. Full records made by the Lexicon Datum Skulls can be found under Inquisitoria file 8932/4522.
* It is unknown to me whether the death of the ethereal advisors with Farsight's expeditionary force are down to him, or more mundane causes. It is further unknown whether the ethereals did die or where just separated from the Farsight expeditionary force. In either way, Farsight no longer has any advisors with him. This may be why he has turned to less than admirable ways to insure his political position in his 'enclaves'. It was almost certain that the Tau Xeno find mercenary action as repugnant. It seems that it goes against the Tau Xeno code of honour to fight for monetary wealth. Nevertheless Farsight still has to equip, feed, and house his men.

Theory 3

The third theory is one that I have not drawn directly from the Tau Xeno. It could be said that there is a large number of 'coincidences' between Farsight and the ruinous powers. Notwithstanding the fact that the Tau have very little warp impact. They still do register a faint trace. Furthermore during my time on 'AL-12a' I was personally witness to 'corruption'. It seems that the Tau can be affected by chaos, but this is the exception and by no means the norm. If indeed the taint has spread to Farsight then I can be no longer sure that he is a neutral force.
The 'coincidences' with Farsight and Chaos follow;
  • Farsight and his bodyguard create a unit of eight, just like the eight pointed star of Chaos.
  • He has denounced ranged combat and trains his warriors in close combat.
  • Farsight encourages the creation of blood pacts. This has long been a cultist quality and so points in the direction of chaos taint.
  • It took me a long time to track down any protégés of Farsight. It seems that during past actions he had a protégé called Brightsword. Brightsword was called back to T'au following 'aggressive actions'. I could learn no more from those I questioned.
  • Farsight fights for personal gain. This can be seen through his mercenary actions and the fact that he no longer is an active member of the Tau Empire.
  • Farsight is getting old. We know that the influences of chaos can prolong a beings lifespan is this the case with Farsight?
All of this could be one big coincidence. In spite of this I feel that there is more to this than meets the eyes. The taint of chaos may only be passive. The ' Grinawn Blade' from Arthas-Moloch may be a chaos artefact for all I know. If it is, then a long-term issue with Tau 'corruption' may be a problem for the imperium. At least the evilness of chaos is not monolithic.
Further study by the Ordo Hereticus and my own Ordo Malleus needs to be commissioned into this quandary.

Theory 4

Somehow I feel that this theory has many elements of truth. Indeed it comes straight from the 'enclaves' still I only believe it has as much proof as a rumour. The guard traitors I could 'question'. Were able, together, to spin me a good yarn.
The theory is based back before Damocles; in fact it goes as far back as a period the Tau call 'Mont'au' This roughly translates as 'period of terror' and applies to the time afterLands Vision but before the appearance of the ethereals. Full transcripts of the 'Fio'taun legend' can be found in the Inquisitoria file 8932/2006. The conspiracy is based around the fact that the ethereals were never special. Yet I feel that this is untrue. It is unnerving how the Tau follow the ethereals and the fact that the ethereals seem to have even limited 'control' over us humans.
Our servitors and Xeno Medical Ordinatus have concluded limited pheromone 'control' from the ethereal caste of the Tau. They tell me that it cannot be used for anything more than the basic communication between fellow Tau. The 'control' the ethereals seems to have seams to be more about honour, tradition and 'divine' propaganda. This rumour goes that this is the basis of ethereal 'control'. The conspiracy follows the lines that the ethereals are not the 'savours' of the Tau. More the fact that they used 'mind-tricks' to fool the rest of the Tau castes into 'loving' them and so they became the dominant caste. So with the leaders of the castes convinced with the new philosophy of the 'greater good' they brutally enforce it across the planet. This new time of prosper, convinces the Tau about the 'greater good'. Subsequent generations begin to 'love' the ethereals for their coming and bringing peace. Over time this becomes a tradition and so a state of 'divinity' is reached for the ethereals. With the Tau 'loving' the ethereals out of tradition, and legend. Thus a form of 'control' has been formed. Alternatively the ethereal pheromone control is able to overrun a Taus normal emotions thus imposing direct ethereal control. Unfortunately these rumours have no proof and are just rumours, but then rumours still need to be taken seriously. It is certain that the ethereals did not exist in 789.M35 and so I believe it is prudent that the Ordo Malleus delve into this area of Xenology to find out the true nature of the ethereals.
All of this links to Farsight under the fact that his distancing himself from the empire is because he uncovered a truth to these rumours. Without the backing of ethereals the Tau would never believe him, and so he has removed himself to prevent the truth from dieing with him. In either case I can see Farsights act as being for the 'greater good' and so it begs the question how far from the truth is this rumour? Further study needs to be instigated.

Theory 5

The fifth theory again has no factual evidence and again is as much conjecture as an ethereal conspiracy gone wrong. However again what may be perceived as a rumour may in fact prove more than that. This rumour takes the Tau 'code of honour' to the extreme, nevertheless I fail to see how these Xeno can call themselves honourable when all they do is hit and run.
The central theory is that the ethereals following his cadre became 'corrupted' It is unclear from those I questioned in the 'enclaves' whether this 'corruption' was a result of the twisted taint of chaos, the ancient technology of the necrontyr or merely a mundane lust or greed. The rumour was most effectively put by a xeno Por'ui merchant who I 'questioned' near the end of my time in the Damocles Gulf. I rely his account to you now;
+++Commence Vox Record Transmission+++
+++Transmission Received... Decoding+++
+++Open Record+++
Por'ui merchant: Oh it was the Aun who were corrupted. Not O'Shovah. No! He saved us, if he were tainted by greed would he have done all this?
Inquisitor Pethindor Branus: Lies traitor! I have seen how Farsight brutally exterminates human life. He sells his services against the imperium. For money xeno, money! If he was that virtuous and noble you would think he would have amounted to more than piracy.
Por'ui merchant: You are sadly misguided. If only I could enlighten you to the true path of the Tau'va.
Inquisitor Pethindor Branus: Well I give you a chance to do so xeno. Come onenlighten me.
Por'ui merchant: Farsight was true to the Tau'va, what he did was in the best interests of the greater good for the empire. When he discovered the corruption in the Aun he cleansed them, as you would cleanse the ork inquisitor.
Inquisitor Pethindor Branus: Pah!
Por'ui merchant: Laugh if you wish inquisitor, you know as well as I do the decisions that must be made for the greater good. You would cleanse a world if the Y'he set in. So would the Tau. We are not as different as you think.
Inquisitor Pethindor Branus: We are nothing alike xeno.
Por'ui merchant: But you are inquisitor. Anyhow that is a topic to discuss later. As I was saying the Aun were cleansed by O'Shovah, if the image of the Aun were to become marred then it would have huge repercussions. O'Shovah did what he did to save the empire. Now had he gone back to the empire with Aun blood on his hands you can plainly see that no-one would believe the truth, especially not other Aun, they would see him as a poetical threat. Realising that his men could be dishonoured and possibly executed or imprisoned he chose exile. You say that O'Shovah is brutal, is this the act of a brutal shas?
+++Transmission Ends+++
+++Close Record+++
As the Por merchant unravelled this supposition to me, much became clear. It seems that the Tau have a 'code of honour' where a Tau can disgrace his/herself. So fanatical is this faith to the 'greater good' that it is conceivable that one would exile him/herself in its name. Such devotion like is strong indeed, but hardly compares to the holy emperor.

Theory 6

Theory number six does indeed take the insidiousness of the glib tongue of the Tau to a new level. Before you I place a theory that Farsight is nothing more than a privateer. Acting on covert orders from elsewhere in the empire. I would wish you to see the big picture.
I title this theory 'Grand Experiment' it has two major parts to it one is linked to the Elder Xeno and their dealings with the Tau. With my lack of the hallowed libraries of Terra, I can only fabricate speculation on the nature of the Tau-Elder relations. All the same, from what I have come to understand the Elder have intervened in Tau history on a number of occasions. Perhaps this is the reason for the sudden appearance of the ethereals. My sanctified Xeno Medical Ordinatus have told me that ethereal biology has correlations with the Q'orl. Full Xeno Medical Ordinatus transcripts can be found in the Inquisitoria file 8932/1979 and the sanctified book of Xenology. It is indeed strange that biology can skip right across the galaxy in mere blink of an eye.
The other part of the theory is that Farsight is nothing more than a privateer. If this is the case then the Tau have a handy scapegoat for any problems that may arise. The 'rogue' commander is key in getting faithful servants of the imperium into the spell of the Tau. By offering protection the Tau empire expands not through military might, but through the fear of it. In addition by having a 'foreign' faction under Tau command, diabolical new weapons and Xeno technology can be tested on 'friendly' factions, like the imperium. If this happens the Tau can disclaim any responsibility, for the actions made by another party. It is in the imperiums best interests to crush any phoney Xeno faction lest they prove to be a thorn in the imperiums side.
The reason of why the nature of the ethereals is called into question when I studied Farsight, is because the actions of the shas are observed by the ethereals and in so doing they hold almost total power over the rest of the Tau. It has been shown in the past both on the battlefield and in times of peace that the Tau have great reverence for the ethereals. This is akin to their 'code of honour' and so the ethereals have the ability to interfere in the actions of their fellow Tau. Because we see a lack of action on Farsight from the ethereals in the empire I can only conclude that there is some reason that prevents the ethereals from reeling this 'rogue' in. Indeed I believe that this fact gives weight to the idea that Farsight is acting under empire command. Alternatively the lack of action may be because of the Tau fear of the 'Mont'au'. Full transcripts can be found in the Inquisitoria file 8932/2006 alongside 'Fio'taun'. I do wonder how united the ethereals are in the Tau empire. If they worked together the Tau would be a much greater threat then they are at the moment. Again I implore for more study into these Xeno.
+++Active Transmission Ends+++
+++Shutting Down Transmission Link... +++
+++Attachment Ends+++

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