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Below is a a list of Orky terms and their definitions. If you're unsure of something, look it up here! Please use the Browser Search/Find function to find the term your looking for. The Find/Search Function can be found by going to Edit> Find (in IE) or by pressing[ctrl]+[f] (also in IE).
  • Admiral Parol: Commander of Imperial Fleet during Second Ork invasion of Armageddon.
  • Adrian Wood: THE warboss.....GW's Major Orky Bloke
  • Ammo Runt: Overburdened Grot lugging loads of ammo for his Ork Boss.
  • Andy Chambers: Arch Overfiend of Orkdom. Has moved from Games Workshop to other pursuits. Game designer.
  • Angelis: Remote world that the stranded Orks of GorkaMorka were trying to get off of. Kind of like `Gilligan's Isle' in space.
  • Ard Boyz: Orks with safe doors and anything else they can find strapped on as eavy armour. Have higher armour save then average.
  • Armageddon: Imperial Hive and industrial world. Invaded twice by Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka - Goff Warlord.
  • Armour Plates: Extra armour welded onto Ork vehicles that allow for a special saving dice roll.
  • Assault: the act of smacking something with a large meat cleaver. What Orks DO BEST.
  • Attack Squig: Nasty little beastie that has spines, stingers, claws and teeth with a disagreeable and intemperate disposition.
  • Back Plates: Clan Emblems worn on an Ork's back.
  • Bad Moons: Ork Clan. Wealthy with expensive weapons and armour.
  • Banna Wava: One of the luckier Grots that gets to hold the Boss's War Banna.
  • Battlewagon: Large tracked Ork construct built to hold at least 20 Orks. Loads of weapons. Generally used by an Ork Warboss as a transport.
  • Big Horns: Large horns, tusks or claws taken off a ferious beast by an Ork Nob and worn as a status symbol.
  • Big Mek: Headquarters choice. Big Meks are Mekboyz that usually build grandious/complex Ork vehicles and equipment.
  • Big Shoota: Heavy machine gun held off its tripod by a strong Ork. Usually 13MMm to 20MM in caliber. Very Noisy, very Orky!
  • Bionik Arm: Mechanical arm or arm attachment made by a Mekboy and put on by an Ork Mad Dok.
  • Bionik Bounce: Armoured skull piece put on by Mad Doks to replace Ork craniums that have been shattered.
  • Blasta: Mek kustomized addition that they can do for just a small fee to give yer gun `dat extra kick'.
  • Blood Axes: Ork clan that was the first to meet the umies. They have picked up many umie habits and are distrusted by other Orks.
  • Blue Skinned Git: Ork slang name for thr Tau.
  • Boarding Plank: Allows for close combat in the assault phase between an Ork vehicle and an oponent's vehicle.
  • Bolt On Big Shoota: BOBS for short. Its a Big Shoota bolted directly onto a vehicle. Fired by any passengers which may be on board. Self explanatory like many Ork terms.
  • Bowel Burner: Old second edition Ork Schorcher vehicle.
  • Bommer: Ork Aircraft designed to drop `da BIG bombz'.
  • Bonebreaka: Second edition Ork tank with Battlecannon and a Crusher.
  • Bone Crusha: Second Edition Ork tank with a twin Autocannon turret and a Roller/Crusher in front.
  • Bosspole: Emblem pole worn on the back of an Ork Nob or Warboss. Usually adorned with War trophies.
  • Brain Boyz: The race that created the Orks.....had a symbiotic relatationship with certain mushrooms that grew in the cave systems of their world, that gave them AMAZING intelligence. Pioneered Orks as a Military arm and to harvest the mushrooms. the Orks rebelled and ate all the mushrooms. The brain boyz regressed to a juvenille state, and are now known as Snotlings.
  • Bubble Chucka: A device that works by, obviously, chucking a bubble towards the enemy, which if i remember correctly contracts and crushes.
  • Bugeyez: Ork name for Aliens and/or Daemons.
  • Burna Boyz: Mek Boyz loose with flame thrower/cutting torch Kombi weapons that are tough on both troops AND vehicles.
  • Buzzer Squigs: Insect like Squigs that can fly and have a nasty sting. Sometimes put into `Buzzer Pots' and launched at the enemy. They break open to the great amusement of the Orks.
  • Charadon: Heavily polluted Ork planet controlled by the Arch Arsonist of Charadon, KJ. *KJ Bows*
  • Chigon 17: Strongly defended agri-world. Overun by Ghazghkull in a lengthy guerilla campaign.
  • Choppa: Simple yet lethal great axe commonly used by Orks everywhere.
  • Commissar Yarrick: Hero of Hades Hive during the First Ork Armageddon War. AKA Old One Eye. Ghazghkull's greatest foe.
  • Cybork: Part Ork, part machine, these Mek/Mad Doc creations feel no pain and act accordingly.
  • Dags: Dog toothed stylized emblems often used by Orks.
  • Dakka: Ork word for attack, noisy weapon, shoot, fight. Often heard in chants of DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA on the battlefield.
  • Dawn Of War: Popular new 40K Computer game. Also known as DOW.
  • Deathskulls: Ork clan. They consider Pictish blue a lucky color and use it as warpaint. Expert Looters & Scavangers. Watch yer wallet.
  • Deliriaks: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can wipe the grin from their faces. Even grave wounds to themselves is...funny. Disturbing.
  • Dethdeala Ork Battleship: First encountered 30 years before the second Ork invasion of Armageddon. Flagship of Warlord Urgutz Dregrak.
  • Deth Kopta: Krazy Mek contraption that is like a gyro copter with an attitude. Quick - DUCK!
  • Dodgerz: Gretchin entrepreneurs. The Grot `Brooklynns Dodgerz' have held a longstanding grudge against their rival `LA Dodgerz' for ages. This has been ongoing for decades ever since the `Big Move'. Reasons for this quarrel are obscure but it really fires up the older Grots.
  • Dok's Tools: One look at the assortment of implements a Mad Dok carries as his kit would have a Umie hopping for the door.
  • Dread Bash: Simple low cunning strategy used by Orks. Many Dreads and Killa Kans all hitting an oponents line AT ONCE. Timing.
  • Dreadnought: An armoured war walker crewed by a single Ork. Armed with Power Claws, Rokkits, Burnas - Big Shootas. Very stompy.
  • Drops: Orksies can drops wherever they wants, but Grots better hop it to da drops. Open Cesspit/Squig and Mushroom farm.
  • Duelling Scars: All propa Orks have them. Ideally a good duelling scar should run from the top of an Orks head to his bottom jaw.
  • Duff: Ork word for vanquish, beat or chastise.
  • Dump: Ork Hovel
  • Eatin Squigs: Virtually all squigs are eatable by Orks. Some just taste better and are named `Eatin Squigs'.
  • Eavy Armour: Extra armour plates worn by an Ork to give additional protection.
  • Ere We Go: (ere we go, ere we go). The Ork take off chant for when they go up into a ship that will take them to glorius slaughter.
  • Evil Suns: Ork clan that is into vehicles and SPEED. Red is their favorite color.
  • Feral Orks: Wild backwods Orks that have a propensity for the primitive. Not bad shoots however and deadly with advanced weapons.
  • Fighta Bommerz: Ork Fighta Aircraft. Makes a MiG 15 look sophisticated and over designed.
  • Final Liberation: An older computer game which featured orks as the enemy, as they attempted to overthrough the Imperium.
  • Flak Wagon: Anti-Aircraft Ork half track from Second Edition.
  • Flash Gitz: Orks that are REALLY into their shiny and over clocked weapons. Loads of DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA.
  • Frag Stikbombz: The resemblance between these grenades and the German potato masher grenade is not intentional on GW's part I'm sure.
  • Freebooterz: Orks with no strong clan affiliation. Generally Ork pirates, but this is not always the case.
  • Fungus Brew: That most wonderful of Ork concoctions, the micro-brewed beer of Orks. Buzzer Squigs are sometimes through in for an extra `kick'.
  • Garg: Ork word for huge, big, terrifying, noisy and powerful.
  • Gargants: Massively huge, big, terrifying, noisy and powerful war machines built in the image of the Ork Gods, Gork and/or Mork.
  • Ghazghkull: Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka-Goff is a Warlord that has led two invasions of the Armageddon sector in the largest Waaagh to date. Ghazghkull is the Prophet Of The Waaaagh.....and will stop at nuffin to prove he is da universes most stompy Warlord!
  • Giblet Grinder: The Ork BattleFortress of Second Edition. Many gunz and turrets.
  • Git: Ork word for the enemy, a troublemaker or nuisance.
  • Golgotha: Now this is a cool name for a planet. An almost forgotten Forge World that was captured by Ghazghkull.
  • Glyph Plates: Metal plates with Ork symbols on them that are welded/bolted to vehicles. They usually contain insults and other disparaging remarks aimed at the oponent.
  • Gob: Ork word for mouth.
  • Gob Smasha: Huge Ork gun mounted in an armoured box with a drive train and wheels. That's it except for ammo and one seat for the driver.
  • Gob Squigs: Orks put them in their mouths to clean out the remains of their unsavory habits by rooting around their teeth and gums.
  • Goffs: Toughest meanest and most ferocious Orks around. Obsessed with hand to hand combat. Not to bright either.
  • Gorbbag's Revenge Ork Battleship: Most active Ork Battleship encountered in the second Ork invasion of Armageddon. Participated in the invasion of Chosin and Armageddon. This vessel has a very large launch capacity.
  • Gore: Ork word for blood, red, wound, slaughter.
  • GORK: Ork God. Not to be confused with Mork (the Ork God of low cunning). Unlike Mork, Gork will hit you WHILE your lookin.
  • Gorkamorka: Cool game where Orks are stranded on the remote desert planet `Angelis' and are trying to get their crippled Starcraft back into space.
  • Grabba Stik: Control device used by Ork Slavers to round up wayward Grots. Kind of like large salad tongs with sharp hooks embedded in.
  • Green Kroosade: Internet organized response by Ork players worldwide during recent `Eye of Terror' GW Definition: Games Workshopcampaign. Unusual for Orks.
  • Gretchin: Grots, Goblins, little green men. Mean and mischievous little cusses. Very annoying in large groups. They have a known inclination for flatulence jokes.
  • Grim: Ork word for ruthless, fighting prowess, dangerous, face.
  • Grot Blastas: Shotguns of roughly 10 gauge or so that are used by Grots. Large amounts of Grot Blasta fire can be lethal even to Space Marines.
  • Grot Bomb Launcha: A single shot missle piloted by a Grot. Whether this is a punishment or a reward is unknown.
  • Grot Oiler: Mek Boyz assistant. Can either greatly help or greatly hinder a Mek Boy attempting repairs.
  • Grot Orderly: Mad Dok assistant. Can either greatly help or greatly hinder a Mad Dok attempting surgery.
  • Grot Riggers: Tiny Grots taken as a repair crew on vehicles. They specialize in drive train and engine repairs.
  • Growlers/Mimics: Type of pet Squig kept by Ork Nobz They perch on the Nobz shoulders and cuss like Battleship Sailors at passer-bys.
  • Grub: Ork word for cunning, to find, to dig and also `hide'.
  • Gubbinz: The random bitz of floatsom that seems to get attached to every square inch of an Ork vehicle.
  • Guntruk: A highly mobile Ork artillery piece used by the Kult of Speed (KOS) only. Mounted on a Wartruk usually.
  • Gunwagon: Armoured Ork Transport that can carry 10 Orks and an artillery piece of your choice.
  • Gurg: Ork Warboss encountered by Ragnar Blackmane when he was still a blood claw. Not awfully powerful, as he was beaten by a small squad of blood claws. Had Psychic powers, which could account for his wussyness.
  • Hair Squigs: How did you think that hairless Orks got those topknots and the occasional Abe Lincoln beard? Oh what I wouldn't give for a few myself!
  • Juicy Squigs: The very biggest and best Eatin Squigs captured at the bottom of the cesspit, Uhm, uhm, uhm.
  • Kannon: Ork artillery that can fire both anti-personell and anti-tank shells, at least on the 40K table top!
  • Kart: Vehicle.
  • Kannon Speedsta: Large Ork Kannon on Wheels from second Edition.
  • Kill Kroozerz: Ork spacecraft. It has ramming capabilities.
  • Killa Kan: Small Ork Dreadnought.
  • Kombi Weapon: Usually an Ork Shoota combined with a one shot Skorcha or Rokkit. Often called the `Ork Surprise'.
  • Kommandos: Usually sneaky and stealthy Orks. Two qualities not associated with the race as a rule.
  • Kountin Grots: Grots that keep track of `da numbas'. Sometimes Orks line up Grots in large rows to help them `do da math'.
  • Krak Stikbombz: Anti-vehicle grenades.
  • Krool Boy Ork Battleship: Initially used in pirate runs on Armageddon. This lulled Imperial Monitor Staions into complacency and this vessel acheived surprise when it led at the head of the huge Waaagh of the second Ork invasion.
  • Kroozer: Well built Ork Spacecraft.
  • Kult of Speed: KOS for short. These Orks love to get there fast and first. All troops are mounted in vehicles or have Storm Boyz rokkit paks.
  • Kulture: Ork Kulture.
  • Kustom: Ork way of building things.
  • Kustom Blasta: Upgrade on an Ork gun. Unfortunately sometimes it gets the gun a little TO warm.
  • Kustom Force Force: Mek Boy contraption that (when it works) can save both troops and even Ork vehicles from harm by shooting.
  • Kustom Kannon: A Vehicle-mounted multi shot Kannon....guarenteed to hit SOMETHING. Very devastating. Although it occasionally explodes.
  • Lifta Droppa: A form of Zzap gun that works on the principle of lifting the target very high in the air and dropping them on something else. now sadly fallen out of use, as rules wise it is identical to a Zzap gun.
  • Lobba: Ork long range artillery (long ranged for Orks that is). Allows for indirect fire.
  • Lungbursta: A Battlecannon armoured Second Edition Ork version of the WW II German `Stug' tank destroyer.
  • Mad Dok Grosnik: Famous Ork Mad Dok. Even done some custom work to himself at no charge.
  • Mad Dok: Painboss, Ork Doctor. Their motto, do no harm, to your surgery tools!
  • Madboyz: Used by Feral Ork players. COMPLETELY POTTY. Can attack each other as easily as the enemy. Very random, very Orky.
  • Mannaheim: Monitor station in Armageddon system. Overwhelmed in a few hours in Second Ork invasion.
  • Mega Armour: Heavy Powered Armour worn by Ork Warbosses or Nobs. Very tough but slow.
  • Mega Boosta: Mek Boy kicked up Mega armoured suit that generally goes fasta then a standard Mega Armoured suit.
  • Mek Boy: Ork Nerd thats into building things. Uses intuition in figuring out simple answers to complex situations.
  • Mek Boy Dragster: Force Field carrying wheeled vehicle from Second Edition.
  • Mek Boy Speeda: Artillery Rokkit armed vehicle from Second Edition.
  • Mek Boyz Tools: The Mek Boyz tools of the trade. Hammers and wrenches figure prominately.
  • Mendin Squigs: Living sutures that a Mad Dok attaches and then twists the body off of, leaving only the jaws binding the wound.
  • Mob Rule: Ability of Orks to ignore morale and pinning tests if mob size is above quorum.
  • Mobbing Up: Ability of broken Ork mobz to join other Ork Mobz.
  • Mordakka: Planet formerly known as Mordax Prime. An Imperial Forge World captured by Orks during the `Green Kroosade' during the Eye Of Terror campaign.
  • More Dakka: Kustom Ork addition to standard Ork guns that make then Assault 2.
  • MORK: Ork God of low cunning. Hits when you ain't lookin.
  • Moroniks: Ork in permanent state of bewilderment, usually from head wounds. Can only obey simple instructions.
  • Naff: Ork word meaning inadequate, weedy or useless.
  • Nark: Ork word meaning `to annoy'.
  • Naz: Ork word meaning Moon, white, shine, light or wealth.
  • Nazdeg: Warlord Nazdeg Ug Urdgrub - Bad Moon Warboss that is into Piracy.
  • No See Ums: Ork name for Tau Stealthsuits, Necron Wraiths and any other hard to spot target. Orks hate No See Ums. Most Orks can't see the logic behind No See Ums. How can No See Ums get credit for krumping someone/something when NOBODY SEES THEM DOIN' IT? Blood Axes are the only Orks that may actually be able to grasp the concept and logic behind it.
  • Nob: Ork word for Noble.
  • Ogryns: Occasionally found by Orks on remote planets before the Imperium does. These Ogryn's find Orks enthusiastic and can be recruited.
  • Ork Brute Ram Ships: Solidly armoured Ork Vessels that are spiked rams with engine drives attached with a predilection to ram their opponent.
  • Orkdom: Everything to do with, or concerned about Orks. In short, EVERYTHING.
  • Ork Hammer Class Battle Kroozer: Vessels built from rapidly and crudely repaired imperial vessels.
  • Ork Hulk: Primary method of traveling between the Stars. Huge invasion craft. Can appear at any place at any time.
  • Ork Rok: Large asteroids hollowed out and fitted with drives, weapons and crew quarters. Incapable of traveling through the warp.
  • Ork Waa-totem: Ork monument carved or painted in stone by a Warboss to show his exploits and strength in battle.
  • Ork: If you don't know what this is you shouldn't be here. a huge green guy with skin made from plants.
  • Orkamungu: The Warboss from Dawn of War.
  • Orkimedes: Code name given by Imperial Investigators to Ghazghkull's mysterious Big Mek.
  • Painboss: A very powerful Mad Dok.
  • Paint Squig: Squig that excretes powerful dyes and pigments.
  • Piscina Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub: Teams up with Ghazghkull to launch a surprise attack on Piscina IV using deep strike teleportas.
  • Power Klaw: Similar to the Space Marine Power Fist. Can even stop the mighty Land Raider.
  • Proppa: Ork word for correct, Righteous and loyal.
  • Psyco Blast: Type of attacks used by an Ork Warbiker, strikes first!
  • Pulsa Rokkit: Old Second Edition forerunner of the Grot Bomb Launcha, without the Grot but just as zanny.
  • Red Paint job: The fluff states that the Imperium has tests that show that Red painted Ork Vehicles do go FASTA!We don't know why.
  • Reinforced Ram: Allows for an assault attack on a vehicle by an Ork vehicle that is so equipped.
  • Rokkit Launcha: Mainstay of Ork anti-vehicle weapons. No Ork leaves home without it!
  • Rutted Gob-Buster: Mushroom that can just be flatout `orrible' when chewed. Orks LOVE these things.
  • Saint Jowen's Dock: Imperial Naval dock-Armageddon system. Ordo Xenos kill teams eventually forced the Orks into the lower Isotope pits.
  • Savantz: Ork idiot savant. Valued by Mek Boyz for their abilities just as the Savantz values finally finding an Ork that will actually listen to him.
  • Scrumgrod: A favorite 40K or Fantasy gaming opponent that you hold in respect which is mutual.
  • Searchlight: Searchlight.
  • Shokk Attack Gun: Old Second Edition Gun that proportedly fired a Grot through the Warp and allows the (now insane) Grot to land next to/inside of, enemy troops or vehicles.
  • Shoota Boyz: Name of Orks armed with Shootas.
  • Shoota: Ork Gun, larger then the Ork Slugga pistol.
  • Shootier: Mek Boy upgrade to Ork hand held guns. Increases a guns strength.
  • Skar Boyz: Veteran Orks that have seen enough fighting to grow even bigger and stronger.
  • Skorcha Buggies: Ork Wartrak with a flamer. VERY nasty up close.
  • Skum: Ork word for the enemy.
  • Skumbo: Nob word for common Orks.
  • Slag: Ork word for an Ork Settlement, Stronghold or even a planet.
  • Slamblasta Ork Battleship: Formerly the Gothic class Cruiser Pallas, Imperious Lance armed vessel. Heavily damaged, captured by Orks and repaired in their predilection for such things. Used its long range weapons to cripple Monitor stations in Armageddon system.
  • Slaver: Runtherderz. Ork Slaver grow Grots like cattle and use them as slaves. Some of the smarter Grots do quite well.
  • Slugga Boyz: Most common Ork troopers. Simply but effectively armed with Choppas and Sluggas. Close combat troops.
  • Slugga: Common Ork pistol.
  • Snaga: Ork word for stink, stab, wild beast, snake.
  • Snakebites: Ork Clan. Nomadic, preference for simple weaponry and a mistrust of vehicles, contraptions and all things mechanical.
  • Snik: Ork word that means cut, kill, slay, execute, assassinate, terminate with extrme prejudice, snuff, murder and/or slaughter.
  • Snikrot: Boss Snikrot and Da Redskull Kommadoes are a famous group of Ork infiltrators.
  • Snazzy: Well dressed or decorated.
  • Snot: Ork word for snotling, mischief, numerous and little.
  • Snotlings: Small Grots/Goblins.
  • Sorkrates: Great Ork thinker.
  • Space Hulk: Huge Ork asteriods made from space debris and old portions of starships. Massively armed and armoured. Very slow.
  • Spanner: Ork Mek Boy tool of choice. Only surpassed by the Hamma' in overall usefulness.
  • Splatt Kannon: Old Second Edition Ork Kannon.
  • Spleenripper: Big Battlecannon on wheels from the Second Edition version of Orks.
  • Speed Freaks: Name given to Orks that get a thrill from going fasta and fasta. Typically an almost all vehicles/Warbikes/Storm Boyz army.
  • Spikes N Blades: An Ork vehicle addition that can make an oponent pay a price for assaulting a vehicle thus equipped.
  • Spikey Bitz: Decorations.
  • Squiggoths: Tremendously huge Squigs that have been deliberately bred to be as big and as mean as possible. Large number of wounds.come in two sizes: Large, and Massive.
  • Squig Hound: Used by an Ork Slaver to keep wayward Grots in line on a Battlefield. Much like sheep dogs.
  • Squigpipes: See a pattern here? Squigs, the answer to all needs. Squigpipes equals bagpipes. SquigCorvette equals Corvette...coool.
  • Stik Bomz: Stick grenades.
  • Stikk Bommas: Ork mobz that automatically comes with both Frag and Krak grenades. Useful against light vehicles.
  • Stikkbomb Chukka: When mounted to a Wartrak or Dread/Killa Kan this allows for these units to tank shock.
  • Stompa: Small Gargant.
  • Storm Boyz: Orks with crude Jetpacks. Fast and effective, but fragile if not used with correct timing. Also refers to young Orks who catch Organisation before realizing that the older Orks were right all along...you should just charge at things (Final Liberation)
  • Strongholds: Fortified Ork position.
  • Super Stikbombz: Leave to a Mek Boy to improve a grenade SO much as to make it dangerously unstable and almost as dangerous to himself as others. VERY big bang, Badda Boom-Badda Bing!
  • Swamp Um: Ork low cunning strategy that says it all. Actually it is their MASTER plan.
  • Tankbusta Bombz: Man hole cover sized bombz that can kick a** on most vehicles.
  • Teef: Ork word for Ork teeth which are used as currency.
  • Teleportas: Ork Mek Boy invention that can transport Orks and equipment across surprisingly vast distances. More than one Imperial commander has been sucker punched by this thing.
  • Thug: Ork word forguard, minderz, henchman.
  • Toadstools: Ork dessert.
  • Trukk Boyz: Orks transported into battle by fast trukks.
  • Uge Choppa: One big a** Choppa. Slow but strong.
  • URK: Backwater homeworld of Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka. Where Ghazghkull began his days in the ranks of the Boyz.
  • Urty Syringe: Mad Dok concoction of who knows what all put in a syringe for use in battle by the Mad Dok. Just hope he doesn't use the wrong one on an Ork he's trying to CURE!
  • Urty: Ork word for pain, medical attention or distress.
  • Waaagh Banner: A Great banner that proclaims how tough da Warboss is. Can help with rerolls of failed Waaagh attempts on charges.
  • Waaah: Ork word that roughly translates as `we are the tribe of' or `watch out' or `here we come'. Also refers to a massive Ork invasion/army/crusade.
  • Waa-Ork: Great Ork Kroosade. Great battle.
  • Warbike Outriders: Scout warbikes used by the Kult of Speed.
  • Warbike: Very fast Orks. Very expensive in points (at least for Orks) as well. Twin Linked Big Shootas are amoung the best Bike Weapon set ups in all of 40K.
  • Warboss: You KNOW what this is! If you don't, he's a huge powerful Ork leader who is very very skilled in kombat with extra tougness and strength.
  • Warbuggies: Same as Wartraks, it just that these have wheels instead. No other difference.
  • Warlord Skroll: The Ork warlord from Final Liberation
  • Warlord: A very very powerful Warboss....EG Warlord Ghazgkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Warlord Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub and Warlord Skroll.
  • Wartrak Rumble: Ork strategy to use all your vehicles on one flank and roll the flank up. Works more often then not.
  • Wartrak: Looks very similar to the World War II German Kettenkrad. Once again GW Definition: Games Workshopis having a little sport IMHO. Wartraks carry Twin Linked Rokkits, Big Shootas or can carry a Skorcha. Effective unit. (except when KJ is using it)
  • Wazzdakka: Wazzdakka Gutzmek - Warbiker Big Mek Renegade with Twin Linked Autocannons AND a Kustom Mega Blasta. Way over the top!
  • Weedy: Ork word for inadequate, Naff or useless.
  • Weirdboyz: VERY powerful Ork psykers. Used by Feral Orks only.
  • Wrecker Ball: Yet still another Ork invention to aid in direct vehicle to vehicle assault. The only army allowed to do so I believe.
  • Wulfen: Death to your Boyz...keep away from these, unless you've got a Dreadnaught, or have Mega Armoured models on the tabletop.
  • Ya Stupid Git: Verbal means of controlling Grot slaves.
  • Yarrick: Monitor station in Armageddon system named after Commissar Yarrick. Overrun in second Ork invasion of Armageddon in a matter of hours.
  • Yoof: Young inexperienced Ork boy.
  • Zagstruk: Boss Zagstruk and Da Vulcha Boyz.
  • Zog: Ork word meaning to go away, wander off, lost and `no good'.
  • Zzap Gun: Wacky Ork artillery gun that always hits, EXCEPT when you roll too high on the strength roll and you fry a Grot Krew member instead.

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Seeking Alternatives - Constructing a List that Works for Youxx21st Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Arnell's Ascendancy [Novel length, Part 4]Tyross (FT)20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Dark Angels Verses Ulthwe [Battle Report and anti-wraithlord tactica]Tyross (FT)20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: 2 stars
2 stars
Enemies Of Ancient EldarRezzy20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: 5 stars
5 stars
Starting A Tau ArmyTau Online20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Eldar Tactica: Methods of AttackJUST_LIKE_NAM!!!20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Daemonhunters Tactica: Know Thy SelfTyross (FT)20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Chaos Versus EldarTyross (FT)20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Assessment of the Tau EmpireWargamer20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: 2.5 stars
2.5 stars
Commander FarsightOxiotle20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Eldar Versus KhorneTau-killer20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Conversion Guide: Coverting a Valkyrie to a Vendetta Aunny20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: 4 stars
4 stars
Tau'Va Tel'OshiWargamer20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: 1 stars
1 stars
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