Tau and Space Marines Versus Eldar

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Alliben Ruair (who is not a Tau Online member) wrote this.

Tau/Space Marine list (Sometimes referred to as "allies")

  • (Tau HQ) Shas'O or Shas'El (Unknown)
  • (Tau Elite) 4 Stealth Suits
  • (Tau Troop) 10 Fire Warriors
  • (Tau Troop) 10 Kroot
  • (Tau Fast Attack) Gun Drones
  • (Tau Heavy Support) Hammerhead with railgun
  • (Space Marine HQ) Chaplain (Joined Termy squad)
  • (Space Marine HQ) Librarian
  • (Space Marine Elite) 10 Termies including Vet. Sergeant
  • (Space Marine Elite) Dreadnought
  • (Space Marine Troop) Tactical Squad with sergeant and flamer
  • (Space Marine Troop) Tactical squad with sergeant and flamer
  • (Space Marine Heavy Support) Devastators with missile launchers and lascannon
  • (Space Marine Heavy Support) Predator Annihilator


  • (Eldar HQ) Mighty Avatar of Khaine
  • (Eldar HQ) Farseer (Joined Firedragons)
  • (Eldar Elite) Warp spiders with exarch
  • (Eldar Elite) Fire Dragons with exarch
  • (Eldar Troop) 20 Guardians with brightlance platform
  • (Eldar Troop) 7 Storm guardians
  • (Eldar Troop) 10 Storm Guardians in wave serpent equipped with twin scatter lasers
  • (Eldar Fast Attack) Vyper with bright lance
  • (Eldar Fast Attack) 3 guardian jetbikes
  • (Eldar Heavy Support) Wraithlord with starcannons
  • (Eldar Heavy Support) Falcon with scatter laser

On to the battle

As the Tau commander discussed the terms laid on their treaty with the Ultramarine Librarian scouts for both sides rushed in to report that a small force of Eldar of the craftworld Biel-Tan had broken past the main defenses and were in a valley headed towards the command bunker. An alliance was quickly forged and the two leaders rallied their forces to defend the land each side claimed...

Turn 1: Eldar

The Falcon carrying it's deadly cargo of Firedragons led by both an exarch and Farseer Ydna Arellano raced over the dense terrain and unloaded it's passengers in front of the massive terminator squad. With the Avatar beside him, the wraithlord marched up the center of the field searching for a suitable target for his starcannon. The Guardian Defender squad felt secure in the ruins and held that piece of the battlefield while the heavy weapons crew positioned the brightlance to aim at the terminators.
The Jetbikes flew up the center as well, taking advantage of some cover provided by the waveserpent. The Storm Guardians decided they could be most useful by focusing their attack on the Kroot lurking near (but not near enough) to a jungle on the table quarter across from the terminators. They quickly disembarked and fleet of footed their way towards the aliens. After a quick summons from Farseer Ydna, the Warp Spider Exarch motioned for his squad to follow his lead and as they emerged from the warp they began the rain of fire on the massive terminators felling one.
The Fire Dragons, guided by their farseer, slew another 4 of the monsters and the wraithlord found his mark by killing a sixth. Alas, it was not enough. The combined firepower of the Falcon's Pulse laser, Wave Serpent's Scatter laser, and the guardian and vyper bright lances either missed their mark or somehow failed to destroy the heavily armored mon-keigh. Even Farseer Ydna's Mind War with the Terminator Chaplain did not fare as well as the human was so blinded by his false faith that the farseer was unable to pierce his thoughts.
Seeing the danger of an assault from the terminators (now 4 strong including a veteran sergeant plus the Chaplain and Librarian bringing their number to 6) the farseer ordered the assault. The assault was fruitless as no terminators fell and the Fire Dragon squad lost two of their precious warriors and the Exarch himself!
The two remaining Dragons held their ground, unwilling to compromise the security of their beloved farseer to protect their own lives. At the same time the Dragons launched their assault the Storm Guardians made one of their own. They were far more effective as they managed to butcher the kroot down to the last ugly alien and then advance into the predator that hid behind them.
Seeing their Farseer in danger, the Warp Spiders entered the fray. However when their exarch was slain and they lost one other of their brethren they thought better of it and made a tactical retreat leaving the terminators with no casualties in return.

Turn 1: Ultramarines and Tau

The Devastator squad took aim with their weapons and, although the lascannon missed, the two krak missiles were enough to down the Falcon. The Dreadnaught set it's sights on the Avatar and lumbered forward to meet it. The other Ultramarines spent the turn moving closer to the Eldar.
Even the Tau could find no targets Due to the farseer's foresight, everything was well behind cover and losses to shooting were limited to the Falcon. As the melee continued between the Terminators and the Farseer, the terminators finished off the two Dragons leaving Farseer Ydna completely alone.

Turn 2: Eldar

Only the Guardian Defenders remained stationary. The Jetbikes raced over a tactical squad of Ultramarines to meet the Firewarriors up close and personal. The wraithlord, although not very close, moved towards the terminators hoping to make it in time to defend the farseer. The Avatar moved towards the Dreadnaught who seemed quite eager to engage him. Shooting was limited to the Jetbikes as they closed in on the Firewarriors. The Warriors' Armour protected them, however, from the shuriken fire. They then charged them to no effect.
They lost the assault and were forced to retreat. The storm Guardians were successful against the predator destroying it completely and then advanced into the Gun Drones destroying them as well before turning their sights on the firewarriors. The Warp Spiders regrouped and assaulted the Terminators in a desperate attempt to protect the farseer, a bold move but with predictable results.
The Avatar assaulted the Dreadnaught slicing the giant tin can open right down the center. The engine mechanisms ruptured and the fire spread to the ammunition and fuel stores thus detonating the metal warrior and wounding the Avatar. He advanced towards the Tactical squad hiding in the bushes. Unfortunately for the Eldar the turn ended with most of their number either in an assault or in a firing lane.

Turn 2: Ultramarines and Tau

The Tau Shas'o looked with disgust at the Storm Guardians who had cut down their Kroot allies in a bloody assault. He motioned for his fire warriors to show them the might of their weaponry. Not a soul was left standing. The Hammerhead managed to hit the Wraithlord and wound it with both the railgun and its missile systems. The Stealthsuits worked their way towards the Defender guardians and thus ended the Tau's turn.
The Ultramarine's first tactical squad moved towards the advancing Avatar and boldly assaulted it, to no avail. They did manage to wound him with their bolters, however, before they threw their miserable lives away in the ensuing assault. The terminators finished off the Farseer despite his various runic and psychic defences and consolidated towards the wraithlord.
The second tactical squad rapid fired their bolters and destroyed the wraithlord. (At the time I didn't know the bolterfire wasn't capable of wounding him at all.) The jetbikes were finished off by the Devastators who could find no better targets.

Turn 3: Eldar

The Eldar had suffered heavy losses but were determined to make the most of this failed conflict. The Defenders held their position and fired the brightlance at the first tactical squad nearing them melting a hole in the marine's chest the size of his head. As he crumpled to the ground his squad members turned their attention to their attackers.
The Avatar eliminated the tactical and sent the last marine running, who, remembering the light of the emperor with which he was endowed, regrouped himself again sighted his target. The Wave Serpent continued to move and fired it's scatterlaser on the devastators to no effect.

Turn 3: Ultramarines and Tau

The terminators, first tactical squad and stealthsuits all advanced on the defenders in the ruins. The hammerhead fired its submunitions rounds at them as well and the combined firepower of the tank and stealthsuits destroyed half of them despite the cover provided. Also, the lone marine fired at the avatar wounding it again and followed with an assault. Unfortunately this assault proved futile when the avatar brought the Wailing Doom to bear and sent the marine back to the emperor he so worshipped.

Turn 4: Eldar

The Eldar were already badly outnumbered and considerably defeated but they fought on. They moved out of the ruins to try to assault the terminator squad. The difficult terrain proved hazardous, however, and they were unable to move within a close enough distance to assault them.
They decided that reliance upon the shuriken weaponry and brightlance might save them or at least stave off defeat for the moment. Perhaps even long enough for the Avatar to make it back to save them. The avatar and Wave Serpent moved towards the terminators as well. The combined firepower of the Defenders and Serpent amounted to nothing against the terminators and the guardians were short of range to assault.

Turn 4: Ultramarines and Tau

The firepower of the stealthsuits destroyed the guardian Defenders down to a man and the terminators fired on the avatar, wounding him for the final time. The hammerhead, devastators and firewarriors poured everything they had into the rear of the waveserpent but did nothing to it. (Miracles do still happen, eh?) The Wave Serpent fled the battlefield and the victory went to the Ultramarines and Tau who still had "negotiations" to make...

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