Tau and Eldar Versus Ultramarines

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Scenarios first turn uses night fight. Remaining turns are ordinary combat. (Dawn assault) random game length, victory points, house rules- certain units exempt from night fight (Land raider machine spirit, dreadnoughts, wraithlord), jetbikes pull out from assault (Can leave assault and only be hit on a 6+. After the assault, both sides are free to move if possible i.e.- the jetbikes carry on as normal), reinforced falcon hull (If a stationary falcon is immobilised, or a falcon that has moved less than 6" has been immobilised, it merely crashes to the ground and has its shuriken catapults/cannon destroyed and cannot move)

Points limit

3,000; with some overshooting allowed. (Up to 200 pts)

Eldar/Tau list (Sometimes referred to as "allies")

(Eldar HQ) Farseer 1 with Guardian 2Shuriken Pistol, Witchblade, Guide, Eldritch Storm, Ghosthelm. 116 Points.
(Eldar HQ) Farseer 2Shuriken Pistol, Singing Spear, Guide, Mind war, Ghosthelm. 106 Points.
(Eldar HQ) WarlockShuriken Pistol, Singing Spear, Enhance, with Farseer 2. 45 Points.
(Eldar HQ) Warlock with Guardian 1Shuriken Pistol, Warlock, Conceal. 47 Points.
(Eldar HQ) Warlock with Guardian 3Shiruken Pistol, Warlock, Conceal. 47 Points.
(Eldar HQ) Warlock with storm squadShuriken Pistol, Warlock, Enhance. 42 Points.
(Eldar HQ) Warlock with jetbikesWitchblade, Jetbike, Enhance. 67 Points.
(Eldar Elite) 6 Howling BansheesExarch with Acrobatic, Executioner. 125 Points.
(Eldar Elite) 6 Striking ScorpionsExarch with Scorpions claw. plasma and hawire grenades. 141 Points.
(Eldar Elite) 5 Fire DragonsExarch with Firepike. 115 Points.
(Eldar Troop) 16 Defender Guardians (1)Scatter Laser, Plasma grenades. 200 Points.
(Eldar Troop) 8 Defender Guardians (2)Plasma grenades. 80 Points.
(Eldar Troop) 16 Defender Guardians (3)Shuriken Cannon, Plasma grenades. 195 Points.
(Eldar Troop) 7 Storm Squad GuardiansFlamer, Fusion gun, Plasma and Krak grenades. 77 Points.
(Eldar Troop) 6 Rangers171 Points.
(Eldar Fast Attack) 5 Jetbikes2 Cannons. 195 Points.
(Eldar Fast Attack) 5 Swooping HawksExarch with Hawks talon. 132 Points.
(Eldar Fast Attack) 2 Vypers2 Cannons, 1 Missile launcher. 140 Points.
(Eldar Heavy Support) Grav Tank 1Scatter laser. 140 Points.
(Eldar Heavy Support) Grav Tank 2Scatter laser. 140 Points.
(Eldar Heavy Support) Wraithlord FurimStarcannon, S. cata, Flamer. 120 Points.
(Tau HQ) Shas'oPlasma rifle, Fusion blaster, Shield generator. 123 Points.
(Tau Troop) 8 Fire warriors80 Points.
(Tau Troop) 12 KrootShaper, 6+ saves, Shaper has carbine. 122 Points.
(Tau Heavy Support) HammerheadRailgun, smart missle systems. 170 Points.
(Heavy Support) 5 Dark ReapersExarch with cannon and Fast shot. Put here because too many heavy support choices with Eldar! 228 Points.
  • Eldar Total: 2,441 Points
  • Tau Total: 723 Points
  • Grand Total: 3,164 Points

Ultramarine List

(Ultramarine HQ) Captain Erebus (Force Commander)Plasma pistol, master crafted power sword, artificer armour, terminator honours, frag and krak grenades. 148 Points.
(Ultramarine HQ) Command squadVeteran Sergeant Vercetti with bolt pistol and power sword, Apothecary Forest with close combat weapon and bolt pistol, netharcium and reductor. Standard-bearer Tortalus with sacred standard, power fist and bolt pistol. Techmarine Philiius with bolt pistol, power axe, servo arm and signum. Heavy Bolter marine. All with terminator honours.326 points. Mounted in Land Raider with storm bolter. 260 points.
(Ultramarine HQ) Chaplain PyremanRosarius, Crozius Arcanum, terminator honours, bolt pistol, teleport homer. 91 Points.
(Ultramarine Elite) Squad Apollo5 terminators, 2 with heavy flamers. 230 Points.
(Ultramarine Elite) Brother Gorran and DrexDreadnought with assault cannon, power fist and storm bolter. 105 points.
(Ultramarine Elite) Squad Vigilus10 Veterans armed with bolt pistol and close combat weapons, Veteran Sergeant Vigilus with plasma pistol and power axe, whole squad has terminator honours. 342 points. Mounted in rhino with hunter-killer missile. 65 points.
(Ultramarine Troop) Squad Hassanus10 Tactical Marines, plasma gun, led by veteran sergeant Hassanus with power weapon and bolt pistol. 171 points. Mounted in Rhino with Hunter-killer missile. 65 points.
(Ultramarine Troop) Squad DanteSix Tactical Marines with lascannon, Led by sergeant Dante with bolt pistol and close combat weapon. 105 points.
(Ultramarine Troop) Squad Regalius8 scouts, 1 with heavy bolter, 1 with sniper rifle. Led by Veteran Sergeant Regalius with power weapon and bolt pistol. 152 points.
(Ultramarine Troop) Squad Accurus10 scouts, 8 with sniper rifles, 1 with missile launcher. Led by Scout Team Leader Accurus with sniper rifle. 195 Points.
(Ultramarine Fast Attack) Squad Destructor10 assault marines, 2 with plasma pistols, led by Veteran Sergeant destructor armed with power weapon and Bolt pistol. 290 points.
(Ultramarine Fast Attack) Squad Veloceticus5 bikes, 1 with plasma gun. Led by Veteran Sergeant Veloceticus with power fist and bolt pistol. 221 points.
(Ultramarine Fast Attack) Attack Bike Squadron1 with heavy bolter, 1 with multi-melta. 115 points.
(Ultramarine Heavy Support) Squad Corax5 devastator marines, 4 missile launchers, led by sergeant corax. 155 points.
(Ultramarine Heavy Support) Preadator DestructorAutocannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons. 110 points.
  • Total Points Cost: 3,146

The leader of the Kenaya craftworld, Riaz Kenaya, and his Tau allies, have captured one of two vaults congaing various weapons of mass destruction, and some conventional weapons. Their efforts to gain the second were led by a cousin of Riaz. However, the defence force on the ground, above the vault was led by two Farseers .At dawn on the third day of the efforts to recover the weapons, the Ultramarines 3rd company attacked, led by captain Erebus, to stop the Eldar and recover the weapons. The Tau Ethereals had decreed that these weapons must be kept from the imperium so sent troops to aid their Eldar Allies. During a heavy rainstorm, they attack...

Ultramarine Turn 1

The assault squad, veterans, land raider, bikes, attack bikes, dreadnought and the tactical squad in rhino moved forward their maximum distance, seeking to close in on the Eldar, despite the rain-soaked blackness before dawn. The devastators fired 4 krak missiles at Furim, the Eldar wraithlord, but only one wound was caused! The Tactical squad on foot fired their lascannon, and stunned falcon 2, containing the Howling banshees.
The scouts gunned down 3 valiant fire warriors from the Tau force, with heavy bolter and sniper rifle. The predator destructor attempted to kill the dark reapers, but could not see through the darkness and rain. The sniper scouts fired on their Eldar ranger counterparts, and killed four Eldar snipers.
The revered Ultramarine dreadnought Drex managed to wound the Shas'o with a storm bolter round, whilst peppering the surrounding area with assault cannon shells! (In our house rules, some units are exempt from night fight. dreadnoughts, land raider machine spirits and wraithlords/gaurd, for instance...)
The land raider eliminated the hammerhead, and immobilised the 2nd falcon (our house rules mean this causes the tank not to move and its shirukens are destroyed) the fire dragons inside escaping .the space marine bikes killed 2 jetbikes, including a cannon due to poor deployment .the attack bikes attempted to see the vyper squadron, and proceeded to bring down the missile launcher. The ultramarines had had a rather eventful turn, but could the Eldar and Tau claw back victory from the jaws of defeat?

Eldar and Tau Turn 1

Farseer 2 used guide on furim. The fire dragons, kroot, all the guardian squad except the storm squad, jetbikes, and Farseer 2 moved toward the enemy. Even the shas'o hopped down to face the ultramarines!
The Eldar jetbikes fired at the veterans rhino to try and destroy it, but failed. The dark reapers killed 4, then the shas'o killed another 2.the rangers killed 3 sniper scouts, then the 3rd guardians, with their scatter laser blew up the veterans rhino! The veterans escaped uninjured, however.
But the kroot shot them, yet caused no damage. Furim promptly gained vengeance for her lost wound, and killed 3 devastators. The remaining vyper and the 2nd guardians and Farseer 2 fired on the Attack bikes, killing both.
The jetbikes then charged the marine bikes to stall their attack. Amazingly, despite the veteran sergeants power fist, NO bikes from either side died, as the warlock passed his 4+ rune save. The combat continued, as no one won the high ground roll. The Shas'o moved to a more favourable, less 'land raider in sight' position.
There was hope for the allies yet as the devastators fled from the heavy casualties, meaning they could not let lose a krak missile next turn. The assault marines stood firm in the face of danger.

Ultramarines Turn 2

As dawn broke; sergeant destructor of the assault marine's yelled "courage and honour!" and gunned their jetpacks, heading for the shas'o (they couldn't get to the reapers yet!). The tactical rhino drove at furim, who tore the hunter killer off, but she passed an armour save (we ruled a rhino could not crush a wraithlord without save. if she had failed, she would have been killed, as we counted the rhino hit as strength 16!).
The tacticals bailed out and the plasma gun took aim at furim. The vets (minus rhino) moved toward the fire dragons (bye-bye!) and the land raider moved towards the kroot, and out popped Erebus and his command squad, as well as Pyreman, the chaplain. The land raider killed 5 kroot, then the command squad and chaplains combined firepower killed al but two kroot, the shaper amongst the survivors. The scouts with the heavy bolter killed another 3 fire warriors.
The lascannon of tactical squad 2 missed the flying falcon, and then the sniper scouts fired a krak missile and 6 sniper rifles. The krak missile wounded, and then the two saves furim was forced to make came up... 3 and 2, killing her! The destructor predator then fired on the dark reapers, killing all but the exarch. Drex then missed every shot he had at the two remaining fire warriors, they screamed in terror as bolt shells and assault cannon tore the surrounding area, then they realised they were safe.
The veterans charged the fire dragons, the command squad charged the rangers, whilst Pyreman charged the kroot, the assault marines went to kill the shas'o that had killed two of their brethren before. The bikes vs. jetbikes combat again had no casualties. Perhaps they were just sparring? It STILL carried on, as the high ground was again drawn! The veterans tore the fire dragons to shreds with their 40+ attacks, and sweeping advanced toward the striking scorpions. Pyreman tore the surviving kroot apart, and the command squad killed the rangers, Erebus alone killing 4 of 5!
Hey Erebus, leave some for the command squad! The assault squad and shas'o could not injure each other, so that one also... continued. The tactical's and gaurdians attacked, the Farseer having done no damage, the gaurdians killed no enemies, but tactical 1 killed three gaurdians and took a wound off of Farseer 2 Farseer .the Eldar did not flee however, and the fight continued. The allies had taken a bashing, but could still fight back.. the fire warriors fled, but regrouped at the table's edge.

Eldar and Tau turn 2

The Eldar guardian squad 1 with scatter laser, reorganised to point at the sweeping advancing vets, hoping to gun a few down. Guardian 3 reorganised to fire on a possible advance by assault squads! The storm squad moved to take out the rhino, whilst the banshees and falcon zipped over tactical 1s heads, and jumped out behind them! The vyper also zoomed overhead the tactical's. The 1st guardian squad killed four vets, the Farseer used mind war to remove one wound from the chaplain. or would have, but his rosarius saved him from harm.
The scorpions shot two veterans dead, and the grounded falcon gunned Pyreman down with its pulse laser. The storm squad then used the fusion gun to destroy the rhino's storm bolter. In desperation to eliminate the tank, the guardian's squad 3 fired the shrunken cannon at the side armour of the tank, but failed to even glance. The flying falcon tried to destroy the predator, but failed.
The vyper gunned down 3 marines from tactical 2 with its cannons. the assault phase began with guardian 3 charging the assault squad in aid of the Shas'o! Also, the storm squad charged the rhino, the banshees charged the tactical squad attacking gaurdian 2 and the Farseer, and the scorpions charged the veterans.
The dark reapers exarch charged the marine command squad to try and wound Erebus. The bike combat finally had casualties- a jet bike and the warlock, slain by the power fist, the jetbikes falling back with the space marines in close pursuit. The scorpions killed the veterans with no casualties, the exarch 'doing an Erebus' by killing 3 out of 4 veterans. gaurdian 3 killed two assault marines, but in return, the assault marines killed 3 gaurdians and wounded the shas'o. The shas'o however attacked and... did nothing to the marines. The allies stood firm, however.
The dark reaper exarches brave attack (some would say foolish) failed, as Erebus' armour held strong, and Erebus cut the brave dark reaper exarch in three. The banshees attacked the tactical's attacking the Farseer (Farseer 2) and tore 5 marines down. However, the exarch was killed, and the combat continued as the marines stood firm ( they would have been cross fired if they had fallen back!). The krak grenades of the storm squad destroyed the rhino. The storm squad consolidated. No other fallbacks occurred, as the squads were wiped out or passed the test.

Ultramarine Turn 3

The terminators, led by Apollo, teleported in between the banshees and grav tank 2. Drex and the land raider moved, the land raider heading toward the terminators, and Drex towards the shas'o/gaurdian/assault squad combat. The downed falcon was destroyed by the lascannon of squad 2. The devastators hit the storm squad with a frag missile, killing the warlock, flamer and fusion gun. The land raider shot down the falcon, and its machine spirit stunned the vyper.
The heavy bolter of the scouts similarly failed to down the vyper. The bikes destroyed the jetbikes. The terminators charged the howling banshees, killing four. The tacticals killed two guardians and the surviving banshee. The guardians and Farseer fell back six inches, the marines only managing 2!
The assault marine/dreadnought/shas'o/guardian combat saw the warlock cut down an assault marine, the assault marines wound the shas'o, and the guardians killed the assault marine sergeant. However, Drex killed the Shas'o and two guardians. The falling back guardians were torn to shreds by the revered (and speedy!) Dreadnought!

Eldar and Tau Turn 3

The swooping hawks fell down from the sky, bombing the scout squad with heavy bolter, but killing none. The hawks landed between tactical 2 and the devastators. The storm squad regrouped, and moved towards tactical 1. Guardian 1 turned to face the bikes, and guardian 2's survivors and the Farseer spun to face tactical 1.
Farseer 2 jumped off the building and flung his singing spear at the land raider.. and did no damage. His last, desperate shot had failed! However, the guardian 1 and the scorpions combined fire killed the space marine bikes. The swooping hawks shot at tactical one, but failed to cause any casualties and were out of range to charge. The storm squad and guardian 2 + Farseer 2 shot at tactical 1, and then charged, killing two marines, but losing two guardians.

Ultramarine Turn 4

The terminators and Drex charged forward towards the combat, intent on wiping out the right flank of the Eldar. Erebus and command squad moved towards Farseer 2 , the land raider moved toward guardian 1 and the striking scorpions, the heavy bolter scouts went towards Farseer 2.
The sniper scouts then shot the swooping hawks, causing 1 wound that killed a hawk. The predator eliminated the remaining hawks. However, the lascannon and missile launcher of tactical 2 and the devastators missed the vyper. In the assault phase, Erebus and the command squad charged and killed the warlock and Farseer. The combat between tactical 1, the terminators, Drex vs. the Guardians (storm and guardian 2) and Farseer 2 was a victory to the ultramarines, wiping out the enemy with no losses, except the Farseer who stood defiant and did not fall back!

Eldar and Tau Turn 4

This turn was not a long one. The scorpions move toward the land raider, the vyper behind Drex, and the two surviving Fire warriors cheekily blew up Drex by shooting his rear armour! The vyper instead fired on the command squad, but did not kill any. The Farseer, surrounded by the enemy, slammed his witchblade into the jugular of tactical 1's sergeant, Keith Hassanus, and killed him.
In vengeance, the remaining marines killed him, but it is testament to his strength and courage, that it took the terminators eight power fist hits to kill him, as the sergeants power sword failed to hurt him, and the two marines did no damage, but Ramaraz Kenaya shall live on as a wraithlord, mark my words...

Ultramarine Turn 5

The land raider turned the corner, and fired all its weaponry, except the heavy bolter that was fired at the scorpions. However, only one guardian was killed, as they passed their conceal saves! The machine spirit fired the heavy bolter and hit and killed two scorpions.

Eldar and Tau Turn 5

The scorpions and guardians moved towards the land raider, while the vyper headed for the predator, seeking to blow it up via its side armour. However, it did not penetrate. The warlock failed to destroy the land raider with his singing spear, so the scorpions ran in, haywire grenades ready...
They all hit, two glancing hits causing no damage. But there were two penetrating hits, the dice were rolled...
A one and a ...five! The land raider had been destroyed!

Ultramarine Turn 6

The predator moved towards the scorpions, and gunned one down. The vyper was fired on by the scout's missile that missed. However, the full-fledged battle brother with the lascannon showed him how it's done, and destroyed what was arguably the most irritating enemy unit on the field!

Eldar and Tau Turn 6

The scorpions moved towards and charged the predator, their haywire grenades immobilizing the tank and shaking the crew.

Ultramarine Turn 7

The heavy bolter scouts moved towards the scorpions, killing one with shooting, then charging. The scorpions ignored the scouts, and attempted to destroy the tank, but only tore off the auto cannon. The scouts then cut them down.

Eldar Turn 7

The guardians moved forward, and fired on the scouts with the scatter laser. However, no wounds were caused.
At that, the game ended, with the ultramarines obvious winners- we did not bother with victory points.
Erebus looked at the scene of carnage, smoke rising from the blazing vehicles. They had all but annihilated the Xenos, but at a price. Many brave Ultramarines were dead. The Eldar had put up a stiff resistance, but, now, they had the only exit covered. The Eldar at the dig could not escape... the Lupian Imperial Gaurd had arrived to reinforce the reduced Ultramarine Force.
At noon, the Darkwolves contacted him; the Eldar had escaped with the weapons!
"Coin." he said to his closest living friend in the Ultramarines.
"Yes, Sebastian?" Coin Vercetti replied.
Erebus looked over to the Lupian Gaurd Chimera. The medics there were checking that chaplain Pyreman was Focusing correctly. And he was swearing.
"Send a request to the Officio Assassinorum Team to attack the Eldar camp."
"Which one?"
"Try Adept Oswald. He's been reliable in the past. And also inform the Interrogator."
At this moment, Apothecary Forest walked up, and removed his helmet.
"The Interrogator? Do you mean Sna-?"
"Yes" replied the 3rd company captain.

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