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[gal_img]1246[/gal_img]The exact histories of almost all the Space Marine Chapters are shrouded in mystery and myth. Some never seek to correct this; they simply take their existence and are happy. But the Emperors storm Bringers had an even cloudier history, and sought endlessly to right this. Their discoveries, however, surprised them in ways they could never imagine.


"The Blackened Sky broke open, as narrow beams of light seared the air. The ash clouds sparked with barely controlled power, golden lightning raking the soil in its wake. The very ground shook, and the heavens cried for mercy. The beams of light collided with the black sands, and mountains were felled. Waves of dirt spread from the lights' landing place, sending a tidal wave of debris and dust. The sand dunes became dislodged, and a torrent of ash rained upon the people." - Clan Elder Jutati Irascor, Martez.
 Jutati Irascor's highly detailed explanation of how the Emperors Storm Bringers came to Krona is the only surviving record of those turbulent times, passed on from generation to generation by word of mouth, never written down. It is the start to a long story read by clan elders to eager clansmen every year, at the festival of light.
In short, it narrates how the Space Marines came to that planet around 456.M33. According to clan legend, the blackened sky of Krona III (or Krona, as its inhabitants knew it as) was broken by the coming of a trio of un-marked drop pods. The clansman, however, were not to know that these "Metal Meteors" were in fact powerful craft of the Adeptus Astartes, and approached them in prayer to their god, Inkata.
The Clansmen believed that Inkata had sent these Metal Meteors to save them from the alien menace of the Argaitans. The Argaitans were a blue skinned race who paraded the coal deserts of Krona. Whilst the clansmen hid in their homes, the Argaitans braved the sand storms and ash rain, ever searching for food. It is believed now that the Argaitans were the result of a very early Tyranid invasion. After eating all the deserts had to offer, they started to stalk the great Rock Cities of the Krona Clansmen. The Clansmen saw them as the work of Saytan, the devil in all the Clans religions. According to these religions, Saytan and Inkata had once walked Krona, fighting in a seemingly endless duel, which lead to Krona becoming a barren wasteland. It is said that it was this war which blackened the sky, dried the grasslands into desert and caused the great volcanoes which were scattered across the planet.
In the end, both the gods saw just what they had caused. Civilisation was in tatters, all beauty from the planet had gone, and the fires refused to burn. Inkata and
Saytan struck a deal, that Gods should never walk again on Krona, for even they feared what might happen should another war of the Gods break out. The planet was on a knife edge.
But humanity, the great survivor, started to prosper again. When Saytan saw their joy, he sent his minions, the Argaitans, to stop it. Although he did not want utter destruction again, he could not stand joy amongst the people. So he decided to stop it, without enraging Inkata. He sent the Argaitans, his most primitive of demons, to stump their happiness. When Inkata found out about this, he was infuriated. He ordered Saytan to withdraw his demons from Krona, but it was too late. They had spread faster than Saytan had predicted, and now they infested the entire planet. They started to eat all the life there, until it ran out.
It is more probable that the Argaitans were of Tyranid origin, or another race. But, like most break-off human civilisations, the primitive clansmen chose to believe in Gods and Demons as it made their world more comprehensible.
What is definite is that Argaitans were a menace to the Clansmen. They cowered in their great rock cities, their lust to fight with each other overcome with fear of the Argaitans. They clung on to what precious resources they had, for to venture outside was to invite death in all its goriest of forms.
Soon, however, the Argaitans started to enter the Rock Cities themselves. The Clansmen fought them off with as much strength as they could muster, but it was no use against such an advanced killing machine. Every time they beat back the monsters, one more of their clan would disappear.
As always, necessity started a revolution. Instead of relying on primitive weapons such as swords and axes, bows and arrows started to appear, then cross bows and even primitive guns, all in the space of half a century. But still the Argaitans pressed on, their booming population needing more food. They came over the walls of the Rock Cities in their thousands, and entire Clans were wiped out in just a matter of nights. Others teetered on the brink of extinction.
The Martez Clan was one such group. Reduced to only a couple of hundred, they fought on regardless. They were the most technologically advanced clan of them all, fielding 'Repeater arrow throwers' and multi shot pistols. For every one of them that died, they took a hundred with them. Such bravery did not go unnoticed for long...
[gal_img]1247[/gal_img]Towards the end of the Argaitan era, the fabled day of light happened. Three drop ships landed a few kilometres from the Martez's own Rock city. The clansmen daren't not venture towards the sight, for they thought that to approach a place which Inkata had touched was to provoke him. Some viewed the sacred sight through binoculars, and they saw the blackened drop ships for what they thought they were- Metal Meteors, the transport of Inkata's army of angels. But angels were nothing compared to what truly lay in their hollowed depths.
Approximately 2 months after the day of light, the Martez clan were holding a desperate last stand against the Argaitans. The aliens had appeared in their thousands, pouring over the walls and tunnelling from below. Their scythe limbed arms reaped death amongst the natives. The clansmen fought back with whatever weapons they could muster. Any clansmen, whether he be 3, 30 or more was sent against the creatures of Saytan. All ages and sexes fought to defend what little they owned, despite the fact that they were ultimately doomed.
Then, when the clan was barely numbering 3 dozen, thirty giant men stepped up behind the Argaitans, outside the Rock city. They wore armour made of Argaitan hides, and helmets made of Argaitan skulls. Their hands were silvered with Argaitan blood, and their hair was dyed with it. They walked forward carrying rifles and pistols of unmatched power, which were said to leave a crater in any one they hit. They never missed, and their ferocity was unmatched. After they had expended all their magazines ammunition, they charged forcefully into the midst of the Argaitans, wielding swords carved from their foes limbs. The Argaitans, following their natural instinct, attacked the giants first, trying to kill of those who posed the greatest threat. They retreated over the walls and ran at them, wailing and screaming. But for all their numbers, they couldn't get near the giants. Their own limbs were used as weapons against them, cutting through their numbers like a knife through sand. The Martez clan fired at them from behind, filled with new vigour due to the arrival of Inkata's Army.
Slowly but surely each one of the aliens fell, until the ground was so slick with their silver blood and littered with their corpses that when the giants finally approached the gates of the rock city, they never once touched the ground. They entered unopposed, and walked straight to the Royal home of Clan-lord Alejo Carmelo. Carmelo himself was a fit and energetic young warrior, who had led his people to battle. After the battle he had retired to his chambers, as was expected, not staying to gaze upon Inkata's army. He greeted the giants bruised and bloody, but he had not lost any of his composure. He bowed before the giants, chanting ancient prayers, thanking Inkata for deliverance. It is said that one of the giants stepped forward, put his hand on Carmelo's shoulder and told him:
"Pray and bow if you wish, great lord, but it is we who should bow to you. For we were able to smite the Argaitans without a scratch or bruise, yet you were vulnerable. Regardless of your weakness, however, you continued to fight. You have showed to us today more courage than we have ever experienced in our lives, and we bow to you."
With this, the giants got down on one knee, so that they were at equal heights to the Clan-Lord. One held out his arms, which had cradled in them a weapon of such technology that some of the people in the room bowed to its magnificence. Carmelo took it with both shaking hands, and carried it above his head. The giants formed into two columns towards the chamber door, and gestured for Carmelo to pass between them. He walked outside to confront his clan, carrying the mighty weapon above his head. From that day on, the Argaitans were steadily defeated, until the planet was purged o them once and for all.

 For almost a century the giants walked amongst the Martez clan, enhancing their already wide knowledge of technology. They led the clan in clan wars, always remaining by the Clan-Lords side. They were his personal guard, so long as the Clan-Lord carried the sacred weapon presented to Carmelo. They reverted to the rifles the clansmen possessed, as ammo was a precious commodity. Every bullet was sacred, and for a Clan-Lord to waste one usually ended in him falling gracelessly from power. The Martez clan continued to prosper, but the giants warned them that they must one day leave them, but they would return, and they would show the path of the true Inkata to them. On the hundredth festival of light, a giant named Corvus Caralis proclaimed that he and his fellow giants must leave. He stood upon his chair and called for all his brothers to come to him. When they were all by his side, he bowed once, and led his men out.
 The Martez tribe were stunned by this sudden change of fates. They had become over-reliant on the giants to win them their battles. Other clans saw this, and they became locked in an endless war for their survival.
 Nobody knows what happened after the 'giants' left. It is said that they had received a message from the Disciples of Caliban to walk to the place where they had first appeared. Once they got there, they were instantaneously teleported away from the planet, but no-one can be sure. All that is known is that they returned to Krona many years later, in armour painted dark blue and with silver hands, like the first giants. But now they numbered their hundreds, and they descended on Krona in the midst of a great storm, which masked their approach. None of the clans knew of this arrival, and so went about heir daily lives.
 In this time the Martez clan had started to regain a footing. They started to win back territories they had lost during their downfall, always led by their clan-lord wielding the great weapon. Now it was simply a badge of office; all ammo for it had been used, and no-matter how hard they tried, they could never make new ones for it. So they were especially surprised when one day, Clan-Lord Abel Amilio appeared with the gun in his hand, and fire it into the midst of the opposing clan. But even he was surprised when their clan lord returned the fire with his own arcane weapon. It was the same in almost all aspects, except the engraving on the side. It fired the same exploding shells at the same rate of fire. But the final surprise was when they saw a shadowy figure in the distance, clad in black, watching them from a cliff top. In the heat of battle he was ignored, but no-one claimed he hadn't been there. After the battle, a nine year old boy was taken away. For three months he stayed away, no-one ever hearing about him. It was only when he returned to his family at the Day of Light did he tell them of his travels. He claimed that an army of giants had called him to them. His words brought great relief to the Clansman; Inkata had not abandoned them after all. But their relief faded when the boy claimed that he was to leave with the giants, to walk the stars and fight the enemies of Inkata. He spoke to them as if they were children, and he was an adult. His words were carefully placed, as to say that warrior children disappearing would soon become a semi-regular occasion. And with that he left.
Over the successive years, the Emperors Storm Bringers fought many wars, but never strayed far from their home planet. They continued to recruit young aspirants from the Krona system, and soon they grew into a full Chapter. They headed out into the stars, forging a legend with their bolters.
 But one question remained, embedded into the mind of the first one hundred, the warriors of the veteran company. Who were they? For despite their great victories, they still had no idea which Legion, and which Primarch, the originated from. Many speculated that they were of Ultramarines gene-stock, as their gene-seed was perfect and pure. Others decreed that they were from The Salamanders, due to their mastery of metals. In truth, none were right. For their true origins were darker than even they could think.
It was only during the Belmor campaign that they uncovered the truth. Belmor was a planet which had fallen under the influence of a shady character known only as The Lord. The Lord very rarely appeared during the campaign, and even when he did he disappeared almost as soon as he arrived. He would enter, cut a bloody swathe through his enemies, and then retreat. Though the Emperors Storm Bringers, and their Space Marine allies, the mysterious Disciples of Caliban, saw little of him, they could tell just how powerful he was. He appeared dressed in black, swirling robes, which covered an enormous bulk, taller than even a Terminator. He carried a sword of such power, such magnificence, that the slightest touch from it was enough to cause a man to burst into flames. So the Storm Bringers were surprised when, during one cold night, the Disciples left to face him. Alone.
The Storm Bringers watched as no less than seventy Terminators of the Disciples marched towards the gate of The Lord's last stronghold. Marching through their enemies, the Storm Bringers could do little but cover their advance, not knowing what was about to commence. The enemies at the gate were swiftly destroyed, as the combined might of two Chapters and four regiments of the Imperial Guard dealt the Emperors wrath upon the servants of The Lord. With a clear run to the palace of The Lord, known as The Temple, they decided to rendezvous with their bretherin. Not wanting to act suspicious, the Disciples could do little to stop them. They marched up the marble steps until they reached the highest tower, and laid eyes on a cataclysmic battle which was taking place there.
 The ground was littered with the bodies of Terminators and enemies in Black power armour. The Storm Bringers were shocked when they saw this. They had fought the traitor Legions before, but these were different. From those who still had faces left came a sense of stark realisation; these were Dark Angels. Their faces seemed to be a copy of the Disciples of Caliban, who were in turn images of the Primarch of the Dark Angels, Lion El'Jonson. And as they continued on, they found the battle that would change their lives.
 The Lord still survived, albeit weakened by numerous wounds inflicted upon him by the remaining Terminators. The bodies of the Veterans were strewn across the floor, their fingers still curled round their Storm Bolters. As for The Lord, his cloak had been shredded, revealing the impressive bulk of a man in terminator so well crafted, it made ordinary power armour look like the work of Orks. It was pitch black, and bore a winged sword on the left should guard. He seemed to relish the killing of his enemies, who were being saved only by the mystic powers in their suits. Desperate to protect the remaining Terminators, the Storm Bringers charged in.
 After a long battle, The Lord was finally defeated, albeit at the cost of many lives. But the Disciple's Terminators seemed less than pleased with the intrusion. They had given away their darkest secret to a Chapter not even of, or so they thought, El'Jonson. Following the battle the Storm Bringers quickly left, and were not seen again for another two hundred years.
When they finally emerged they had changed. The once open (for a Space Marine chapter at least) chapter had become suddenly withdrawn. They still fought alongside other armies, but they would often suddenly branch off, disappear, without notice or reason. They left the Krona system for good, only ever returning when they sought new recruits. They operated form a giant space ship known as The Storm. It was after that terrible battle at Belmor, that they 'became' Sons of El'Jonson. It was after that battle, that they became Unforgiven.

Home World

Krona is actually a term given to the Entire system. The Krona planet on which the Storm bringers first landed is officially designated Krona III. It is a planet covered in a black desert of coal rocks, revealed after a great natural shift. The entire Krona system is a collection of Deathworlds, upon which training for Space Marines used to be carried out. After they became part of the Unforgiven, the Krona system became a recruiting world for the Imperial Guard.

Combat Doctrine

The Storm Bringers mimic the ways of the Dark angels in how their chapter is organised. They retain a Deathwing company of sorts, known as the Thunderwing company, and a Stormwing company in place of the Raven wing. They share the same dogged determination of other Dark Angels chapters, and the strange habit of disappearing during a war...


On the front the Storm Bringers seem like a Codex Chapter. They retain ten, one hundred men Companies, and follow a similar command chain. It is only at the higher levels of command that things start to look different. The Storm Bringers retain an inner circle, like the Dark Angels. It takes many decades to progress to the Inner Circle, and a member must show absolute faith in their Chapter and their superiors. It is only when a Marine reaches the highest echelons of Command that he learns of his Chapters darkest secrets, for at all other times he is oblivious to his past. Each Company of the Dark Angels is lead by a Company Master, who has progressed through the ranks of the Deathwing into the Inner Circle.
The main difference in organisation is the Thunderwing and Stormwing companies. All of the Thunderwing are veterans in silver armour, usually Terminator Armour. The Stormwing are a company of bikers, unbelievably skilled and powerful, painted a deep grey, the grey of the skies of Krona.
The rest of the Chapter is divided upon strict Codex lines, with a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and Scout Company.


The Emperors Storm bringers give praise to the Emperor of Mankind, but, like most Space Marine chapters, do not venerate him as a God. They also venerate their Primarch as much as the Emperor, as it has been 'proven' that they are of Lion El'Jonson.
The main driving force of the Storm Bringer sis their pursuit of the Fallen. Such is the scar left by the encounter of Belmor, the Storm Bringers would probably see themselves as Unforgiven, whether they were of El'Jonsons gene stock or not.


The Gene seed of the Storm Bringer is still pure, as it comes from the first ever Legion founded. Despite this, however, the high lords of Terra seem reluctant to sue it, as it is with all the Dark Angels successors.

Battle Cry

The battle cry of the Emperors Storm Bringers used to be a sentence derived form the Kronen language "Para El Emperor", which, roughly translated, meant "For the Emperor". Since becoming one of the Unforgiven, it has changed to "Repent! For Tomorrow you die!"

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