1,000 Tau vs Eldar - 05.20.09 Beat a Cheater!

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Within the ruins of a Tau city, the Eldar find it necessary to retrieve their fallen brethren for their spirit stones. However, the unsuspecting Tau intend to study the fallen Eldar, their equipment, weapons, and spirit stones. Eldrad, sensing that an important Tau leader will be present, determines that he must be killed by his hand…

Points: 1,000
Mission: Seize Objectives
Set-up: Dawn of War

SAVAGE CADRE (my force)
HQ - Shas'o Commander Dram'Ka
Missile Pod, Fusion Blaster; Shield Generator
2 Shield Drones, Multi-tracker, Stims, Iridium Armor

HQ - Ethereal and 11 Honor Guard
Guards with pulse rifles
SMS, disruption pod

TROOPS - 6 Fire Warriors
All w/Pulse Rifles
TROOPS - 6 Fire Warriors
All w/Pulse Rifles

HEAVY SUPPORT - Killer, Invincible (Railheads)
2 Burst Cannons, Railgun
Multi-tracker, Disruption Pod, Target Lock

HEAVY SUPPORT - Lesser Important (Ionhead)
2 Burst Cannons, Ion Cannon
Multi-tracker, Disruption Pod, Target Lock

HQ - Eldrad Ulthran
thanks Thor{DoH}!

TROOPS - 10 Dire Avengers
Exarch w/Bladestorm and 2 Shuriken Catapults
TROOPS - 10 Dire Avengers
Exarch w/Bladestorm and 2 Shuriken Catapults

TROOPS - 6 Eldar Pathfinders

HEAVY SUPPORT - Wraithlord
Bright Lance, Wraithsword

HEAVY SUPPORT - 5 Dark Reapers

Pre-Game Thoughts
This game was supposed to be a quick, 1 1/2 hour game, so we did 1,000 points. My opponent claimed to be a "shooty" army, and set up with a lot of terrain. He was extremely surprised to see three whole Hammerheads. "I was once nicknamed the 1,000-point Cheesemaster."
But he did ask, "Wait, why do you have an Ion Cannon? Who takes an Ion Cannon?" I told him, "You will see."

He also asked me how many battlesuits I had. "Just one. My commander." "Well, why do you take the Commander?" - "Because I have to. He's 1+." "But you have another HQ you can take. The Ethereal!" - At that comment, everyone (all 4 persons) in the store laughed. I grinned.

The pictures of the board and models are not 100% to scale (though the models in relation to the table size is close). I am unsure of the exact 3 dimensions of the ruins (each slightly different). The building in the far left-hand corner was taller than the rest (aside from the 14"-tall spire in the center).

He has 6 Eldar Pathfinders in the top right-hand corner. I have 6 Fire Warriors up against the middle edge, Hellfish on the right side, and 6 more Fire Warriors holding the bottom right-hand objective.
Article image

My opponent forced me to tell him what was inside Hellfish, because he was not about to play this game with surprises. I soon discovered he is one of those power players… a very, very difficult one! Everyone (except me) expected him to win, but looking at his force, I've seen some incredible cheese packed into a 1,000 points, namely Eldar forces. Anyway, he said, "You can't take a transport as an HQ choice. And I don't know much about Tau, but I know you can't stick a Battlesuit in there!" It seemed obvious to me, but he started asking the store employee about it. "You can't have an Ethereal in a dedicated transport!"

Ugh! Isn't it obvious? "It's an Ethereal with Fire Warrior Honor Guards, basically Fire Warriors with BS4."

Article image

Didn't get Night Fight sighting to the Eldar Pathfinders. My vehicles from left-to-right: Lesser Important (evident by his clear colors), Killer (red markings), Hellfish (red marked Devilfish), and Invincible (battered form). The young Dram'Ka is the Fire Warrior wielding a sword in the right-hand ruins.

I asked my ally if I could deploy my Honor Guard and Ethereal into the ruins. "If you are 2" away from a doorway." I said, "Number 1, yes I'm up against the doorway, and 2, these are ruins, not buildings."

"No. You're not 2" from a doorway." - he argues.

"What? Of course I am! Look! I am up against three of them!"

"No," *looks from inside*, "That's armor plating."

Article image

That looks like a door to me, and the custom-built ruins had 3 of those along the wall…

That's two squads of 10 Dire Avengers and their Exarchs, the Wraithlord, and Eldrad hiding behind the Wraithlord. Eldrad fortuned himself.
Article image

Article image

Lesser Important's Ion Cannon took out two wounds on the Wraithlord (I accidentally drew it as one). I told my opponent, "you asked me why I take an Ion Cannon. Here's my answer."

The Honor Guard unleashed everything upon the Dire Avengers, just barely wiping them out. The Ethereal was rather insulted when everyone was laughing about his existence.

Eldrad fortunes himself and the Wraithlord, which shoots it's flamer and at the Honor Guard. Eldrad mind war's the Ethereal to death. The two then charge them, and here's where my opponent was again, being extremely nit-picky. In another game, to gain advantage, a Space Marine player removed a model from base contact with a unit that had charged and claimed than they could not attack. So I decided to try the same thing. After Eldrad attacked, I removed models from the Wraithlord. He said he Wraithlord still gets attacks, but also claimed that by removing models from base contact of Eldrad in the process did not allow me to attack Eldrad. "It works one way, but not the other," he said. Asking the store employee, I was informed that I had to wrap around his units anyhow when the defenders react.
Article image

After the combat, he consolidated his Wraithlord into the ruins. He required the use of his metal dice holder to keep him up there (as 25% of his base was off the edge). After looking it up in the rules later on, I found the phrase on top of page 83, "Accordingly, only infantry… monstrous creatures… may move on the upper level of a ruin - and only if the model can psychically be placed up there."

At this point, he said, "I don't think you can win."

A player of Battlefleet Gothic looked over and said, "Things don't look so good for the Tau." I replied, "Actually, I'm winning right now."

"No, no you're not," my opponent replied. "We're tied."

"I beg your pardon," I said pointing at his objective as I move Lesser Important closer, "I'm contesting that objective."

"No, vehicles can't contest."

"I can't hold the objective, but any unit can contest them."

After 3 seconds of silence, he said, "Oh, I guess you are… winning."

Article image

The Fire Warriors hold fast despite the death of the Ethereal. Dram'Ka came out of Deep Strike very close to where I want him.

I shoot the burst cannons of Lesser Important and Invincible's Railgun at the Dire Avengers, killing 4. Everything else shot at the Wraithlord. Now, here's the epitome of power play and rules nit-picking (as well as cheating if you ask me). From exact level from my Ion Cannon, I can see the Wraithlord between two pieces of wall. My opponent argues that the Wraithlord is in cover because, "The wall on the left side goes up to his crotch." News flash, the strip of wall covers only parts of his left leg. The rest of the wall covers his knees. It looked like this from the Ion Cannon's sight angle...
Article image

That is not 50% of the Wraithlord. He absolutely refused to see from the Ion Cannon's POV, that the sight was straight between the two walls. I told him three times, "That area that goes up to his crotch is not blocking my view." He again claimed, "This piece of the wall goes up to the crotch, and thus that's 50%." I tried offering a -1 to cover, but he did not accept that. My cousin told me, "Oh, he knew the Wraithlord was less than 50%. He just didn't want to admit it." I wish I had my laser sight…
So he gets a cover save, the Ion Cannon fails to remove that one wound.

Then he noticed that I was shooting the Ion Cannon at the Wraithlord and the Burst Cannons at the Dire Avengers. "You can't do that," he said, "You shot at the Wraithlord." I told him at the beginning of the game, he should've been listening-I have target lock. "So?" "So target lock let's me shoot two different units. All of my Hammerheads have them."

Article image

The Dark Reapers get sight of Dram'Ka, and unleash everything they have at him, scoring a total of 6 wounds. He told me to take 6 Invulnerable saves as he would not get his 3+. I reminded him that Dram'Ka has Iridium Armor, that he was as tough as you could make.

Ok, this guy argued that because I had "mistakenly" told him that he had a 3+ armor save, that Dram'Ka should take Invulnerable Saves. I've never met, or knew the existence of, a more horrible cheater. I specifically told him about everything my vehicles and units had the moment I laid them on the table. I've done it for every game in the past 7 years out of habit so that my opponent's are not unfairly fighting me unknowing of what they're targets are. It's the same reason I ask a load of questions about every unit in my opponent's army.

Hellfish has once and for all finally dies to the shot of a Bright Lance. A moment of silence…

(Picture Error… Lost in the Warp Space of the Internet…)

In this turn, I moved Lesser Important very specifically so that his Wraithlord would get 0% cover from anything. Dram'Ka jumped back. Invincible moved up 6" closer towards Eldrad and shoot everything at him. He objects. "You moved 6". You can only fire 1 weapon." - Huh This guy must be getting extremely desperate. I clearly told him that at the beginning of the game, I took multi-trackers that let me shoot as if I were a fast vehicle. I hammer Lesser Important's burst cannons into the ruins, killing all but 1 Dire Avenger. The Ion Cannon goes into the Wraithlord. My opponent rolls his armor save as if nothing happened. "I make it, rolled a 3." - I shook my head. This guy just doesn't pay any attention to what I have. I said, "No. The AP is 3." "Oh… I guess… the Wraithlord dies."

Now I tried shooting all of my other weapons at Eldrad. "No, you can't shoot the burst cannons from your Hammerhead by the objective." - Huh Huh Huh Huh?? Huh "Um, excuse me?" - "He's blocked LOS by your vehicle's hull," he replies.

Ok. Bull####. "He's supposed to be on a flying base. All of my vehicles are. By rules, that's what they're supposed to be on."

"I don't see a flying base."

"All of them broke. I count every model as it's supposed to be."

"Well, the rules specifically state that you have to use the hull of the vehicle."

By the gods… of all that is deviously unholy… this guy is one big pain in the Avatar's hot and molty loincloth!!!

So I shoot only the Railgun in there, a burst cannon (the other was out of range) and Dram'Ka's weapons, dealing 1 wound from the missile pod. Then Dram'Ka jumps back again in the Assault Phase.

Article image

Fairly self explanatory. There's 1 Dire Avenger trying to hide up against the wall out of LOS.

This guy is fixing to get a taste of his own medicine.

Article image

I kill the last Dire Avenger and even take 2 Pathfinders with me. And the result of the end of the game…

Article image

Post-Game Carnage Report
I lost 6 Fire Warriors, an Ethereal, 11 Honor Guard, Hellfish,
and a Shield Drone. - 362 points total

He lost a Wraithlord, Eldrad, 20 Dire Avengers, and 2 Eldar Pathfinders - 702 points total

His army list was maxed out too much on weaker troop choices. If he had taken a Fire Prism or a second Wraithlord, this game would have been a lot more evenly matched. His army didn't even seem that well-rounded, just … overall poor. I'm used to playing Eldar against my cousin, who can cram the most ungodly cheese you never thought possible into 1,000 points.

At first, he and the two other players, and the store employee placed bets on the Eldar. I wasn't sure if I was going to win, but I knew for sure he wasn't going to, before turn one began.

And again, I somehow managed to beat (rather slaughter if you ask me) yet another 10-year veteran. My opponents are paying dearly for killing units that I hold in high regard. In most all of my recent games (Dark Eldar aside), all of my opponents put up their best painted miniatures on the table, showing me everything they have (while I keep everything in the case till deployment). When they see my models, they assume that I am not experienced and judge my play based on my painting. And I don't tell them anything about my play style or experience. Merrily, I say, time and time again, "My Tau are yet to lose this year."

The Eldar Pathfinders and Dark Reapers, shamed at their losses, slip away from the battlefield as the Tau busily collect spirit stones, wargear, and a few dead corpses from the ruins for study…


1. No Subject

having just offically signed up, i have viewed your article many times and i agree with everyones opinions on these cheater...ive seen many having worked at the games workshop for a few years ive seen a lot of them there. its utterly amazing what some people think they can get away with, especially against an employee they are playing against...one tactic i can recommend to everyone who has read this article is if they find themselves in this situation, simply ask thier opponent "where does it say that in the rulebook" it always works

Posted by green_lantern, 17th May 2010 at 06:50am [Report to Mod]

2. Pleased would be a good word.

I myself have come up against someone like this. Half cheater half book preacher and sadly i was just overwelmed with rules and lies I couldnt think and lost. These players just make me want to set them on fire.

Posted by Uri, 10th February 2010 at 04:17pm [Report to Mod]

3. Wraithlord cover save

He shouldn't have got a cover save because its not even 25% in cover, the heads too big, anyway something you could have done to really annoy him if you had some was use markerlights to increase chances of hitting him.

Posted by Sykes, 19th January 2010 at 10:03pm [Report to Mod]

4. Thank You!

What an emotionally frustrating player to go against! But, just like the same kind of movie villain, I was so happy to see you shove that humble pie down his throat Cheesy
 I always enjoy your articles too BTW! I myself am a 40K newcomer and have Tau as

Posted by Fan-I-am, 16th December 2009 at 12:48pm [Report to Mod]

5. Graphics

I see you spent a lot of time adding graphics, It wouldn't be anywhere near as good without them Wink

Posted by Dragonic Sorck, 30th October 2009 at 10:33am [Report to Mod]

6. your tau

sir, * slaps with gauntlet* i challenge you to a duel. 2,000 points? guard take all comers list  

Posted by field marshal R Ironballs, 14th August 2009 at 12:58am [Report to Mod]


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