War of Sand

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Kyan wandered outside his hab unit with his brother Lyson, on the desert world of Rumac-Mar. As they were walking toward the Chaplain's dwelling, A great light streaked across the sky, momentarily blinding them. When they regained their sight, they saw a crater in the ground aproximately three hundred yards from where they were standing.

Chapter 1: Reconosance

Since it was on the way to the Chaplain's house, where the village went to offer their prayers to the emporer, they decided to check it out. When they got to the lip of the crater, Lyson said,"C'mon bro lets go see what down there!" Kyan being the older and the more cautios of the two replied, " I don't know if that's such a good idea Ly." Lyson pouted and Kyan Finally gave in. "Alright,alright," he said in a jokingly exasperated voice. They climbed over the lip of the crater and descedend to the center. "Aww," said Lyson,"it's just space junk." Before either of the two young men had time to react, something lept forth from the rock and blew Lyson's face apart. Lyson's blood and brains drenched Kyan.
"Lyson!" Kyan screamed in anguish. And then the thing was on him. It had suicidally sharp claws and raised them above its head to finish Kyan off. But as quickly as it had attacked, it suddenly leaped from him and bounded off in the opposite direction.
Kyan sat in the crate rin utter shock. As the realisation of what just happened washed over him, he began to weep uncontrollably. When His horror started to recede, he slowly crawled over to his brother's headless body. he cradled it in his arms and then slowly rose to his feet. He knew he had to get out of there; and that the Chaplain was his best hope. The Chaplian was his best hope because he had been a marine.

Chapter 2: At The Chaplain's Door

When Kyan reached the Chaplain's door, his face had been cleansed of the gore by sweat and tears. The Chaplain came to the door on the second knock. When the Chaplain looked him over he cried, " What has happened Kyan?!". "Something jumped at us from a rock and blew my brother's face off sir," Kyan replied shakily. "Holy emporer!" Shouted the Chaplain. "Come inside son. Tell me everything." after Kyan had told his story, the Chaplain muttered, "Damn, but it has to be the Tyranids." "What are those sir?" asked Kyan. "They are like locusts," the Chaplain replied, " They do not come from this galaxy. They move from planet to planet comsuming and destroying everything in their path. We must leave here now." "Emporer save us all!" cried Kyan, "What about my family?" "From what you have told me they are already dead. you will move on with me now. Stay here. I will return in a moment." With that the chaplain turned and went into his back room. When he returned he was ardorned with ceramite armor from head to toe. In his gauntletted fists were dual bolt pistols. Kyan noticed noticed that the chaplain's armor was stripped of all chapter insignias and purity seals. Before he could question this, the chaplain handed him a bolt pistol and said, "Let's move."

Chapter 3: On The Tanuvian Plain

It was not long after they had left the chaplain's house before the spores started falling.
"shoot the ones that come close to us stay away from those you miss," said the chaplain. The chaplain downed all the spores he shot at. Kyan downed six out of the ten he shot. "Not bad Kyan, but you'll have to do better if you want to live." said the chaplain grimly. They kept downing spores until they reached the Tanuvian plain. Just beyond it lay the Capitol, Tanuvis. In the plain was an unimaginable number of insect like creatures.
Some were small and some were gigantic, bigger than Kyan had ever seen in his small village. All had impossibly sharp claws or talons large fangs and were drooling saliva that ate away the ground under them. And then came the terrible wailing the chaplain set his face and grit his jaw. Kyan fell to his knees, tearing at his ears to make the sound stop. Then as suddenly as it started it faded away. Kyan stood up and surveyed the valley. it seeming all smaller creatures had died from overheating in the hot desert world's plains. Only the largest seemed to have survived, and they burrowed underground to escape the sun's death rays. "we must hurry across the plain, Kyan, the hive mind will evolve its servants so that they can better stand the sun's rays. We must hurry. If we do not and the hive mind sends more advanced creatures we do not stand a chance." So the chaplain and Kyan made their way across the plain, shooting spores from the sky and anything that moved on the ground.

Chapter 4: In the City

When they reached the city gates, a guardsman poked his head from the wall and shouted,"Who goes there?". "It is I, Brother Chaplain Barus who once hailed from the Dark Angels chapter but now answers to no chapter," shouted the chaplain in reply. " A renegade space marine! hold please I'll need to consult my comm-" a spore connected with the guardsman's head and a shower of blood washed over Barus and Kyan as the gaurdsman's body tumbled from the wall. The chaplain spat on the ground and Kyan did likewise. "How're we suppossed to get in now?" said Kyan. "We climb," said the chaplain. It was a long climb and a hard one, with all the spores floating down all around them. After they were over the wall, kyan wondered how they had made it up in the first place. The wall was sheer and there had been countless spores raining down around them. When he asked the chaplain about it, he merely replied, "It was the will of the emporer.". This was when Kyan asked his question, "But the guardsman said you were a renegade marine. Doesn't that mean you no longer serve the emporer?" "Kyan, there is a difference between being thrown out of your Chapter and no longer serving the emporer. All those still faithful to the emporer are in his service, regardless of what position they hold in life. I would not still carry the title of chaplain if I no longer had faith in the emporer. Now we must go, we have wasted enough time already."
Chaplain Barus and Kyan made their way to the heart of the city where the main Imperial Guard base was stationed. Chaplain Barus recieved many openly amazed stares. He walked through them unbothered, but Kyan faltered. "Come now Kyan, we must make our way to the main base. do not mind these soldiers. many of them have never seen a space marine and probably none of them have seen a space marine that has been excomunitcated from his chapter." explained the chaplain. "Excommunicated! Did'ja hear that Joe? Excommunicated!" exclaimed one soldier. one look from chaplain Barus made him more interested in the graff inside his battered tin cup than with the excomunicated warrior preist in front of him.
When Kyan and the chaplain reached TH Definition: Thunder HammerHQ, it was late night. The Commanding officer was asleep and his secretary tried to stop the chaplain and Kyan from entering, but the chaplain lifted him up, set him down out of the way, and walked through the tent flap. "Sir, I require a vox set, armor, and a weapon for the boy, and I require them now." the commander strode out from the inner part of his tent and and started to give an outraged lecture but then saw who he was talking to and fell at the chaplain's feet. "my lord," said the commander, " a thousand and one apologies i did not ex-" the chaplain cut him off, " I do not care who you expected and I am not your lord. Quit wasting my time and get me what I require." "At once Brother Chaplain," recovered the commander. When the chaplain got what he had asked for he told Kyan to put on the armor and activated the vox system. "Can anyone read me?"
"We read you loud and clear," said a gunship operator, " please state your buissiness, this is a crypted line." " This is Brother Chaplain Barus that was of the Dark Angels Chapter. I am stationed on the desert planet Rumac-Mar. It is currently under invasion by Tyranids." "I see," said the operator, " the fleet commander asks for your coordinates." The chaplain gave them. after a moment of pause the operator said, " We are three days from that position can you hold for that long?" The chaplain surveyed the camp. " I believe we can," the chaplain said.

Chapter 5: Conclusion

On the day the fleet was meant to arrive, the Tyranids attacked in full force. The chaplain and Kyan were placed in the center of the front line. Then The hormaguants came bounding toward the defenders. Blood and Ichor flew as the two armies clashed. Lasbolt punched through chitonous hides and claws ripped apart flesh and bone. and the the wave of attackers parted and a carnifex came lumbering forward. The chaplain went to meet it. Both combatants rushed forward, scoring deep hits in the other's armor. Finally the chaplain dealt a kill blow. the monsters fell to their knees as their ties to the hive mind were severed. As the chaplain walked back toward the gaurdsman line, cheers erupted. Then the chaplain was hit with an armor peircing spine. The poisen was fast acting. Kyan rushed forward heedless of the faceless horde before him. The chaplain died in his arms. then the vox channel crackled "Mayday! Mayday!" it screamed. Kyan knelt for a moment longer in silent prayer to the emporer. Then he rose to his feet knowing it wa a doomed cause. He shouldered his lasgun and fired into the horde

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