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Accounts from AL-12a
+++Commencing Data Broadcast... 3... 2... 1+++
+++Broadcast Initiated+++
Greetings in the Tau'va. This is our annual report from the deep space pathfinder survey team Ne'i Sass'o on AL-12a.

Planet description:

  • Small solid planet (122,456.03 k'lius)
  • Distance from star 63,405,300.11
  • Atmosphere: breathable, 1.23 pressure difference
  • -composition 64% Nitrogen, 12% Argon, 12% Oxygen, 4% Neon, 1.25 Carbon
  • Dioxide. Other compounds are insignificant.
  • Day/night cycle: 23.0031 Tau'cyr
  • Orbit: 235,120 Tau'cyr
  • Belts: 1 density 0.34, distance 23,233.03 k'lius


  • -On discovery: Contested
  • -Gue'la / Mont'au Gue'la

Current: Stable

  • -Mont'au Gue'la

Our status:

  • -Two Kor air caste survey craft; Kais Ka and Shas Sha'is
  • -Three run'al including a research station/prison/interrogation block
  • -234/246 Shas (12 dead-prisoner restraint/death in action, 23
  • wounded-treated, 4 'changed'-undergoing treatment)
  • -56/56 Fio
  • -26/27 Kor (1 dead-accidental)
  • -6/6 Por
  • -2/2 Aun
  • -8/9 Devilfish (1 destroyed because of 'taint')
  • -2/2 Hammerheads
  • -1/1 Skyray
  • -4/4 Orca (1 damaged)
  • -1/1 Manta (In orbit)

Status of operations: Covert Observation

  • Covert status: Satisfactory
  • Observation/information: Doing well
This is a report on our position, and to rely our discoveries back to the Tau empire. For the Tau'va.

+++Account from Kor'vre Shas'ka Sha'is+++

Personal data record 67

Today our ship the Kais Ka moved into system using our improved space distortion generators. We have initiated our distortion nodes to shield our ship from discovery we are expecting the Shas Sha'is within the next few rotaa. (Interrupted by kor'el).

Personal data record 67 (later)

I have been sent to help command the Manta B'cha, I have been positioned in command of the left ion cannon array. Our mission is to scout Gue'la ships leaving the planet AL-12a in mass. Our Kor'o believes that this is an evacuation of the planet below. Already our forward drones have picked up the traces of warfare on the planet below. Just 0.4 of a dec ago I was witness to a Gue'la PDM salvo aimed at their own ships. Thank the Aun we have the distortion nodes, all the Gue'la ships targeted were destroyed in bright balls of fire, which continue to burn in the vacuum of space. My Kor'el tells me the PDMs had multiple nuclear warheads that destroyed the ships through compressed blast waves that are rather effective against spacecraft, and that's why they are used in planetary defence.

Personal data record 68

Our Manta has moved into orbit around AL-12a keeping our cover we are observing a massive war in action. Already today the planets PDF have been firing orbital lasers that have succeeded in destroying multiple Gue'la ships. The bright red lasers stream from the planets surface like the targeting line of a markerlight before striking their target and cutting a hole straight though it. That type of weapon would vaporise this ship without even having to cut though the armour. ZZAP! and our ship is gone. Returning to duty.

Personal data record 69

The Gue'la in orbit are firing back now. Their 'lancers' as the lasers are called, hit the planet with such force that we can see the rings of firestorms from orbit with the naked eye. Just recently the main city was targeted. If anything still lives there it's a miracle. Currently the whole area is a red dot on the planets surface. I'm not sure why the Gue'la fight with themselves but it must be important to them if they use these destructive weapons and raze entire areas of population to the ground, my Kor'el agrees. Tomorrow we will shadow one of the Gue'la troop transports off world and try to intercept some communications.

Personal data record 70

The Shas Sha'is has entered system, now we can begin our drone mapping of the rest of the system. Our manta is far ahead of our mothership Kais Ka so we cannot count on its torpedo cover if we are discovered and engaged. As for Gue'la transmissions most of it is Gue'la military communications about being pulled off world. We have deduced that there must be a split in the Gue'la for the ground forces seem to be scared out of there wits and must be losing, but from what we can see from orbit only small Gue'la forces and civilians are driving the fleeing Gue'la. It is like the Mont'au, Gue'la against Gue'la our Aun seem to know something but they are not sharing.

Personal data record 71

We have picked up important communications between the Gue'la battleships and transports they have just transmitted that their 'astropath' has detected 'chaos warships' coming out of 'warp' this has caused the crews on board the Gue'la ships to become panicked and they are leaving the system as soon as they can. This will be good for use so we can map the system and take prisoners to find out what the war was for.

Personal data record 71

Chaos warships! If we knew. The Aun knew, these ships just broke the fabric of space apart spewing into material space from the Vash'aun'an, the 'warp' the ships themselves were like the Gue'la big long and square with rows of gun decks and torpedo tubes, but these one were like cancer! Changed beyond recognition. They smashed into the Gue'la fleet ramming the transports disgorging men and equipment into the vacuum of space. As to the Gue'la battleships they were ripped apart by the strange energies of the chaos ships. We witnessed two Gue'la ships get away just to be chased down by hordes of fighters squeezed from the sides of the ship. What is this?

+++Account Ends+++

When we entered the system we were witness to a war between the Gue'la and Mont'au Gue'la. At first we didn't know what all this was but since then the Aun have further informed us of the Mont'au, the 'chaos' as the Gue'la call it. We had to wait three Kai'rotaa before the Mont'au Gue'la Korar left the system. In this time we deployed some of our mapping drones and mapped the three other planets in detail including a Gue'la vox telescope. We discovered that a guard of thirty Gue'la lived there. We approached them with a contingent of Por missionaries in a drop pod. At first they were wary of us not just because we had created a massive hole in their vox dish but because they believed us to be chaos. However Aun'el Or'es Ro talked to them with the help of our Por missionaries and after much persuasion most of them came over to us. Five of them thought the rest were traitors and tried to kill the rest by setting off krak grenades and flamers inside their barracks. The following account is from one of the Gue'la guards at the instillation.

+++Account of Gue'la Private Hans Dens of the Ken Brith PDF+++

-Interragator: Gue'la, what happened on the second planet of this system?
-Hans Dens: Why is you asking me a question which you know the answers to? You could see the traitor cultists overthrow the PDF. Out here all we knew was what we could get through the vox network.
Gue'la what is a cultist and why were they traitors? xenos think you know everything, yet you know nothing about the ruinous powers and how the emperor protects us...
The question still stands gue'la.
Ok ok...a traitor is someone like me. Who has given in to the xeno or chaos. A cultist is a follower of the ruinous power.
Gue'la you speak in riddles. You speak of 'chaos' , 'xenos' and 'ruinous powers'. What is your meaning? Arr...look. Chaos bad, very bad. People who have lost faith in the emperor worship chaos, the ruinous powers they are the same thing. Xenos are beings like you! If you worship chaos or join with xenos you are a traitor to the emperor. There is that simple enough for you?
Thank you Gue'la.

+++Account Ends+++

Most of the questioning of the other Gue'la revealed much of the same understanding except for one of the five that resisted. He called himself Inquisitor Pethindor Branus, transcripts of his questioning follow.

+++Account of Gue'la Inquisitor Pethindor Branus+++

-Interrogator: Gue'la, why do you wear armour and refuse to take it off? We will not hurt you and we don't want to have to resort to force for you to remove it.
-Inquisitor Pethindor Branus: As a servant of the emperor it is my DUTY to safeguard the equipment given to me and I will NOT let a xeno touch it while I live!
As I have said before we only wish that you trust us we will not touch it if you don't wish us to.
Ha! You think I will succumb to your glib tongue.
You are indeed a stubborn one Inquisitor. Instead of arguing tell us about the ruinous powers.
(Note at this point the subject looks surprised.)
You xenos! What heresy is this, you accuse me of being chaos scum.
(At this point the interrogation was suspended while the subject calmed down. The second part of the interrogation was witnessed by Aun'el Or'es Ro.)
-Interrogator: Have you calmed down yet Inquisitor?
-Inquisitor Pethindor Branus: You call me chaos yet you wish to learn about the ruinous powers. You fools, you do not ask of what you don't know. Chaos moves in subtle ways and converts when it can. To fall under the spell of chaos is a fate worse than death. I will tell you nothing!
So you do not worship the ruinous powers Inquisitor?
No! Why would a loyal servant of the emperor worship chaos?
I do not know Inquisitor, but tell us why? And what has happened on the second planet of this system.
I am loyal to the emperor that is all you need to know there. As for the second planet as you call it. It has fallen to chaos.
- Aun'el Or'es Ro: Why and how Inquisitor?
-Inquisitor Pethindor Branus: Why? Ha...Chaos needs no reason, it is because it is. It is the taint. The how however is more complex and I am the best person to ask since I was there to destroy it. I was sent to the planet on the request of the governor he believed a chaos cult to be active as reports of people disappearing and strange goings on filtering though street rumour. I landed on the planet seven months ago to investigate this following street rumour and using a psyker of mine I was able to find the area where they were holed up. A disused industrial block in the far east of the city. After exploring the area on foot I could discover no trace of taint yet my feeling was that something wrong was happening even if I couldn't see it. I enlisted the help of a PDF stormtrooper platoon and chimera APC Definition: Armoured Personal Carrierwe stormed the block and captured some 'cultists' that were in the block. In interrogation they confessed to harbouring cultists and were summarily given the pardon of the emperor with a bullet through the head. Further exploration turned up a mutilated baby girl who had literally been skinned and nailed to a wall we found the culprit with the skin draped over his head in the next room. The stormtrooper that kicked the door down had no chance. The cultist had a rocket on his shoulder and blew away the soldier and half the wall before pulling a krak grenade out pulling the pin out and running up to us. A quick shot dropped the cultist and I finished him off with a flamer the grenade itself was faulty and never detonated. From this red brick room we moved into a tight tunnel which we could only negotiate two at a time, the walls were covered in dried blood and ruinous symbols I made a note to have the entire area cleansed at a later date about twenty yards into the tunnel a click alerted me to an autocannon just a fraction of a second before the shells shot down the tunnel. Behind me one of the stormtroopers was vaporised as we took cover and fired back as best as we could, but the autocannon was far up ahead and hidden by the blackness of the tunnel. We were pinned until one soldier gave his life for the emperor breaking cover he ran down the tunnel dodging shots and firing his hellgun from the hip killing the cultist crew. Unfortunately he lost an arm and shoulder in that moment of glory and died on the spot from blood loss. We met sporadic fire from cultists as we advanced though the tunnels. We were so deep this by this time we must have been under the city's sewers. The tunnel ended in a massive chamber hewn from the very rock itself in the centre of this room there was a colossal round hole. This hole was undoubtedly daemonic. Warp energies and things of horror phased in and out of existence. The lack of cultists defending their 'chapel' struck me as weird until we looked into the hole. There floating in the purple and red energies a chaos sorcerer floated. With one hand the sorcerer striped the very souls from my men. I saw them contorted in pain be pulled into the hole falling...falling.
(Note the inquisitor was certainly moved as his said this as his eyes looked blank and he spoke to no one directly.)
At this point the sorcerer entered my mind I will not say what I saw and was told. It is enough to say the worse fears and images I could imagine were brought into my mind. When the sorcerer was finished he laughed before spilling his blood into the daemon pit...When I came to around me things of chaos were pulling themselves from the warp. Before me stood a traitor marine his daemonic sword already at my throat. He laughed and told me to leave. Spread the word of chaos, that was it. What he said. I fled. Behind me more marines pulled themselves from the warp laughing at my fear.
(At this point the inquisitor became agitated and wished to be allowed to beg forgiveness from his emperor, which he was granted. The interrogation was recommenced when he was finished. )
-Interrogator: Continue Inquisitor.
-Inquisitor Pethindor Branus: I made it out to find the crews of the transport dead and cultists carving up civilians. Being too scared I ran for my life. Later I commandeered a civilian truck and raced to the local PDF HQ where I was going to recall my story only to find burnt out barrack blocks, already the taint was spreading. It took me the best part of the day to meet up with loyal PDF at the governor's palace all along the journey civilians hampered me. At the governess palace I gave my story but by then it was too late. The rot had been there for too long already the navy was mobilising an evacuation. I came out here to beg forgiveness and trapped when the chaos fleet arrived. Emperor forgive me.
- Aun'el Or'es Ro: Thank you Inquisitor. One question how long ago did you discover the 'cultists'
About a month ago. Why?
You will know in good time Inquisitor.

+++Account Ends+++

The Inquisitor gave us great insight into the workings of chaos and he was of great use to us later when we studied chaos on the ground.
After the Mont'au Gue'la Korar left system we began the construction of a hidden run'al on an asteroid in the planet's tsua'm. This base was equipped with a powerful vid-cam allowing us to track nearly all movements on the planet below. A short account from Fio'ui Kais Run follows

+++Account of Fio'ui Kais Run+++

Personal data record 245
Construction commenced on plans 27b for orbital cam-vid station. Drones working well. Few micrometeorite showers. Unfortunately chosen asteroid makeup is predominantly heavy metals, slow earth working. Fio'vre is a harsh worker and the run'al should be finished before schedule. The mining operations are quite interesting as we have hit an area of haemopyrex which has made very interesting observation as the crystal structure mimics that of pure carbon (although with discrepancies) we have also been working hard at the improvement of construction techniques and have had the two sets of crews compete. Mine is using teams of drones doing the same task in the area then switching en masse to another while another drone team comes in. So far we have made good progress and we are looking forward to setting up a ground base on the planet.

+++Account Ends+++

The discovery of haemopyrex is important in its own right, as it is a new material, which will need further study to see if it has any properties useful to the empire.
We had a short period of time after the construction of the run'al and our Fio scientists were able to tell us a lot about the movements on the planet. Sometimes the scientist began quite disturbed by what they saw and required long talks with the Aun about what they were viewing. Although the reports given to us were full, sections had been 'censored' about the content in them. These 'censored' sections have been stored and will be able for viewing at a later date. It has been deemed that the content could compromise the current operation by having a negative impact on moral.
The first steps on the planet are best described by a shas'la who was heavily moved after being dropped on the planet to secure a site for a run'al construction.

+++Account of a Shas'la+++

Personal data record 288
Earlier this rotaa I was safe inside the belly of our manta, now I crouch in some festering mud watching the bleak wet moorland for any sign of the Mont'au Gue'la. I record this for further reference in case I ever forget the horrors out here.
The Manta dropped down though the grey clouds into the thick rain. As we skimmed overland I and the rest of my squad filled into the Orca that was going to drop us on location while the Manta returned to Orbit. We cannot afford to lose that ship in case we are attacked in space. I strapped myself in and went through the pre-drop checks. Clips, yes. Food rations, yes, and so on. We wait while the counted in our helmets scroll down as we approach our first waypoint. Then the ambient light changes from a dull red to a vivid green. Almost simultaneously the floor drops from beneath you and you are in free fall which slows slowly as the Orcas thrusters power up and slows the descent to hover just above the ground. The shas'ui voice "Go go go." And you go. The ramp goes down and you file out going prone as you clear the ship. Then the Orca leaves leaving you behind on your own. No reinforcements just you your squad and the enemy. Just so the Mont'au Gue'la couldn't find the location of the run'al by tracking the Orca we had to move onto its location on foot then guild in an orbital construction drop pod although these things have an AI they frequently choose a different site to the one you want and so a beacon has to be placed so it finds the site, no probs.
We move out the wet ground squishing under your hooves here and there the rotting dead of Gue'la guardsmen were distinguishable from the mud, with the rain falling everything takes on a white halo. Ahh... The wonders of a rainy planet.
We got to our position in about 1.2 decs and placed the beacon and took some rest. The drop pod landed Raik'or later and all was good...
Personal data record 289
Just been back from a recy. By the light, these Mont'au Gue'la are sick!
Task. Scout the suburbs for Gue'la just normal Gue'la to question. We found some striped with their insides hanging out and further on their heads on spikes of metal. Everywhere a slick of red blood lay on the ground. We had to push on as we continue the buildings become darker, gloomier and then some burnt vehicles the crews and drivers strung up and hanging from first floor windows their tongues cut out and eyeballs gouged. Then we see a light and take cover screeching down the road a Gue'la truck. In the back cultists whooping and cheering dragging behind them a Gue'la chained into spiked shackles the Gue'la was crying out and screaming as he bounced along the road and the spikes dug deeper in his arms. Some cultist pulls out a lazgun and takes a few pot shots at the strung up Gue'la as they pass, the blood drips down and the other men wimper as they hear the truck come back. This time however we don't just watch. Our shas'ui forms a quick plan and as the truck makes its run I jump out and pour the contents of my pulse carbine into the driver. As he slumps over the rest of the squad pour their fire into the back of the truck. It comes to a stop. The rest is a blur our shas'ui orders the chained Gue'al to be removed from his shackles and taken back to the run'al while I take down the rest of the Gue'la who are petrified by us. While we do this on my HUD I spot more Gue'la, civilians in the street. Using my comms, I alert our shas'ui who surrounds them and takes them into care. We return.

+++Account Ends+++

The Mont'au Gue'la are strange indeed. Devoid of any sense of reality they kill maim and torture at will, with no care for those they harm. In fact they seam to enjoy this perverse pleasure as many of our scouts tell us. Our scouts tell us of the way they round up non-believers and have public executions where strange horrors from the warp devour them, or the perverse houses where unspeakable taboos occur in the name of happiness. Even as we put this report together we begin to fear this world. It changes, the bombed out streets become menacing twisted constructs, and the cultists become more feral all the time. Just rotaa ago a pathfinder team discovered cultists eating another alive. Since we have landed on this planet we have taken forty-two prisoners. two of which have great interest to us.

+++Account of a Mont'au Gue'la Cultist by Inquisitor Pethindor Branus+++

-Inquisitor Pethindor Branus: SCUM! Why should I not execute you now!
-Cultist: Ha ha ha...Hehehe. You know I wissh deaath! I welcome the warp, take me there. Hehehe.
You scum you sicken me, you only live by the will of the Tau tell me what I need to know and you can go to your warp.
Hehee...Ha...Mayby. Hmm...You wissh to know who is our leeeeder. Hmm...Hehehe you know him I thiink. Yes you do, cos I know you. Scaredy cat, scaerdy cat running from the true powwers. Ha you know him...
You lie cultist, how would I know a lord of chaos?
Hehehe...Ohh but you do I knnooww you do, and I speak truth you deny. Hehehe end me now.
No! you will tell me who he is and where to find him!
Hehee you thinks I know? I is just one servant of many. Hehehe try the governess palace he might be there. Who knows? Hehehe...
So be it! Shas'la take this scum away if he speaks the truth he will die if not he can go back to his friends a tell tale!
NOOOOOO! You lie!
(Account recording ends suddenly)

+++Account Ends+++

The next account comes from a Gue'la PDF solider who was wounded during the cultist take over of the PDM silos and Orbital laser batterys the account takes the form of his own writing in Low Gothic. His account was found in his notebook on his dead body.

+++Account of Gue'la Pekins Smith PDF+++

I write this now. I die yet, I must record this it is my duty. Bunker 9 was my post. The cultists came up the slope expecting little resistance few had weapons and most only looked like followers anyhow. Yards from the bunker they stopped and called at us to open the bunker so that WE could destroy the false emperor. At that I snapped and let rip with my twin heavy bolter. The rounds chewed up the leader and when his body fell I panned the bolter onto the rest of the crowd. They scattered. I could hear fighting and heavy bolter fire elsewhere so I picked up my vox caster to find out what was happening to be met with the manic laughter of some chaos follower, I felt my bowels fail me. I was only a factory worker not a guardsman, I die now in my own crap. Emperor protect my family, my wife...
(A small section here is illegible and scrawled.)
...They came again and again. This time they pushed a crowd of women and children in front of them. They charged my bunker, and I waived. To kill innocents is wrong. But I had to. I thumbed the trigger preying that those innocents died quickly at least the cultists would not get the pleasure of killing them. Behind the cultists came marines, chaos ones. I had to run. I picked my frags up and still firing away pulled the pin out with my teeth and lobed them out the slit before running for it. They weren't far behind I heard the charges on the door explode and readied myself to die with a gun in my hand. But what came round the corner was a massive construct of bone, flesh, armour and guns... With one swipe it picked my up and flung me against the wall where I fell like a doll. It passed and so did the rest of the cultists charging into the silos and slaughtering the crews disabling the missiles. I looked up to see the massive bulk of a chaos marine over me his fang teeth grew right out of his gums and he had no lips, yet he spoke so clear...He picked my head up in his immense hand and glared at me before leaving me to die. No one touched me they just ignored this dying man while they butchered the rest. I'm sorry I failed the emperor.

+++Account Ends+++

Finally we have a report on a powerful chaos being, although the Inquisitor tells us it's a possessed chaos marine of great power. It took a full thirty-two firewarriors and Inquisitor Branus to bring him in he was found in a desecrated chapel near the original daemon pit and the Inquisitor thinks he came too easily. At any rate in captivity he certainly flaunts what freedom we give him.

+++Vid-cam record of prisoner forty-two+++

The vid starts with the red blinking light that tell the drone operator that the drone needs Tau help to understand what it's seeing. The drone now zooms on the subject who is kneeling on the floor. Around him a purple light is streaming out of its armour and around its head. The drone now pans around to the front and we see the creature flick its left arm, a sticky tentacle. The creature now raises its head and looks directly into the camera. The vid now zooms onto its face its lipless maw drips drool though its fangs of teeth. Now its eyes narrow before its distracted and looks away in the direction of the drone control block. The creature smirks and balls its right hand into a ball before slowly unballing it. All of a sudden the creature busts into laughter. During the fit of hysterics the creature swats the drone with its tentacle and the vid feed breaks down into static.

+++Vid-cam Record Ends+++

Note at the very same time this recording was made we had a report that a drone controller died. Apparently his head had 'exploded'.
This is just a small amount of the final report, which I will deliver in person. We leave the world in two rotaa now. Already I am aboard the Kais Ka as for the Gue'la they have joined us and are staying with the firewarriors. The Mont'au Gue'la we captured have all been put to death by Inquisitor Branus. As for the chaos being and Inquisitor they are both staying behind. The inquisitor thinks that the being held captive is only so because of him and that since we cannot destroy the creature without enraging it. It is best that he stays to deal with it. In this the Aun agree and so they have left him with food and supplies to last nine rotaa. May the light be with him. A recon drone has been left behind to watch over the inquisitor so his fate can be tracked.
We should be back in Tau space within the Kai'rotaa.
Por'o Ol Suam
+++Broadcast Ends+++
+++Shutting Down Transmission Link+++

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