Dealings With Immortals

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The expansion of the T'au empire has put them a odds with many other races of the galaxy. The following extract covers Shas'ui Mon'ka (or Ui'Mon'ka) operations on the planet 'SLH-33' with the Shon'au T'au survey fleet.
The dropship descended too quietly for Shas'ui Mon'ka liking. The sleekness of it all betrayed the fact that they were travelling hundreds of k'lius a dec. he felt that there should be some form of signal to show them what was happing outside the pressurised dropship. Back in training four Tau'cyr ago he hadn't minded being young and inexperienced. In training they told you to trust the workings of their equipment. He shuddered, the last time he was in action their dropship had being shot down during landing. Everyone survived, but there was no telling when or if it was going to happen. For all he knew someone could be shooting at them now. His new fire team was good but inexperienced just like he used to be, they would learn. At least most would survive, Gua'la were poor opponents. Rough smelly unclean, Shas'ui Mon'ka pityed them. Why wouldn't they join the Tau? The blue light flicked blue, the sign to prepare for disembarkation. Shas'ui Mon'ka thumbed the communicator, "Shas'la prepare to fight for the tau'va! May you make the ethereal proud." With that the light chanced to red and the hatch slid open. The squads' deployment was textbook, shell'va pattern on this desert world. They were good. Around them a crisis team settled, billowing clouds of dust blown up by their thrusters. A pair of devilfishes scarily quiet flew in. Finally Shas'el M'yen Mont'ka touched down gracefully. The vid-feed flicked on in the top left of Shas'ui Mon'ka's HUD flicked into life showing a picture of the Shas'el, "Our target is a group of structures two k'lius away. We are to secure them for our Fio scientists. Move out"
The pathfinders were there long before the rest of them, their much faster Tetras scouting out ahead of the main army. Out of the orange dust, smooth, slightly translucent square towers rose. Further across the plains the tip of a pyramid was visible. All around them there was no cover, just these buildings, nothing else. Ui Mon'ka snapped a couple of orders and his team fanned out among the 'ruins' "Shas'ui For'la, have you and your pathfinders found anything?" asked Ui Mon'ka.
"Nothing of interest. Those towers over there can't be damaged for the love of the ethereals, but we do know there are under ground chambers below us. That's about it, the Fio will be here soon then we'll find out." She answered. Ui'Mon'ka turned away to look out over the desert. Swish. Something shot across the sand in front of him. Puzzled he dismissed it as the heat.
The Fio scientists began work immediately, unpacking their digging drones and setting up scanners everywhere, while others mapped the area. Above all of this their ethereal Aun'vre Yenui watched and dictated to a small recording drone. Most of Ui'Mon'ka's team looked in awe at the figure, even Ui'Mon'ka had to admit he was watching the Auns activities. It wasn't long before a hole was dug down and they could access the chambers. "Ui'Mon'ka give us a head up of what's down there." commanded El' M'yen. They dropped down into gloom. The tunnels and passages were pitch black so Ui'Mon'ka turned on his blacksun filter, it wasn't the best, but to him it was better than nothing. However everything now had a blue corona to it. The walls were made of the same tough materials as the towers outside. Some of the scientists were trying to take samples it seemed a futile task to Ui'Mon'ka. They followed the pathfinders down, deeper into the complex. "Shas'Ui" the sound made Ui'Mon'ka jump "y-yes Shas'la" I think I spotted something scurry across the wall into that hole over there." "Shas'la it was probably nothing. I'll take a look" Ui'Mon'ka moved up to the black spot, which he presumed was a hole when it moved. He blinked, and it moved again. Shooting off at high speed towards the pathfinders. Taking his aim carefully Ui'Mon'ka dropped the 'thing' Shas'ui For'la turned to look at him for a moment. He fancied her giving him those piecing eyes of hers behind the helmet. She stooped to examine the 'thing' Ui'Mon'ka drew near and looked over her shoulder, "what is it?" "don't know, we should give it to the Fio scientists." Even as Ui'Mon'ka looked he could not believe his eyes The cracked shell glowed blue and the 'thing' rolled over in Ui For'la's hands before stabbing one of its short legs though the joint in her caprice into her neck. Dark cyan blood spurted out and Ui For'la colasped. The 'thing' surried down the corridor. Some of Ui'Mon'ka's men tried to shoot it, while he stood in shock holding Ui For'la's lifeless body, a small cyan puddle ran down the corridor.
"Shas'el, Shas'el! Ui For'la is down, repeat, Down. A small metal crab, turtle, thing stabbed her, warn the Fio civilians!" Ui'Mon'ka transmitted. In the lack of immediate response Ui'Mon'ka became frightened. A thing had just killed Ui For'la. He paused. "Back to the surface, all of you!" he shouted at the emotionless red cameras of the fire warriors.
Nothing. The diggers, scanners and vehicles were still there but with no one around, trails of dust skimmed though the light breeze. The rest of the Shas'la's filling past him stopped too. "Anyone respond!" Ui'Mon'ka shouted over the communicator. Nothing. Even the uplink to the orbiting spacecraft was dead. "Ui'Mon'ka, come look here!.bluurgh.coh.coh" one of the Shas'las's transmitted. A quick jog round the pyramid revealed the horror of what had happened. Before them lay the skinned corpses of the shas'la's and Fio scientists. The young fire warrior who'd reported this atrocity had removed his helmet and was vomiting on the sand.
It took a few moments for Shas'ui Mon'ka to take in all that had happened. He didn't understand how this could have happened with out them being contacted. Something was nagging him now, the little fragments of information from his basic training all those tau'cyr's ago. The Necrontyr, yes was that it. The metal people, that is what his instructor had said. YES it fitted, the metal crab beetle, the strange architecture. A sudden chill ran down his back. His instructor had also said to run from the Necrontyr, their weapons too powerful for any shas'la to comprehend. "Fire warriors, prep the devilfish and tetras for evacuation. Pathfinder team spread out and see if you can find a trace of the Shas'el or the Aun!" quietly ordered Ui'Mon'ka. "I want you all back in 0.15 of a Dec. We are getting out of here!" the pathfinders were quick about it. No signs of anyone, or anything for that matter. There were disturbances in the sands but these were considered negligible.
Who would have though Necrontyr on this world? All reports had only shown a small gua'la outpost. Ui'Mon'ka mused as their transport slid across the desert to EVAC-Pt.2 The Shas'el couldn't be dead, he wouldn't have stayed to face the doom of the Shas'la's. Ui'Mon'ka was confused, his men saw this and were keeping quite. They too had been disturbed by the events of the day. "Ui'Mon'ka, what are we going to do now?" asked one of the nameless recruits. "File a report, re-arm and re-supply. Then cleanse this world of the Necrontyr if we get the chance. They… s.o.b... killed the Aun." Ui'Mon'ka responded before breaking down into a flood of salty tears. Even the drivers felt the pain he was feeling.
Two tau'cyr later, Shas'ui Mon'ka looked down upon the same desolate world. It was different now. Black. Black like the bottomless pit of space, radial lines streak across its surface in a parody of a spider's web. Reports showed that the Necrontyr were building, building an army to reap the living of life. Shas'ui Mon'ka felt a burning desire of hate towards these unfeeling machines. These machines forgave life to their cruel 'gods' they could never understand the greater good, just the commands to destroy it. Well, Ui'Mon'ka would never allow it not until they flayed his very skin from his body.
The ground campaign had gone well, tactical ionic beam strikes had disabled most of the Necrons defences, and their forces keep 'phasing out' so they had pushed ahead. Ui'Mon'ka looked about warily Necrons had their postion pinned if they left the gauss cannons would flay them alive. "Kais and Sokn take the left and chuck out a couple of photons." Ui'Mon'ka ordered calmly. The faint crackle and thud of the grenades was the single for Ui'Mon'ka to break cover and fire back. He snapped off a pulse shot before a gauss beam locked onto him causing him to hide again. Trapped like rats, while phalanx marched on. S*** they couldn't stay here. "Kais any chance of a doing a runner?" "No blocked in my side, they're shoulder to shoulder." "Sokn?" " it mean no." "Sokn! What were you going to say?" Ui'Mon'ka shouted at Sokn. "we could run for the rocks but we'll be cut down as soon as we leave cover." Sokn replied. A quick plan ran though Ui'Mon'ka's head. He thumbed the communicator. "Kor'la are any Barracudas or ion satellites in orbit around" checking his HUD map quickly "225662KA" "Please wait while I confirm your position" came floating voice of a female Kor at HQ command aboard the Akaaii Troopship. "Shas'Ui' there will be a ion satellite moving into position to give you covering fire in 0.002 Dec." the lead promptly cut out. He hoped the gunner up there was good.
The first clue to the incoming strike was the blinding light of an ion tear breaking thought the magnetosphere, momentarily later the land disappeared in a rush of white. Ui'Mon'ka just keep running. With the white light, all sound had gone. Ui'Mon'ka didn't even know if he was still alive but he kept running. If he stopped the shockwave would break his body with multiple concussions. As the white faded and sound returned he could see kais hiding behind the wreck of an Orca transport. Of Sokn he hoped that the young Shas'la had lived.
Returning to the nearest command point. Ui'Mon'ka and Kais watched as a manta gilded through the sky flanked by a squadron of Barracudas. Ui'Mon'ka had the feeling that the battle would be over soon. And thus the war against the Nercontyr, how many tomb worlds could there be? Ui'Mon'ka mused.

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