Iyanden Versus Biel'Tan

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Farseer Lorindar scowled at his Iyanden peer. He felt she was being stubborn and foolish.
"Sarielle, why wake the ghosts when the Swordwind has come? Why not let the kin of Asur defend the shrine of Asuryan?"
Sarielle deflected the frustration in Lorindar's comments. "You are a guest amongst this vessel. You know you will be needed and called upon, when the Hydra erupts from the mon-keigh like a swollen boil. The shrine of the Asuryan has always been the ward of the Vaedir, and we will defend it to the last waystone. We have not one enemy, but three."
"And two we have brought to collision," remarked Lorindar. With his help, Big Toof Muddaz' boys were diverted from Craftworld Iyanden and faced the Blood Angels of Baal instead. Meanwhile, the Mentor Legion were also in the direct path of Iyanden. "Whoever emerges from that conflict, we can stir enmity within the Owls to attack. So our three enemies will destroy themselves to one opponent."
"And one enemy to face at the Shrine of Asuryan," replied Sarielle. "One of us must guide these enemies into each other, and one must guard the Shrine." Sarielle pulled something out of her rune bag, and with the same hand, she turned Lorindar's palm open, and cupped her hand over it, dragging her delicate fingers across his to reveal two runes in his hand. The two runes, one a burning heart and the other the Shrine of Asuryan floated into the air and circled one another. The two Farseers closed their eyes, and dreamed the same dream. A dream of what their own conflict would be like, to settle who would defend the Shrine, and who would intermingle the mon-keigh...

Playoff Semi-Final: Biel Tan at Iyanden

Today's match features an Eldar head-to-head matchup of Biel Tan and Iyanden. Here are the rosters:

Lorindar's Swordwind of Biel Tan

Farseer Lorindar- Shuriken Pistol and CC weapon, Guide
7 Fire dragons w/Exarch, Firepike
Wave Serpent, Twin Linked Brightlance, Spirit Stone
6 Warp Spiders w/Exarch, Powerblades, Withdraw
7 Striking Scorpions w/Exarch, Scorpion's Claw, Stealth
5 Howling Banshees w/Exarch, Executioner
Heavy Support:
Falcon- Scatter Laser, Spirit Stone, Holofield, Crystal Targetting matrix.

Sarielle's 11th Fleet, "The Remnant"

Farseer Sarielle- WitchBlade, SP, Mind War, Fortune
6 Striking Scorpions w/Exarch, Scorpion's Claw, Stealth
5 WraithGuard
Warlock-Witchblade, SP, Enhance
Wave Serpent, TW Brightlance, Spirit Stone
5 WraithGuard
Warlock-SP, CC Weapon, Conceal
Wraithlord- Shuricat, Flamer, Scatter Laser
Wraithlord-Shurcat, Flamer, Starcannon
Notes: As both of these armies are owned by me, and normally both played by me, we elected to have two players coach the Biel Tan army. One player is an aspiring Eldar player who regularly plays Blood Angels, and the other coach is my brother- a 40k Vet of 13+ years and someone all too familiar with my tactics. Both players worked together against my Iyanden host, to make sure this game was played fairly and wisely.


We played on a 4' grasslands table with dirt roads and a dense forest in the center. Large ruins and tall rock was evenly dispersed on either side. Biel Tan lost the roll and had to deploy its falcon first. It was placed behind a huge piece of rock, next to their Wave Serpent w/Fire Dragons, along with the Howling Banshees and Farseer. The Warp Spiders took up position to their left, while the Scorpions infiltrated behind the center woods. For Iyanden I placed my own Wave Serpent behind a large ruin, along with the Wraithlord w/Scatter Laser. In the center I held position with my concealed wraithguard and Farseer, and to the right of them was the other Wraithlord w/Starcannon. My Scorpion unit infiltrated as well, but just a few inches ahead of the Starcannon Wraithlord, behind a large ruin.
We roll for first turn and Iyanden wins it, electing to move first.

Turn 1

Turn 1 was horribly uneventful for both sides. Iyanden moved forward with all units except the Scatter Laser wraithlord, who moved right, and the Scorpions who moved left to consolidate our forces. A single brightlance shot from the Wave Serpent failed to kill a Scorpion in the woods. Biel Tan brought its Warp Spiders into position behind the woods that their Scorpion team moved through, while the Wave Serpent did not move and the Falcon popped out to wound the Scatter Laser Wraithlord before popping back behind the rocks.
 Gallery image

Turn 2

Iyanden moved into position to destroy the Biel Tan Scorpions. The assault wraithguard emerged from the Wave Serpent on my left while all units drew closer to the woods. All but one Scorpion were killed to massed wraithcannon and shuriken pistol fire from two squads of wraithguard, a squad of scorpions, and the Farseer who continued to fortune the footslogging wraithguard. The wraithlords and Wave Serpent all fired at the Biel Tan Wave Serpent, failing to cause any damage.
Biel Tan struck back quickly, sending Fire Dragons and Warp Spiders towards the disembarked wraithguard. While the spiders failed to kill any wraithguard, the Fire Dragons succeeded in blowing the Brightlance off the Iyanden Serpent. Meanwhile Biel Tan's own Wave Serpent and Falcon failed to wound either of the two wraithlords, even with guided shots!

Turn 3

Iyanden continued to flood the area behind the central wood with all of its units. The Scorpions struggled to get there due to some horrible difficult terrain tests, while both wraithlords began their slow march to the woods. The weaponless Wave Serpent zoomed full speed to hit the back edge of the Biel Tan Deployment zone, while its Wraithguard squad charged the Warp Spiders, killing 2 with wraithcannon but failing to kill any more in close combat. In return, a Warp Spider destroyed a wraithguard in the close combat! Wisely, the Warp Spiders used their withdraw power to leave combat.
Biel Tan saw its chance to capitalize on the exposed wraithguard. The Falcon took up a forward position, disembarking the Farseer and the Howling Banshees, while the Fire Dragons and remaining Scorpion circled the ghostwarriors. On the left, the Warp Spiders found the most of the Iyanden Scorpions out in the open, and with some help from the Falcon, killed all but two in shooting. Meanwhile, the Fire Dragons unleashed death upon the Wraithguard, wiping out the entire squad. Again the Falcon and Wave Serpent continued to fire at the Wraithlords, but to no avail.

Turn 4

Biel Tan had finished the first Wraithguard team, but there was another one now in position to do some real damage. The fortuned wraith unit advanced towards the Fire Dragons and Banshees, while both wraithlords found the Warp Spiders in the open, and the Wave Serpent chased its Biel Tan equivalent with Shuriken Catapults at the rear armor, which failed to do any damage. Shooting proved effectively deadly for the Ghostwarriors, as the Wraithlords reduced the Warp Spiders to their lone Exarch, and the Wraithguard killed all but three Fire Dragons, who promptly failed their leadership test and fled!
The fleeing Fire Dragons turned their guns upon the wounded Wave Serpent, while its Biel Tan equivalent turned to fire upon it with a Brightlance. The Howling Banshees advanced towards the remaining Scorpions in the woods while the Falcon opened fire on the wraithguard. Despite being hit by fusion guns, a firepike, and a brightlance, the Iyanden Wave Serpent sustained no damage. Meanwhile the wraithguard lost one of their number to the Falcon, and the Banshees wiped out the Striking Scorpions in close combat.
Gallery image

Turn 5

The two Wraithlords marched through the trees to hunt down the Farseer and his Banshee bodyguard, supported by the wraithguard squad again. Meanwhile the Wave Serpent lined up another shot at the back of its fellow Wave Serpent, and two sixes later the Biel Tan Wave Serpent was one big wreck! In the woods, flamers from the wraithlords reduced the banshees to an exarch, which was finished off by wraithcannon which also wounded the Farseer twice. The wraithlord with Starcannon rolled well on the difficult terrain test, which landed it in combat with a now helpless Farseer, but failed to kill him.
Time had run out on Biel Tan. And the Warp Spider exarch knew it, failing his All on Your Own test. The falcon steered clear of the Iyanden Wave Serpent, and fired upon the wraithguard, but their fortuned casings held them firm. In combat, the Farseer again managed to stay alive.

Turn 6

The fortuned wraithguard fired at the Falcon in desperation, failing to penetrate its armor. Meanwhile the second wraithlord charged and finished the Biel Tan Farseer in close combat.
Biel Tan's remaining Falcon fired at the Wraithguard again, killing two more of their number. And with that the battle had ended.

Final Score: Iyanden 795, Biel Tan 423. Iyanden is going to the finals!!
As the two Farseers dreamt, so the threads of fate revealed to them the outcome of a battle that was never to come to pass. It was decided. The Ghosts of Iyanden would face the approaching invaders, whilst the Swordwind would weave the enemy into one another.
Sarielle watched as the Shrine of Asuryan floated firmly above the Burning Heart. She would ready her ghosts for battle.
Thanks for reading!

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