Crimson Fists: A Comprehensive History

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The Crimson Fists origins lay in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy. When Roboute Guilliman presented the Codex Astartes Dorn was vehemently against it. Rogal Dorn saw the break up of the Legions as an insult ot his honor, after all it was Dorn and the Imerial Fists, not Guilliman and his Ultramarines, who stood beside the Emperor at the defense of Terra. The matter came to a head when the Terrible Angel, an Imperial Fist Strike Cruiser, was fired on by the Imperial Navy. Famous for his temper and stubbornness Dorn proved a noble leader when he relented rather than plunge the Imperium into another civil war. The die hard followers of Dorn kept the uniform and title of the Imperial Fists, while the more zealous battle brothers took on the name the Black Templars. The newly initiated and youngest brethren of the Imperial Fists however were formed into a new chapter named the Crimson Fists.

Each of the new Chapters was given a single Battle Barge, a number of Strike Cruisers and Rapid Strike Vessels and departed to make their mark on the Galaxy. While the Black Templars became a force of zealouts and crusaders, sailing across the stars on unending quests of conquest and vengeance the Crimson Fists exemplified the teachings of Dorn, carving their way into the annals of the Imperium.

The Crimson Fists first Chapter Master Alexis Polux did almost as much to mould the character of the newly formed Chapter as the legacy of Rogal Dorn did. In the Assimularum of the Crimson Fists space-faring Fortress Monastery Alexis Polux is represented by a masterwork hololithic sculpture. The carving depicts Polux in the Crimson Fists first action after their formation, the Scourging of Uralek Prime. The Chapter fought to defend a newly formed Colony from a large force of Exodite Eldar. While Polux was a giant of a man, his size belied a calculating intellect that led the Crimson Fists to victory. The defense of Uralek Prime remains a common study for all new Initiates to the Chapter. [rightsidebar=Sergeant Huron Grimm at the Siege of New Rynn City]"Nothing ever assured me more that the Emperor truly watches over us than when I saw our Chapter Master return to us from death."[/rightsidebar]

Alexis Polux remained the Chapter Master for eight centuries until he fell in battle in an unnamed system codified HR8518. The system was occupied by the previously unencountered xenos now known as the Scythians. The vile aliens made use of repulsive venom based weaponry, and a dart from one such poisoned weapon pierced the temple of Alexis Polux and brought him low. Polux fought the toxin for many days before he finally went to stand at the side of the Emperor, but before he passed he instructed his warriors well. After Polux's death the Crimson Fists enacted his plan and the Scythians were driven from the system in a short but very brutal xenocidal campaign. The Scythians suffered such a defeat that they now rarely engage Imperial forces openly and rely on assassinations and covert strikes instead.


The Crimson Fists were a fleet based chapter for fully nine millenia. Only in the last thousand years did the Chapter claim a homeworld. Before then the Crimson Fists sailed across the Imperium, based from the massive space born Fortress Monastery the Rutilus Tyrannus. Operating as a crusading chapter like their brethren the Imperial Fists and the Black Templars, the Crimson Fists did keep close ties with the Loki Sector in the Segmentum Tempestus, particularly a number of feral worlds that supplied new recruits to the Crimson Fists. The Segmentum Tempestus is plagued by numerous Ork empires and before long the Crimson Fists became experts in fighting the foul greenskins.

At the conclusion of the Vortigern Crusade in 745.M40 the Crimson Fists were awarded fiefdom of Rynn's World in the Loki Sector. The sectory had been threatened by a number of rising Ork empires, though the Crimson Fists assaulted each before a Warboss could arise and launch a Waaagh. The campaign was so successfull that the Ork empires collapsed from internecine conflict and it was a thousand years before an Ork Warboss rose to threaten the Imperium, but when one did the result was the disasterous Waaagh Snagrod.

Before Waaagh Snagrod invaded, Rynn's World was a rather pleasant agri-world that supplied exotic foodstuffs to the rich and influential all across the sector and beyond. However the Crimson Fists built their Fortress Monastery in the Hellblade Mountains, leaving the administration of the planet to the local nobility in the tradition of Rogal Dorn and the Imperial Fists. The practice leaves the Chapter free of administrative affairs, allowing those more interrested and capable perform such tasks. What made Rynn's World ideal for the Crimson Fists is its proximity to the feral world of Blackwater, the Chapter's primary source of recruits. This proximity allows the Chaplains and Apothecaries of the Chapter to attend Blackwater's annual "Festival of the Bloodied Fist" where the worlds best young men compete in a number of tests of strength and skill culminating in a hunt known as the "Rite of the Dragon" in which the young aspirants must track and kill a swamp dwelling Barb Dragon. Few aspirants make it as far as the hung and each year only one or two actually manage to kill a Barb Dragon with their bare hands. This rigorous trial ensures that only the best aspirants make it into the Chapter.

Following the invasion of Waaagh Snagrod Rynn City and much of the surrounding land has been turned into a war-blasted wasteland, not to mention the destruction of the Crimson Fists Fortress Monastery. With the Orks repelled the Crimson Fists have much rebuilding to do, including constructing a new Fortress Monastery.

Combat Doctrine

While many of the Imperial Fists railed against the changes, the battle brothers that formed the Crimson Fists embraced them. Because of this the Crimson Fists have maintained the teachings of Guilliman down through the ages, training in every aspect of warfare as dictated by the Codex Astartes. Despite this the Crimson Fists have been noted for their expertice in fighting the many alien threats to the Imperium, particularly the vile Ork menace. The Chapter has certainly proved an asset to the Ordo Xenos and seconded many marines to the Death Watch.

However after the Battle for Rynn's World Chapter Master Pedro Kantor found that he could not deploy the Chapter in the manner described by the Codex Astartes. Severely depleted Kantor had to deploy his squads as infiltrators and guirilla fighters and the Chapter's aim following the conflict has been almost soley rebuilding. Even now the Crimson Fists boast barely half the strength of a normal Space Marine Chapter and it may be a long time before the Crimson Fists are back to full strength.


Ever since the founding of the Crimson Fists the Chapter has maintained the tenets and doctrines of the Codex Astartes rigidly and following the Battle for Rynn's World has thrown all available resources into rebuilding and returning to the organisation laid down by the Codex.

Having been a crusading chapter for so long the Crimson Fists still maintain a sizeable fleet. While much of the Crimson Fists fleet was damaged or destroyed during the invasion of Waaagh Snagrod as Ork Kroozers ravaged the system, those ships that survived proved invaluable in stalling the Orks until the Imperial Navy could muster a response to aid the besieged Chapter. The Crimson Fists fleet linked up with the Navy reinforcements when they arrived, and proved invaluable in transporting Kantor's forces around from warzone to warzone allowing the depleted numbers of the Chapter to still have a considerable impact in the war.

Nevertheless at the conclusion of the Campaign the Crimson Fists found themselves in the quite unusual situation of having more specialists than battle brothers. These specialists are vital to the rebuilding of the Chapter and each ship in the Crimson Fists fleet is commanded currently by a Techmarine acting under the command of the Master of the Fleet, and Apothecaries are also stationed on each vessel. While a number of initiates have already been inducted into the newly formed 10th Company the Chapter will not rush the process, for to lower the standards of recruitment at such a critical moment could prove disasterous to the chapter in the future.

Since the end of the Battle for Rynn's World it has become a tradition of the Crimson Fists to maintain the 1st Company at 130 Marines instead of the normal 100 and the Company has come to be known as the Crusade Company, the Crimson Fists believe it is bad luck to begin a Crusade without a full strength Crusade Company.


The Crimson Fists venerate the Emperor and Rogal Dorn, the Emperor as the gene-father of the Adeptus Astartes, and Rogal Dorn as their primogenitor and Primarch. The Chapter also maintains a strict schedule of holy days, the most important being the Foundation Day upon which every marine of the Chapter gathers. During the Foundation Day gathering the battle brothers listen to readings of the works of Alexis Polux, as well as those of Dorn himself. The Chapter also remembers and commemorates its greatest achievements and its worst losses. In this way the Marines of the Chapter learn from the mistakes of their ancestors and keep the memory of the Chapters pains and achievements alive. This practice is strongly encouraged by the Codex Astartes but few Space Marine Chapters actually practice it. Pride makes many Chapters refuse to admit that their ancestors were ever mistaken, or that they have anything to learn from the mistakes of their past.

On another note the Crimson Fists, true to their ancestry, have been observed to on occasion field an Emperor's Champion. While the Crimson Fists traditionally fielded an Emperor's Champion far less frequently than other Imperial Fists successors such as the Black Templars, there have been occasions recorded when a battle brother on the eve of battle became overcome with visions of the Emperor. Those battle brothers would take up the Black Sword and the Armor of Faith and lead their brethren into battle. However no instance has been recorded of the Crimson Fists fielding an Emperor's Champion since the destruction of the Chapter's Fortress Monastery on Rynn's World. It is entirely possible that the sacred vestments of office were lost in the Monastery's destruction. It is also possible that no brother has taken up the vestments since the Battle For Rynn's World, but given the great loss suffered by the Chapter it is likely that many relics were lost forever, some that may never be replaced or restored.


The Crimson Fists recruit primarily from the World of Blackwater, but the Chapter also draws recruits from a number of other Feral Worlds in the Loki Sector. However the natives of the feral worlds are far from primitive barbarians and are actually a noble people who struggle daily against great adversity. It is that stoic nature that makes the tribesemen excelent recruits for the Crimson Fists.

The Crimson Fists gene-seed comes from the Primarch Rogal Dorn, and as such the Chapter inherets many of the traits of the Imperial Fists Primarch. The Chapter's gene-seed is highly stable, though lacks the Betcher's Gland and Sus-An Membrane like all other Imperial Fists Successor Chapters. While the Imperial Fists have a near obsession with mastering pain, and stubborn resistance in the face of overwhelming odds. The Crimson Fists appear to not suffer from headstrong impulses to anywhere near the extent of the Imperial Fists, perhaps due to he initial membership of the Chapter being drawn from the newer and more level headed members of Dorn's Legion. While just as noble and dedicated as the Imperial Fists the Crimson Fists appear to have mastered the impulse towards self inflicted punishment and penance.

The Crimson Fists however only narrowly escaped extinction when their Fortress Monastery was destroyed. According to the Adeptus Mechanicus a Space Marine Chapter reduced to less than a Company of marines has only a 20-25% chance of survival. The strength of the Crimson Fists gene-seed was what saved the Chapter as despite having been reduced to less than a Company of Marines the Crimson Fists have proved more than capable of rebuilding though it is a long, drawn out process.

The Battle for Rynn's World

The invasion of Waaagh Snagrod began on the world of Badlanding, just a few weeks warp travel from the Rynn star system and on the fringes of Ork controlled space. Badlanding was invaded by Warboss Snagrod the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon. Charadon has remained a blight on the Imperium for more than sixteen centuries, and after a twelve year long campaign of bloodshed Snagrod managed to weld together all those Ork tribes who dared oppose him.

The single habitable world in the system of Badlanding was defended by three recruitment regiments of the Imperial Guard. The Mordian 18th, the Lammas 24th, and the Boros 49th, under the command of Commissar-General Alhaus Baldur. The world was also defended by a system of missile silos and planetary defense lasers though these systems had not been used or blessed by the Techpriests of Mars for more than three centuries. The Orks unsurprisingly managed to land relatively easily desspite losses to "badlandings" in the equatorial dust seas and losses to the antiquated defenses.

The Imperial defenses centered around the single sizeable habitation on the planet. The Guad regiments fought alongside the Badlandingers and managed to put up a decent resistance but the Orks were too numerous. Fast moving Ork warbands captured or slaughtered all those in the surrounding settlements who didn't manage to flee to the caves in the nearby Scratch mountains. Krugerport itself was quickly outmatched and fell within days, even as a counter attack force was being mustered at the Crimson Fists Fortress Monastery on Rynn's World.

Snagrod began regular broadcasts boasting the invincibility of his warbands and making claims to conquer Rynn's world, the most secure Imperial Stronghold bordering Charadon. While a great deal of the Chapter's resources were tied up in campaigns against the Eldar in the Wheel of Fire, or securing the N'goth-Katar trade routes, Chapter Master Kantor planned a series of attacks to gather information, strike at the Ork morale, and encourage the surviving humans of Badlanding to resist the Ork invaders.

Warp storms delayed the Strike Cruiser the Crusader under the Command of Captain Drakken, leading the 4th Company. Upon arriving the Cruiser did manage to enter the system undetected but scans indicated there were at least sixteen Ork warships in orbit around Badlanding alone. The wisdom of continuing the mission was questioned but Drakken was determined to land his forces. Three Thunderhawks landed Drakken and the 4th Company thirty miles from Krugerport. Captain Drakken planned to march to Krugerport, destroy the town's communications tower and disrupt the many Ork transmissions, and disable the water plant. Drakken then planned to withdraw for extraction before the Orks could bring significant resistance to bear from the nearby harvesting rigs.

Initially the raid went well, Scout squads eliminated the forward observation posts of the Orks and the 4th Company managed to breach the city before the alarm was raised. Early resistance was fairly light as scattered small groups of Orks tried to fight back. This opposition was quickly swept aside and the Crimson Fists pushed on towards their objectives. However soon Ork resistance became much heavier. Ork warmachines circled the town, trapping the Crimson Fists in and the Orks began to assault the Space Marines en-masse from all directions. The Crimson Fists found their two prongs of attack seperated and their forces having to turn often to defend themselves from the rear even as they tried to press forward towards their objectives.

Sergeant Werner commanding the Crimson Fists force attacking the filtration plant managed to accomplish his objective just after midnight. However all communication had been lost with Drakken and the thirty marines with him. Werner concluded that Drakken and his men must have been lost and summoned the Thunderhawks for extraction. Two of the Thunderhawks suffered significant damage in the approach and landing and another suffered a direct hit to an engine and was forced to crash land in the Scratch Mountains. The Crusader escaped Badlanding hotly pursued by Ork warships, but of the eighty four marines who embarked on the mission, fifty six had been lost. Tactical analysis' of the Badlanding Combat Data was analysed upon the return to Rynn's World. It was concluded that the Orks stationed on Badlanding were under the command of the Warboss Uzrog Mag-Kull, one of Snagrod's most dangerous lieutenants. Which was probably why Snagrod has stationed Urzog on Badlanding, so that the Ork wouldn't threaten Snagrod's command. Most of the Orks had been of the Deathskull clan, easily identified by their many grizzly trophies.

Worse still for the Crimson Fists a warband of the Goff clan had also been at Krugerport, perhaps sent by Snagrod personally to make sure Urzog didn't attempt to undermine his command. Chapter Master Kantor suspended all raids indeffinitely, he saw that an Ork Waaagh was building and realised that attacking the Orks at that juncture would only stir them up further. Imperial forces would take years to reach the sector and Kantor knew that a long hard fight was ahead. The Crimson Fists Fortress Monastery was put on full alert and all Companies were recalled. Planetary defense forces and militias were roused and armed. While an attack on Rynn's World seemed insane, Kantor was taking no chances. Before long though sirens sounded throughout the Fortress Monastery as auger satellites detected a xenos warfleet exiting the warp in the System. Snagrod appeared insane enough to try a full scale invasion of Rynn's World.

Rynn's World was not Badlanding though and while the system defense ships were weak and ill-maintained they clustered in the space above Rynn's World thickly, supported by old but functional defense orbitals and air defense batteries were armed and readied. The first Orks ship to come into range was blown apart by beams of incandescent fury, but more Ork ships followed. Soon the night sky of Rynn's World was turned to day by the raging inferno of combat that filled the space above the planet. Yet the Ork fleet crashed through the maelstrom with reckless bravery, ramming, boarding and blasting defense orbitals and ships. Before long the first assault boats entered orbit and crashed to the surface aroundmissile silos and defense batteries, spilling forth greenskinned monsters to slaughter the gunnery crews. Soon reports of combat became a torrent as the combat became widespread.

Tragically the battle soon turned for the worst. At the height of the fighting a single missile salvo from Battery Laculum on the western flank of the Crimson Fists Fortress Monastery failed to escape the atmosphere and fell back to the planet. Somehow luck was against the Crimson Fists and despite all odds the missile managed to dig deep into the walls of the Monastery and detonate the heavily shielded Fortress Arsenal. The Fortress Monastery was blasted apart in the raging conflagration as its munitions stores were cooked off. Fortunately Chapter Master Kantor had been inspecting the outermost defenses when the Monastery was destroyed and he along with a handful of marines escaped the destruction of their Chapter fortress. Steeling themselves to the loss the Crimson Fists retreated to New Rynn City. With the Fortress gone the lynchpin of the defenses was erradicated and the sky soon filled with innumerable Ork warships and assault boats.

For ten days the Crimson Fists made their way to New Rynn City, skirmishing with the Orks when they could and travelling by night to avoid the attentions of the patrolling Ork Fighta Bombas that prowled the skies during the day. The Orks ran utterly unchecked, killing or enslaving everyone they could find and demolishing anything that stood in their way. On the tenth night the Crimson Fists reached New Rynn City to find it in ruins. Only the central portion of the city, built onto an island in the center of the mighty River Pakomac. Many Ork forts had been erected and each Warboss was enacting his own plans to sack the last city on the planet. Some were trying to build bridges, others submersible siege towers, others pontoon boats, and still others were simply shelling the city endlessly. Since all existing bridges to the Island had been destroyed Kantor and his men made their way to a major underzoom that led under the river and into the city. Kantor and his men had to make a major detour around a large mustering of Orks gathering in the pre-dawn light for a major offensive. As The Crimson Fists reached the entrance to the underzoom they were greatly heartened to see that it was held by brethren of their Chapter who had been dispatched to New Rynn City before the Fotress Monastery had been destroyed. The leader of the marines was Veteran Sergeant Huron Grimm, the marines were shocked to see their Chapter Master, believed dead with their fortress, emerging from the pre-dawn mist. Before they could celebrate however the three squads under Kantor had to rush to join the barricades as the Orks began the first of many assaults. Led by Warboss Ulruk. After three days of heavy assaults the Crimson Fists had to fall back and demolish the tunnel to prevent the Orks from following them. The last resistance on Rynn's World was now cut off and alone.

The Siege of New Rynn City lasted eighteen months, and it took years for the worlds of the Loki Sector and Rynn's World to be re-conquered when Imperial Reinforcements finally arrived, just as Kantor had predicted. Badlanding however still remains in filthy Ork hands.

Notable Characters

Chapter Master Alexis Polux
-Alexis Polux was the first Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists and served for over eight centuries. Polux did a great deal to forge the Crimson Fists into the Chapter they are today his teachings are integral to the beliefs and doctrine of the Chapter to this day.

Chapter Master Pedro Kantor
-The current Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists, Pedro Kantor brought the Chapter back from the brink of annihilation during the invasion of Waaagh Snagrod. Kantor seved the chapter for 250 years before becoming Chapter Master and first achieved prominence at the battle of Melchitt Sound.

As a sergeant Kantor led his squad in a boarding action of an Ork Kroozer the Growler. Kantor managed to disable the Kroozer allowing the Crimson Fists Strike Cruiser the Crusader to break the Ork battle line and send the Ork fleet scattering. Faced with the near destruction of the Chapter on Rynn's World Kantor proved a wise leader by making the hard choice to fight on with guirilla tactics instead of fighting to the last in a vainglorious last stand, a noble choice for the Imperium can ill afford the loss of such a Chapter as the Crimson Fists.

Captain Cortez
-The Captain of the 4th Company Cortez rose through the ranks alongside Kantor and the two were close friends. Cortez fought in legendary actions such as the Battle of Steel Cross, the Defense of the Fortress Maladon and the Kardian Campaign. Cortez was mourned greatly when he dissapeared fighting Dark Eldar pirates and raiders in the Wheel of Fire. Though many in the Chapter including Kantor believe that the legendarily invulnerable Captain fights on still. One of Cortez's most notable achievements was during the Battle of Steel Cross where he single handedly slew the Ork Warlord and his bodyguard, having managed to disarm the Ork Warlord with a twist of his hips after the Ork's sword became stuck in Cortez's ribs.

Commander Rienez
-Commander of the 2nd Company Rienez fought the Soul Drinker's on Entymion IV. While the Soul Drinker's escaped the Dark Eldar trying to take over the world were thwarted in part thanks to the actions of Commander Rienez and the marines of the 2nd Company.

Chaplain Inhuaca
-Inhuaca joined Commander Rienez's detatchment on Entymion IV under the direct orders of Pedro Kantor, bringing with him the rest of the 2nd Company. Inhuaca and the Crimson Fists wished to destroy the traitor Soul Drinker's once and for all, though they failed the Chapter thwarted the plans of a Dark Eldar Kabaal that could have threatened the security of the Imperium throughout the entire Sector though the victory was undermined by the loss of Entymion IV and the failure to destroy the Soul Drinkers.


Chaplain - "There is only the Emperor."
Brethren - "He is our shield and our protector."


Codex: Space Marines 3rd Edition
Index Astartes: Crimson Fists
Codicium Imperialis: The Battle for Rynn's City
Soul Drinker's Series: Crimson Tears

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