Saim'Hann Versus Orks

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The Battle for Nerrant II: Shardinar's Wildriders

Farseer Shadrinar held a clenched fist in the air, to the other jetbike riders behind him. He was slowing down just a hair, in order to communicate with his other units."Chironyll, report," he spoke into the com-rune in his helmet. The warlock returned his Farseer's greeting."This is Chironyll, Lord Shadrinar. Our units are mounted, and based on our current velocity will we gain your position in the next four minutes.""Excellent," replied the Farseer. "Have the crew check your ammo and energy cells in transit, we have no time to stop.""My lord," warned the Warlock, "We are approaching the target point, and our scanners do not detect any human life on-site. The city appears to be abandoned.""Chironyll, you are right. The city is abandoned, but it is not empty. The humans are not our prey- today we hunt the Green Beast."With that, the Farseer raised his clenched fist again, and brought his body close to the jetbike. As his grip tightened over the accelerator, so his view of the world became blurred by the jetbike's increasing speed...Well, Saturday rolled around and due to the holidays, the monthly 1250 tournament was cancelled. Oh well, with the day off I decided I still wanted to try out my Saim Hann list, and so we went out and found ourselves playing against a foot Ork army on a table that looked remarkably like Minas Tirith...My list was as follows:

Shadrinar's Wildrider Host

HQFarseer Shadrinar - Jetbike, Singing Spear, Fortune, Mind War - 123pts.Troops10x Guardian DefendersWave Serpent- Spirit Stone, Twin Linked Starcannon, Shuriken Cannon =235 pts8x Storm Guardians2 with flamerWarlock- Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, DestructorWave Serpent- Spirit Stone, Twin Linked Brightlances, Shuriken Cannon =267ptsFast AttackVyper with Starcannon -65 ptsVyper with Starcannon -65 ptsVyper with Scatter Laser -55pts6x Guardian Jetbikes, 2 with Shuricannons- 250ptsHeavy SupportFalcon - Holofield, Spirit Stone, Starcannon- 190ptsTotal: 1250pts.I am unsure of my opponent's list, but it looked something like this:

Big Toof Muddaz, Boyz

HQWarboss w/cybork body, choppa, slugga, and shoota w/ more dakka5x Nobs, 2 with PowerKlawWartrukk w/Rokkit LaunchaTroops~ 20 Slugga BoyzNob with Powerklaw2 Big Shootas1 Rokkit Launcha~ 20 Shoota BoyzNob with Powerclaw4 Rokkit Launchas~10 Shoota BoyzNob with Powerklaw4 Big Shootas27 Gretchin w/SlaverSluggaChoppaFast Attack6 x Ork Warbikerz10 x Ork TrukkerzNob with PowerKlaw1 Burna

Strategy- "The Matador"

Shooty, speedy Eldar armies (particularly Saim Hann and Biel Tan) can run a play I like to call "The Matador". The matador is essentially Mech-army style tactics, which highlight the Eldar's advantages in speed against most opponents.How does it work? Just like a matador, the idea is to slow an opponent down and lure him down one side of the field while you swiftly step aside, all the while picking off his key threats. The matador works by keeping Vypers moving laterally and staying at range, continually frustrating the opponent who is forced to move forward or waste long range fire that he'd rather use against tanks and tougher units. The Vypers work on key deep threats while the Wave Serpents focus on trimming away the opponent's flankers and mid-field units, allowing the "meat" of the footsloggers to move forward. Once the "bull" has been lured one way, the matador simply flanks it and throws his swords into its back.The swords in this case, are three squads. The jetbike squad is the sword in the back, sneaking behind enemy lines with its speed and ability to survive enemy fire. The other two guardian squads wait in Wave Serpents for opportunities to arise, either finishing off weakened enemy units, or surprising isolated flankers.Gallery image
Your opponent is forced to deal with you in the early rounds with shooting, and if he divides his force in frustration, you have the advantage. If he consolidates his forces, your best bet is to eliminate the speedy threats and the ranged threats, and force him to follow you around while you chip away at his block of solidiers.The Matador is far from a flawless strategy, however. Well-placed ranged shots from autocannons and heavy bolters are a nightmare to deal with. Losing Wave Serpents too early in the game is also a headache, because the matador is sorely lacking resilient type close combat units, and so the guardians will either be cut to ribbons or useless when stranded in the middle of the field.In this particular battle, my opponent decides his best bet is to horde up and engage me in a shooting match, in an effort to buy time to get his speedy units where they can pin me down. Let's see how it all plays out...


With my 3 dice losing to my opponent's 1 die (argghh...) he selects the side of the board with the only area terrain, essentially leaving me as a sitting duck across a virtually wide open field. I take advantage of my skimmers and place the Falcon and jetbike squads atop the river to my right, which is the only place in my deployment zone that he doesn't have LoS to. They are supported by a Starcannon Vyper and the Brightlance Serpent with my stormies. I deploy my other Starcannon Vyper deep left, closer to my starcannon Wave Serpent, and flanked by my Scatter Laser Vyper. I have no units in the dead center of the field. Both guardian squads begin dismounted in case my opponent gets first turn.Gallery image
The Orks took the opposite strategy, electing to deploy everything in the center of the field, except his two trukks which were behind the area terrain on my left, and the bikes, which he deployed on the opposite side of the river. The main footslogging horde was deployed behind a curtain of grots to give him some decent cover saves at the expense of a few grots.

Eldar Turn 1

Thankfully, I manage to win the dice roll to go first. I immediately fortune up my jetbike unit and zoom right, away from the river supported by the starcannon vyper. The falcon left the river as well, moving left towards the mainland, just in front of the brightlance wave serpent. Both guardian squads mounted up and the Wave serpents headed towards the center of the field to line up shots. The remaining Vypers pulled to just within range of his shoota boyz.The jetbikes and vyper manage to kill three of the bikerz, and the jetbikes withdraw back onto the river below (Skillful rider is nice here, but it wasn't necessary this turn). Meanwhile the rest of my army focused on the shoota boyz, killing only 4 while 4 grots died in the name of cover saves.

Ork Turn 1

My opponent moved his bikerz forward, where they could see the jetbike squad. The main force all moved up, and the two trukks came out from behind the area terrain. The four rokkits managed to land a single glancing hit on my Falcon, and of course...he rolls a double 5, killing what was supposed to be my most resilient unit..(5.5% chance of this lucky am I? ;P ). Luckily, his other rokkit missed and his trukks were out of range to do anything. The warbike fire easily bounced off the jetbikes.[gal_img]909[/gal_img]

Eldar Turn 2

With my Falcon out, I was missing some of that horde killing power I needed, but still had plenty of guns left. I fortuned my jetbikes again and brought them and the Vyper forward, while the Wave Serpents continued to hang out near the center of the field. I continued to keep the other two Vypers at range, though this turn my priority was in taking away the Ork's speedy units- the bikerz and the trukks. The remaining bikerz were wiped out by the jetbikes and Vyper, while the other four vehicles destroyed both trukks, putting 3 wounds on the HQ and one on the trukkerz. However, the trukkboyz' vehicle exploded, killing another 6 orks.[gal_img]910[/gal_img]

Ork Turn 2

With two key units entangled, and no bikerz, my opponent continued to march forward and try for my units. The Scatter Laser Vyper gets shot down to 4 big shootas, while the Brightlance Wave Serpent is temporarily stunned by the rokkits. I manage to roll a 6 on my Spirit Stone, and so it is ignored! Meanwhile the jetbikes continue to shrug off extra shoota fire.

Eldar Turn 3

With my opponent searching for answers, I decide to try my triple-flamer attack. After fortuning up the jetbikes again, I bring my Wave Serpent in close, and disembark the stormies. The target this turn- the rokkit bearing shoota boyz. I pull my jetbikes up onto the bridge and swing the Vyper to the other side, while my other Wave Serpent and Vyper hang deep on the left flank. The triple flamer attack combined with shuriken pistol shooting kills 12 orks and 2 grots, and the remander of ths squad dies to the jetbikes, Vyper, and Wave Serpent. My left flankers manage to kill three more Orks from the slugga unit.[gal_img]911[/gal_img]

Ork Turn 3

With my Wave Serpent in his lines, my opponent brings all of his grots to bear on my stormies, and begins to move his trukk-less HQ and trukkerz from their wrecks. Unfortunately, the grots fail their leadership test to see whether they can shoot the stormies, and the remainder of Ork shooting is ineffective again.

Eldar Turn 4

Whew! I was counting on losing my stormies, but as faith would have it, Chironyll and his flamer-o-death squadron are still alive. I quickly re-embark them onto the Serpent, and back up for more shooty death. The fortuned jetbikes wipe out the trukkerz by shooting them from just across the river, while the Wave Serpents deal with the smaller unit of shootas, reducing them to only a couple of models.

Ork Turn 4

The Orks are now desperate for answers, and their only recourse is to try to beat me at range. Drawing his shoota boyz and grots to the riverbank, he finds himself out of range again due to my jetbike assault-moves. Meanwhile his shots at my vehicles are again wide.

Eldar Turn 5

More of the same, essentially. I now have free range on this army, so my fortuned jetbikes zoom up, kill off his shoota boyz, and zoom towards the bridge this time. In the middle, more sluggaz go down to the other vehicles, but not enough to make them run.

Ork Turn 5

My Ork opponent finds a new opportunity and moves thrusts his HQ right at my Brightlance Wave Serpent. Again, shooting is ineffective, though I do end up losing a jetbike to a random shot ( I do not recall which unit actually caused this). In assault my opponent catches a lazy error on my part and manages to get his HQ into contact with my Wave Serpent! Luckily, only one Powerklaw hit landed, stunning my Wave Serpent, which is reduced to shaken by a 4 on my Spirit Stone roll.

Eldar Turn 6

Angered that they were nearly killed, Chironyll and the Stormies dismount again, while the shaken Wave Serpent retreats towards my table edge. Meanwhile on the bridge Shadrinar decides to employ his other trick on Big Toof Mudda, and foregoes fortune while he draws a bead on the Ork Warboss. The other Wave Serpent is now exactly midfield, though near the left table edge, supported by the Starcannon Vyper. I tried to Mind War the Warboss, but I failed to cause any wounds. Meanwhile the Nobz were wiped out by a vicious barrage of fire- three flamers, 6 shuriken pistols, 3 shuricannons , a brightlance shot, 3 starcannon shots, and 3 twin-linked shuricats. When the smoke finally clared, all that remained was the Warboss with a single wound remaining. The other Wave Serpent never dismounted its defender guardians, but managed to reduce the sluggaz to half strength with the other starcannon vyper. In combat, Chironyll charged the Warboss, killing him with his withcblade, but losing 2 guardians in the process. The consolidate move brought the Storm guardians into combat with the grots.

Ork Turn 6

With the Warboss gone, the slugga boyz last act of defiance was downing one of the Starcannon Vypers with its big shootas. In close combat, the grots lost 8 grots, and managed to reduce the stormies to the Warlock Chironyll and one guardian.

Final Score: Orks-363, Eldar 1012. Victorious Slaughter!

The Orks fled at the sight of their fallen Warboss. Warlock Chironyll lowered his witchblade, dragging its bloody blade across the weathered tunic of a fallen Ork boy. He rmoved his helmet and sneered in disgust as his nose caught wind of the Orks' foul smell.Shadrinar and his riders pulled up to the warlock and saluted."Excellent work Chironyll," remarked Shadrinar. "Glory to your family banner, and our ridier kinsmen.""And what of the humans?" asked Chironyll. "The servants of the Hydra. Where are they now?""I've received word that they sacked Ely'ian, and killed the Iyanden Farseer Tueran. At this moment, Loreleq has joined forces with Icarus to hunt down what remains of the human raiders."Chironyll was saddened by the news. He was just beginning to enjoy the Ely'ian garrison."Gather your men and get them back to Ely'ian," commanded the Farseer. "I'm going to take my riders and make sport of these fleeing greenskins."

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