Orks Versus Chaos Space Marines

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This battle consists of the same Ork army list (shown directly below) playing against firstly a Chaos Army then a Space Marine army.

My Army List


Warboss: 110 Points
Iron Gob,
Cybork Body,
Heavy Armour,
Bionik Bonce,
Tank Busta Bombz,
Bionik Arm.


20 Shoota Boyz: 200 Points
3 Big Shootas,
Nob: Choppa,
Frag Stikkbombz.
15 Slugga Boyz: 187 Points
3 Rokkit Launchas,
Nob: Power Claw,
10 Tankbustaz: 121 Points
3 Rokkit Launchas.
22 Grots: 81 Points

Fast Attack:

10 Truck Boyz: 190 Points
Power Claw,
Big Horns,
Cybork Body.

Heavy Support:

Basilisk: 100 Points
Total - 999 Points

Chaos Army List - Orks Vs Chaos

Termie Armour,
Spikey Bits.
7 Plague Marines:
2 Plasma Guns,
Asp Champ with kit.
7 Plague Marines:
2 Melta Guns,
Asp Champ with kit.
7 Plague Marines:
2 Melta Guns,
Asp Champ with kit.
Twin Las,
Heavy Flamer.
Mutated Hull,
Parasitic Posession.

Terrain & Board - Orks Vs Chaos

We were playing on a 6' x 4' board. In the centre of the battlefield was an area of ruins
[12"x 8]. To my left was a large fortified wall[parallel to the depo zones which where 12" deep. Block LOS], this wall section was 19" x 4". To my right was an identical piece of terrain with the 4" end parallel to the depo zones.

Deployment - Orks Vs Chaos

I deployed my Slugga Boyz with my Grots out in front of them directly behind the centre terrain piece to block early LOS. My Truck was to the left of this with my Shootaz to the left of them. My Basilisk was at the back of my deployment zone to the right of the Sluggaz[on line with the terrain on the right side of the board]. My Tank Bustaz in front of the Basilisk but as close to the enemy as possible[like the Sluggaz].
My enemy had a unit opposite the Basilisk so at least some of his unit could see either side of the gully that the terrain piece caused. His HQ and another squad deployed slightly to his right of the centre to support where needed. His third squad went to his right of his first squad to cover the gap in between the central terrain and the piece creating the gully. His Dred and Defiler deployed behind squad 1 and 3.

Turn 1 - Orks Vs Chaos

I won the roll to go first. My force moves forward, my Tank Bustas take the inside gully as they do not want to face off against a Marine squad alone. My Truck hides behind the terrain on the left. My Basi passes its breakdown test and fires a shell at the most central squad. It hits and downs 4. My Tank Bustas shoot the same squad[as they were out of range of enemy armour] and down 1. My Sluggaz shoot their Rokkits at the same squad, hitting two and killing 2, wiping out the squad.
My Shoota squad on my left flank open up with their Big Shootas on the HQ and his squad, they kill 1.
Enemy - Dismayed by the devastating Ork fire-power. He decides not to engage in a shoot out. He moves his HQ and squad with him forward, heading towards my Shoota Boyz. The squad on his left flank[the one covering both sides of the gully], moves to where the destroyed squad was as nothing took the outside gully, so it didn't need to be covered. The Dred shoots my Basi but despite the Las being twin linked, misses. The Defiler over shoots my Slugga Boyz, only clipping and killing 2.
Turn kills:
7 Dead Plague Marines - 1 full squad.
1 Dead Plague Marine.

Turn 2 - Orks Vs Chaos

The Orks continue to advance, the Truck speeds towards the enemy HQ and the Boyz dismount. The Basi fires again and blows away 3 Marines. The Tank Bustas[still out of range of armour] shoot the same squad, killing one. The Sluggaz also shoot the same squad, killing another. The pistols of the Truckerz and the rapid-firing Shootaz kill a total of 2 from the squad that is with the HQ. The Truckerz charge but the Chaos Lord chops down 4 before they can strike, the Boyz and Marines attack at the same time. The Champ kills 2 but all the Marines are also dragged down, mainly by the Nob.
Enemy - The two surving Marines from his left flank shoot down 2 Tank Bustaz. The Dread penetrates and immobalises by Basi. The Defiler shoots down 6 Ork Slugga Boyz with its Battle Cannon. In combat the Lord finishes off the Truck squad boyz and wounds the Nob. The Lord stands face to face with the Nob, the Nob strikes, wounding twice. The Lord needs to pass both 5+ saves to survive, the dice come up..........5,6. The Lord survives.
Turn kills:
10 Dead Plague Marines.

Turn 3 - Orks Vs Chaos

My right flank advances on the two last Marines and the enemy walkers. The Slugga Boyz pistols and Rokkits down the last Marines. The Tank Bustas fail to hurt the Dred. The Shoota Boyz charge the Nurgle Lord to save the Ork Nob. They and their Nob cause 3 wounds as the enemy Lord cuts down 3 of them. The Truck boyz Nob then finishes him off.
Enemy - The walkers back off from the Orks, shooting a few down as they do. The Dred stuns the Basi.
Turn kills:
2 Plague Marines,
Chaos Lord.

Turns 3-6 - Orks Vs Chaos

The remainder of the game consisted of my opponent trying to salvage some VP's and me trying to bring down the walkers. My Tank Bustas finally shot down the Dred. My Grots got a charge off on the Defiler, hoping it would fail with its 2 attacks so I would auto-glance it, it killed a few then ran them down on the 5th turn. It lost its Battle Cannon to the Tank Bustas in turn 6 but managed to shoot down the Truck with its Autocannon. The Defiler survived the game.
Result - Orks Vs Chaos
Orks win by 580 VP's.
Crushing Victory

Space Marine Army List (Orks Vs Space Marines Battle)

Lieutenant :
 Master Crafted Lightning Claws.
6 Marines:
 Plasma Gun,
 Asp Champ.
6 Marines:
 Plasma Gun,
 Asp Champ;
 Power Sword,
  Grinaemonic Strength.
6 Marines:
 Plasma Gun,
 Asp Champ.
10 Marines:
 Bolt Pistols & CC Weapons,
 Melta Gun X2,
 Asp Champ;
 Power Fist,
 Plasma Cannon,
 Mutated Hull.
 Twin Linked Heavy Bolter,
Mutated Hull.

Terrain & Board - Orks Vs Space Marines

We were playing on an odd board[couldn't use my usual one as my house was full], about 58" long and 32" wide. In the middle of the battlefield on the leftwas an area of ruins[12"x 8]. To the right was a small ruined temple that blocked LOS. Close to his Depo. zone was a large cooling tower that also blocked LOS. We played up the length of the table to make up for how narrow the board is, so we had 17" deep Depo. zones, this ensured that we started 24" apart. The table really wasn't suited to any missions so we just went for a standard VP game with infiltrators, Deep Strike etc allowed.

Deployment - Orks Vs Space Marines

I deployed my Slugga Boyz with my Grots out in front of them in between the central terrain pieces so they had a clear slog[they had the Grots for cover after all]. My Truck was to the left of this with my Shootaz to the left of them all hiddin by the ruins. My Basilisk was at the back of my deployment zone to the right of the Sluggaz. My Tank Bustaz behind the Sluggas.
My enemy deployed one Autocannon squad opposite the ruins that my Shootas hid behind, supported by the Plasma Dread. Behind the cooling tower he hid his large combat squad and Leader. He deployed his other two shooting squads opposite my Grots and Sluggas with the Autocannon squad behind the Lascannon squad. The HB Definition: Heavy BolterDread deployed to the left of the ruined temple covering the small gully that it created on the edge of the board.

Turn 1 - Orks Vs Space Marines

Enemy -The Iron Warriors won the roll to go first. The Lascannon opens up on the Basilisk hitting but failing to do damage. An Autocannon then tries it's luck too, stunning the tank. The HB Definition: Heavy BolterDread goes into a Fire Frenzy and fires 6 shots at my Sluggas, killing 2 Grots[cover save] and 2 Sluggas. The other Autocannon squad[opposite the ruins] fail to cause damage as only the Autocannon is in range and the Plasma Dread kills 1 more Slugga.
I start my first turn as I normally do, trying to hop my truck into another position where it can't be targetted and in place to set up a second turn charge. I do this by zipping across the board and hiding behind the ruined temple, no guns could draw sight to it and no Chaos units were within charge range. My right flank[Grots, Sluggas, Tankbustas] advance normally whilst my Shootas roll a 6 and advance at full speed through the ruins. My Sluggas let off 3 Rokkits at the Lascannon squad and down 2 of them. My Tankbustas fail to hit the HB Definition: Heavy BolterDread. My Shootas have the 3 Big Shootas in range of the Autocannon squad facing them and gun 1 of the 6 man unit down.
Turn kills:
 3 Iron Warrior Marines.

Turn 2 - Orks Vs Space Marines

Enemy - The HB Definition: Heavy BolterDread this time goes into a blood frenzy and gets some extra movement. This totally puts my Truck in danger as the Dread is now in charge range of it[Damned random Chaos Dread rules throwing my plans off!!!]. The Lascanon and Autocannon again open up on my Basilisk but fail to cause damage[woo!]. The other Autocannon squad gun down 2 Shootas whilst the Plasma Dread kills another. The Dread charges my Truck and kills it, even though it needed 6's to hit........it had 7 attacks. 1 Trucker dies in the explosion. The Dread moves into contact with the Truck Squad.
With a crazy Dread rampaging in my lines and my Basilisk primed to fire... I lost my head and fired the Basilisk before I moved, thus skipping a whole turns movement[Article image
]. My Basilisk does kill 3 Marines from the Autocannon squad hiding behind the Lascannon squad though. My Shoota Squads Big Shootas kill another Marine from the Autocannon squad facing them. Thankfully, all was not lost this turn as my Sluggas and Warboss were still within charge range of the Dread. The Dread kills 1 Truck Boy, my Trucker Nob immobalises it and my Slugga Boy Nob destroyes it. It takes another Truck boy down in the explosion. My Truckers consilodate behind the Grot line whilst the Sluggas head right and try to use the ruined temple to block LOS to them.
Turn kills:
 1 Chaos HB Definition: Heavy BolterDread,
 4 Iron Warrior Marines.

Turn 3 - Orks Vs Space Marines

Enemy - The combat squad come out from behind the tower to be in a position to counter the Sluggas. The Lascannon blows off my Basilisks Earthshaker Cannon. The now 3 man Autocannon squad down a few Sluggas and a few Bolt Pistols from the combat squad are also in range and down a few more. The other Autocannon Squad and Plasma Dread ignore the Shootas in front of them and gun down a few Truck Boys.
Everything advances again, leaving my Sluggas easily within charge range of the Iron Warrior combat squad. The Basilisk shoots its Heavy Bolter at them and downs 1, my Sluggas and Warboss all fire[3 Sluggas and 3 Rokkits in total] and down another 2 of the combat squad. My Tankbustas fail again. The Sluggas charge the combat squad, I position my Warboss so he cant be hit by the Asp.Chanmps Power Fist and my Nob guns for the Asp.Champ and Leader. My 4 regular Sluggas[3 had missiles] strike down a Marine or two and in turn lose about 2 of their own number after the enemy Leader fails to kill anything. My Warboss kills nobody! but the only models that can be killed by my Nob with powerclaw are the Asp.Champ and Leader, both fall to his Claw but the Asp.Champ drags another Ork down with him. The Iron Warriors pass their LD test.
Turn kills:
 Approx - 5 Marines,
 Iron Warrior Commander.

Turn 4 - Orks Vs Space Marines

Enemy - The Plasma Dread moves to support the combat squad. The Autocannon Squad and Lascannon squad can see past the combat and shoot down more Grots and Truckers. The other Autocannon squad kills a Shoota boy or 2 but their Plasma gunner dies when his Plasma Gun overheats. The Dread charged, with my Warboss being out on the fringe of the combat due to me trying to get him away from the Powerfist Champ, the Dread can easily reach him. My Warboss gets smashed into the ground. My Nob rips off the Dreads Close Combat Weapon whilst my remaining Sluggas take the combat squad down to 1 man.
My force advances again, the Shootas finally break cover as they pass the ruins and rapid fire at the Autocannon squad killing 1[he passed so many saves]. My Tanbustas shoot down 1 Marine from the Lascannon squad and my Grots charge them. The Dread crushes the last of my Sluggas besides the Nob and my Nob destroys it, leaving him facing off against 1 Marine. My Grots lose only 2 before they attack, my Slaver takes a Marine down alone but then the cowardly Grots let me down. With a vast number of attacks and a total of about 12 wounds, not 1 save is failed. So I lose the combat and my Grots are run down.
Turn kills:
 Approx - 3 Marines,
 Plasma Dread.

Turn 5 - Orks Vs Space Marines

Enemy - The enemy forgoe shooting and advance in order to get most use out of the Aspiring Champions extra attacks. The Autocannon squad on my left charge my Shootas but fail to do any damage and have 1 Marine dragged down. The remains of the Lascannon and other Autocannon squad charge my Truckers and kill all but my Nob, he in turn kills 2 Marines but passes his LD test and remains to fight. My Slugga Nob finishes off the Marine in the combat squad although he takes a wound for his trouble.
My Slugga Nob slinks off behind the tower, his work for the day done. My Shootas finish off the squad they are fighting when the Nob gets in on the action and advance towards the other combat. My Trucker Nob survives against his opponents and kills another Marine.
Turn kills:
 Approx - 6 Marines.

Turn 6 - Orks Vs Space Marines

Enemy - The Truck Nob survives again and kills 1 of the 2 remaining Asp.Champs.
My Shootas come across and charge into the last Asp.Champ[to save my Truck Nob], the Asp.Champ kills 2 Shootas but is dragged down, the last of the Iron Warriors falling signalled the end of the battle. The Orks roared in triumph and set about collecting whatever loot they could.

Result - Orks Vs Space Marines

Orks win by approx - 620 VP's.
Crushing Victory
I was gutted that my Warboss died as it was the first time I had used my new model for him, but If I didn't position him where I did he would have been killed sooner by a Powerfist so there really wasnt much I could have done.
The Grots let me down, I didn't pass many 5+ saves they provide and they should have beat the Marine squad that ran them down. Had those and my Boss survived I would have had a Victorious Slaughter result.
I was pleased that my Basilisk actually managed its first ever kill with its Heavy Bolter, I was so suprised when it actually managed to down a Marine with it.
Other than my moronic mistake of missing a whole movement phase!, I think I played well. Everything went to plan besides the Truck getting destroyed but that was all down to the Dread going crazy, I figured that there was only a 1 in 6 chance of it doing that and even then it may not have rolled high enough to reach my Truck, alas it did. But still, a fun game.
My Ork of the match had to be this guy -
Slugga Boys Nob - Kills;
 1 HB Definition: Heavy BolterDread,
 1 Plasma Cannon Dread,
 Approx - 6 Iron Warrior Marines.

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