Saim'Hann Versus Tau

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The Battle for Nerrant II: Detour

Riding full speed on his jetbike, Farseer Shadrinar felt his powers were at his fullest. He was unbeatable, unstoppable. Even his psychic presence seemed more sure through the rush of wind, howling as it streamed through the vanes in his helmet.
"Chironyll, I detect another threat, just 8 kilometers ahead."
The Warlock Chironyll responded psychically, just a few kilometers behind, safe aboard his Wave Serpent. "There is my lord, but they are not our enemy. They are the young, Tau I believe."
"Impetuous children they are. Turn back from Ely'ian and gather up the men. We will make sport of these galaxy-na´ve mon-keigh."
"My lord," cautioned Chironyll. "This Tau patrol is stronger than ours. We should not engage..."
"Silence!" screamed Shadrinar. "Gather your men now. I will hear nothing more of it. These Tau are in our way, and they will fear the banner of Saim Hann."

Battle Report: Saim Hann vs. Tau

Just in time for the holidays! My brother stopped by my house on his way home from work, eager to try out his "1250" Tau list. Not only that- heinsisted on taking my my Saim Hann Wildriders, after watching them in action versus Orks just a week ago. Very well then brother! Let's see which race has the better tech. Let's see who's faster and shootier!

Shadrinar's Wildrider Host



Farrseer Shadrinar- Jetbike, Singing Spear, Fortune, Mind War - 123pts.


10x Guardian Defenders
Wave Serpent- Spirit Stone, Twin Linked Brightlances, Shuriken Cannon =235 pts
8x Storm Guardians
2 with flamer
Warlock- Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, Destructor
Wave Serpent- Spirit Stone, Twin Linked Starcannons, Shuriken Cannon =267pts

Fast Attack

Vyper with Starcannon -65 pts
Vyper with Starcannon -65pts
Vyper with Scatter Laser -55pts
6x Guardian Jetbikes, 2 with Shuricannons- 250pts

Heavy Support

Falcon-Holofield, Spirit Stone, Starcannon- 190pts
Total: 1,250pts

Tau Trade Federation


Ki' Aun Di' Mundi'
Hard Wired Drone Controller
2 Gun Drones - 72pts


12 Firewarriors
Drone Controller w/ 1 Gun Drone
Bonded - 152pts
10 Firewarriors
Drone Controller w/2 gun drones
Bonded - 142pts
12 Firewarriors
Bonded - 130pts
12 Kroot Carnivores - 84 pts


XV8 Crisis Battle Suit Team
2 Crisis suits
Each has Plasma Rifle and Missle Pods
Drone Controller w/ 2 Gun Drones - 147pts
XV15 Shas'ui Stealth Team
6 Stealth Suits
Team Leader Sha'Ti
Hard Wired Drone Controller w/ 1 Gun Drone
Target Locks - 204pts

Heavy Support

XV-88 Broadside Team
2 Broadsides
Target Locks
Drone Controller w/2 Gun Drones - 165pts

Fast Attack

4 Pathfinders
Devilfish Transport
Total: 1244 pts
Forgot to include:
Rail Gun
Smart Missle System
Fast Vehicle- 175 pts
Adjusted Total: 1,419 pts


[gal_img]913[/gal_img]Once again (this is normal for my luck folks), I lose on 3 dice to his 1 for deployment. *sigh*
I place my Falcon on my far left, joined by my stormies, riding in the Starcannon Wave Serpent and one Scatter Laser Vyper. My jetbikes and Farseer take the middle of the field, next to the Defender guardians with the Brightlance Wave Serpent, and the remaining starcannon vypers.
My brother places his Railhead opposite my Falcon, with one squad of Firewarriors. In the center of the field he places his Broadsides and Aun, with the Pathfinders in their Devilfish. Just behind them he places his Crisis Suits. He goes two deep with Firewarrior Squads on my right, and then infiltrates his Kroot just behind the large bunker. To my right again he infiltrates a Stealth team. Using his pre-game move, he parks his Devilfish just behind the center bunker.
We roll the dice, and the Tau win, electing to move first.

Tau Turn 1

The Tau take advantage of first turn, moving out his Railhead to engage my left flank, drawing a bead on my Wave Serpent. In the center he brings the Devilfish around, and moves his kroot through the bunker. The Stealths move towards my lines, drawing a bead on my Jetbikes, while the Crisis Suits jump forward.
In the shooting phase his Railhead hits my Wave Serpent, destroying its twin linked Starcannons. The Broadsides fire in err against my Starcannon Vyper, while the Stealth team kills two of my jetbikes, including one of the Shuriken Cannon. The Devilfish finds a shot on my Scatter Laser Vyper, shaking it for a turn.

Eldar Turn 1

I fortune up my jetbikes and move them up to engage the kroot. On my left, I swing forward with my Wave Serpent and Falcon, while the Scatter Laser Vyper speeds away to the center of the field. The Brightlance Wave Serpent moves dead center to draw a bead on the Railhead, and the Starcannon Vypers draw up defensive positions against the Strealth Team.
Shooting was fairly productive. Despite my Brightlance Vyper failing to hit the Railhead, My Falcon is spot on with its Pulse Laser, and manages to destroy the Tau Skimmer. In the center- the Jetbikes manage to kill 4 kroot, while the Starcannon Vypers kill off the Stealth team's drones and 2 members of the team. My Wave Serpent with just its Shuriken Cannon manages to stun the Devilfish. However, the Tau remain steadfast, and pass all of their morale checks.

Tau Turn 2

Realizing that he will have to come to me (for a change!) Two of the Firewarrior teams advance, while one team stays behind as it has line of sight to one of my Vypers. The Stealth team moves to the center to draw a bead on a different Vyper, while the Pathfinders disembark to run behind the center bunker, with the Kroot advancing again through difficult terrain. The Crisis suits jump forward, hoping to get a decent shot at my Wave Serpent.
Tau shooting is productive this turn. The longe range Firewarriors down one of my Starcannon Vypers, while the other manages to stave off more shooting. The Kroot fire at the Jetbikes, who are again saved by their Fortune re-rolls. In the center of the field, the Broadsides manage to draw a bead on my other Starcannon Vyper and down that with their railguns. The Wave Serpent gets hit a few times by Crisis suit missile pods, but the missles fail to penetrate the skimmer's armor.

Eldar Turn 2

I need to keep my tanks out of the Broadside line of sight, so after fortuning up my jetbikes for another go at the kroot, I bring all three Wave Serpents behind the center bunker, and flash my Scatter Laser Vyper to my right. In shooting the Jetbikes manage to kill four more kroot, while the Brightlance Wave Serpent manages to immobilize and stun the Devilfish.

Tau Turn 3

The hunt is on, and the Tau to continue to fight for line of sight. The Stealth team moves against the Scatter Laser Vyper this time, while the kroot and Pathfinders fight through the central bunker terrain to reach my jetbikes. All three Firewarrior units move up this turn, giving up fire, though they had no targets at this range. Shooting is abysmal this turn, with the Stealth suits only managing to shake the Scatter Laser Vyper.

Eldar Turn 3

I decide I'm sick and tired of Kroot passing their morale checks, so after fortuning my Jetbikes (and a near "perils of the Warp" attack of a 1) I disembark my triple flamer stormies in front of the kroot, and move my jetbikes against the Stealth team this turn. Meanwhile my Brightlance Wave Serpent moves in front of my Falcon- both now flanking right, to catch a single Crisis suit and drones not behind the center bunker. My shaken Vyper again moves to the center of the field for safety. The Jetbikes bank hard right to face off with the Stealth suits. The Wave Serpent that dropped off the Stormies decides to park just behind the immobilized Devilfish to finish the job.
The first shot of my phase is that Serpent, that destroys the Devilfish with rear Shuriken Cannon fire. The triple flamers annhilated the Kroot, while the jetbikes down another stealth suit. This time the Stealth suits fail their moreal check, and flee! Meanwhile the combined Brightlance Wave Serpent and Falcon destroy the drones and wound one of the Crisis suits. Not a bad turn for the Eldar, though I fear now I've overexposed myself to those weedy Crisis suits....

Tau Turn 4

With the weapon destroyed Wave Serpent in view, the Broadsides take aim from the center of the Tau deployment zone. The Crisis suits pop out again, and now the Firewarriors have some decent shots on that Scatter Laser Vyper. On my left, the other squad of Firewarriors and the Pathfinders now have some excellent shots on my Storm guardians.
The Broadsides make quick work of the damaged Wave Serpent, sending it crashing to the ground. Just behind them, the Firewarriors kill the Storm Guardians down to just the Warlock, who is finished off by the Pathfinders. On my right, the Firewarriors shake the Scatter Laser Vyper yet again...

Eldar Turn 4

These Firewarriors are getting too close for comfort. I fortune up my Jetbikes and send them roaring
Past the front Firewarrior team, while I decide to bring my Brightlance Wave Serpent in and disembark the Defender Guardians right next to the front Firewarrior Team. My Scatter Laser Vyper banks left to keep it out of range while it tries to recompose for shots.
In shooting, the Defender guardians, backed by the Falcon manage to kill 4 of the Firewarrior team, while the Jetbikes aim at the squad behind them, and kill off another 4 of their own from the rear unit. The Brightlance Wave Serpent meanwhile, fails to kill any of the Broadside team with its Shuriken Cannon and Brightlance. In the Assault phase, the Jetbikes charge the Firewarrior unit, killing two and taking no casualties in return.

Tau Turn 5

The Eldar have overexposed themselves, and now the Tau have the opportunity in the late rounds to catch up. The Crisis suits move left, while the Left Firewarrior team take up position to fire on the Defender Guardians. The Pathfinders move through the center bunker, hoping to down the Scatter Laser Vyper.
The Pathfinders fire at the Vyper, but fail to do any damage. Meanwhile the Firewarriors unleash a barrage at the guardians, killing 7 and reducing them to a unit of three. The Broadsides take down the last Wave Serpent, and the Crisis suits take up position to cover the jetbikes if they manage to wipe out the Firewarriors in combat. The Firewarriors in combat suffer another casualty, but remain steadfast.

Eldar Turn 5

I can't break the firewarriors in combat! Oh well, I fortune up the jetbikes again for another round of assault. Meanwhile my three remaining guardians move up to engage the front unit of Firewarriors, while my Vyper and Falcon attempt to punish the Pathfinders.
This turn does not prove to be very productive. The guardians kill off 2 Firewarriors and force them to break, but the combined fire from the Falcon and Vyper does nothing to the Pathfinders. In combat I manage to kill a Firewarrior, but the Firewarriors strike true this turn, and kill one jetbike. Meanwhile the three remaining guardians charge the broken Firewarriors, wiping them out in combat and taking refuge behind a small fortification in the field.

Tau Turn 6

The Tau are out of options for the most part. The Crisis suits emerge from the left side of the center bunker, behind the Pathfinders, but are now out of range to engage the Vyper or the Falcon. The Broadsides, with no visible target, fire their Smart Missles at the three defender Guardians, wiping them out.
In close combat another Firewarrior is slain to the Jetbikes, but the Tau hold firm again.

Eldar Turn 6

As a last resort, the Falcon and the Vyper fire at the Crisis suits, killing one of them, but once again the unit does not break. In combat the Jetbikes kill one more Firewarrior while taking no casualties, but these Firewarriors refuse to break...*sigh*
[gal_img]917[/gal_img]At the end of the Battle we calculate victory points: Eldar 834, Tau 757 - which is a tie, until we notice that the Tau player forgot to put his Hammerhead on his army roster! Considering the 171 point advantage in the lists- we decide that this is a minor victory for the Eldar.
As the Tau retreat to their camp, Shadrinar instructs his riders. "Collect the spirit stones of the dead, and load the injured onto the Falcon." He pulls up to the Warlock Chironyll, who has suffered a massive wound from a Pulse rifle, but is barely alive.
"Honor to our family banner, Chironyll. We have engaged a larger enemy and emerged. I believe our work here is done, it is now up to Sarielle and Lorindar to finish the job here on Nerrant II."

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