Necrons Versus Ultramarines

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Lucius looked over the barren approach to the swamps. After the traitors had been routed they must be pursued. The Sons of Russ had pursued them, but even with no mechanized support the heretics had used some daemon magic to flee faster than even the Space Wolves mechanized units could pursue. Lucius had been asked to take his forces and pursue as his battle-brothers were near the Rykan swamps which the Heretic Lilith had fled into. Picking up the tracks of one of Lilith's accursed daemon engines known as a defiler he had followed. Strangely there was even a lack of mosquitoes and other insects in the swamp. Dark heretical sorcery must be at play.

The ones full of hatred and darkness had already been through their sacred lands. More followed, their presence had been felt by the god as they passed into his domain. They had been spotted by a hiding unit of long fingers. These living sacrifices were not the same as the others who had come through. These savages came, their primitive vehicles grinding across the holy swamps. They would be stopped, their essence forfeit to the god.

Necrons 1500 pts

(HQ) Lord
Resurrection Orb. The Primarch

(Troop) 10 Necron warriors

(Troop) 10 Necron warriors

(Elite) 10 Immortals
God's Chosen

(Elite) 5 Pariahs
Blessed Oblivion

(Elite) 5 Flayed Ones
Long Fingers

(Fast Attack) 5 Destroyers
Final Breath

(Heavy Support) 3 Heavy Destroyers


(HQ) Command Squad
Captain and 6 man command squad Lucius and the Blades (Land Raider)

(Troop) Rhino
Truth and Reconciliation

(Troop) 8 Tactical Marines. Some with Missile Launcher
The Triarii

(Troop) 7 Space Marine Scouts

(Troop) 8 Tactical Marines Devastator, heavy bolter
The Princeps

(Troop) 5 Tactical Marines
The Hastati

(Heavy Support) Land Raider Crusader
Ultrimarar's Hammer

(Heavy Support) Predator Annihilator
Emperor's Mercy

The Battle

The Ultramarine list isn't 100% accurate; I didn't have a copy of his list so I'm doing it from memory. The mission is a basic seek and destroy, last man standing wins.

Lucius called his troops to a halt, warnings from the Adepts sounding in his vox set. Something was moving beyond the mist, the oppressive silence had become even heavier. Perhaps the forces of chaos had chosen to do honorable battle. It would be their end.

From the mist step lustreless metal warriors, some standing as tall as the Space Marines themselves. An eerie green glow lit their metallic faces from the glow of their infamous gauss weapons. Necrontyr, Chaos, Alien, or Heretic it made no difference to a Marine, these wretches would be driven back into the swamp.

In a tight box they came forwards the smaller Necrons leading the way followed by their slightly larger brethren. Lines of green energy lit up as the Necrons fired upon them.

Left, center, and right will always be from the Necrons PoV to avoid confusion.

The Space marines deployed their predator on the left side of the board and a tactical squad beside it. At the middle of the board the Crusader and Rhino deploy with another tactical unit hiding behind them. The scouts infiltrate on the far left side of the board.

The Necron forces deploy in phalanx with the heavy destroyers on the left side and destroyers on the right. Flayed ones are deep striking.

Turn 1: Necrons

The sacrifices come to us commands the Primarch gesturing towards the approaching living ones. His soundless words carry over the entire army. We will offer their essence to the Star gods. The faint remnants of the souls through the Necron ranks emitted a pleased throb that even a powerful psyker would have trouble detecting.

Marching forwards the Immortals and Pariahs fired into the Crusader. Gliding unwittingly closer to the waiting Scouts the Destroyers also fired upon the Crusader. The massed volley of fire mostly was deflected by the vehicle's powerful armour, but a few shots glanced the vehicle. Shaking and stunning the occupants.

Gliding towards the left side of the table the three Heavy destroyers fired their powerful heavy gauss cannons into the Rhino's side. One blast pierced through the side track tearing into the hidden axle and immobilizing the transport.

Turn 1: Space Marines

He knew not where they came from, but he knew from whence they would go. If only the blasted world would stop spinning for a moment. Lucius prayed his due as the Machine spirit of Ultrimar's Hammer carried them forwards and spat death back upon the enemy. His prayers must have been lacking because the shots flew untrue and missed the Necron mass.

Seeing the Necrons so close and knowing they couldn't possibly miss the Adepts shot into the floating destroyer group revealing their own position. The majority of the shots flew true with one sniper bolt blowing through a destroyer's head with to much damage for even the vaunted self-repair systems to bring back. Another Necron took a shot through the torso and slumped only to have the wound knit back together.

The Squad The Triarii dismounted from the immobilized Rhino and shot back downing 4 Necrons, 3 of which stood back up.

The Predator rolled forwards behind its cover trying to find a shot, but unable to get by the rocks which separated the vehicle from its fellows.

The Princeps stayed where they where firing the devastator at the advancing warriors. The shot felled a warrior, which managed to pull itself back together due to the prescence of the Lord's rez orb.

The Hastati moved from cover only to find their view of the field blocked by the immobilized Rhino.


  • 1 Destroyer
  • Immobilized on Rhino
  • 1 Necron Warrior Living squad

Turn 2: Necrons

The destroyer's of Final Breath turn their heads and gauss cannons to bear against the brave, but foolish Scout squad. In a flash of Gauss fire the entire Scout squad was ripped apart, their bodies flayed apart by emerald energy beams.

The Heavy Destroyers under the silent commands of the Primarch move around to see the primitive Space Marine Predator. 3 beams jet out from the floating killers, shaking the crew inside the vehicle as the front armour absorbs the impact.

The Necron force marches forwards towards the Ultramarines position, pouring fire into the Land Raider. The volume of fire melts one of the Hurricane bolters and fuses several tracks together, immobilizing the Land Raider

Turn 2: Space Marines

The Land Raider shook again with the impacts it received. "Time to take the fight to the Alien brothers." Lucius bellows, opening the ramp and stepping out. As shot from his pistol blows the spine out of one Necron Warrior causing it to slump and fade away. Fire from his brothers knocked down 3 more, one of which faded from view as the other too stood back up.

The Land Raider fired its guns, but to no avail, the Necrons hit merely shrugged off the projectiles or pulled themselves back together.

Fire from the rest of the space marine forces only claimed 2 more Necron Warriors as the battle lines of the two armies drew close.


  • 7 Space Marine scouts
  • Armament destroyed and immobilized on the Land Raider
  • 2 Necron Warriors Living squad

Turn 3: Necrons

Having stripped the sacrifices from the primitive tracked vehicles the Primarch gestured with his Staff of Light at the Enemy's command squad. 3 blasts were let loose, felling one of the Marines as he lost his head, literally. The immortals marching with their leader raised their gauss blasters at his unspoken command and poured their own volley into the squad. 3 more Marines fell under the onslaught.

The Heavy destroyers drifted around to attack the weaker armour of the predator's sides, but were unable to get into the proper arc and fired their bolts against the front armour again. The 3 shots flew wide or didn't pierce the tank's defences.

The Destroyer squad moved into a better position to rain fire onto the marines at the back of the field providing heavy fire support. Their shots decimated the Marines ranks, killing 5 of the Super-humans.

The Living and The Unliving units of Necron warriors halted their march and raised their gauss flayers at the Space Marines causing them to brace themselves for the volley. Such preparation was unnecessary as the Warriors and Pariahs poured their firepower into the Land Raider. The majority of shots gouged slight furrows in the armour, one shot destroyed the spontoons of the other hurricane bolter, and a single lucky shot went through the still open ramp into the engine. The engine blew killing the crew and exorcising the pitiful soul trapped inside the ugly machine.

The Long Fingers squad which had been following behind the Marines since they had entered the Necron domain arrived from behind the Marine lines, startling the Hastati squad of marines who turned their weapons to bear.

Turn 3: Space Marines

His command was getting hammered, but Lucius would not allow the alien to escape so lightly. Although they would not be able to pursue the traitors as they had planned they could hurt what looked like an even greater threat. Bellowing in rage he and his brothers charged into the front rank of Necron Warriors followed by The Triarii. The strength of their charge cut down 7 of the warriors and caused the remains of the unit to run.

"We are upon them, for Ultrimar." He bellowed, a cheer rising from his battle-brothers throats. Continuing onwards their advance running out of steam just short of the larger Necrons known as Immortals.

Their way forward blocked by the immobilized Rhino the Hastati turned their guns to bear on the hideous visage of the flayed ones. Their bolter shots claimed one of the Flayed ones, but the rest were unscathed. Moving towards them the Hastati's Sergeant found the distance to long to close to assault.

The Princeps squad fired with heavy bolter and Devastator against the closing destroyers, but while every shot hit the Destroyers shrugged off the blows and kept coming.

The Predator blasted at the annoying flies which were the Heavy Destroyers, but failed to hit any of them. Advancing it tried to get closer to the main battle.


  • 7 Necron Warriors (2 make WBB) Living squad
  • 1 flayedd one
  • 6 Marine Princeps squad
  • Land Raider Crusader destroyed

Turn 4: Necrons

2 of the fallen Warriors gathered themselves back together and appeared with the Unliving squad. The Lord gestured with one long metal claw at the Triarii a not needing to communicate in such a manner with its troops and yet doing so for the sacrifice's benefit.

The Warriors squad opened fire onto the Triarii their blasts separating the Ultramarines atom by atom where it pierced armour. The Pariahs Gauss blasters added to the carnage slaying the entire squad of marines with their emerald beams.

The Primarch's finger shifted from the remnants of the Triarii and onto the Blades. The God's chosen raised their weapons and released beams of deadly energy at the Command squad. When the firing was done only Lucius and one of his marines remained.

The Pariahs, Lord, and Immortals all charged forwards at the Command squad. After a few moments of fierce battle the marine fell. Leaving Lucius alone amidst the mass of living metal soldiers.

Lucius struck down one of the Immortals before himself being knocked to the ground. Wounds from the Necron's blades all over his body. "Escape," Lucius says, giving his last orders, "Warn Rykan what hides within these swamps." A dark shadow falls over him. Looking up he sees the Necron Lord standing above him, its cloak moving even though no wind was about. Withcfires burned within its eyes.

As it brought its staff down upon him breaking easily through his armour, Lucius could swear he heard cold laughter and saw mirth in its unchanging face.

The Long Fingers intent on letting none escape charge into the Hastati. Whether it was from the futile chase, the horror of the enemy, or from the loss of their battle-brothers and leader would never be known, but the Hastati fought poorly and managed to kill one Long Finger before the entire squad fell to the sharp blades of the Necrons.

Having moved into the side armour of the Predator the Heavy Destroyers release their cannons at the primitive tank once more. A direct hit which punches through the very hull and out the other side sets off the shells within the tank causing the vehicle to explode spectacurlaly.

The Destroyers turn their weapons onto the last members of the Princeps burning down the last 2 Marines.

Turn 4: Space Marines

Knowing all hope was lost the crew of the Truth and Reconciliation vowed to sell their lives as dearly as possible. They opened fire with the bolter turret at the advancing Necrons, but causing no damage.


  • 1 Flayed one
  • 1 Immortal (In Close combat with SM Definition: Space MarinesHQ)
  • Lucius and his 6 man squad
  • 2 marines from Triarii squad
  • Predator
  • 2 Marines from Princeps squad
  • 5 Marines from Hastati squad

Turn 5: Necrons

Under the Direction of The Primarch, Blessed Oblivion brought their warscythes down upon the Rhino cutting it to pieces and taking the crew inside alive so as to feed their god. After atomically stripping the vehicles to nothing the Lord and his followers disappeared in an eerie green glow, carrying the bodies of those who had fallen with them for their god.


  • Rhino

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