Imperial Assessment of the Tau Empire

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Message relayed via the Inquis Librarium Xenos, contents assessed and reviewed by Inquisitor Colquis.

+++To: Volran Latheria, Inquisitor, Ordo Xenos. +++

+++From: Hlane Englar Draconis, Inquisitor Lord, Ordo Xenos. +++

+++Subject: Compendium Vol 3. +++

+++Thought Of The Day:If knowledge is power, to be unknown is to be invincible. +++


My apologies in the lateness of this report, but I have had many matters in dire need of my attention... least of all the damned hounding of the Conclave Conservatii. Blinkered idiots to a man.

Much of the information I have gathered is no-doubt already at your disposal. Consider this then a priority-assessment, so as to better direct your attentions. I know how stretched our Ordo is in this region of space... and this is troubling, for many are the enemies in need of purging in the shadow of Ultramar.


Praedar are an elusive race, but do not question their killing power. Standing as tall as an Ork, they are covered in scaley flesh of green or brown hue, though other colours have been reported, from snow white to volcanic black.

The Praedar are a magnificent, if horrific example of predatory evolution. Their musculature is unlike anything I have seen before, with coiled tissue fibres capable of expending their stored energy in massive bursts. This allows a Praedar to suddenly enter a high-speed sprint, leap incredible heights, or punch through an Astartes[see vid_file:6536/B].

A Praedar's skeletal structure appears to incorporate biologically-synthesised adamantium, giving them an endurance that far exceeds any other species. A Praedar can endure injuries that would snap a human in two, and as their claws are made of this same material, they can claw through most armour effortlessly.

Their digestive system is brutally efficient, designed to cope with a variety of materials, including bone and metal. An adult Praedar can consume an entire human with ease.

Praedar are intelligent, but feral. They show an ability to learn languages, and how to operate mechanical devices, but they have neither an indigenous language, or industrial capability of their own.

Their most astounding feature, however, is their rapid-adaption ability. Praedar show an ability to evolve to counter any threat imposed upon them. This is reminiscent of the Ork's ability to increase in size and strength when seeking greater importance, or the Kroot's ability to alter their own DNA. This adaptive nature means that Praedar must be exterminated quickly once encountered, lest they evolve and overwhelm their opponents.

Threat Assessment: Magenta-Primus.

Colquis' Review: Praedar are masters of stealth, and have travelled to many worlds by hiding aboard vessels, Imperial and otherwise. We have no idea how many of these beasts exist, but seeing an entire platoon of Auxiliary Deckmen be torn apart by a single Praedar is an experience I shall never forget... we must not underestimate them.

The Tau

I'll keep this brief.

The Tau Empire is expanding rapidly. They have incorporated several races into their Empire in recent decades, and their technological capabilities grow at a worrying rate.

As a race, the Tau are of little consequence. However, what makes them dangerous to the Imperium is how ill-prepared we are to counter their growth. Many aliens in the region have flocked to their banner, giving them numerous allies to strengthen their numbers. Alone we could destroy them with a committed assault, but without fragmenting their Empire, this united Xenos coalition is a difficult threat to match.

Threat Assessment: Tau: Magenta Mundanus. Tau Empire: Magenta Secundus.

Colquis' Report: Draconis' xenophilic tendancies towards this race are well documented. They are a pest, a fly to be swatted at our leasure. Our forces are needed elsewhere, and I see no reason the Imperium, or the Inquisition, should waste any more manpower fighting this "Empire" of theirs... no doubt the Orks or Tyranids will crush them for us in short order.


Despite the mockings of Inquisitor Culquis, who I would note has been to frightened of the galaxy to set foot outside his precious library for the past fifty years, the Draqui are indeed to be located in the viscinity of the Tau Empire.

How they came to be here, I cannot say. What is clear to me, however, is that this race has shown a technological capability far beyond anything we previously imagined. After seeing what was undesputedly a Draqui Long-pistol in the Vior'La War Museum, I began an in-depth study of all recent "ghost-ship" sitings. After trawling through countless reports of sensor-echoes and static-faults, my theories were confirmed; what I was looking at were not random faults, but the tell-tale markings of a Suqui vessel-cloak. It would seem the "rantings of overzelous fools" are more accurate than many in our Ordo would like to accept...

Prior to my departure from the Tau Empire, I was able to aquire many of their tech-samples. When compared to the samples obtained by the Faerus Expedition a century ago, the advancements are astounding. The Draqui have begun to improve their technological capabilities at a rate we never thought possible.

What could be driving this race?

Threat Assessment: Vermillion Inquis.

Colquis' Report: The arrogance of this man! He should never have been re-accepted into the Inquisition! He is a raving fool, corrupted by contact with the Tau! Draqui "Enclaves"? Preposterous! The Draqui are safely contained within the Halo Stars, and no evidence exists for their encroachment beyond this region.

The Ultramar region? The man is a lunatic...


Forgive the name, but I have no idea how else to describe these... these things.

Enclosed is a psionic imprint of the creature. Physically, it resembed some form of giant spider, with a tube of teeth for a head, and blade-like arms. Most frightening was that it was totally invisible to the naked eye... I am sure, in fact, that they do not exist at all in our reality, save by passing contact.

What is clear is that they can interact with us. I watched four Inquisitorial Stormtroopers ripped apart by a creature that I would swear did not exist, save for the burning it caused in my mind.

We found close to three-hundred of these creatures within the Xeno-arcology colony known as "the Tombworlds". Chamber #117 Deep, to be precise.

The only method of defeating these creatures was the employment of Psi-trackers, and consecrated ammunition. Whilst solid ammunition passed through without trace, energy weapons did have some success. My Pulse-pistol was especially efficient at destroying these beasts, and my bodyguard, Tanya, found her shotgun to be truly devastating once loaded with psi-shells. Upon death, the creatures became corporeal (and, as Tanya stated, explode in a very pleasing display of yellow gore). Their bodies decayed rapidly, becoming nothing but fine ash within an hour. No DNA traces, amino acids, or indeed any evidence of life, were found in their dust-like remains.

I am eternally thankful to Witch-Finder Pablio. Without access to his armoury, we would never have destroyed these things.

Threat Assessment: Cyan Vigilus.

Colquis' Report: These "Banshees" seem to share traits with the Psior... a related species, perhaps?

Chamber #117 Deep has been sealed, as have the surrounding tombs. I have ordered a full investigation. For any operative seeking to persue these creatures, I suggest reading all available material, little as we have, on the Psior race.


A race I have heard of more through reports and data-text than first-hand encounters... from what I can tell, they are a silicon-based lifeform, hunchbacked brutes who favour fletchette-weaponry.

From what I can gather, they are remarkably intelligent... but their intelligence is akin to a logic engine, or data-cypher; liner, numeric, unable to cope with sudden, random chaos. Their race has no concept of aesetics, of art, of religion... they have more in common with our computer terminals than us.

Despite the reports of General Xin Tiao, I am convinced this race lives on; the Tau files make mention of a "Pathfinder" expedition, which incorporated one of their worlds, and its subsequent population, into the Tau Empire. I do not wish to contemplate what would happen if these two races were able to merge their abilities...

Threat Assessment: Green Inquis.

Colquis' Report: All Imperial records indicate this race to be extinct... even if they are not, I cannot see how they could be worthy of note. Still... it seems a shame not to exterminate them, having come so close once.


Of these, much has been written and said, so I'll be brief.

I have noticed a significant increase in deviation between samples found. It would seem this race is nowhere near as stable as we first imagined... I have seen Kroot ranging from five to nine feet tall, sporting anywhere from three to six digits, and a near infinite variation in skin, eye, beak and quill composition.

This would confirm the theories that the "Kroot" we know are not a base-species, rather a common evolutionary path. Had I the time, I would seek to study the social, cultural and political variations within these "divergent" Kroot... but alas, my time in the Empire is short.

I had sought-[Report ends abruptly. Imperfect termination.]

Colquis' Report: Hmph, seems once again the good-Inquisitor cannot keep himself out of trouble.

Offical Threat Assessment of the Kroot is Cyan-Tertius. They are an annoyance, nothing more.

+++End Of File +++


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