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Below is a a comprehensive list of Eldar terms. If you're unsure of something, then look it up here!
  • *sib: The Eldar word for 'But, however'
  • +eath: The Eldar word for 'Negation'
  • Aarthia: Eldar word for 'showing'
  • Aconite: A class of Eldar ships, a light to medium cruiser.
  • Acrobatic: An Exarch Power mainly used by the Howling Banshee Aspect Shrine.
  • Addan: Eldar word for 'white'
  • addankiamenad: Eldar word for 'ash'
  • addin: Eldar word for 'dust'
  • addinav: Eldar word for 'sandman'
  • Addol: Eldar word for 'transparent'
  • ag-: Eldar word for 'False' or 'lying'
  • Agaith: Literally means 'false face' and is the device which is worn by Harlequins to project their foes worst fears.
  • Aiek: Eldar word for 'Grasping'
  • Aiel: Eldar word for 'touching'
  • Aika: Eldar word for 'holding'
  • aill- (prefix): Eldar word for ''Possibility' or 'would'
  • Ainaarin: Eldar word for 'expecting'
  • Ainiluin: Eldar word for 'waiting'
  • Ainulin: Eldar word for 'delaying'
  • Aith: Eldar word for 'face'
  • Aithben: Eldar word for 'nose'
  • Aithliam: Eldar word for 'mouth'
  • Alaitoc: An Eldar Craftworld, known for a large number of Rangers.
  • Alean: The mythological steed of Khaine.
  • am-: Eldar word for 'imperative'
  • Amure: Eldar word for 'Waning'
  • An: Eldar word for 'then' or 'next'
  • Anaris: Literally means 'dawnlight.'
  • Anastari: Eldar word for 'raven'
  • Angau: Eldar word for 'Doom'
  • Angau: Eldar word for 'fate'
  • Angaur: Eldar word for 'destiny'
  • Ann: Eldar word for 'warring one'
  • Arathi: Eldar word for 'displaying'
  • Arathinos: Eldar word for 'manifesting'
  • Ard: Eldar word for 'Master'
  • Ardathair: The same as Athair, but pertaining to a higher rank or better skilled and talented Harlequin. This word literally means 'high avatar.'
  • Ard-Iadanna: Eldar term for 'Pirate Captain'
  • Are: Eldar word for 'Honoured'
  • Arebennian: The word given the Harlequin Solitaire.
  • Arioth: Eldar word for 'yellow'
  • Arith: Eldar word for 'red'
  • Armour of Vaul: The armour worn by Iyanna Arienal of Iyanden, and is an ancient artefact.
  • Arten: Eldar word for 'woman'
  • Ash, Ash, Ash: Eldar word for 'world' or 'planet'
  • Asha*: Eldar word for 'Soon' and relates to in the near future
  • Ashafar: Eldar word for 'Looking'
  • Ashafares: Eldar word for 'Seeking'
  • Ashfar: Eldar word for 'Wanting'
  • Ashkam, ashkam, asskam: Eldar term for 'Who?'
  • Asturi: Eldar word for 'respect'
  • Asurmen: The first of the Phoenix Lords, and from which all Dire Avenger Aspect Shrines draw their knowledge of combat from.
  • Asurya: The Eldar word of Phoenix Lord.
  • Asuryan: The greatest of all the Eldar Gods, and the one who bears the greatest influence amongst the others in heaven.
  • at*: Term meaning pale or light in colour
  • Athag: This Eldar word means 'face of.'
  • Athair: The Eldar word for the Harlequin unit 'the Harlequin Avatar,' and the same one who plays the Laughing God in their plays.
  • Atherakhia: 'Destruction' is the meaning of this word.
  • Athesdan: This has implications to the Craftworld Eldar and in Harlequin armies since this word literally means 'high warlock.'
  • Athe-Sier: Eldar word for 'Exodite Lord'
  • Athistaur: Literally means 'master mime.'
  • Aurora: A large class of Eldar ship, with three notable solar sails which denotes all Eldar craft.
  • Avatar: The new form of the Eldar God Khaine after the combat with the Yngir.
  • Bad: Eldar word for 'women'
  • Badb: Eldar word for 'lady'
  • Badbaltrilas: Literally means 'lady doubled-armed with swords of light.' The reference is rather elusive.
  • Badd: Eldar word for 'female'
  • Baharr: Eldar word for 'wind and 'storms'
  • Bahn: Eldar word for 'energy beam.'
  • Bahzhakhaim: Literally 'Tempest of Blades' and is the approach taken by the Craftworld of Bail-Tan.
  • Bail-Tan: The Eldar Craftworld which has an army of Aspect Warriors to protect it and the territories that it claims. One of the more aggressive of the five well known Craftworlds.
  • Bal: Eldar word for 'double armed'
  • Baruth: Eldar word for 'rushing air'
  • Belac: Eldar word for 'way'
  • Belah: Eldar word for 'path'
  • Belar: Eldar word for 'route'
  • Benathai: The familiar of the Shadow Seer.
  • Bennan: Eldar word for 'harvesting'
  • B'fheidir: The Eldar word of 'maybe and perhaps.'
  • Bih: Eldar word for 'it was'
  • Bionerath: Eldar word for 'Potency held in check'
  • Bionnearan: Eldar word for 'Concealed'
  • Bionnenan, : Eldar word for 'Potent'
  • BonioKar: Eldar word for 'Daydreaming'
  • Boniokel: Eldar word for 'Wonder about it'
  • Bonnikel: Eldar word for 'Think about it'
  • Borif: Eldar word for 'Giving'
  • Borrial: Eldar word for 'gifting'
  • Bratha: Eldar word for 'adoring'
  • Brathai: Eldar word for 'caressing'
  • Brathu: Eldar word for 'Kissing'
  • Brathu-angau: Literal meaning is 'the kiss of doom/evil' or 'Harlequin kiss.'
  • breag: Eldar word for 'lie'
  • breaga: Eldar word for 'decieve'
  • brion: Eldar word for 'misinform'
  • Bruath: Eldar word for 'movement'
  • Bruiith: Eldar word for 'movement'
  • Bruith: Eldar word for 'Gesture'
  • Brylidassian: Literally means 'Opener of the Gates of doom.'
  • Buanial: Eldar word for 'entitling'
  • Buanna: The literal meaning is 'reaper' or 'shuriken cannon.'
  • Buanneth: Eldar word for 'gathering'
  • Ca: The Eldar term for 'one'
  • Cae: The Eldar term for 'God' or 'godlike'
  • Cait: Eldar word for 'punishing'
  • Cameleoline Cloaks: Protective garments worn by Eldar Rangers which hide their presence from the enemy.
  • Camion: Eldar word for 'revenging'
  • Carrec: Eldar word for 'Soul'
  • Carrecenad: Literally means 'soulstone.'
  • Carreciann: Eldar word for 'Wraithguard'
  • Catu: Eldar word for 'First'
  • Catumen: Eldar word for 'Ambassador'
  • Caur-: The Eldar term for 'huge', 'giant' or 'undescribable'
  • Caurifelliann: Meaning 'giant striding warrior' and is literally means Titan.
  • Caurmenli: Eldar word for 'Thumb'
  • Ce: The Eldar term for 'God' or 'godlike'
  • Ceo: The Eldar term for 'God' or 'godlike'
  • Cera: The Eldar term for 'Greeings' or 'welcomings'
  • Cerka: The Eldar term for 'Greeings' or 'welcomings'
  • Cerkish: The Eldar term for 'Greeings' or 'welcomings'
  • Chainsword: Close combat weapons that inflict damage due to jagged teeth that are set into a shaft of metal, and operates much like the chain saws of millennia past.
  • cheapamir: Eldar word for 'think'
  • cheapmai: Eldar word for 'plan'
  • cheapon: Eldar word for 'suppose'
  • Cherakan: Eldar word for 'seduction'
  • Cherakinan: Eldar word for 'romance'
  • Cherital: Eldar word for 'love'
  • chom: Eldar word for 'totality'
  • choma: Eldar word for 'extremely'
  • chomh: Eldar word for 'very'
  • Coldras: Eldar word for 'camealine'
  • Conceal: A Warlock power which hides the unit with a psychic field, hiding them from the enemy.
  • Cormer: Eldar word for 'black'
  • Court of the Young King: The Court of the Young King is a unit only available to Craftworlds fielding Swordwind Armies, and consists of up to fix Exarches and an Avatar.
  • Crack Shot: An Exarch power used by Fuegan and Dark Reaper Aspect Warriors.
  • Craftworld: A massive Eldar craft adrift in space, which is more akin to a massive Eldar city then conventional travelling craft. Rarely seen, these enigmatic craft are powerful wraithbone constructs.
  • Cre-: Eldar word for 'small', 'little' or 'diminutive'
  • CreDeas: Eldar word for 'gate'
  • Creidann: The name given to the Harlequin pack grenade launcher, but literally means 'belief-maker.'
  • Cresistauead: Eldar word for 'Human'
  • Crone Worlds: The name given to the Worlds which reside within the Eye of Terror which are claimed to be the original Eldar Homeworlds which were not destroyed by the Fall.
  • Crushing Blow: An Exarch Power used by Striking Scorpion Aspect Warriors.
  • Crystal Targeting Matrix: A vehicle upgrade which allows the skimmer to rapidly determine targets using a complex array of targeting crystals.
  • Da: Eldar word for 'if'
  • Dakair: The Eldar word for 'there' or being in another place'
  • Dakar: The Eldar word for 'there' or being in another place'
  • Daras: The Eldar term for 'nine'
  • Darhathin: Eldar word for 'leg'
  • Dark: Eldar word for 'ot'
  • Dark Eldar: The name given to the Eldar which no reside within the Webway, and to those who serve the Chaos God Slaanesh.
  • Dark Reaper: The Aspect Warrior Shrine which concerns with laying waste to it's enemies with it's torrent of armour-piercing rockets.
  • Dath: The Eldar word means 'between.'
  • Dathedi: This Eldar phrase means 'between colours' and relates to the holo-suit worn by Harlequins but also has implications upon the Eldar vehicle upgrade, the holo-field.
  • D-Cannon: The D-Cannon or Distort cannon uses the same principals as the larger warp engines employed by the Imperial Navy in that it opens a rift in the fabric of real space.
  • Deash: The Eldar word for 'Door'
  • Death Spinner: The weapon wielded by the Warp Spider Aspect Warriors, and creates a cloud of monofilament wires which constrict around the enemy, lopping off limbs as they thrash against the constricting mass.
  • Defend: The Exarch Power employed by the Dire Avenger Aspect Shrine Exarches, in which the Exarch makes it extremely difficult to be hit by using dodges and parries.
  • Deh: The Eldar term for 'five'
  • Deikar: The Eldar word for 'there' or being in another place'
  • Demon Walker: These mount a modified version of the prism cannon which is much more compact yet just as powerful as the Grav-Tank mounted version.
  • Deshial: The Eldar word for 'gap'
  • Desthrin: The Eldar word for 'exit'
  • Destra: The Eldar word for 'entrance'
  • Destructor: A Warlock power which unleashes a rolling cloud of pure psychic energy.
  • Dieleir: The Eldar word for 'Somersault'
  • Din: The Eldar word for 'Protecting'
  • Dinne: The Eldar word for 'Protecting'
  • Dire Avenger: The most tactically flexible of all the Aspect Warriors, their principal weapon is the shuriken catapult.
  • Diresword: The Weapon wielded by Dire Avenger Exarches, which contain the bound soul of a dead Eldar warrior.
  • Distau: The Eldar word for 'mocking'
  • Distaur: The Eldar word for the Harlequin unit 'mime.'
  • Disthir: The Eldar word for 'knuckle'
  • Distract: An Exarch power used by Dire Avengers Exarches which is used to distract an opponent in base-to-base contact.
  • Divination: Eldrad Ulthran is famous for his psychic mastery and can untangle the skeins of fate, allowing to divine where the enemy will be deploy.
  • Domanith: The Eldar word for 'stomach'
  • Dorch: The Eldar word for 'unseen'
  • Dorcha: The Eldar word for 'dark'
  • Dorchain: The Eldar word for 'inviisbile'
  • Dras: The Eldar word for 'shadow' or 'concealment'
  • Dris: The Eldar word for 'shadow' or 'concealment'
  • Dyann: The Eldar word for 'Protecting'
  • ea-: The Eldar word for 'Not'
  • Eadar: The Eldar word for 'Animal'
  • eakion*: The Eldar word for 'Without, non-conjunction'
  • eaxamath: The Eldar word for 'forgotten'
  • Eclipse: A class of Eldar craft, a medium class ship.
  • Edasam: The Eldar word for 'What?'
  • Edi: The Eldar word for 'colours'
  • Edin: The Eldar word for 'Colouring'
  • Edisam: The Eldar word for 'What?'
  • Edsam: The Eldar word for 'What?'
  • Ehk, Ehka, Eihk: The Eldar word for 'Spitting'
  • Eikal: The Eldar word for 'Orange'
  • Eldanesh: Child of Kurnous and Isha, brother of Ulthanash.
  • Eldar Missile Launcher: A multitasking weapon which can fire either Krak or Plasma missiles, and can wielded by nearly all Eldar vehicles and the Exarches of the Dark Reapers.
  • Eldarten: The Eldar word for 'Eldar body'
  • Eldrad Ulthran: The most powerful Eldar of the Ulthwe Craftworld, and who has been commanding their movements for the past several millennia.
  • Eldritch Storm: A Farseer power which creates a storm of lightning..
  • Elehar: The Eldar word for 'mind'
  • Elehorn: The Eldar word for 'thinking'
  • Eliath: The Eldar word for 'parting' and 'endings'
  • Elith: The Eldar word for 'Farewell'
  • Elohar: The Eldar word for 'reflection'
  • Embolden: This makes anyone nearby redouble their efforts despite the odds.
  • Enad: The Eldar word for 'as stone'
  • EnadLam: The Eldar word for 'stone-speech'
  • Enaid: The Eldar word for 'stony'
  • Enarc: The Eldar word for 'gemstone'
  • Energy Field: The protective device used on both War Walkers and Wave Serpents, which protects the frontal arc from Strength 9 and 10 weapons and also from melta type weapons which are under half range.
  • Enhance: This increases certain aspects of those nearby to aid them in combat.
  • Eosik: The Eldar word for 'fearsome'
  • Eotross: Term given to the 2nd day of the week. Note there is only 6 days in the Eldar week.
  • Erath: The Eldar word for 'Purple'
  • Es: The Eldar term for 'two'
  • Esdainn: The Eldar word for 'Warlock'.
  • -esh: The Eldar word for 'All'
  • Esik: The Eldar word for 'dire'
  • Esika, Esik, Eosik: The Eldar word for 'terrible'
  • EsikCaman: The Eldar word for 'Dire Avengers'
  • Estera, Estrea, Esterae: The Eldar word for 'Like, appreciate'
  • Estu: Eldar word for 'Second'
  • Eta: The Eldar term for 'ten'
  • Evade: An Exarch Power used by the Shining Spear Exarches making him harder to hit.
  • Exarch: Exarches are those lost on the Path of the Aspect Warriors, forgetting their past lives and taking on the ritual armour and name of those who have died before.
  • Executioner: The Executioner with a long bladed power weapon which is wielded by Jain Zar, Maugan Ra, and most Howling Banshee Exarches.
  • Faeluchu: The Eldar word for 'hawk'
  • Failleanan: The Eldar word for 'soul grafting'
  • Fainnaid: The Eldar word for 'agile' or 'dextrous'
  • Far: The Eldar word for 'watching' and/or 'seeing'
  • Faras: The Eldar word for 'watching' and/or 'seeing'
  • Fare: The Eldar word for 'making'
  • Fareth: The Eldar word for 'creating'
  • Fari: The Eldar word for 'watching' and/or 'seeing'
  • Farture: The Eldar word for 'weapon'
  • Feik: The Eldar word for 'Below, , support (Green)'
  • Fein: The Eldar word for 'Above'
  • Feis: The Eldar word for 'support (green)'
  • Felchu: The Eldar word for 'bird of prey'
  • Fell: The Eldar word for 'striding'
  • Fhir: The Eldar word for 'honesty'
  • Fhirin: The Eldar word for 'Truth, honesty, perception'
  • Fhirinne: The Eldar word for 'perception'
  • Fiallathandirel: The Eldar word for 'Wall against Evil'
  • Finnaidann: The Eldar word for 'swift warrior'
  • Finnail: The Eldar word for 'agile' or 'dextrous'
  • Finneth: The Eldar word for 'agile' or 'dextrous'
  • Foek: The Eldar word for 'undermine (Agressive)'
  • Foen: The Eldar word for 'overshadow (Agressive)'
  • Furith: The Eldar word for 'causing to be'
  • Furta: The Eldar word for 'future'
  • Furtafar: The Eldar word for 'see you later'
  • Furte: The Eldar word for 'destiny'
  • Furto: The Eldar word for 'foreknowledge'
  • Gaied: The Eldar word for 'chest'
  • Garem: The Eldar word for 'How?'
  • Gariam: The Eldar word for 'How?'
  • Garisam: The Eldar word for 'How?'
  • Garoth: The Eldar word for 'lamenting (moaning)'
  • Gceilan: The Eldar word for 'hiding'
  • Gceilfi: The Eldar word for 'Concealment'
  • Gcheil: The Eldar word for 'evasion'
  • Gea: The Eldar word for 'Unknown Female Deity.'
  • Geir: The Eldar word for 'fast'
  • Gergilath: The Harlequin word for 'belt of speed.'
  • Ghosthelm: A protective device worn by Farseer's which hides the seer's spirit from the entities within the Warp.
  • Gilath: The Eldar word for 'Belt'
  • Gona: The Eldar word for 'Until'
  • Gorach: The Eldar word for 'laughing'
  • Gorach: The Eldar word of 'head.'
  • Gorash: The Eldar word for 'jesting'
  • Grech: Literal meaning is 'scream.'
  • Guardian: The basic trooper for the Craftworld armies, and comes with either a shuriken catapult or shuriken pistol or close combat weapon.
  • Guide: One of the many powers that a Farseer can wield upon the battlefield and allows one unit nearby to shoot more effectively.Haranshemash
  • Hara: The Eldar word for 'vital fluids'
  • Harai: The Eldar word for 'vital fluids'
  • Haras: The Eldar word for 'blood'
  • Harlequin Kiss: The Harlequin kiss is an exotic weapon which consists of a tube fitted to the Harlequin's forearm and when he punches forward, the coil contained within the tube unwinds within a split second which pierces the opponents armour, turning the opponents insides into soup.
  • Harlequins: These are the masters of the Webway and the only ones who know the location of the Eldar Black Library. They wield exotic Eldar weaponry including the Harlequin kiss. The Harlequins are rarely encountered by other races and act as messengers and guides for the Craftworlds who require the use of the webway.
  • Hasoi: The Eldar word for 'inside' or 'within'
  • Hawks Talon: This weapon is fielded by Swooping Hawks Exarch and fires rapid laser pulses.
  • Haywire Grenades: These are the Eldar's anti-tank grenades, which emit a field which scrambles electrical circuitry and disorientates power generation systems.
  • hela: The Eldar word for 'penetrate (Aggressive)'
  • Hellbore: A small Eldar ship with notable solar sails on the aft quarters.
  • Hemlock: A small to medium class of Eldar craft, and is dominated by the massive cannon which is mounts on the fore of it's hull.
  • Hesh: The Eldar word for 'surrounding (aggressive)'
  • Hish: The Eldar word for 'around'
  • Howling Banshee: These warriors women bear Banshee masks and power weapons and take their deadly image from that of Eldar legend, which tells of an banshee which could tempt a spirit from within it's stone.
  • i-: The Eldar word for 'Long', 'great' or 'big'
  • Iad: The Eldar word for 'casting out'
  • Iadanna: The Eldar word for 'Eldar Pirates'
  • Iall: The Eldar word for 'sending'
  • Iam: The Eldar word for 'I'
  • -ian: The Eldar word for 'Heavenly', 'religeous'
  • Iarr, Iarr, Iaer: The Eldar word for 'Questing'
  • Iarstill: The Eldar word for 'sword'
  • -ibb: The Eldar word for 'physicality', 'mundane'
  • Id: The Eldar word for 'throwing'
  • Idain: The Eldar word for 'Farseer'
  • Iem: The Eldar word for 'we'
  • Ifeth: The Eldar word for 'void'
  • Ifiath: The Eldar word for 'Obscurity'
  • Ifieth: The Eldar word for 'darkness'
  • Ika: The Eldar word for 'glorious', 'marvellous' or 'impressive'
  • Ill-: The Eldar word for 'no longer'
  • IllMureead: The Eldar word for 'Tyranids'
  • Illrun: The Eldar word for 'City'
  • -iok: The Eldar word for 'Hellish' or 'underworld'
  • Iolox: Term given to the 4th day of the week. Note there is only 6 days in the Eldar week.
  • Ish-: Eldar Term for 'opposite of'
  • Isha: The Eldar Goddess of both creation and the harvest, who created the Eldar race and who loved her people without question.
  • Ishar: The Eldar word for 'mother'
  • Ishill: The Eldar word for 'still'
  • Istau: The Eldar word for 'guiet'
  • Istaur: The Eldar word for 'silent'
  • Istrill: The Eldar word for 'decision'
  • Istu: The Eldar word for 'guiet'
  • Istu-Karun: The Eldar word for 'Eldar Scouts'
  • Isturrath: The Eldar word for 'miming'
  • Isturriath: The Eldar word for 'choking'
  • Isturrith: The Eldar word for 'whispering'
  • ituelean: Another term for 'shuriken cannon'
  • Iyalith: The Eldar word for 'Jump'
  • Iyanden: The Craftworld who was attacked by a Tyranid Hive fleet and whose occupants where nearly all killed in the fighting. They make wide use of Wraithlords and Wraithguard in their armies. The literal meaning of the Eldar word Iyanden means 'light and darkness.'
  • Iybraesil: Another Craftworld which little is known about.
  • Jain: The Eldar word for 'storm.'
  • Jain Zar: The Phoenix Lord of the Howling Banshees who wields an executioner and web of skulls.
  • Jetbike: The smaller craft which are ridden by one crewmen, and can make lightning fast turns at speed by a skilled rider.
  • jheka: The Eldar word for 'between'
  • JiorQuas: The Eldar word for 'The Warp'
  • Jois: The Eldar word for 'can'
  • Joisa: The Eldar word for 'have the ability'
  • Joiso: The Eldar word for 'are able to'
  • Jump Generator: This device allows the Eldar wearing them (which are the Warp Spiders) to make leaps into and out of the Warp, moving through the real universe with ease and speed.
  • Kaela: An Eldar adverb, which literally means 'bloody.'
  • Kaela Mensha Khaine: The Eldar God of War whose was all but destroyed by the Yngir when they fought and cast down into the form of the mighty Eldar Avatars which reside within the centres of each of the Craftworlds.
  • Kaelis Ra: This Eldar word, meaning 'destroyer of light' refers to the Necron C'Tan, the Nightbringer.
  • Kahli: The Eldar word for 'Presaging'
  • Kal: The Eldar word for 'they'
  • Kan: The Eldar term for 'four'
  • Karan: The Eldar word for 'hunting'
  • Karandras: The Phoenix Lord who was not first of the Striking Scorpions but serves as a potent icon of death for them none the less, and who carries the Scorpions claw and mandi-blasters.
  • Karun: The Eldar word for 'hunting'
  • Kel: The Eldar word for 'it'
  • Kerun: The Eldar word for 'hunting'
  • Kerun: The Eldar word for 'moon'
  • Khal: The Eldar word for 'Heralding'
  • Khalir: The Eldar word for 'Bringing'
  • Khanel: The Eldar word for 'neck'
  • Khanish: The Eldar word for 'head'
  • Kharanir: The Eldar word for 'bearing'
  • Kharanis: The Eldar word for 'gifting'
  • Kharant: The Eldar word for 'giving'
  • Kiam: The Eldar word for 'fire'
  • kiamenad: The Eldar word for 'desert'
  • Kian: The Eldar word for 'flame'
  • kianenad: The Eldar word for 'wasteland'
  • Kiar: The Eldar word for 'skill'
  • kienadda: The Eldar word for 'inhospitable'
  • Kiest: The Eldar word for 'mastery'
  • Kion*: The Eldar word for 'with', 'and' or 'conjunction'
  • Kionash: The Eldar word for 'Craftworld'
  • Kiram: The Eldar word for 'inferno'
  • Koem: The Eldar word for 'standing'
  • Koesh: The Eldar word for 'towering'
  • Koruan: The Eldar word for 'waiting'
  • Krak Missile: These are high strength projectiles which are fired by Eldar missile launchers and are used against anti-tanks and heavily armoured opponents.
  • Kuras: The Eldar word for 'Worm'
  • Kurnous: Another Eldar God of which little is known about him or his role within the Eldar myths and legends, but what is known is that he is depicted as the hunter.
  • Kurom: The Eldar word for 'Dragon'
  • Kuron: The Eldar word for 'Beast'
  • Lam: The Eldar word for 'Language' or 'speech'
  • Lamarti: Term given to the 1st day of the week. Note there is only 6 days in the Eldar week.
  • Lambruith: The complex system of hand signals used by the Harlequin Mimes.
  • LamEldannar: The Eldar word for 'the Eldar language'
  • Lan: The Eldar word for 'bright'
  • Lann: The Eldar word for 'illuminated'
  • Lantillifieth: the Eldar word for 'bright slayer of darkness.'
  • Larrasurath: The Eldar word for 'Dreadnought,' and is also translated as 'questing warrior.'
  • Las: The Eldar word for 'glowing'
  • Laser Lance: This weapon is used before charging to combat, and is carried by the Shining Spear Aspect Warriors.
  • Lavair: The Eldar word for 'welcomer.'
  • Leanir: The Eldar word for 'shoulder'
  • Leram: The Eldar word for 'Language' or 'speech'
  • lia-: The Eldar word for 'again' or 'recurrence'
  • Liam: The Eldar word for 'Language' or 'speech'
  • Lileath/Lilcarth: The Eldar Goddess of Dreams, and whose name takes two forms, Lileath and Lilcarth, which literally mean the same Eldar Goddess.
  • Lir: The Eldar word for 'Heart'
  • Liran: The Eldar word for 'Home'
  • Liras: The Eldar word for 'Town'
  • Lirun: The Eldar word for 'Settlement'
  • Losse: The Eldar word for 'Iron'
  • Losseainn: The Eldar word for 'Space Marine'
  • Lugganath: The name of a Craftworld which little is known.
  • MairNovis: The Eldar word for 'Jetbikes'
  • MairNovis: The Eldar word for 'speedy'
  • Man: The Eldar word for 'Death'
  • Mandi-Blasters: These are used the Striking Scorpion Aspect Warriors, and fire conductive laser discharges at their foes which are a few paces away.
  • Marathag: Literally means 'face of death,' and is the name given the Harlequin rictus mask.
  • Marg: The Eldar word for 'Death'
  • Margorach: The Eldar word for 'death hands,' but also means Death Jester.
  • Marsgrech: 'screaming death' or the common name for this Eldar word is bio-explosive shuriken.
  • Maugan Ra : The Phoenix Lord of the Dark Reapers, and the Lord which spends most of his time in the Eye of Terror, attacking his foes with deadly accuracy with his shuriken cannon.
  • Maugetar: The weapon wielded by Maugan Ra, which takes the form of a shuriken cannon with attached executioner, and the literal meaning for the Eldar word is 'harverster.'
  • Mean: The Eldar word for 'striking'
  • MeanTokath: The Eldar word for 'Striking Scorpions'
  • Mear: The Eldar word for 'Swift'
  • Mear-feothan: The Eldar word for 'Scout Walker'
  • Mear-Feothan: A word with two meanings, 'storm' and 'typhoon,' which are similar in context.
  • MearNovas: The Eldar word for 'Swooping Hawks'
  • Meltabombs: These are small melta technology based weapons which are used to destroy vehicles.
  • Men: The Eldar word for 'hand.'
  • Menlia: The Eldar word for 'finger'
  • Menliadeng: The Eldar word for 'fingernail'
  • Menshad Korum: The Eldar word of 'Exarch,' but has the exact meaning of 'hunter in pursuit of himself,' and reflects upon their goal for personal perfection.
  • Meokan: The Eldar word for 'Striking, with purpose, being an objective#####

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