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Below is a list of varios Dark Eldar words and their meanings:
  • Agonizer: These sadistic neuro-weapons inflict incredible pain upon their target, enough to cripple or kill even the largest opponent. They are melee weapons and can take any form; common types are whips and barbed gauntlets.
  • Archangel of Pain: A 'djinn' (a kind of daemon) is sealed into a rune-inscribed casque. The runes torment the djinn and when the casque is opened the daemon emerges as a blindingly bright winged creature before disappearing into the Warp.
  • Archite: A high-ranking Wych, a master gladiator. Often the ruler of a Cult.
  • Archon: The higher rank of Dark Eldar lord.
  • Asdrubael Vect: The Supreme lord of the Kabal of the Black Heart. Vect was one of the original Dark Eldar, he was a young boy when the Fall occurred, and it was he who led the shattered remnants of his people to sanctuary in the webway. As the Supreme lord, he rarely leave Commorragh, but when he does it is upon the Dais of Destruction at the head of an army of raiders
  • Beastmaster: A sub-sect of the Wyches. They specialize in capturing dangerous beasts for the Arenas and the battlefield, including Warp Beasts. Genestealers are also known to be prized monsters for arena fighting.
  • Combat Drugs: These are a wide range of chemicals and elixirs that can enhance the abilities of a fighter. Various drugs are capable of boosting speed, strength, aggression, awareness or reactions. Different drugs can be combined, but mixing the different chemical stimulants can have unpredictable and dangerous effects on the user. Combat drugs are administered by a neurally-linked subdermal injector.
  • Commoragh: The Dark City of the Eldar. Home to the Dark Eldar. Located entirely within the arteries of the webway this city is the base of operations for all Dark Eldar raiding forces. This city shold be a santuary for the Dark Eldar, protecting them from She Who Thirsts, however they are perhaps more at risk here than in the material universe. Endless warfare embroils Commoragh, Cults and Kabals all fighting amongst themselves.
  • 'Corsair' Class escort: Imperial designation for the smaller kinds of Dark Eldar warships. The designation is loose due to the non-standardization of Dark Eldar warship manufacture. 'Corsair' class escorts are armed with Phantom Lances, smaller weapons batteries, torpedoes and are protected by Shadowfields. Many use Mimic Engines and Leech Torpedoes.
  • Crucible of Malediction: Dark Eldar are able to seal the souls of tortured psykers into a special box-shaped container. When the container is opened, the ravaged souls spew out and can destroy the minds of any psyker nearby.
  • Dais of Destruction: The modified Raider which bears Asdrubael Vect into battle. This vehicle has been fitted with an immensely strong energy field, rendering it prectically invulnerbale to long range firepower.
  • Dark Father, The: The shadowy leader of the Incubi warrior sect. Next to nothing is known of him, but it is rumoured that he is Arhra, Fallen Phoenix and Father of Scorpions.
  • Dark Lance: Approximately equivalent to the Bright Lance of the Eldar, tihs weapon projects a powerful beam of Dark Matter, capable of spearing through the most heavily armoured vehicle.
  • Dark Matter: A strange form of matter believed to be found in black holes and warp anomalies. It is used by the Dark Eldar in weapons, it reacts explosively with its target creating a blast large enough to destroy even the most heavily armoured vehicles or troops.
  • Decapitator: An infamous four-armed Mandrake. He wields a deadly power-weapon which has given him his name. Lords in Commorragh have been known to hire him as an assassin for a hefty fee of souls...
  • Destructor: Used exclusively by Haemonculi, this wepon fires a stream of corrosive poisons and acids over the target area. Troops afftected by this weapon may or may not be protected by their armour; this weapon is highly variable. A torturers dream.
  • Disintegrator: This weapon employs an unstable form of dark matter which it may spew onto the battlefield as a single blast or as a series of smaller bolts.
  • Dracite: A high-ranking Wych, subordinate to an Archite.
  • Dracon: The lower rank of Dark Eldar lord.
  • Goblet of Spite: A relic sacred to Wych Cults. They generate an aura of hate and fury that drives any nearby into a frenzy. How it does this is not known precisely, but it would be in keeping with other Dark Eldar technology for it to be psychic technology for it affects Dark Eldar and their foes alike.
  • Grotesque: Some Dark Eldar become so insanely obsessed with torture that they ravage their own bodies, mutilating and disfiguring themselves horrifically. Others are the result of torture and experiments by the Haemonculi. Known as Grotesques, they are "not noted for their intelligence", but the effect upon the morale of an enemy being attacked by these hideous, twisted creatures makes them a useful asset in battle.
  • Hellions: A subsect of the Wych Cult, these crazed individuals ride bladed skyboards from which they fight with long-bladed glaives.
  • Haemonculus: The master torturers of the Dark Eldar. Every method of inflicting agony and suffering is known to the Haemonculi, and they delight in their twisted art. They are haggard and mishappen in comparison to the rest of the Dark Kin, but none can say the true reason for this. Haemonculi are said to 'refine' the souls of their victims with torture.
  • Hierarch: A high ranking Kabalite Lord. Ranked beneath an Archon, but above a Dracon
  • Hell Masks: Dark Eldar do not use psychic powers themselves, but they do make use of psychic technology. The Hell Mask projects an aura of dread around the wearer which can terrify foes at close quarters.
  • Horrorfex: A vehicle mounted version of the Terrorfex.
  • Incubi: The heavily armed bodyguards of Dark eldar Lords. Some speculation has been made, based on weapon design and style of fighting, connecting the Father of the Incubi with a fallen Eldar hero.
  • Leech Torpedoes: Leech torpedoes are used by Dark Eldar ships to slow enemy vessels. Details of how they work is unknown.
  • Lelith Hesperax: A Wych Lord who leads the Cult of Strife. She is a peerless master of arena fighting.
  • Mandrakes: A blend of Dark Eldar and shadow. These creatures are brutal and animalistic, they crave nothing more than to spill blood and rend flesh. As such, they have a confused pace amongst Dark Eldar society; on the one hand they are outsanding warriors capable of spreading fear throughout their prey. On the other hand, they are savages, with none of the decadent tastes of the other Dark Eldar.
  • Mask of the Damned: A mask that projects nightmare visions and thoughts into the minds of nearby foes, playing on their deepest innermost fears.
  • Mimic Engines: Used by Dark Eldar vessels, it allows them to assume the apparent dimensions of enemy ships, thus allowing the Dark Eldar to sneak up on their prey unseen.
  • Nightmare Doll: A small 'toy' that exudes an aura of pain, they can cause a Dark Eldar to lapse into a delirious trance in which they can have precient visions. It taps into the latent psi-power that the Eldar of all Kindreds possess. Dark Eldar as a rule do not develop their psychic talent, for psykers are used for sadistic amusement in the Dark City...
  • Night Shield: A vehicle-mounted defensive device similar to the Shadow Field, it projects a shroud of darkness and makes the vehicle harder to target.
  • Phantom Lance: A large weapon found on Dark Eldar space vessels, it fires micro-pulsing Dark Matter beams.
  • Punisher: A powerful power-halberd. The shock-field generator is far more advanced than anything used by the Imperium, in keeping with all Dark Eldar technology. Incubi wield Punishers with incredible speed and skill in battle.
  • Raider: The primary transport of the Dark Eldar. These anti-grav skimmers are very lightly built, however their speed and agility makes them a difficult target to hit. Mounting a single heavy weapon these floating bladed platforms are used to rapidly deploy the warriors of the Dark Eldar.
  • Raider Squad: Warriors riding Raider transports are known as Raider Squads. They are very fast and well-armed, but they cannot stand up to heavy enemy firepower.
  • Ravager: These are the gunboats of the Dark Eldar. Festooned with heavy weaponry and with stronger armour than the Raiders, these highly maneuverable skimmers are often deployed to hunt the enemy tanks.
  • Reaver Jetbike: A one man skimmer festooned with blades. Unlike thier Craftworld Brethren the jetbikes of the Dark Eldar are used primarily as close combat weapons, their blades slicing through their foes as they lightning hit and run attacks.
  • Scourges: Squads of Dark Eldar warriors utilising jetpacks and bearing a high number of support weapons are known as scourges. These squads are highly maneuverable and are used either to tank-hunt or to provide a withering hail of fire from their multiple weapons
  • Scythes: They are sycthes. Did that blow your mind? Attached to the hulls of Dark Eldar vehicles they can damage enemies who attempt to attack them in melees.
  • Shadow Field: A powerful energy field which also shrouds the wearer in darkness. Larger versions are used to protect Dark Eldar warships.
  • Shredder: Similar to the weapons employed by Warp Spider aspect warriors, the shredder projects a cloud of monoflament wire, enveloping troops within a significant area in a web of razor sharp mesh.
  • Splinter weaponry: Ranging from single handed pistols to recoil-compenstating rapid-firing cannons, splinter weaponry is the basis of most of the anti-personnel weaponry used by the Dark Eldar. In all cases, electromagnetic forces are used to fragment a solid ammunition crystal into fragments, which are then propelled to high speeds by the weapon in a manner similar to the Shuriken weaponry of the Eldar.
  • Stinger: This weapon of the Heaemonculi fires poisoned darts into their enemy, any soldier wounded by this weapon's toxins literallyexplodes under their lethal effects, shards of their armour scything out to cripple their surviving comrades.
  • Succubus: High-ranking Wyches. They are ranked lower than Archites and Dracites.
  • Sybarite: Foremost among the Warriors are the Sybarites. They lead small groups of Warriors within a Kabal.
  • Talos: A floating torture machine fueled by the agonies of one of the victims of the Haemonculi. Equipped with a variety of weaopnry, and capable of laying down a hail of fire, this construct of the Haemonculi is often seen supporting the bodyguards of the master torturers.
  • Terrorfex: A weapon that fires grenades crafted from stolen Eldar wraitbone. The grenades induce horrifying psychic visions into the minds of those targetted.
  • The Fall: The final consequence of the decadant, hedonistic actions of the Eldar. It was this cataclysmic event which lead to the birth of Slannesh, the reason that the Dark Eldar must conceal themselves within the webway to avoid the thirst for their souls, and it is the reason they now consume the souls of their slaves and one another.
  • 'The Thirst': That which causes the Dark Eldar's need to consume souls. It refers to the Thirst of Slaanesh, She Who Thirsts, because Slaanesh 'leeches' the essence from the souls of the Dark Eldar while they still live. Dark Eldar who do not consume souls will be leeched until they die, their bodies left as a withered husk.
  • Tormentor Helm: A helmet which contains a neurally-linked Spinter Pistol. Being neurally linked, the weapon can be fired with a singe thought. This leaves the wearer's hands free to wield other weapons. The Incubi use Tormentor Helms as standard.
  • Torture Amp: A device fitted to a vehicle that broadcasts the screams and wailing of the Dark Eldar's victims to demoralize the enemy. The hideous noise of the Torture Amp can cause enemy troops to scatter and cower before the vehicle's path.
  • 'Torture' Class Cruiser: An Imperial designation for the larger kinds of Dark Eldar warships. It is a loose designation as Dark Eldar ships are not built to a standard configuration, but rather are each outfitted according to the individual requirements of their captain (or the captain's Lord). They are armed with Phantom Lances, smaller weapons batteries, torpedoes and are protected by Shadowfields. Many use Mimic Engines and Leech Torpedoes.
  • Trophy Racks: The Dark Eldar are a barbaric Kindred and like to display the severed heads and corpses of slain foes. Trophy Racks are worn on a fighter's back, larger versions are mounted on Raiders and Ravagers.
  • Vexanthrope: A flayed-skin and bone mask that grows onto the wearer's face. It has been engraved with runes of confusion and illusion which cause the wearer to appear to foes as a loved one or old friend.
  • Warp Beasts: The incarnations of the nightmares of mortals. Warp beasts are drawn from the immaterium and driven into combat by Beastmasters whose duty it is to unleash these embodiments of pain upon the foe.
  • Warriors: All Dark Kin learn to fight skillfully, for in Commorragh weakness leads swiftly to death. Warriors are the mainstay of a Kabal, swift-footed and armed with Splinter Rifles and a mixture of support weapons.
  • Webway: An immense labyrinthine system of inter-dimensional tunnels used by Eldar to travel around the galaxy. The Webway can be thought of as an area of reality that exists 'inside' the Warp, from which it is completely sealed off. However, during the Fall some areas of the Webway were damaged and are open to the Warp. These tunnels have since been sealed off by Craftworlders, Harlequins and the Black Library. Entrances to the Webway can be found on worlds and in star systems all across the galaxy, and it seems that temporary entrances can also be created via a Webway Portal.
  • Webway Portal: A device that can create an opening into the Webway . Dark Eldar make extensive use them for suprise raids against targets believed to be safe from attack.
  • Wyches: Gladiators of Commoragh. The members of a Wych Cult spend their entire lives perfecting their warrior prowess. These Dark eldar eschew all but vestiges of armour, instead practicing the arts of combat with strange and exotic weapons

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