Blood Ravens: A Comprehensive History

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I wrote this some months ago for another forum but I figure it might be found useful here too. The following text is as comprehensive a history of the Blood Ravens as I have been able to gather. Spoilers to the books Dawn of War, Dawn of War: Ascension and Dawn of War: Tempest as well as the games Dawn of War, Dawn of War: Winter Assault and Dawn of War: Dark Crusade are throughout the text so if you do not wish to learn too much about these games and books before playing/reading them than do not read this. For those interested in the Blood Ravens I hope you find the following information usefull and for those who have no idea who the Blood Ravens are and their history I hope this work is enlightening.

Blood Ravens

Blood Ravens Origins in Warhammer 40,000
-As many of you know, most chapters that are official in 40k have maybe a short story, perhaps a few lines in a notable Campaign. Perhaps a single page on a GW Definition: Games Workshopwebsite somewhere, chapters like the Celestial Lions, Raptors and more. The Blood Ravens did not appear in this way, instead they are unique in that they are the first Chapter to be designed for a video game. Dawn of War was the first attempt by GW Definition: Games Workshopto create a video game that actually did well. Dawn of War was a big hit in the gaming industry and the Blood Ravens led the way. The game (an RTS) featured four races, the Orks, Eldar, Chaos and Space Marines. The Blood Ravens taking center stage in the linear campaign. Not long after the game became popular a book was written, titled Dawn of War, which went more in depth into the events of the game. Now the Blood Ravens had a firm foothold in the fluff with a book and a game where they were the stars. It did not end there however, the expansion Dawn of War: Winter Assault once again put DoW on the map, this time adding the Imperial Guard as a playable race, the guard had been in DoW only as a few squads and tanks in a couple of the missions. Now they had an entire campaign for them, Chaos, Imperial Guard, Eldar and Orks had seperate but connected Campaigns in Winter Assault, detailing the vicious fighting on the benighted world Lorn V. The Space Marines involved were not the Blood Ravens however, they were the Ultramarines. Yes the boys in blue stole the lime light. This most certainly could not be allowed, the Blood Ravens taking it back in the book Dawn of War: Ascension, detailing what the Blood Ravens were up to during the events in the Lorn system.

If the story ended there the Blood Ravens would still have more fluff material than most other chapters in the universe. But it didn't, for the next expansion Dawn of War: Dark Crusade was the most advertised, and anticipated release yet. Adding the Necrons (who had made a minor appearance in Winter Assault) and the Tau the expansion now featured a map based campaign involving all 7 playable races. For the Space Marines race the Blood Ravens were back. This time led by the zealous Captain Davian Thule. But there cant be a Dawn of War game without a book and indeed the third book in the series Dawn of War: Tempest was not long in coming. However Tempest did not cover the events on Kronus, instead finishing the fighting on Lorn V. Perhaps there will be a fourth book in the series, if so the Blood Ravens will be one of the most detailed chapters in the 40k universe, perhaps even ousting the Ultramarines with the most written pages, if they don't already.

History (warning spoilers from BL Definition: Black Librarybooks DoW, DoW: Ascension and DoW: Tempest)
-The Blood Ravens history is an odd mystery in the Imperium. The Chapter's history goes back to M.37 before suddenly cutting out almost completely. Though vague references and mentions of the Blood Ravens can be found in Imperial records prior to that date. However the records mentioned are either missing or locked away under an Inquisitorial Seal. The gaps in the records are so extensive that the chapter does not even know the Origins of its Gene Seed or their father Primarch. The fact that the Blood Ravens own records are lost along with those throughout the Inquisition from one side of the Galaxy to the other has dark indications. It suggests that a concerted effort from operatives within many Imperial Organizations including the Inquisition and the Blood Ravens worked together to eliminate almost all trace of the Blood Ravens past. Why this might have been is unknown but the event is known as the "un-founding" by the Blood Ravens. What is odder still is that records on the Blood Ravens were discovered on Eldar knowledge worlds hidden in the Eye of Terror and guarded by the enigmatic Harlequins themselves.

Some time n the Chapter's history during their early campaigns in the Gothic Sector the Chapter took immense losses to the forces of Chaos the Chapter Master and Master of Sancity fell covering the retreat of the Chapter's first company. With heavy cassualties and no strong replacements for the fallen Chapter Command, the Chief Librarian Azariah Vidya stepped forth and took command of the Chapter, becoming the first in the Blood Ravens to hold the duel mantle of Chapter Master and Chief Librarian. Known as the Great Father, Azariah Vidya used his psychic power and traditional methods to learn his enemies in minute detail and then launch devastating attacks against weak points in the enemy forces.

Azariah Vidya led the rebuilding of the Chapter after its losses and the current organization of the Blood Ravens has been influenced strongly by the teachings of the Great Father. The Blood Ravens will study their adversaries closely before launching precise attacks at key points. The Chapter also has one more distinct trait, it gathers and guards knowledge with great zeal. A tendency that catches the attention of some individuals in the Imperium, something that is not necessarily a good thing.

The Tartarus Campaign
In the Blood Ravens recent history, five events stand out. Captain Gabriel Angelos of the 3rd Company, Commander of the Watch and commander of the Battle Barge the Litany of Fury and the Strike Cruiser the Ravenous Spirit. Gabriel uncovered a deep stain of taint on his home planet of Cyrene, one of the main recruiting planets for the chapter and was forced to call on the aid of the Inquisition to perform Exterminatus on the planet.

Shortly following the destruction of Cyrene, the 3rd Company went to aid the Imperial forces on the planet Tartarus, a strange planet in Imperial history. Over the course of the campaign the Blood Ravens uncoverd the planet's dark history, locating numerous sites of Chaos power and relics of the Eldar, left behind to aid future generations in continuing to battle the forces of Chaos trapped on the planet. Over the course of the fighting most of the population that was not evacuated fell to chaos, the rest falling to the Orks and very few escaping. For the Ork invasion had been only a diversion. A forcce of Traitor Marines from the Alpha Legion, led by the Chaos Lord Baal and the Sorcerer Sindri. Gabriel Angelos disregarded the warnings of the Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Mordicai Toth and continued to hunt down the hidden forces on the planet. Finally Gabriel discovered that a force of Eldar from Biel Tan had come to re-seal a powerful Daemon in a stone known as the Maledictum that had been hidden on the planet, underneath its capitol city. However the Blood Ravens broke the back of the Eldar forces, slaying the Avatar of Khain and killing many of the Eldar warriors. Despite their intervention Sindri managed to steal the Maledictum and its key from underneath the Imperial and Xenos forces.

Perhaps the most regretable event of the fighting on Cyrene was not the many battle brothers lost, but the treachery of Librarian Isador Akios, who had been an initiate with Gabriel became corrupted by the power of the Maledictum, and it was he who handed it over to Sindri, despite believing himself to be in control he had been manipulated by the Chaos Sorcerer from the begining, his treachery could not be forgiven and Isador proved the weaker when he was faced in personal combat by Gabriel Angelos.

At the conclusion of the Campaign, Gabriel shattered the Maledictum with a Daemonhammer forged from a shard of the Wailing Doom, the blade of the Biel Tan Avatar of Khaine. This only released the Daemon however, due to the amount of blood shed on the planet, which was in essence an alter for chaos. When the Daemon was released it hinted at a connection between itself and Inquisitor Toth. It would appear that the Inquisitor was not as pure as he seemed to be. However Gabriel was unable to pursue the matter further, having to escape the planet with the wounded and the single recruite taken from the planet, Storm Trooper Sergeant Ckrius. The young guardsmen had been taken under the wing of Terminator Sergeant Tanthius and despite being badly wounded in the fighting was taken aboard the Litany of Fury where he began the long and painful process of becoming a Space Marine. On Tartarus the Scout Sergeant Corallis suffered grevious injuries to the Eldar Warp Spiders, however he survived and returned to service bearing a number of Bionics.

The Rahe's Paradise Discovery
This was not the only event Captain Angelos was to take part in. The 9th Company took command of the Litany of Fury during the reclamation of the planet Lorn V where an Imperial Warlord Titan had been discovered. The Ultramarines took center stage in the fighting and the Imperial forces there showed great suspicion towards the Blood Ravens. A Chaos Lord of the World Eaters legion, servants of the Blood God of Khorn was defeated and the Ork Warlord Gorgutz escaped to later plague the Blood Ravens. Meanwhile Gabriel took the 3rd Company aboard the Rage of Erudition to the planet Rahe's Paradise, a recruitment world for the Blood Ravens where they kept a training outpost under the command of Father Librarian Jonas, an elder Librarian of the chapter who took the assignment to continue his hobby of archeology. For the Blood Ravens outpost had been built ontop of the ruins of an ancient astartes fortress. Jonas, working with elements of the Adepta Sororitas uncovered a great many relics underneath the monistary, including most surprisingly an Eldar artifact contained in a stone chest built by both Eldar and the Astartes. Such a thing led to strange indications of ties between the Astartes of Rahe's Paradise and the vile Eldar xenos.

On Rahe's Paradise Gabriel clashed with Farseer Macha, who had commanded the Biel Tan forces on Tartarus. For unbeknownst to Gabriel at the time, the planet was a Necron Tomb World. The Eldar had apparently aided the Astartes on the planet in centuries past and left them as its guards, only for the Astartes to have abandoned their outpost for some unknown reason later. Chaplain Prathios fell to the Eldar on Rahe's Paradise, however his wounds did not finish him, while grave he survived long enough to be interred in the sacred sarcophagi. However whether he will be interred within a Dreadnaught is as yet unknown. Despite the valiant attempts of the Eldar and the Blood Ravens the Necrons awoke, the fragile technologies of the Eldar that had been set to keep the Necrons in stasis failing with the death of a Dark Reaper frigate and the scattering of its malice filled Spirit Pool. The death of the Dark Reaper's Dragon Class warship was due to the Strike Cruisers the Rage of Erudition under command of Sergeant Saulh of the 9th Company and the Ravenous Spirit under command of Sergeant Kohath of the 3rd Company. Working together the Blood Ravens and Eldar managed to defeat the Necrons, but again taking heavy cassualties and forced to perform exterminatus on the planet. However once again Tanthius recovered a number of worthy initiates who had survived battle against the Eldar, rising from hidden tunnels in the desert to tear apart an Eldar skimmer with their bare hands. Leading them was a promissing young potential psyker named Varjak.

The Necron Killer
Following these events the Blood Ravens 3rd Company, and even the 9th Company had suffered heavy losses. The 9th Company still waged battle over Lorn V as Gabriel made for the planet with the Ravenous Spirit. However before her ship was destroyed the Farseer Taldeer teleported herself abourd the Litany of Fury. Despite his instincts Captain Ulantus of the Blood Ravens 9th Company did not kill the Eldar but waited until Captain Angelos arrived. When Gabriel met with the wounded Farseer he did something highly unusual, Launching a Thunderhawk gunship in the warp, guided by Taldeer to reach a hidden Harlequin knowledge world.

During the trip through the warp to Lorn V the Litany of Fury was breached by a warp energy, defending the implantation chamber the 9th Companies three Librarians fought the warp entity. Librarian Rhamah was sucked into the warp to defend the implantation chamber. Librarians Zhaphel and Korinth watched Rhamah dissapear, but the Implantation chamber was safe, the gene-seed protected. However when Rhamah was sucked into the warp he had been deposited on the same world of Knowledge Gabriel was heading towards. Rhamah unknowingly carried a force sword forged from a piece of the broken blade of Vaul, the single flawed sword that led to the death of many Eldar heroes in the titanic battle between Khaine and the Necrontyr war hoste.

Ahriman of the Thousand Sons and his Prodigal Sons had gotten to the world first. Helping Rhamah, Ahriman hinted at a possible connection between the Blood Ravens and the Thousand Sons, even revealing a text bearing the Blood Ravens symbol in the library on the dead Eldar world. Despite this however Rhamah fell to a Harlequin solitair during a dance to reforge the blade of Vaul. Gabriel Angelos, Korinth, Zhaphel, Jonas and others of the Blood Ravens fought Ahriman on the Harlequin stage, not knowing that they were playing into the performance of the Harlequins. When the dance was completed Ahriman dissapeared through a portal he thought would lead to the Black Library, his ultimate destination and why he had come to the world, seeking a pathway there. Gabriel used another portal to reach the bridge of the Litany of Fury. Giving the re-forged Blade of Vaul to Farseer Macha, so she could use it to defeat the Necrons. Shortly after this event Ckrius finished his implantation, which had been almost completely successful. However the accelerated process caused his hands to mutate, but the chapter accepted that as a necessity to recover from their immense cassualties.

Campaign for Kronus
The last notable event in the Blood Ravens recent history was the campaign for the world of Kronus. The Blood Ravens uncovered artifacts of their past on the planet, in the frozen wastes of North Vandea. Under orders from the Chapter Master three companies were dispatched to cleanse the world. However after discovering a great Titan gun dating back to the Horus Heresy, General Lucas Alexander was named Governor Militant and ordered to take back the planet. This order clashed directly with the Blood Ravens and caused the two Imperial forces to clash in a bloody contest. Forces from the Word Bearer's Traitor Legion, Ork Warlord Gorgutz, the Tau forces under Shas'O Kais and Eldar under Farseer Taldeer were also present. The Blood Ravens forces were led by Captain Davian Thule of the 5th Company, and the Battle Barge the Litany of Fury was present as well. These facts suggest the events took place prior to Cyrene and Tartarus. The world also happened to be a Necron Tomb world. However due to the nature of these events the true outcome is not, as of yet, known.

The Omnis Acranum
-The Omnis Arcanum is the flagship of the Blood Ravens fleet and where the primary Librarium of the chapter is located. However little more is known about the venerable ship.

-The Blood Ravens, like many fleet based chapters, recruits from a number of different worlds, however the class of worlds they recruit from is not limited, they draw initiates from feral worlds and hive worlds. The only similarity between the worlds is the higher volume of psykers they contain, leading to an increased number of Librarians in the chapter.

-The Blood Ravens chapter has a much higher saturation of Librarians than most chapters. It is not uncommon for multiple Librarians to be attatched to companies, Librarians to be in charge of outposts and ships and even companies when necessary. The 1st Company of the Blood Ravens includes several squads made up entirely of Librarians, that are dispatched on only the most important missions. Though what these may be is unknown. The Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens also traditionally holds the duel role of Chapter Master and Chief Librarian, a tradition dating back to when the Great Father Azariah Vidya was the first to do so. Whatever the reason for such an increased number of Librarians, they are an integral part of the Chapter, for instance the 9th Company had no less than three Librarians attatched to it, though with Rhamah's death that number drops to two. Other Librarians of note in the Chapter are Isador Akios, former Librarian of the 3rd Company before turning traitor, Father Jonas previously stationed on the recruiting world of Rahe's Paradise and the two other 9th Company Librarians, Zhaphel and Korinth.

Inquisitorial Relations
-The Blood Ravens have an interesting relation with the Inquisition. Blood Ravens Librarians can be found in the Death Watch and the chapter appears to have close relations with the Grey Knights of the Ordo Malleus. It would appear that the all Psyker Grey Knights feel an affinity for the Blood Ravens and trust the chapter with knowledge of their existence. The Grey Knights attatched a task force to the Blood Ravens during the Kronus incident for reasons unknown. However due to the presence of the Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers Eliphas and his creation of a massive warp gate, the Grey Knights presence could only be expected, though it is interesting to note that the Grey Knights worked so closely with the Blood Ravens and not with the other Imperial forces on the planet, indeed the two came into conflict because of the unflinching and conflicting orders of Governor Militant Lucas Alexander and Captain Davian Thule.

Gabriel Angelos, Captain of the Blood Ravens 3rd Company also appears to be under Inquisitorial investigation after the events on Tartarus and suspicions around Inquisitor Mordicai Toth. The truth of those events that saw the entire planet fall to chaos and be exterminated are highly suspicious and it is unknown as to the Inquisition's position on the event. It does not help matters that Captain Angelos has encountered both the Necrons, Eldar and Chaos forces so often in recent times and even temporarily sided with the Eldar. What exactly Gabriel is up to, his mental state and whether his actions are in danger of bringing an Inquisitorial Purge on the chapter is as yet uncertain. However what is noteworthy is that the Blood Ravens forces on Kronus had a team of Grey Knights attatched to them during the campaign and Davian Thule was gifted with a Daemonhammer as well as a number of powerful Chapter relics for the campaign. Meaning it must have been highly important to the chapter. It is suspected that he died during the campaign.

-The Blood Ravens have a deep belief in the Emperor, more so than the average marine, perhaps because they do not know who their Father Primarch is. A common battle cry of the Chapter is: "for the unknown Primarch and the Emperor!" The Blood Ravens venerate knowledge and constantly seek it out and guard it. Their moto is "knowledge is power, guard it well," a maxim held firmly by all the Chapter's Librarians and central to the Chapter.

Noteworthy Figures


Great Father Azariah Vidya
-The first to hold the duel role of Chapter Master and Chief Librarian, it was Vidya who re-built the chapter after its near destruction and the un-founding.

Father Librarian Jonas
-An elder Librarian of the chapter, Jonas was stationed on Rahe's Paradise in command of the outpost there. Scouts freshly inducted into the chapter were stationed there in rotations to train before the world was revealed to be a Necron Tomb World. Jonas headed excavations underneath the outpost along with Sister Ptolmea of the Adepta Sororitas, uncovering an ancient Astartes fortress. Jonas has currently attatched himself to the 3rd Company under Captain Angelos and serves as a temporary replacement for the lost Isador Akios. His force weapon takes the form of a staff.

Librarian Isador Akios
-Former Librarian attatched to the 3rd Company, Isador had been a talented and extremely powerful warrior who served honorably until the 3rd Company arrived on the planet Tartarus. The Chaos Sorcerer Sindri of the Alpha Legion slowly manipulated Isador until he stole the Maledictum, a stone containing a trapped Daemon of great power, from his comrades. Isasdor was slain by Captain Gabriel Angelos soon thereafter. Isador's force staff was tipped with a spread winged raven with the stylised teardrop of the chapter.

Librarian Korinth
-Korinth is one of the Librarians attatched to the 9th Company. An intelligent and potent Librarian he was one of the Librarians in charge of the secret beacon aboard the Litany of Fury. His force weapon of choice is in the form of a staff. Temporarily attatched himself to the 3rd Company to investigate the loss of Rhamah.

Librarian Zhaphel
-Zhaphel served with Korinth and Rhamah in the 9th Company, but like Zhaphel attatched himself to the 3rd Company in search of his lost comrade. Zhaphel fights with a strange force axe and has even stranger eyes, one black, the other red. Like many Blood Raven Librarians he is a potent psyker and talented warrior.


Captain Trythos
-Captain of the Blood Ravens dating back to the last time Tartarus was ravaged, a thousand years prior to Captain Angelos' captaincy. Trythos served in the Death Watch team that recovered a fragment of the Biel Tan Avatar of Khaine's Wailing Doom on Tartarus. Working with Inquisitor Jhordine of the Ordo Xenos and Librarian Prothius of an unknown chapter. Trythos was mortally wounded serving the Death Watch and his dying body was returned to the Blood Ravens where it was interred into a Dreadnaught. Trythos then returned a thousand years later to Tartarus with the 3rd Company and fell in battle to the Eldar during that campaign.

Captain Gabriel Angelos
-Gabriel Angelos is the Captain of the Blood Ravens 3rd Company and also serves as the Master of the Watch. His ship is the Battle Barge the Litany of Fury, which is home to a secret beacon designed by Azariah Vidya himself, but its purpose is lost to the chapter. Gabriel is suspected to have latent psychic potential that could be brought out with training, but the Chapter Librarium decided against putting the pure hearted Angelos through the trials of becoming a Librarian. However Gabriel may yet have to do so as he has a strange connection to the Astronomican, perhaps enhanced by the secret power aboard his ship. Angelos has come under great scrutiny and suspicion regarding his most recent actions which include the performing of Exterminatus on no less than three planets, two of which were recruiting worlds for the Blood Ravens, and his rather strange and unorthodox, if temporary, alliances with the Eldar of Biel Tan, concerning the mysterious Farseer Macha. 

Captain Ulantus
-Ulantus is the captain of the 9th Company and his company resides together with the 3rd Company on the Litany of Fury. Ulantus does not hide his doubts about Captain Angelos but he is too good a soldier to let them get in the way. Ulantus commanded the Battle Barge above the world of Lorn V and personally went to fight off the Necron forces who attempted a boarding action against the ship.

Captain Davian Thule
-Thule was the Captain of the 5th Company during the Kronus campaign, he was given overall command of the Blood Ravens forces and even had a task force of Grey Knights seconded to him. Thule had overall command of 3 companies including elements from the 1st Company. But his orders brought him into conflict with the Imperial Guard on Kronus. His ultimate fate is unknown.


Scout Sergeant Caleb
-Sergeant of the scouts assigned to the training and recruitment outpost on Rahe's Paradise under the command of Father Librarian Jonas. Caleb lost his men to the Eldar scouting for Sergeant Tanthius but Caleb managed to return and report the discovery. 

Scout Sergeant Coralis
-Sergeant in command of the scouts of the 3rd Company. Captain Angelos assigned him to his command squad directly from the scout squad. However during the fighting on Tartarus Coralis suffered terrible injuries at the hands of Warp Spider Aspect Warriors from the Biel Tan craftworld. However with Bionics to replace his damaged limbs and organs Coralis returned to service in a short ammount of time.

Terminator Sergeant Tanthius
-Tanthius is the sergeant of the Terminator squad attatched to the 3rd Company. Fiercly loyal to Gabriel, Tanthius is a stalwart leader in the company and a symbol of power around which his comrades rally in battle. It was Tanthius who led the charge many times in the fighting on Tartarus and Rahe's Paradise. Tanthius also managed to fight and defeat a powerful Dark Reaper Exarch in single combat. Scout Ckrius owes his initiation into the chapter to Tanthius who took a liking ot the young sergeant on Tartarus and made sure to keep the young guardsmen alive.

Sergeant Saulh
-Saulh is a trusted sergeant of the 9th Company. Who took the Strike Cruiser the Rage of Erudition to find out what was going on with Captain Angelos when he was delayed on Rahe's Paradise. Saulh commanded his ship in conjunction with the Ravenous Spirit in fighting the Dark Eldar Dragon Ship above Rahe's Paradise.

Sergeant Kohath
-Kohath has command of the Strike Cruiser the Ravenous Spirit, a trusted naval tactician, Kohath nevertheless does not enjoy fighting in space, like all Astartes he preferes to get to grips with his foe. However Kohath accepts his assignment dutifully despite whatever objections he may have.

Other Noteworthy Figures

Chaplain Prathios
-Prathios was the chaplain of the 3rd Company. Prathios was Captain Angelos' closest friend and mentor and the only one who he could confide in after Isador's betrayal and death. Prathios was mortally wounded on Rahe's Paradise however and interred in a sarcophagi. He may eventually be placed in a Dreadnaught to fight the Emperor's enemies once more. For the time being however he remains in the Apothecarion aboard the Ravenous Spirit.

-A young Guardsmen on Tartarus, Ckrius was quickly given command of a Storm Trooper squad for his steadfastness and skill. The young sergeant gained the attention of Sergeant Tanthius of the Blood Ravens when he was sent to aid the chapter in storming a corrupted cathedral and fight the Alpha Legion as they tried to recover the key that would unlock the Maledictum and release the Daemon trapped inside.

Blood Ravens on the Tabletop
-The Blood Ravens traits are an interesting combination that if taken, can lead to a very tactically minded and expencive army. Tactical squads can gain the special rules, Infiltrate, True Grit and Counter Attack, making them well rounded and flexible units that can infiltrate into position and lay down heavy fire. Their defensive abilities mean that it is almost better to be charged than to charge the enemy, a foe thinking to quickly erase Blood Ravens Tactical marines in close combat will usually find it a harder task than first thought.

The Blood Ravens also cannot bring to bear a proliferation of heavy armor meaning heavy support choices are limited and Devastators come out as an obvious choice here, as they too can gain Infiltration. Fast Attack choices may seem not so important with so much of the army having access to infiltration, however mobility after deployment is still important and Land Speeders, Bikes and Assault Marines form mobile reserves in most Blood Ravens forces.

Commanders in a Blood Ravens army almost always include a Librarian, if not as the primary HQ, then as a secondary one, but they are almost always present. However other than that there is no real guidline for the Blood Ravens command structure.

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