Tactica: Tyranids Verses Sisters of Battle

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This is a guide on how to beat Sisters of Battle (using 'nids). I'll firstly give some general tips, and then document a battle I had (against SoB) to help demonstrate some of these tips.

The basics

This army can have a lot of heavy bolters and flamers!
Keep your Carnifexes and Tyrants out of LOS to their exorcists, their shots can really put a hurt on.
They have access to some nasty CC units.
Can be a variety of forces (Storm troopers, SoB, Marines, deamon hunters...)
Armor wise, think Imperial guard with a 3+ save.


Even more than usual, close quickly. If your opponent is flamer-heavy, do not give him a chance to use them! 8' for the flamer template, hormagaunts and things with leaping have 12' charge. Figure it out for yourself.
Swarm. Eight hormagaunts (Both adrenal glands, mind you) took out a nicely pimped out inquisitor. Wow, your tank shoots high strength, low AP shots? Too bad, I have 150 models!
Cover- Use it, but don't hide behind it. Anything that blocks LOS, use it, but keep moving. Remember, Tyranids are not a defensive force. Just rush, if you have cover, all the better, less loses on the way.

Units to use

While most units are good 'all rounders' some are better against certain enemies.
Genestealers. Rending is nasty. Use it well. I once cut down a whole squad in one round, with no attacks back. These guys have cover priority. Rending is very useful against enemies with good saves, as it ignores that on a six. Genestealers give you the most rending in one unit possible for the Tyranids.
Cheap gaunts (Termagaunts, spine gaunts) SWARM. Need I say more? Make sure you have enough bodies to make it to the enemy. If they have too much to shoot, your chances of getting to close combat are that much higher.
Flyrant. The first time I used a twin twin-linked devourer flying tyrant, proved to me that I will have one for every list. All but 3 sisters died out of a 10 person squad. They charge her, she kills them, moved 5 inches forward. Destroys an Immolator next turn. Then my opponent uses every ranged weapon he had to bring her down, which he did. But then my whole army advanced unscathed, which won me the game. A combination of firepower and speed. If you go for the dual scything talon tyrant, get to assault as soon as possible. This is their main strength.
Warriors. I use a lot of ordnance with my warriors. If you can get enough shots on the sisters, their weak toughness gives too many wounds for their armor to save. Also, all warriors give synapse, which is what we need most! Remember to specialize your warriors. No 'one has rending/scything talons, one has two scything talons, and one had a deathspitter and barbed strangler." Ranged (Can have one CC weapon, plus it looks cool) OR scything/scything OR scything/rending claws. This gives them a single purpose.
I imagine winged warriors would be effective, as they are fast, and more synapse. I shall play test and tell you more!
Assault warriors: Same as above. I have used my ranged warriors in assault once, and they did well. With rending, they would be even better!
 Lictors. Use them if your SoB opponent likes his heavy support. Same as usual. Hit the rear of tanks and the flanks of retributers. This means that the enemy cannot shoot, which means more of your gaunts make it closer to the enemy. This can be fatal, as you will outnumber them too badly for them to win.

Units Not To Use

Expensive gaunts (Devilgaunts). Weakens your over all numbers, and won't make their points back. A ten point per model brood of eight gaunts (eighty points) will not stand against a ten girl squad of sisters that cost only 111 points. Besides, for every devilgaunt, i can have two spine gaunts.
CC Carnifex. Maybe I am wrong, but against this kind of fire power, I doubt it will make it to their lines. A points sink fire magnet at best.
Mixed warriors. As said above. Warrior broods should have one single purpose, and make them excel at just that.

Battle Report

Cannot remember if it was 1000 or 1500 points, I think 1500, although his list seemed small to me. Perhaps a mistake on his part, but I did not know at the time.

Tyranid Forces

Devil fly rant. Normal set up: Wings, 2x twin linked devourers, warp field, enhanced senses, toxin sacs.
Two squads of eight hypergaunts (Hormagaunts with both adrenal glands)
One squad of ten termagaunts (Gaunts with fleshborers)
10 genestealers with extended carapace
3 warriors. Scything talons, 2 death spitters, barbed strangler. Enhanced senses, extended carapace.
3 warriors. Scything talons, 3 deathspitters, venom cannon. Enhanced senses, extended carapace.
2 Raveners with ST/RC
Sniper fex: Venom cannon, barbed strangler, extended carapace (Very handy against most weapons like pulse rifles, heavy bolters. Really amps up his survivability) enhanced senses reinforced chitin.

Sisters of Battle List

Inquisitor HQ with routine of some people, a crusader, sage...? With a power weapon and other upgrades.
2 groups of ten sisters with a sister superior, meltas and some goodies each.
Retributers with Immolator transport. All heavy bolters save for one bolter sister.
2 exorcists.
Yeah, it is fair to see he was outnumbered. Tooled up inquisitor and two expensive tanks...


We marked off a 4x4 section on his basement floor. We then put terrain up mostly evenly. A plastic candy container (If I had pics, you would know what turn it is by how much candy is inside) blocked most LOS on my right side, but their was a way around it, near the edge of the board. Two upside down yogurt containers do the same on the other flank. Mixed terrain is mixed in.
I get to deploy first. I place my carnifex behind the right LOS blocker. He places one exorcist on the same flank. (I forget if it is Elite or troops next, I think elites, please correct me) I than place the venom cannon warrior squad near the carnifex, also out of LOS. His second exorcist goes on the opposite flank. My other warrior brood goes behind the yogurt containers, out of LOS. His retributers deploy in the center. My first brood of hormagaunts deploy on (my) right flank, ready to stream through the gap near the container. He places a sister squad nearby, out of line of sight. I place my other hormagaunt brood near the left flank warriors. Again, he places his next squad on the left flank. My termagaunts deploy in the middle, cleverly using terrain to block LOS of both exorcists, and out of range of the heavy bolters (Clever bugs). His inquisitor squad deploys near the center retributers. Genestealers go behind my right flank hormaguants. My tyrant goes behind the termagaunts, providing a synapse link.
I win first turn. (For once!)

Tyranid turn 1

Everything moves up. Genestealers and hormgaunts go around the right flank gap. Termagaunts move up the middle, tyrant moves diagonally left, supporting the gaunts. Warriors move out of cover, lining up some shots. Carnifex goes through the center as well, just out of LOS or range of the artillery tanks. Left flank gaunts swing around the terrain, eager on doing a flanking maneuver.
Shooting was... actually good. Tyrant slays seven of the ten nearest sisters with devourers. Just outside of charge range! Termagaunts whiff on finishing the remaining three. Carnifex kills two sisters with his venom cannon (Could not see exorcist, barbed strangler missed) Warriors didn't do much this turn.
Sister casualties: 7 sisters (3 left) 2 sisters (eight left)

SoB Turn 1

Little bit of shifting around, not much moving. Immolator moved to the center pass, intent to use it's flamers. Sisters passed moral check.Two termagaunts are killed by retributers. One wound to genestealers, which was saved.
 One unsaved wound on Venom cannon warrior squad.
The three sisters charge the Tyrant. No wounds, and are all killed in return. Tyrant consolidates five inches forward.
Casualties: 2 termagaunts. 1 wound on VC warriors (5 left) 3 sisters (0 left)

Tyranid Turn 2

Everything moved forward again. Tyrant moves to the side armor of the immolator. Carnifex seizes his chance and shoots the inquisitor squad barely within sight (This will make sense in a moment) And kills his two henchmen. Tyrant demolishes the immolator. Right Hormagaunts fleet... 2 inches. Genestealers fleet 6. I now remember I forgot about leaping, but it would have had no effect. Left flank hormagaunts fleet four inches towards the inquisitor, warriors trailing behind. VC hits and stuns (Cannot move, but can shoot) the right exorcist.
Genestealers assault, and with 30 attacks I get 12 sixes, annihilating the whole unit with no attacks back. Eight hormagaunts charge the now loan inquisitor, and fell him for no lose of their own.
I had forgotten to role for my Raveners. My opponent is a good guy, and lets me role for them. One ravener deepstrikes behind the retributers.
Casualties: Immolator. Inquisitor and his henchmen. 8 sisters (0 left)

SoB Turn 2

Desperately, his retributers (deciding that the tyrant is worth more dead than the ravener) and both exorcists stay put, and shoot my tyrant. He managed 10 str 8 AP 1 shots, plus his five heavy bolters. Dead tyrant, but it did not effect my synapse.

Tyranid Turn 3

Everything moves forward, as usual. One ravener deepstrikes directly behind the retributers. Everything anti-tank shoots at the right flank exorcist, and cause no damage. Ravener assaults the retributers. It rends two of them, and then another. No wounds in return. They flee, and are run down.
At this point my opponent concedes the game to me, with only two exorcists left versus my wave of gaunts.

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