Witch Hunters Know Thy Self

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"Though Mankind is at the brink of this great apotheosis, you must be ever vigilant for the stillborn harbingers of this change. Where you seek the pure and the strong, there too will you find the impure and weak. Where you find but one worthy of life, you will also find a million twisted, deformed monstrosities for whom death by your hand is a mercy. Therefore, look first for the mutant, for he may never hide his sin from you, and in his midst there will be revealed to you that which you seek. But be ever vigilant, for even should you find one with the gift, only one in a thousand psykers will be strong enough to resist the perils of the Empyrean and be allowed to live."
--Admonitions on the Duties of the Witch Finder
The first thing a Witch Hunter player will want to do is determine exactly what it is that they can do with their codex in terms of building their army. At the moment, we have quite a few different ways to field the Witch Hunters, so let's look at what options we have.
First, I must explain that there are two main entities within the codex: Inquisitorial units and Adepta Sororita units. Inquisitorial units are those that do not include the special rules of the Adepta Sororitas. And likewise, the Adepta Sororita units are units that utilize these special rules-otherwise known as the Sisters of Battle.
Just as a side note, this guide is not meant to build your army for you-it is meant to help you get a good feeling of what you have available to you and to make combinations of units that will best suite your personal style. If the best setup is not found here, don't worry, as that's not what this is about. This is to simply know what you have available!

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Inquisitorial units offer the most options in terms of allies both in a parent list and as an ally itself. These are the generic units of the Witch Hunters, that are generally common to all Inquisitorial Armies (Daemon Hunters, Witch Hunters and Xenos Hunters*). The Adepta Sororitas, or Sisters of Battle, are the specialized unit that is unique to the Witch Hunters and as such will limit your options when taken. From this, you can decide what type of force you wish to field, knowing that generic Inquisitorial units will allow more flexibility, whereas the more Adepta Sororitas that are taken, the army will become more and more limited, but specialized in what it can and cannot do.

Force Organizational Options, Allies and Inducted Allies

Inquisitorial Witch Hunters (Referred to as pure)
  • Inquisitorial Witch Hunters with Adepta Sororitas
  • Inquisitorial Witch Hunters with Inducted Imperial Guard
  • Inquisitorial Witch Hunters with Inducted Space Marines
  • Inquisitorial Witch Hunters with allied Daemon Hunters
  • Inquisitorial Witch Hunters with allied Xenos Hunters*
Adepta Sororita Witch Hunters (referred to as pure)
  • Adepta Sororita Witch Hunters with Inducted Imperial Guard
  • Adepta Sororita Witch Hunters with allied Daemon Hunters
  • Adepta Sororita Witch Hunters with allied Xenos Hunters*
* The third installment in the Inquisitorial ring, Xenos Hunters, is unreleased at this time.

Witch Hunters as Allies

Inquisitorial Witch Hunters as an ally to another Parent List
Adepta Sororita Witch Hunters as an ally to another Parent List

Inquisitorial Units

First, we will go through all of the Inquisitorial units for an idea of what we can take that still grants us options before we specialize our force too much (though some may choose to take that route and that is perfectly fine too). These are the units that can be configured or used against virtually any other army and not have a massive disadvantage, nor do they limit your army's allies.

Headquarter Selections

(HQ) Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor LordHe is the headstone of the Witch Hunters. The Inquisitor Lord is expensive and for a good reason-he's utterly configurable to be anything you wish. This ranges from a shooting unit, combat unit or a mix of the two. He has access to all of the imperial transports, as well as a Land Raider. He can be configured to utterly crush enemy Psykers, but can also be configured to take on any other for as well (though he has particular war gear and abilities that make him really shine the brightest against Psykers). He can choose whether or not he passes any moral or pinning checks, virtually making him better then Fearless-you have the choice; and he is a native Psyker himself with potent Psychic Powers (flag ship power: Divine Pronouncement). His war gear can range from various power weapons and ranged weapons to items that alter the setup of the force before the game begins (example: Liber Heresius, which allows the Inquisitor to perform a test that will allow you to choose your deployment zone without rolling, which is good to use to force your opponent to have a poor deployment zone)
It is my opinion, that the best way to field an Inquisitor is to give him a purpose prior to the game and outfit him accordingly-meaning, choose an objective, be it shooting or combat or support and equip him accordingly. The henchmen that support the Inquisitor are just as important as the Inquisitor himself, so a balance of supporting members will be important.
Another note, is that Inquisitors are a fast track way to get a Land Raider that is not based on the heavy support. So if you are in need of heavy support, but don't have heavy support slots, this is an option (combined with a cheap utility Inquisitor).
It's important to know that overspending on an Inquisitor Lord is almost too easy, so the following examples are based on keeping it small, but still having some fun with ugprades (ie: being effective for cheap).
An example of this:
General Inquisitor Lord and Retinue (on the cheap):
  • Inquisitor Lord with Liber Heresius; Bolter; Auspex
  • Retinue:
  • (Warrior) Gun Servitor with Heavy Bolter
  • Penitents x 2
As a general approach to an Inquisitor, since we don't have a particular task at hand, we simply look at what we have available and hope field something that isn't too expensive, but also provides us a little support as well as some utility. We can focus more on the cheaper upgrades, which can be useful for us, while not focusing on the armor upgrades, nor large weapon upgrades. This squad is meant to be dropped in cover somewhere as a scoring unit, providing utility in the manner of the Liber Heresius, while also having a heavy bolter to give us some damage dealing to do.
Another example:
Inquisitor Lord and Retinue (anti-Psyker):
  • Inquisitor Lord with Hammer of the Witches, lisychic Hood and Excruciators
  • Retinue:
  • Penitent x 3
  • Familiars x 2
This Inquisitor Lord and Retinue are equipped to shut down all psychic activity on the board other than their own. The Lord himself will stop most psychic powers and the Penitents will stop anything else that comes for the squad and no transport is even necessary as they are long range psyker interruption. They're a small group that can be placed in cover or out of sight, and simply play lock down without calling attention to themselves and remain a scoring unit.
-- There are many other ways to equip your Lords, however, I will leave that to you and your tastes.
(HQ) HenchmenInquisitors generally always lead henchmen into battles, who carry out his wishes. These henchmen come in various forms with various configurations themselves. They are limited in that one can only take three of any given type of henchmen, and otherwise are only limited by the number of henchmen a particular Inquisitor may have (example: Inquisitor Lords may take up to 12 henchmen, but normal Inquisitors may only take up to 6). Henchmen are generally not expensive, but when taken in unison and given the appropriate war gear along with the Inquisitor himself, and possibly a transport, the entire unit can easily become quite expensive.
--The Acolyte
Acolytes are the standard henchmen. They have access to the armory and have special rules that allow them to protect the Inquisitor by taking his wounds-in essence sacrificing themselves for him. They are your source of support in the henchmen retinue. Examples would include Acolytes in power armor toting combat weapons or bolters, or Acolytes with power weapons or even plasma weaponry. It's important to know however, that they are very expensive when upgraded and that it should probably be avoided in most cases, other than to use armor upgrades to balance the majority save of your unit (or die for your Inquisitor).
I prefer the Carapace Armor and a Shotgun. Otherwise, Power Armor and a Mancatcher for a Lord who wants to fight well in close combat. Alternatively, it is also very useful to leave them with just a suit of Carapace Armor and to act as protectors.
--The Sage
The Sage is a henchman that increases the shooting abilities of the Inquisitor. Sages also increase the shooting ability of the entire retinue if there is more than one within the retinue. Personally, I would never recommend taking Sages, even in pure shooting squads. The reason is, they're quite expensive and only add in a chance to land on more hit. You'd be better off using those points to buy another gun, rather than just beefing up one of the guns you already have.
--The Warrior
Warriors are your source of aggressive units. They range from close combat specialists, such as the mighty Crusader (an incredible warrior with a power weapon and suppression shield which works similar to a storm shield), Veteran Guardsman with full weapon options (such as plasma weapons, flamers and grenade launchers) to the close combat Servitor complete with a Power Fist. Aside from providing more offensive power to the retinue, they grant the Inquisitor an increased Weapon Skill permanently.
I prefer Plasma Veterans and Meltagun Veterans and Power Fist servitors because they can pack good punch to make up for the points that will be spent on the Inquisitorial Squad. Their ballistic skill and weapon skills are more than adequate for punishing their target with accuracy. Another big thing about Gun Servitors, is that the plasma cannon is one of the only ways sometimes to field a Str7 class weapon with long range, which can effect enemy transports and low armored vehicles.
--The Familiar
The Familiar grants the Inquisitor the ability to take more than one psychic power. However, it also grants the Inquisitor a higher Initiative value permanently. Familiars are also great for filling up our squads with extra wounds in order to last longer, for the cheapest possible price.
--The Penitent
The Penitent is the Witch Hunter Henchman specialty in that he only serves one purpose. This means he is limited and is only good at one thing. In our case, he is the anti-Witch henchmen. He protects your Inquisitor and retinue from opposing psychic powers and the ability to do so increases if you take a pair of these henchmen, virtually canceling out all psychic attacks against them. Penitents are also useful, simply to fill up your squads with cheap and useful henchmen who can absorb wounds. Their added abilities at anti-psychic support are simply a nice bonus.
--The Chirurgeon
The Chirurgeon is the Apothecary of the retinue. She helps the Inquisitor shrug off wounds, and if taken in a pair, grants the Inquisitor more powerful protection that allows him to shrug off even the most deadly of wounds by allowing him to ignore a wound, even if it would normally cause instant death or ignores his armor save in close combat. Overall, you will rarely use this henchmen to any large degree. Once she starts saving wounds for your Inquisitor, it's usually too late anyways as the unit is being butchered and you won't save anything. Of all henchmen, this is the one to avoid in the case of point sinks who do not benefit the squad as much as the others.
(HQ) PriestsPriests are special units that do not take up a slot on the Force Organizational chart and act as a character with access to the armory. They must always lead a certain unit on the battle field and grants them added close combat ability. His real purpose is to allow access to more specialized combat units that are available to the Witch Hunters and you may have up to 5 of these Priests.
Priests are not the strongest characters, and are generally expensive, they best couple with Sisters Repentia to grant them his ability, but I would opt to attach him to an Inquisitorial Storm Trooper squad with grenade launchers. The Priest would be well equipped with an Eviscerater or Power Weapon depending on the points and would supply a good boost of combat support to the squad. Carapace Armor is also a good idea to give him a chance to survive.
(HQ) Inquisitor Lord KaramazovInquisitor Lord Karamazov is the special character for the Inquisitorial side of the Witch Hunters. He has an impressive model, but do not be fooled by his appearance, as he is actually not a really great character (compared to St. Celestine in respect). The main purpose of this character is supply a mobile "Dreadnought" type Inquisitor with heavy support weapons that fire while on the move as well as impressive combat ability. The trade off is a very easy unit to destroy as well as a high price. Although very good in combat, very fast and very deadly, he only has a Toughness value of 5 and can be instantly killed by a Strength 10 weapon, so be sure to not run him up against a dreadnought or railgun. Otherwise, he can be very effective in leading an army as he has a very good leadership ability to make all units virtually fearless near him as well as most of his weapons can be re-rolled thanks to his henchmen.
The main downfall is that as a monstrous creature he can always be picked out, and his entire self and retinue count as a single model-which can be killed with a good shot. The good news is that he is not a vehicle, so he has a chance to make saves against these attacks, and as such has a very good chance with a 2+ armor save and a Rosarius giving him a 4+ invulnerable save as well.

Elite Selections

(Elite) Ordo Hereticus InquisitorThe Inquisitor that occupies the Elite selection is cheaper and has a profile that is lessened to reflect this. This Inquisitor has all of the same access as the Lord, but has less access to a large amount of Henchmen. These Inquisitors are best setup to take as fire support squads or anti-psyker squads, involving Warriors and Acolytes to field both ranged attack and/or close combat abilities. This Inquisitor can be rather inexpensive and is an easy way to include an Inquisitor into virtually any army and still gain access to Inquisitorial Units (such as Assassins and Orbital Strikes). This Inquisitor has all of the same options as the Lord, with exception to a smaller profile and smaller amount of Henchmen.
  • Inquisitor with Storm Bolter; Auspex
  • Retinue:
  • Gun Servitor with Heavy Bolter x 2
  • Penitents x 3
This type of Elite class Inquisitor setup grants a cheap unit with good fire power and allowing access to Inquisitorial Units, without taking up an HQ slot. This is a good way to include an Inquisitor in a Sisters of Battle army for example, because he grants long range support that they lack..
Another Example:
  • Inquisitor with Liber Heresius; Bolter
  • Retinue:
  • Penitent x 2
  • Familiar x 1
This type of Inquisitor is pure utility and very cheap. The idea is to gain advantage via the mighty Liber Heresius while having a cheap scoring unit, which can avoid ranged psychic attacks, such as the new Space Marine powers (Fury of the Ancients for example). One could add more to the squad, but when shooting for pure utility, it's just keeping it cheap and useful. Excurciators could be added for even more utility in terms of getting more victory points.
(Elite) Acro-FlagellantsThese are the ultimate killing machines of the Witch Hunters. They require a Priest to be fielded and are quite expensive; however, their combat abilities more than make up for this. They can be switched on at any time and made to move much faster and attack with more devastating attacks-at a price. The faster they move and attack, the more chances that they will be over-exerted and kill themselves. The are the flag-ship close combat unit of the Witch Hunters because of their toughness (toughness 5 and a 4+ invulnerable save) and their dreaded punch in combat (D6 power weapon attacks); not to mention their extra D6 inches of movement. When they're not attacking, they act as great fire magnets as the enemy usually is quite interested in keeping them away from his units.
I have found that Acro-Flagellants function best when they follow a transport for a while. When closer to the enemy, for example within 24 inches, "switching them on" is a good idea as they'll be close enough to use their Holy Rage and burst forward to quickly get into assault.
(Elite) Sisters RepentiaThe Sisters Repentia are one of the only Sisters of Battle units that do not have the Adepta Sororitas special rules. This allows you to take them without limiting your ally possibilities. These Repentia were designed to be combat monsters, as they are equipped with ceremonial evisceraters and driven by a Mistress. They are crazed to die for their wicked ways and rush towards the enemy with Holy Rage. Should they take casualties and fail moral, instead of running away, they instead rush faster towards the enemy instead.
This unit is generally referred to as the worst unit in the codex. For many reasons, it can be true. But this unit is best used against small model count, high toughness and good armor-saving armies, such as Necrons or Chaos Marines, and other units such as Terminators or Dreadnoughts. These Repentia do not perform well against light armies that out-number them or can shoot them down. For example, the Tau can beat Sisters Repentia in combat easily, but Sisters Repentia can easily win combat against a unit of Terminators. Another important note is that the Mistress drives them on, but when she is killed, they move faster towards the enemy-use this to your advantage!
(Elite) Officio Assassinorum OperativeThe ability to take an Imperial Assassin is the dread of most players because of their power. There are four variations that cost differently and have different rules, though they all share the same stat-profile:
TheCulexus Assassin is specifically designed to destroy psykers and may always target them. All of his weapons are geared for anti-psykers and effects all units leadership in that he is soulless that are near him.
TheCallidus Assassin is an assassin that effects the enemy's deployment as well as appears later in the game to cause more trouble. She arrives from reserves and can appear anywhere without warning, in which case she may move and attack as normal even on the turn she arrives and is famous for her C'tan Phase Blade which ignores all armor saves and invulnerable saves alike.
She is one of the best Assassins out there. She is excellent at destroying hidden vehicles and heavy weapon squads that generally hide or remain in cover behind the rest of the army.
TheEversor Assassin is a more flexible assassin that is geared towards combat. He can move fast and has more attacks than the others. His ranged attack abilities however are not as impressive and when he dies, he explodes taking out his attackers with him-and he happens to be the cheapest of the four.
TheVindicar Assassin is the ultimate Master Sniper. He always chooses his target and can pierce through squad protections to take out Unit Leaders or Heavy Weapon carriers. He has special shots that may be used as well that each have different abilities (such as causing more than one wound, or ignoring invulnerable saves, or wounding easier). He infiltrates and wears a stealth suit that keeps him safe from return fire. He also reduces cover saves on his targets.
The Vindicar is arguably one of the best Assassins. He is perfect for taking down Unit Leaders which can lower the leadership of the squad drastically, and as a sniper rifle, it can pin that unit in the resulting moral check.
(Elite) Death Cult AssassinsDeath Cult Assassins come in groups of up to 3, but do not have to remain together. They are pure combat warriors and are very good at what they do. Not only do they infiltrate, they ignore armor saves and are very fast, but require an Inquisitor in the force to be able to be taken. They are a very good alternative to the more powerful assassins and cost much cheaper. They are still non-scoring models though, so keep that in mind before you purchase several if you are interested in playing missions based on victory points.
These assassins are great for providing quick combat support to other squads. They count as independent but not independent characters, and as such, can be picked off even if they are not the closest model. So keep your assassins near another squad and and out of sight and they'll remain safe, until close enough for assault where they will drop even the heaviest of armored opponents with ease.

Troop Selections

(Troop) Inquisitorial Storm TroopersStorm Troopers are the standard issue Trooper for all Inquisitorial armies. They have the same options, but different access to the armory of course. They can be small or large squads with full access to a slew of assault weaponry and the veteran storm trooper can get access to the armory allowing him to take even more firepower or even some close combat weapons. Unfortunately they do not deepstrike or infiltrate, but they have normal transport options with a Chimera or Rhino. Storm Troopers are not really an alternative to the Sisters of Battle however, unless you are not taking any Adeptas Sororitas units in your force. Storm Troopers can, however, be a good source of plasma which is scarce for Sisters normally. Their real strength comes from having multiple squads, with average squad sizes from 6 to 8, with special weapons for cheap.
These troopers are cheap and effective. They pack my favorite weapons, plasma guns and meltaguns and have great ballistic skills as well as an average armor save. The troopers however, do not have long range anti-armor support, as they're limited to the humble meltagun for real anti-tank support. I prefer a squad size of 6 with two plasma guns mounted in a Rhino.

Fast Attack Selections

The Inquisitorial Units do not have a generic Fast Attack unit. Instead, they gain access to various Fast Attack options via inducted allies or the Adepta Sororitas. There will be more information on the inducted and ally Fast Attack options later.

Heavy Support Selections

(Heavy) ExorcistThis is the flag-ship battle tank of the Witch Hunters, regardless of which type of army you field. This tank is feared by all armies, because it is surprisingly simple and packs an incredible weapon. The Exorcist is on the high end of medium armor, at 13, and has an Exorcist Missile Launcher which fires up to 6 shots per turn. These missiles are deadly, with AP1, and can pierce armor and penetrate vehicles with ease.
This tank is incredible and works best in pairs. It's really cheap, so fielding two will not break the bank and leave you plenty of room for another Heavy Support option from the Inquisitorial Units or Inducted options.
(Heavy) Penitent EnginesThe Witch Hunter edition of the Dreadnought comes in a smaller price with lower armor, zero ranged ability, but instead it is blazing fast and packs combat punch like no other. It has a few faults though, as it is considered open-topped and has an Initiative of 3. In combat, these Engines can slice through anything, assuming they survive long enough to do so. They're fast and as such have Holy Rage-they move in the shooting phase as well, since they have no ranged weaponry to speak of, except for a Heavy Flamer. Luckily they ignore stunned and shaken results all together and can have up to 6 attacks in the combat phase. Also, they come in packs of up to three total Engines per Heavy Slot that they occupy (meaning you could take up to 9 of them in total).
These beasts are a love or hate selection as some people love them and use them all the time and others, like myself do not care for them as they simply are destroyed too easily. With armor 11 and open-topped they explode like Dark Eldar raiders very quickly. The also require an expensive Priest just to be allowed to field them. They're best against unequipped power armor units and large targets or vehicles, such as monstrous creatures and any vehicle out there. They're slow in combat however, so most of these threatening units will be allowed to strike first. I would never take an Engine over an Exorcist for sure in terms of anti-tank for example.
(Heavy) Orbital StrikeThese strikes are great as they do no require models and do not take up a lot of points. The specific Strike that is available to the Witch Hunters is the Psyk-out Warhead. It has the largest radius out there with a maximum of 12 inch radius, making a 24 inch wide circle on the battle field, but will on average create a large 12 inch wide circle (instead of using templates). This is huge.
It strips models of their psychic abilities and thus shuts down psychic armies and the size of the blast ever turn ensures that it will hit most things pretty often even with how much Strikes scatter-and it's cheap beyond belief. The other Strikes are good too, but they scatter too much to be worth taking and actually cost as much as some other heavy support options! A great use that comes from Orbital Strikes, is the ability to effect how your opponent uses the Terrain. If you find yourself facing opponents who always clump into area terrain; this can be a powerful tool to help flush them out--even if you don't cause any real damage.
The other strikes are useful, but generic as they're in all Inquisitorial Armies. The Psyk-out Warhead is cheap and effective against Psychic armies only though. I would advise you to only consider the Psyk-out Warhead for psychic armies and otherwise, do not take an Orbital Strike at all as the others are too expensive for what they do compared to other heavy support options. One other note, is that the orbital strikes couple well with the Calldius assassin as she can move an enemy unit closer to the striking point to make a better chance of destroying something (such as a vehicle, or heavy weapon squad).

Adepta Sororitas Units

Now we have the Adepta Sororitas Units, which are the specialized units for the Witch Hunters. They are more commonly known as the Sisters of Battle. They have various special rules that only the Adepta Sororitas have, and they have specific abilities that go with them too. They're resilience against psychic attacks (they are immune to minor psychic powers and can shrug off any psychic attack on a 5+ -- The Shield of Faith) and generally follow a theme of the holy trio of purgery: bolter(s), melta(s) and flamer(s) and their various forms. One special note is that these Sisters of Battle are excellent units, but lack the long range and combat prowess of other armies, which they use Acts of Faith to supplement. It is generally a good idea to get as much Faith into your army as possible as these units can make excellent use of it and dramatically alter the game.
A special note is required for Faith. Adepta Sororitas units are faithful if they have special rules that make them faithful or if they purchase a Veteran Superior which makes them a Faithful squad. A Faithful unit may use Acts of Faith. These acts are powerful and best used at specific times (which we will cover later). Some units are already Faithful, making them very attractive and other units require upgrades to become Faithful. A pure Adepta Sororitas army will want to acquire as much Faith as possible and have all their squads Faithful due to the massive benefits of the powers they will have access to. Another aspect of Faith is Martyrdom. When a Faithful unit or Faithful character dies, they will contribute their faith point back to the Faith Pool again, thus making more use to their allies who are strengthened by her sacrifice as a Martyr.

Headquarter Selections

(HQ) Cannoness & PalatineThe Cannoness and her lesser version, the Palatine, are your main leaders for an Adepta Sororita army. They supply a big bulk of Faith Points for their actual cost and grant you great support to your units. They can be equipped to be a solid leader for combat, shooting and a mixture of the two. They excel of course at lending their leadership and faith abilities to the rest of the army. However, they're also adept at going a more solo route and can be treated as a separate unit at times. Their access to various war gears will be the determining factor in how she is best used, which is to be decided how you want to equip her.
I personally would take the Cannoness when ever possible because for her points, she grants +2 Faith Points. This is a huge amount for her cost compared to the other units in the army. In smaller games, or in lesser Faith Pool army styles, the Palatine is a solid option for an HQ choice that is relatively cheap. She can quickly supply a faithful unit with a higher leadership value and a great combatant or shooting assistant to buff your lines.
Examples of possible setups:
  • Cannoness
  • Blessed Weapon (or Eviscerator)
  • Book of St. Lucius
  • Cloak of St. Asliira
  • Jump Pack
This Cannoness supplies an ample amount of Faith, as well as buffs all squads' leadership to 10 as long as they're within 6 inches of her. She's an independent character, so she cannot be picked off so long as she is not the closest model and can just buff all your leadership checks in an area quite easily. She has the Blessed Weapon to really dominate in the combat phase. She has a 2+ save as well by her cloak, which she can transform into a 2+ invulnerable save with a simple act of Faith, which she easily is granted with her perfect 10 leadership to acquire it. With a Jump Pack she can bound around and will truly be a monster to your opponent for very cheap.
  • Palatine
  • Book of St. Lucius
  • Bolter
The humble Palatine is best when she's cheap. She doesn't do much, except supply faith. However, what she is very good for, is for granting leardership to surrounding inducted allies (ie: imperial guardsmen platoons and zealots). Her Ld9 will be granted to all around her, unomodified, saving many points on unit characters for leadership and she's Independent, which keeps her safe. She supplies the faith and the leadership and costs hardly nothing for an HQ.
(HQ) Saint CelestineSt. Celestine is the special character for the Adepta Sororitas. She is very powerful and quite expensive, but her abilities out way that draw back as well as supply a massive amount of Faith to the army-though she can hurt Faith too. St. Celestine is a martyr who always returns to the board if she dies, via deep striking. She may even move after deep striking allowing her to hide, but as an independent character she cannot be picked off unless she's the closest unit. On top of that, she has Wings and moves as if she had a jump pack and also shares the Hit & Run rule with the Seraphim, making her an excellent choice to follow a larger squad of them. She's very strong in the shooting phase and assault phase, supplying flamer attacks and Blessed Weapon attacks over and over, while hitting and running to perform it every turn. Should she die, she can keep coming back to life, with limitations, but the only real stipulation is that the first time she dies, she reduces the Faith Pool by D6 faiths. If this drains the Faith to 0, it will not be able to gain more Faith due to Martyrdom.

Elite Selections

(Elite) CelestiansCelestians are the standard Elite of choice for the Sisters of Battle. They are automatically Faithful and have many special abilities and improved weapon options. Their stat-line is also improved and their points reflect this as they're slightly more expensive than the average Sister, but they are leaps more powerful. Celestians also can be attached as a retinue for any Adepta Sororitas Heroine, such as the Cannoness and Palatine. The good thing is that they will not take an Elite slot if taken as a retinue. So one could field up to 5 full squads of Celestians! Celestians are the best Faithful Combat unit that the Sisters of Battle have. They can take multi-meltas and heavy bolters for cheaper than the rest of the army as well as the standard supply of bolters, meltas and flamers (and heavy flamers!). They can be variable squad sizes and can fit into Immolators or Rhinos easily. Best of all though, is that their Veteran Superior is cheap and can make the best use of most of the war gear available.
An Example:
  • Celestians x 6
  • Melta gun
  • Veteran Superior
  • Eviscerater
  • Immolator; Extra Armor
This squad is meant to bust armor and when that goal is accomplished they're prepared for combat. They have Holy Hatred and always hit on a 3+ as if they had preferred enemy, however their enemies are everyone! With the Eviscerater, the Veteran will be hitting on 3's and wounding on 2's ignoring saves making her a serious problem in combat for the enemy, which couples equally well with a combat Heroine.

Troop Selections

(Troop) Battle Sisters SquadThe heart and soul of the pure Adepta Sororitas army is the humble Sister of Battle. These units are cheap and very durable and flexible. Having access to a very high supply of bolter wielding, accurate power armor models is a sure fire way to dominate the field. They have excellent special weapon options and the full use of squad sizes where they can maximize on their numbers to overwhelm the enemy and be unstoppable. They too have access to the Veteran Superiors with full armory access and can become a Faithful Unit. Squads which are small are best mounted in a Transport (which is the Rhino) and squads which are left on foot are best left with large squad sizes (such as 14 to 20 strong). A further note on Veterans, is that power weapons are not very useful here. It is highly recommened to keep them cheap, with Books of St. Lucius and if combat is expected, shell out for Eviscerators.
  • Sisters of Battle x 10
  • Melta gun
  • Heavy Flamer
  • Veteran Superior
  • Eviscerator
  • Book of St. Lucius
  • Mounted: Rhino with Extra Armor and Smoke Launchers
This squad is your standard squad with a little bit of everything. They can lay waste to armor and really punch infantry with mass bolters and a heavy flamer to boot. Their leader grants them Faith use and supplies Evsicerator attacks for the inevitable combat phase.
  • Sisters of Battle x 16
  • Veteran Superior
  • Book of St. Lucius
This squad is more of a fire magnet and fire base for your army. This is a lot of power armor to deal with and very hard to remove from the table. The Veteran Superior supplies them Faith which can truly make their bolters dangerous, allowing the use of powers such as Divine Guidance for a chance to use AP1 shots with your bolters. Remember, the more dice you roll, the better!

Fast Attack Selections

Fast Attack is where the Adepta Sororitas shine in the Witch Hunters list, as they fill in where the Inquisitorial units are left out. Their Fast Attack choice has a signature unit, which is most popular with the Sisters of Battle players as well as more weapon options. The ideas of fast, deadly and expensive personify the Fast Attack of the Adepta Sororitas.
(Fast) Seraphim SquadThis is the signature unit of the Sisters of Battle. These girls fly in the sky and are angelic in appearance but not nearly as sweet. They're quite deadly in fact and their basic setup has them geared to take on virtually any target as they have all grenade options and many twin-linked weapons as well as Hit & Run. They're an auto-faithful unit as well and their Veteran Superior supplies a free Imagifer when taken (this will be covered later). Their weapon options allow them to specialize to destroy infantry or tanks and all the units in-between.
  • Seraphim x 6
  • Twin Inferno Pistols x 2
  • Veteran Superior
  • (Imagrifier Effect; very helpful)
This squad is very specifically configured to really destroy armored opponents. They have to be close to use their weapons, but once they are close, no armor is safe from them with twin-linked hand meltas. The Veteran supplies the free Imagifer and the unit is already faithful and the perfect size to use Spirit of the Martyr, which will grant them 3+ invulnerable saves-another great ability when fighting high fire-powered tanks!
  • Seraphim x 8
  • Twin Hand Flamers
  • Veteran Superior
  • Eviscerator
This squad is configured to generally attack infantry or heavy infantry with plenty of twin-linked bolt pistol shots and flamer templates. They then follow this attack up with an assault, where they strike very quickly and have access to Faiths to empower them further. Afterwards, they can Hit & Run to flame and charge again. They're still pretty versatile though as they have krak grenades and can easily take on a transport or tank from the rear should they be in such a situation.
(Fast) Dominion SquadDominions are basically just another Battle Sisters Squad, except with more access to special weapons and that they must be mounted in a Rhino or Immolator. They have more variable squad sizes, which range lower (5 to 10) and their special weaponry is slightly more expensive, but still very attractive to take. This is the easiest way to equip 5 flamers in a single squad or up to 5 meltas into a single squad making for truly devastating spear head attacks on a target.
  • Dominions x 6
  • Melta guns x 4
  • Veteran Superior
  • Book of St. Lucius
  • Immolator with Extra Armor
This squad is your tank hunting squad. The Immolator of course provides some Heavy Flamer burning on the way. Also, while the Dominions are using their meltas the Immolator can trail off and burn more foes in the mean time.
  • Dominions x 10
  • Flamers x 4
  • Veteran Superior
  • Eviscerator
  • Rhino Transport with Extra Armor and Smoke Launchers
This is your serious infantry slayer squad. They have a total of 4 flamers when they come close to their target. They can also place these templates (up to 2 of them) from within the comfort of their Rhino should they be facing non-dangerous targets such as Tryanid or Orks that would normally be problems in the following combat phase. The squad size is large to help pull of an Act of Faith, Divine Guidance so that the flamers will have the chance to roll many dice, and each one that lands as a 6 will result in an AP1 attack making them truly deadly against high armored infantry such as Marines.

Heavy Support Selections

The Heavy Support of the Adepta Sororitas is not the same as most armies, and does not contain that much range. However, they do have access to a few squads with some range, but this is not to be thought of as a means to supply ranged support the army, compared to the Exorcist.
(Heavy) Retributor SquadThe Retributors are much like Devastator or Havoc teams, in that they are normal Sisters but with more access to the heavy weapon selections and at a more expensive price. Of the weapons they may choose, I have found that the Heavy Bolter is the weapon of choice, due to it's price and versatility to the Sisters, as the other heavy weapons are of much shorter range and short range heavy weapons do not get to work very often-moving and sitting to wait to fire is a bad thing for a heavy support choice after all!
  • Retributors x 6
  • Multi-meltas x 2
  • Veteran Superior
  • Immolator with Extra Armor
This is an option, but I would avoid multi-meltas in general due to their cost, and their heaviness. These weapons are better fielded as an Exorcist. However, if you are in dire need of a few multi-meltas it is an option, but always only take a few, and never in too small of squads..
  • Retributors x 8
  • Heavy Bolters x 4
  • Veteran Superior
This is the more standard kind of squad you will find using the full power of the squad as a stationary heavy support that can really punish infantry. They are relatively cheap and do not call too much attention to them selves and will generally last a long time with their solid squad size and good leadership ability, as well as Faith. More importantly, they can stay near their vehicles which can have Holy Icons which boost their leadership up +1 allowing them to stand fast and continue to push their heavy bolters forward.
(Heavy) ImmolatorThis is the signature Adepta Sororitas tank in that it has the Heavy Flamers and can be a transport as well as a heavy support. It can also take an upgrade to be equipped with a Multi-melta instead, but this is not recommend as the tank is fragile and a temping target with a multi-melta. It is best used as a fast heavy flamer support vehicle which can transport a unit in a bind should they need assistance. It can also take a heavy bolter upgrade, but that too is best left for other units.
The special ability that makes this tank worth while is that it's Twin Heavy Flamer can still fire even after moving 12 inches. This tank is best taken as a dedicated transport so that it doesn't take up a precious heavy support slot, that is better left open for Exorcists, but this tank is definitely viable as a heavy support choice against infantry (the Twin Heavy Flamer re-rolls wounds!).

Inquisitorial Allies and Inducted Units

We can add various allies and inducted options to our lists, but we should know what we are adding to our army before hand.

Daemon Hunter Allied Units

We can only take 0-1 HQ, 0-1 Elite, 0-2 Troops and 0-1 Fast Attack choices, so we should take a look into which units these are in terms of our own army.

Headquarter Selections

(HQ) Inquisitor LordHaving the option to take an Inquisitor Lord from the Daemonhunters can be a great way to keep an Inquisitor in the force, but also purchase our own Witch Hunter character (such as a Cannoness) and not use an elite slot. The Daemonhunter Inquisitors offer a nicer range of weaponry, like the Psycannon as well as close combat support in the form of Thunder Hammers and the like. They can also grant us powerful utility help through the Emperor's Tarot to get a chance to go first more often. The setups will range very much like the Witch Hunter Inquisitor Lord, but it can be a way to get different options, via the same character type in the same army through an ally.
(HQ) Grey Knight HeroThe Bother-Captain or Grand Master is definitely a solid choice for a second Headquarter selection option from the Daemon Hunters. He provides both resilience, fire-power and serious close combat potential. With a retinue for protection, all the Grey Knight Terminators will count as a single HQ selection on for the Force Organizational Chart and can always deep strike, regardless of the mission rules. This is definitely a solid selection for adding that much needed combat buffer or fire magnet type unit during mid-game (granting us up to 10 total Terminators for this selection). However, beware as this option is very expensive.

Elite Selections

(Elites) InquisitorAgain, we can take an allied Daemonhunter Inquisitor. A great use of this, is to allow ourselves the utility of a cheap Emperor's Tarot Inquisitor, solo or with a retinue, but still afford to purchase our Assassins and other Inquisitorial units which require the Inquisitor from the Witch Hunter codex. This is often a good exchange when you need a cheap Inquisitor in this allyship and you don't wish to use the Witch Hunter version.
(Elites) Grey Knight TerminatorsThe Terminators of the Grey Knights are top notch, just as their Headquarter selection. They carry the exact same options, so it's possible to take two fold of the Terminators with another squad of up to 10 of them in this selection as well. This squad is also useful, aside from large combat machines, for fielding more psycannons.

Troop Selections

(Troops) Grey KnightsThe Grey Knights are the big brother version of your standard marine. They're stronger and carry even better weapons. They're a cheaper and milder version of the Terminators that come in large packs as well, with the same weapon options as the Terminators granting access to Psycannons and Incinerators. Unfortunately, they will not have access to transports, but thanks to Shrouding we can have some protection while approaching, but I find them to be far more potent in combat where they are best used in a Witch Hunter army.

Fast Attack Selections

(Fast) Grey KnightsThis selection is the same as the Troop version, but they may deep strike. This simple change of the force organizational chart adds quite a bit of flexibility to over come the lack of transports for our expensive combat friends.

Inducted Space Marines Units

These units are only available to the Inquisitorial Units because of the restrictions of the Adepta Sororitas. They are not the same as normal allies, and give us quite different options. For each two troop selections of our available inducted marine units, we gain access to Fast Attack and Heavy Support selections and after that, they are not restricted to the number of these selections that they take so long as they meet the criteria (the two troop selections as a minimum, and non-compulsory). With this access, we can build a very Space Marine heavy list that can almost replace everything except compulsory choices in our Witch Hunters.

Troop Selections

(Troop) Space Marine Tactical SquadOne may take the infamous Tactical squad from the Space Marines to bolster either close combat or fire support within the comfort of power armor. Typically, I find that adding these Marines to the Witch Hunter force is a good way to add a mounted assault force to act as a spearhead for the rest of the army. Other squads are great for small fire support squads with access to powerful heavy weapons such as the missile launcher, lascannon and the plasma cannon.
(Troop) Space Marine Scout SquadThe Space Marine Scouts are the cheaper and lighter version of the Tactical Marines and they are great for adding an infiltrating unit to the force. They can be equipped with an array of heavy weapons, but most notably are the massive amount of sniper rifles with a back up of a heavy bolter or missile launcher that they can provide. They can also provide a decent punch in close combat, but are clearly more effective with their long range and infiltration as a fire support unit and their relatively cheap price for a unit that does not require a transport.

Fast Attack Selections

(Fast) Space Marine Assault SquadThe Space Marine Assault Squad is a great way to add that fast infantry unit, much like the Seraphim, to the Inquisitorial Witch Hunters list, however with much higher stats and more access to cheap assault weaponry. The unit is geared for close combat of course and is an excellent way to beef up those assault lines.
(Fast) Space Marine Land SpeedersThe Land Speeders are the only Imperial armored vehicles that are skimmers and on top of that, fast ones. They are perfect for deep striking to attack vehicles from behind with their high powered weapons, such as multi-meltas. The Land Speeder adds a sense of aggressive anti-armor support to an other wise static imperial force, that can move up to 24 inches with a 24 inch weapon so that by turn two, this Speeder should be able to put a multi-melta shot into the side armor of a tank that is roughly 48+ inches away with good odds. They're also fairly cheap for what they can do to enemy armor.
(Fast) Space Marine Bike SquadronThis is the only way to field Bike units in the Witch Hunters and for a good reason. The Space Marine bikes have great access to an array of anti-infantry and armor piercing weapons as well as champs who can be close combat machines. Best of all though, is that they are a fast and resilient fast attack option that can burst forward and absorb much of the high powered attacks with their 3+ invulnerable save. We also gain access to the new Attack Bikes with added weaponry support such as the multi-melta.

Heavy Support Selections

(Heavy) Space Marine Devastator SquadThis Marine version of the Retributors supplies us with the same type of heavy unit of infantry with heavy weapons, but we have more access to long range weapons that may stay stationary most of the game in order to deliver their goods-meaning missile launchers, lascannons and more plasma cannons. I prefer the missile launchers for a great anti-tank support that can also punch holes in enemy infantry with multiple blast templates. The Space Marine Devastator Squad with Missile Launchers are quite versatile and add that much needed armor destruction that can be reliable each turn, should an Exorcist fall.
(Heavy) Space Marine Land RaiderThe Land Raider option as a heavy support is a means to add more armor to the list, although we already have access to the Land Raider via our Inquisitors. However, this is a heavy transport that can be used to transport any squad, not just its dedicated user. We can use it as a mobile fire base with more lascannons, or we can simply use it as a ram to pave the way. I would have much preferred access to the Crusader version of the Land Raider.
(Heavy) Space Marine PredatorThe Predator comes in two flavors, for serious anti-tank support or fire support against infantry. I prefer the lascannon options for the Annihilator because the Witch Hunter force needs as much long range anti-tank that it can take. The Destructor version is also decent, but not my preferred choice due to it's limitations against armor. The tank is relatively cheap for its weaponry and has decent higher end armor.
(Heavy) Space Marine DreadnoughtWe finally get to add Dreadnoughts to our Witch Hunters that are not crazed Penitent Engines with this addition. They are great mobile heavy fire support platforms but also a very potent presence in the combat phase. They have light armor and can be expensive sometimes, but overall I find an extra lascannon and missile launcher each turn to be very useful.

Inducted Imperial Guard Units

The Imperial Guard already has a standing in the Inquisitorial armies, however, having access to more of them is not a bad thing. We gain access to a massive amount of guardsman and their long range weaponry as well as heavy tanks and scouting fast attack. We take them as inducted, so we must first purchase two troop selections before gaining access to the other options, but we are limited to 0-1 Leman Russ Battle Tanks for good measure.

Troop Selections

(Troops) Imperial Guard Infantry PlatoonThe Infantry Platoon is a quick way to add 25 warm bodies to our list, with assault and heavy weapons, however they can be even more prolific by taking up to 5 separate Infantry Squads within this Platoon to add a horde of bodies which can overwhelm almost any foe. I prefer to field extra plasma guns and missile launchers with this method, but I find them most useful when coupled with the Battle Sisters. Platoons couple best with the Sisters of Battle, because they add so many long ranged weapons to the board to help them here they are lacking. That means two troops worth of Platoons will add 6 heavy weapons (autocannons or missile launchers for example) or even up to 12 heavy weapons if we fleshed out each Platoon to the max, whilst only taking up two troop selections total.
(Troops) Imperial Guard Armored Fist SquadThe Armored Fist Squad's restrictions based on the Infantry Platoons have been lifted for our lists and we may freely take them as Troops. This grants us the power of the Chimera that we already have, but also to heavy weapon teams as well, without taking command squads and the like-which is easier on the modeling base. They are a great way to field a ranged fire support team and a harassing vehicle for double the fun in one single unit, which gives us access to the heavier tanks of the guard later.

Fast Attack Selections

(Fast) Sentinel SquadronWith this option, we gain that much needed fast attack for both our list options. This is a great way to add several autocannons or lascannons to a force of armored scouting vehicles with their free move and deployment rules. They're great for getting those first punches on enemy tanks or heavy infantry before the real game really starts. They're also relatively cheap, but should be as they're not the most resilient of vehicles with the lightest armor around.
(Fast) Rough Rider SquadThis option always gave me a little smile, knowing I could add Cavalry to my already Crusading army. Rough Riders are good punch in combat and fast unit, that's also great for holding an objective quickly or flushing someone out of one. The real use of the Rough Rider comes in the form of meltabombs. This unit of cavalry can move foward, very fast, and destroy nearly any normal non-skimmer vehicle with a single assault with meltabombs (though we will probably lose our Rough Riders in the process). It's a decent trade if you're faced with armies like heavily mechanized Guard or Marines and Chaos.

Heavy Support Selections

(Heavy) Leman Russ Battle Tank 0-1This is the holy grail of tanks for most Imperial armies. Most other armies also want access to this beast. This tank provides us both fire support and anti-tank support with the highest armor and for a really good price. The Leman Russ speaks for itself in terms of power and use and it is limited to 0-1 just for this reason. That does not mean we cannot couple it with a couple of Exorcist though! The Russ is best taken also for its purpose as a fire magnet and its ability to deal with heavy infantry. However, against horde armies, don't forget your heavy bolters--they can be more effective than the cannon against Tyranid and Orks for example, due to the nature of escaping templates with coherency in 4th edition.

Combinations of Forces

Many times, it comes up with players, old and new, whether or not to field a pure army (Inquisitorial or Adepta Sororitas) or an allied army, or even an inducted army. So let's take a little look into what each have to offer, and how they support each other for what could be considered a good template for successful combinations of army lists concerning the Hunt for the Witch.
Just a forewarning: There is no right or wrong way to field your army. If you have a theme, stick to it and have a blast. Some combinations work better for others and may be helpful to you too. As always, this is just a combination of experience and preference which may not be shared by everyone.

The Possibilities

Parent lists:
  • Witch Hunters
  • Daemon Hunters
  • Space Marines (* Including various chapters)
  • Imperial Guard (* Including various variants, such as Steel Legion, etc)
These are all Parent Lists which can have the Witch Hunters allied or leading and still be a great addition or beginning for an army. Those parent lists can have both Inquisitorial units and Adepta Sororitas units alike, without conflict of interest. But let's go a little further now...

Adepta Sorortias Witch Hunters

This parent list of Witch Hunters focuses on the Sisters of Battle. Should this option be used as the Parent list, there is no possibility of taking Space Marines in the army. However, they still are able to take Inquisitorial units from the codex, allied Daemon Hunter units and inducted Imperial Guard. However, Space Marines are out of the question.

Inquisitorial Witch Hunters

This parent list of Witch Hunters focuses on Inquisitorial units as well as still having a mixture of everything else it has access to. It can take Adepta Sororitas units, allied Daemon Hunter units, Inducted Imperial Guard or Inducted Space marines. However, should it take Adepta Sororitas units, it may not take the Inducted Space Marines. This is the most "open" list you could possibly have as a Parent list.

Space Marines with Witch Hunters Allied

The Space Marines as the parent list grant the Witch Hunter ally the ability to mix Adepta Sororitas units with the Space Marines, as well as Inquisitorial Units as well, but of course, one is limited to the standard array of 0-1 HQ, 0-1 Elite, 0-2 Troops and 0-1 Fast Attacks.

Imperial Guard with Witch Hunters Allied

The Guard can take the Witch Hunters allies and have both Adepta Sororitas units as well as Inquisitorial units without an issue of restriction. But again, they are limited to the standard array of allied numbers.

Daemon Hunters with Allied Witch Hunters

The Daemon Hunters can take the Witch Hunters as a standard ally, without a problem concerning themselves or their Grey Knights and are able to take both Adepta Sororitas, Grey Knights and Inquisitorial units in the same list without conflicts. They are still limited to the standard allied numbers though.

Combinations of Forces: Good and Bad

So now we know how we can combine our various forces to include or being with the Witch Hunters. But how well do they couple together? Which combinations tend to work really well? We can explore that next.

Combining Forces for Good Results

Parent Lists with Combinations of Inquisitorial Squads and Adepta Sororitas Squads:
  • Inquisitorial Witch Hunters with Inducted Space Marines
  • Space Marines with Allied Inquisitorial Witch Hunters
  • Adepta Sororitas Witch Hunters with Inducted Imperial Guard
  • Imperial Guard with allied Adepta Sororitas
  • General Witch Hunters with allied Daemon Hunters
You will notice, that the Adepta Sororitas and Imperial Guard seem to go hand in hand, just as the Inquisitorial units tend to go hand in hand with Marines. This is for many reasons, but one of the larger reasons it he rules of conflicting combinations that the codex gives us. However, given those limitations, these units work well together for the very reason they're limited in the first place. Why mix power armor with more power armor with similar abilities? Why mix Imperial Guard with more Guard units but under the name of the Inquisitorial Seal? I'm sure you could find a reason, but our codex creator made it harder for us to pull it off within the rules.
Given these combinations, let's take a look at why they're good combinations for us:

Inquisitorial Witch Hunters with Inducted Space Marines

The Inquisitorial Witch Hunters are basically a guardsmen type army, with humans and carapace armours through out the list. The list does not lack range nor combat punch, but it makes great use of resilient troops and ordinance heavy support choices that the Marines grant us to support our guardsmen-esque infrastructure. This is my opinion of course, but I think the Inquisitorial squads are better at fire support rather than being tough and absorbing damage. This is where the Marines come in handy. The Marines are tactical and can be useful for ranged and close combat support.
They also supply us with a fresh new face of Tanks where our Inquisitorial access is limited in our own codex. Inquisitorial fire support with advancing Marine close range support is a great combination to use the right troops for the right purposes (resilient, tough, short supply in the grit--average, but numerous and full of ranged fire support behind them for support).

Space Marines with Allied Inquisitorial Witch Hunters

This is a very similar combination with the same reasons as the opposite, however, this is good for Marine Parent List players to add the Inquisitorial feel to their army or gain access to things such as Assassins. The main purpose of this combination is to add cheaper firebase troops with large access to powerful weapons--in our case, the Storm Troopers. They also grab the powerful Inquisitor himself and his brew of assassins (such as the coveted Callidus or Vindicar). It is a great way to add fire support to a combat specialized marine force.

Adepta Sororitas Witch Hunters with Inducted Imperial Guard

The Sisters of Battle are already suited in power armor and have close range powerful weaponry with the trio of purity. Combining them with Marines only makes sense from a theme standpoint, but even then, it's a conflict of interest as they're fairly similar in what they can do, with Marines being more powerful in their case. What the Sisters lack however, is the ranged support that they need to be able to make it to that middle ground.
This is where the Imperial Guard fit in quite nicely, adding access to many guardsmen with long range heavy weapon support as well as very impressive heavy support with the Leman Russ and some more armoured fast attack selections. It's a great blend of resilience close range troops supported by numerous and weaker long range support squads, but with a serious range power. The danger of the Guard's long range weaponry provides a screen for the advancing sisters in their power armor with their close range weapons.

Imperial Guard with allied Adepta Sororitas

This opposite combination of the two are also a good way to put some power armor in the ranks of the Guard. They're a cheaper alternative to marines or grey knights but pack a mean punch with a great save, great ballistic skill and strong numbers, but notably cheaper. A Guard army can use this to add fast units such as Seraphim and large squads of power armored sisters and Heroines with Celestians to really add a presence to the army. We have that good mix of resilience close range goodness with ranged support.

General Witch Hunters with allied Daemon Hunters

This method is always acceptable because both armies can benefit from the close combat power that the Grey Knights can deliver, both as Fast Attack and Elites and HQs. The troop selections are also a good way for a resilient combat troop, but with a price of course. The reason for the combination though, is to add an "always-deepstriking-powerful-units" feel to either forces, be it Inquisitorial or Adepta Sororitas. The Grey Knights can come deep striking as a Fast Attack as well as an Elite and HQ selection for instant combat support as well as a little dakka action from the massed storm bolters and psycannons. Overall a very popular mix due to the attraction of Grey Knights with the versatility of the Witch Hunters list..

Witch Hunters Armory

The following list of weaponry and gear is meant to discuss the relevance and use of the various items we have access too-which is quite a lot compared to most other armies' armories, rivaling even the Chaos Armory.

One-Handed Weapons

  • Bolt Pistol - There isn't much to say about the smallest form of "bolter" class weapon other than you will find it throughout your army, if you take Adepta Sororitas units. I find it best used on Inquisitors, Adepta Sororitas Heroines and Sister Superiors for the extra attack when coupled with another close combat weapon.
  • Close Combat Weapon - I think this item goes without saying that you take it, rarely for the extra combat attack.
  • Inferno Pistol - This weapon is powerful, but very short ranged. From the profile, it seems like it is best used against vehicles as a hand-melta and it is, however, it is also a replacement for the plasma pistol should you want the chance to not only pierce armor but insta-kill various characters. It's also great for punishing those extremely high toughness targets, such as Greater Daemons, Wraithlords and Talos.
  • Plasma Pistol - The plasma pistol is the easiest way to get some low AP shots into your Adepta Sororitas squads, which lack access to the more potent plasma gun. I generally field these weapons upon Veteran Superiors and Inquisitor Lords and sometimes, Veteran Storm Troopers.
  • Power Weapon - The power weapon is your stock option, for a good price, to ignore those armor saves in combat. This is a must have as the basis of any combat squad as the minimum item to take. I find it most useful on Inquisitors, Celestians Veteran Superiors, Seraphim Veteran Superiors and Veteran Storm Troopers.
  • Force Weapon - This weapon is potent against the multi-wounded characters in the 40k realm, but it may only be wielded by your Inquisitor. I tend not to like this weapon because it takes up the valuable one-major-psychic-power-pure-turn if you use its ability as well as on a Strength 3 Inquisitor; it takes really good luck to achieve enough hits and wounds to even use its power. However, the strength of the weapon lies within the target it destroys, which is generally the expensive, large and dangerous targets, which are too difficult to wound with Strength 3 or can actually make an invulnerable save against it. I would advise against this weapon and it's extremely high point cost.
  • Praesidium Protectiva - This item is much like the space marine combat shield. It provides a solid invulnerable save in close combat, but is only useable by the Adepta Sororitas. I find it to be rather useful though as the Adepta Sororitas have access to Acts of Faiths which are better and Sisters are better off in the shooting phase.
  • Brazier of Holy Fire - This is a token weapon that looks great and has a lot of theme to it. It is however no different than a combi-flamer, except it does not provide a shooting attack. The benefits of this weapon are that it can be a flamer once per game, but at all other times, it's a combat weapon and can be used to gain an extra attack when coupled with a power weapon or other. They're a good deal on most Adepta Sororitas characters and on some Acolytes for maximum flamers in an army with a lot of really fun conversion possibilities.

Two-Handed Weapons

  • Blessed Weapon - This weapon is the holy grail of the Heroines of the Adepta Sororitas. This weapon is incredibly powerful and can turn a small sister in a combat power-house. It's best used on the Cannoness for maximum use and longevity on the board. You can also find it on St. Celestine. They are too powerful though and are limited to one per army, much like a Daemon Weapon of Chaos. Unfortunately it is expensive (but well worth the price) and it counts as two-handed so you will not gain extra attacks from single handed weapons. This is the absolute choice for a combat oriented Cannoness or Palatine-note: If you take St. Celestine, her Blessed Weapon does not count towards the limit of Blessed Weapons in your army!
  • Bolter - The bolter is the standard issue weapon for all sisters. I rarely use it for anything else, and when purchasing from the armory, storm bolters are better weapons, so this item is simply there to be purchased for smaller characters, such as Acolytes and Elite Inquisitors.
  • Combi-Weapons - These combi-weapons are great for the Adepta Sororitas and Inquisitorial units alike. For the sisters, the combi-flamer and combi-plasma guns are great ways to maximize either their flamer options or their low AP options in a squad. Meltaguns are common place in the Witch Hunters, so I find the combi-melta to be a tad redundant. The combi-plasma is probably the best of the four options, due to the high ballistic skill of the characters of the Witch Hunters and how scarce Plasma weapons seem to be for the Adepta Sororitas units in general. The combi-stake weapon is the specialized weapon that is only useful against Psychic enemies, so it is not really advised, unless you specifically are hunting down a Warlock or other enemy such as that-in which case you still don't need this weapon, but it has great character!
  • Eviscerator - This weapon is the most expensive and common weapon that I use myself. This weapon is best wielded by an Inquisitor or the Veteran Superiors of the Adepta Sororitas. The best places I find them being useful for their points, is when equipped by a Veteran Celestian with Holy Rage, as well as a combat oriented Inquisitor Lord with a heightened Weapon Skill. They're a great weapon for the Sisters mainly though because they add the much needed combat punch that the Sisters generally lack.
  • Mancatcher - This weapon is only available to the Acolytes of the Inquisitors, but it is very useful there. This weapon denies attacks and is very useful for the combat Inquisitors to keep them alive in order to use their most powerful weapons, be it an Eviscerator or Power Weapon or Psychic Attack. It is limited however, and must be in base to base contact in order to work.
  • Shotgun - This weapon is the simple combat shotgun found on the Arbites and Storm Troopers regularly, however they're also great options for Acolytes to gain some assault weaponry that can fire twice and still allow one to assault.
  • Storm Bolter - The next class of bolter weapon is the Storm bolter, gaining an extra shot and upgrading to the assault status. This gun is best for Inquisitors with great ballistic skills and Veteran Superiors to add that third Storm Bolter to a fire support squad. They're found in normal sister squads, but I generally only take them as an "all squad" option or none at all. They're quite expensive for what they do, compared to a combi-plasma weapon for instance.
  • Power Stake - The power stake is the specialized power weapon that always dents the Psychic enemy. This weapon is expensive, but it can definitely do serious damage to large Psychic targets. The problem is that it is weak against non-Psychic enemies, making it simply a more expensive power weapon. However, against foes such as a Greater Daemon, it is very potent as it can wound even those tough beasts on a 2+. Unfortunately it will not ignore invulnerable saves. Reserve this weapon for truly Psychic rich enemies.

Psychic Powers

  • Divine Pronouncement - This is the absolute king of Psychic powers in my opinion for the Inquisitors. This attack is well ranged and very powerful in forcing a low moral check on an enemy. It is not useful against fearless armies or high leadership armies, but it is very potent against average leadership armies where the common leadership is a value around Leadership 8 (such as Imperial Guard, Tau, Eldar, etc). It is a great power to couple with a potent shooting squad to force even lower moral checks and couples quite well with the Culexus Assassin who can convert leadership values to 7. Best of all, it is useful against all enemies, not just the psychic ones!
  • Hammer of the Witches - This power is quite potent against the enemy psykers. This power just bursts a ring of destruction for the army that contains many Witches, such as the Eldar. Otherwise, it is not useful at all. I have found it very useful when used in conjunction with another Inquisitor with the same power. Two Inquisitors with this power will call down the Wrath upon Warlocks and other Psykers with average leadership abilities as it does not allow them to use their special masks to enhance a psychic test. Many perils of the warp attacks coming to an Eldar army near you!
  • Hammerhand - The Hammerhand is great on the Inquisitor who wants to be faster than his foe. It is best used against armies that have weak armor saves, as it will really shine there. Unfortunately it can only be used once per turn as it is a major psychic power, so beware after that first round of combat. It is an excellent choice for those Inquisitors who already have a two-handed shooting weapon who want another option for maximizing a combat phase.
  • His Will Be Done - This power allows your combat Inquisitor to more reliably make sure you win the combat phase. It is best coupled with powerful attacks that will always beat your opponent, so for example it couples well with an Eviscerator Inquisitor against power armor enemies or a Power Weapon / Hammerhand Inquisitor against the lower armor type foes.
  • Purgatus - This power is the Independent Character's nightmare as it can totally weaken their leadership and pick them right out of a retinue. If you want to turn that Chaos Lord into a Leadership 7 weakling, this works for that. If you want to cripple a Librarian, this power will do that for you. Beware though as it is expensive and only useful against Independent Characters, so you will find yourself using it perhaps once or twice (but when it works, it works incredibly well to shut down those massive leadership abilities-for example a Space Marine Master or Tau Ethereal or Librarian). I generally do not take this power though as it is too limited for my tastes.
  • Scourging - This attack is best used on an Inquisitor who already is outfitted for the combat phase. It allows him a solid shooting attack to use his nice ballistic skill for a little ranged attack before combat that ignore invulnerable saves.
  • Word of the Emperor - This skill is decent, but I find it rather useless compared to the other powers. Most enemies that are good in combat and will want to assault an Inquisitor will probably have a decent leadership value as well, so this power only works well against those very low leadership armies. I find it generally not worth its points though as a psychic power.

War Gear

  • Auspex - This item is incredibly useful on shooting squad Veterans. It allows you to get a chance to really put a pounding shooting attack onto an enemy squad that infiltrates you before the game begins. If you're having problems with infiltrators, this is your best friend and it's really cheap-it really shines with plasma cannons!
  • Bionics - This piece of gear is expensive for what it does and not very useful overall. But it's simply there for conversion ideas and themes, which are great. If you have a lot of spare points, it can be considered, but otherwise, you can buy a lot better gear for this high price and low ability.
  • Book of St. Lucius - The book is one of the more common and potent items for the Adepta Sororitas (where it is only useful). This book lends higher leadership values to other units, so is best used on characters such as the Cannoness, Palatine, Celestian or Seraphim. It is most useful in smaller games where the Sisters do not have very many Veteran Superiors, so that you can gain Leadership 9 or 10 through the army without buying all those Veterans. It's a great alternative for the Sisters who do not focus on Faiths or focus on Veterans.
  • Carapace Armor - This piece of gear is only really useful for two units, as nothing else needs it and they are Acolytes and Priests. Cheap and effective way to get a better armor save on one of those characters, otherwise, ignore it as you have power armor and carapace armor already.
  • Cloak of St. Aspira - The cloak is one of those almost must-haves for the Adepta Sororitas Heroines-the Cannoness. This cloak is great because when coupled with Spirit of the Martyr, a Heroine can convert her armor save into a 2+ invulnerable save which as we know is incredibly resilient.
  • Digital Weapons - These digital weapons are expensive and kind of odd for their points for an Inquisitor. It is a fast attack, but always hits and wounds on a standard, which is kind of weak when applied to various foes. It's best used against the low armor save armies with low toughness values, such as Eldar. Otherwise, it is not very useful unless you want to squeeze every ounce of combat ability out of your Inquisitor.
  • Exruciators - Now this anti-Psyker gear is wonderful. Should you be playing tournaments or casual games, or anything that involves victory points, this little upgrade that is cheap will afford great advantages should you kill a single Psychic enemy. You can only have one per army and it's cheap, so take them all the time I say! You never know when you will kill a psychic enemy and at the end of the game, win it by victory points simply because you nailed a Witch.
  • Frag Grenades - Standard grenades as found in the rulebook. Useful when combined with Veteran Guardsmen in Inquisitorial Retinues so that the entire squad is outfitted the same, otherwise, not useful.
  • Hexagrammic Wards - The Wards are cheap and quite useful against the enemy Psyker such as Warlocks with potent powers. However, it is best combined with other anti-psychic gear that can slowly stack up and shut down all psychic activity-for example, it couples well with penitents and psychic hoods. It's cheap, so don't be afraid to include it just for a little protection now and then.
  • Inquisitorial Mandate - This Mandate is really a combat beacon that I find to be rather useless except in extremely high point games in dire situations where more attacks can make a difference with an already non-combat-heavy army. I would typically advise against this, but for the pure combat army, this is an option.
  • Jump Pack - This item is only used by Adepta Sororitas Heroines, but it allows for fast Sisters at that, so it quite useful. I find them best used for the Cannoness to pursue a more solo role and to really get a combat Heroine to her destination faster.
  • Krak Grenade - Kraks are your standard grenade for busting vehicles. You'll find them already on most of your units, but again, it is there to take on characters to outfit a unit so that they all have krak grenades for the best coverage. Otherwise, this is not something you will be purchasing often.
  • Liber Heresius - The most incredible item an Inquisitor can take. Its actually relatively cheap for its very strong ability to give you control over your game and opponent. Choosing a deployment zone is very powerful, especially in missions where it is able to be used. For added power, it is greatly coupled with the Callidus Assassin who can alter deployment as well. And for the really masterful tactician, it is yet another tool for the Imperial Guard player who fields Ursarkar Creed and takes the Inquisitor with the Liber Heresius as an ally. This combination of Creed, Inquisitor and Calldius Assassin will allow you to choose the mission being played, choose the board edge you want, enhance your probability to have the first turn and move a unit up to 6 inches after deployment but before the game starts. This is incredibly powerful at wrecking an opponent's setup and strategy.
  • Litanies of Faith - This piece of gear is the same as purchasing an extra Faith for your Cannoness or Palatine, as an item only available to the Adepta Sororitas Heroines. This power is so good because you don't have to test for it and it doesn't use a Faith point. This is the perfect way to get that invulnerable save power to happen last minute, or become fearless instantly or any other power that can change the situation for the better for you. This is your small miracle in a bag and well worth its points.
  • Mantle of Ophelia - This mantle allows your Heroines to not be insta-killed by more powerful opponents. However, it is not a massive gain to your character unless you strictly chase after Hive Tyrants, Daemon Princes or Dreadnoughts. The problem is, it only works against the first wound, so if you're wounded twice, it will not work again afterwards, which may still insta-kill your character. It is useful for some though, who utilize their 2+ invulnerable save combinations via Faiths because sometimes, failing that 2+ invulnerable save will mean the end of your character, but this Mantle can save that situation and allow her to continue to make her 2+ invulnerable saves later.
  • Master-Crafted Weapon - This is your standard way to re-roll an attack with a weapon. It's only useful on expensive and powerful weapons, such as Eviscerators and Blessed Weapons in my opinion though.
  • Melta Bombs - A cheap alternative to the meltagun for a unit that moves quickly and still wants a chance to bust armor is the Melta Bomb. It's a great upgrade for any character with access to the army that may be near enemy vehicles during the game.
  • Power Armor - This is an odd upgrade it may seem, but it is there for those characters such as Acolytes, Priests and Elite Inquisitors to gain some resilience for a price.
  • Psi-tracker - This Inquisitor only item is relatively cheap, but only useful against Psychic armies as it allows a re-roll in the shooting phase of any unit's single weapon (such as a plasma cannon). It is not going to work unless there is a Psyker model as a target or attached to the target though so it is quite limited and only recommended when fighting truly psychic armies such as the Eldar or Tzeentch.
  • Psycannon Bolts - These bolts are expensive and increase your bolter class weapons' AP value. I find it rather useless because of its price and abilities to ignore invulnerable saves, but it's still only the stats of a bolter and only available to the Inquisitors. I would generally never advise this piece of gear.
  • Psychic Hood - The Hood is a great upgrade for shutting down enemy Psykers, including Librarians and Warlocks and Farseers. With a Leadership 10 Inquisitor Lord, this will on average stop half of all the powers that happen quite effectively. It is only useful against psychic enemies though, so maybe not a choice to be taken in every game.
  • Psyocculum - The Psyocculum's current rules are not very helpful and not worth taking in your list except from a theme point of view. However, with the v4.0.1 FAQ, they are far more attractive to take. The benefit has been extended to the entire squad that the Inquisitor is a part of, so this option should now be considered quite useful in those nightfight games--but remember, it only works against psykers and their squads that they're attached to.
  • Purity Seals - These seals are quite useful. When falling back, which is usually a bad thing, you get to roll more dice and choose the ones that you want so that you don't run as far, or so that you run so far that you are able to regroup (most typical use). They're quite useful on Seraphim especially to ensure a good long fall back as well as on normal sisters, to ensure they can get far enough away to be able to regroup should they run away. They're good to keep your units from running too far away when they run from shooting attacks too.
  • Rosarius - The Rosarius is quite an awesome device granting a very good invulnerable save. However, it is kind of expensive and not really that useful on the characters of the Witch Hunters as it is on other characters of imperial armies. I find that it is probably most useful on an Inquisitor for added protection, but not worth taking on a Cannoness of the sisters, because she can get a better invulnerable save easily. Worth taking if you really find yourself losing your Inquisitor to low AP or power weapon attacks, but personally I'd advise against it unless in extremely large games where these points will not be missed.
  • Sacred Banner of the Order Militant - This banner is specific to the Celestians and is very expensive. It also cannot be used in anything less than 2,000 points and is only useful for Adepta Sororitas units. What this means, is that it's extremely limited to not just one, but three restrictions which are too specific to even consider this item unless you're playing massive games. Personally, I find that adepta sororitas have no problems with leadership as it is, so this is only good from a character stand-point, but not useful otherwise.
  • Sacred Standard - This is yet another Celestian-only banner that adds to combat resolutions, but it barely makes a difference. It affects multiple units if they are close enough, but generally this is not worth while at all. It is useful perhaps for a very specific close-combat specialized version of the Adepta Sororitas, but this is one of their weakest points so take this only in those dire situations where every ounce counts.
  • Sarissa - The Sarissa are interesting war gears that allow your bolters to be a little meaner in combat. It's basically a watered down version of a lightning claw, but it uses a bolter instead. The problem is that it's extremely limited as it only works with a standard bolter and cannot be buffed with faiths. Overall, it is not very useful as a power weapon is only a few more points and far more effective. It is however full of character for those with theme in mind.
  • Simulacrum Imperialis - This item is commonly found among the sisters units, as carried by the Imagifer and also by Seraphim veteran superiors. This item is very useful for the management of Faith oriented Sister Armies and very rich with theme. It is mildly expensive, but can make a real difference when the squad size of a unit changes due to casualty. This is a strong upgrade, but only recommended for larger games and for games where Faith is limited and every bit counts.

Vehicle Upgrades

  • Doze Blades - This is your standard method of keeping your valuable investments from being immobilized in that difficult terrain. Definitely useful on transports and some aggressive heavy tanks, but generally I would only put these on tanks that plan on moving through terrain often, such as transports.
  • Extra Armor - This is a must have for virtually every vehicle the Sisters can get access to. This keeps you moving should you take damage, which is necessary to keep up with the game, so make room for these points!
  • Blessed Ammunition - This Adepta Sororitas-only upgrade will be found on their vehicles, that prevents cover saves. This is useful for the bolters only, so be very choosey when it comes to deciding whether or not it is worth taking. I personally would not take this upgrade unless you are facing an opponent that utilizes many cover saves, but otherwise, I would not bother as it will not be very useful on the vehicles that have much more powerful weaponry to use that this does not couple well with.
  • Holy Promethium - This upgrade is quite useful for your Immolators taken as heavy supports or as fire support squads that are attached to a unit. This upgrade forces that immediate moral check, so it's great for piling on the dice rolls in accord with other units in the shooting phase. I would only recommend this in the larger games though or small games where the Immolator will play a more dominant roll.
  • Holy Icon - The holy icon is yet another Adepta Sororitas-only vehicle upgrade that adds a leadership bonus to the friendly units that are near by. This is the perfect way to get a cheap bonus to leadership on retributor team. However, I prefer to reserve it for large games when it can be equipped on immolators that also help keep their crews steadfast without too much aid (Ld10 Celestians). It's definitely a good upgrade if you are lacking Veterans in your squads and take transports such as the Immolator.
  • Hunter-killer Missile - The hunter-killers are a single shot weapon that can be rigged to all of your vehicles. It's a little more expensive than the average price across imperial armies, but not too bad. In a small game, they're useful as a quick punch from one of your otherwise, weaponless transports. However, I tend to not really like them. I feel if they were cheaper, they'd be worth taking more often, especially for the Adepta Sororitas, but as it is they're generally best taken in small amounts if any. If some are taken, I would take them on Rhinos that are already cheap and probably going to be destroyed. It's an easy first turn punch to either silence a dreadnought or enemy transport with relatively good odds.
  • Laud Hailer - This Adepta Sororitas-only upgrade is the Sister's way of making tank shocks better. This of course is best used on the Immolator, which can tank shock and spew twin heavy flamers on hapless foes. I generally do not take this upgrade though as its price is not as effective as its ability. I would save my points regarding this, but if modeled, it is very rich in character and theme to take it.
  • Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter - The extra storm bolter is actually quite useful on some vehicles. I don't tend to use it at all on Rhinos or Immolators, but it is a very useful upgrade for the Exorcist. The reason it's worth while is because once the Exorcist loses its primary weapon and takes further armament damages, it will be immobilized and destroyed much faster. Having the storm bolter will give it an extra chance to keep doing something in the game before being written off as a casualty should it lose it's missile launcher.
  • Searchlight - Not much needs to be said of the searchlight as its quite self explanatory. However, I will say that it is always worth having one on your Exorcist (or Immolator should you have upgraded its weapons).
  • Smoke Launchers - Again, this item is very self explanatory. Take Smoke Launchers on any vehicle that will be moving more than 6 inches per turn if able-such as rhinos. It is also useful on the Immolator since the first movement may not be in range for firing (typically not). It helps keep the vehicle alive to reach that target, or at least protect its contents for an extra turn. It is generally always a good upgrade to have.

Acts of Faith

Acts of Faith are unique powers that could almost be considered something very similar to psychic powers, but they of course are not just that. Instead, they are miracles granted by the Emperor himself to his faithful warriors. These small miracles can be game altering and battle winning as they're meant to turn the tides against the enemy when they least expect it.

Hand of the Emperor

This power is only useful in the combat phase and is best used when you have a high model count to ensure that you pass the Tests of Faith. The best times to use this Faith are against tough enemies that are already going to strike before you do in combat-meaning it's a good idea to use it against foes such as Space Marines, Chaos, etc. It is not that great to use against slower or equal enemies. It is also useful for a final round against a vehicle with low armor, such as Sentinels or Killer Kans.

Divine Guidance

This is one of the most powerful and popular to use Faiths. Divine Guidance rips through the most powerful of armor with ease with the humble bolter and the torturing flamer. This power is best used when there are a high number of dice being rolled, such as with multiple flamers and many rapid firing bolters. It is also a good Faith to surprise an opponent with, because they may not expect a squad with "just bolters" to be able to mow down their fresh squad of Terminators by piercing right through their armor. This power goes well with Imagifers too because when testing for this power, even in small squads, it can still have a good effect both for shooting and in combat. Just remember that the more dice you roll, the better chance you'll cause more damage using large squads with several shots per model where possible.

The Passion

The Passion is an under-used Faith, but very effective at times. This power is only useful in the combat phase, but it can really help against the small tough units that you may have a chance to overwhelm before they strike you down. This faith is best used against small groups of tough models or large groups of fast models. However, this Faith is only reliable in smaller squads so it may be reserved for more potent attackers, such as Celestians. The Passion, when used by Celestians, can effectively supply us with Sisters who have Initiative 6 and always hit on a 3+. This power will allow a charging squad of girls a really good chance to inflict a good amount of damage before they start to take damage back. It's a very good way to surprise a fast enemy who has low armor (such as Banshees) by going first and killing them before they got a chance to slaughter you.

Light of the Emperor

This test is quite useful to remove a pesky pinning result or regrouping instead of falling back off of a board edge to keep a unit alive. This Faith does not receive much attention, but do not forget that you have access to it and that it works well on units that are already on the small side due to casualty. A large pack of Fearless sisters can hold up an enemy for quite a long time!

Spirit of the Martyr

The Martyr is the Faith of the sisters that ends all Faiths. Your enemies will cry when they see you using this power. It is best used on small squads, or any squad with an Imagifer included helping pass the Test of Faith easily. This power makes sisters quite resilient against even the most potent attack. Marines can only wish they could shrug off an ordinance blast like this power will allow the girls too. This power can change the tides of a battle against powerful assault enemies as well as low AP surprises, such as summoned daemons, terminators or plasma kill squads. This power will allow you to absorb the worst of damage and it almost more widely used on a Cannoness for her ability to have a 2+ invulnerable save.

The Adversaries of the Witch Hunters

Much like the brother Inquisitorial codex, Daemon Hunters, the Witch Hunters will allow you to give your opponent the options to include many units in their army (with a few minor restrictions) to allow a more character rich game for the Witch Hunters to be facing-after all they are geared to kill the Witch and the Mutant, so that's what our opponents are allowed to take as extras.
One note is that some of these optional adversaries are incredibly powerful. The opponent may add powers or units to their existing army, or build units from your codex to include in his war against you. This includes a couple of HQ units and some Troop units, who all are either psykers or traitors or mutants to make a rich experience for both sides. Keep in mind that these units generally do not take up the maximum number of slots on the force organizational chart you're your opponent, to aid in making the taking of these options more attractive! Some of these options are attractive because they are quite powerful, such as the Apostate Cardinal and his retinue of Pontifex Guard as well as.
Should you have wondered what the odd missionaries and preacher models were that came out with the Witch Hunters, but has no rules or place for them, this is exactly where they were meant to be found. These models include: Redemptor Kyrinov and Uriah Jacobus. These models make excellent Adversaries for the Witch Hunters to include in your opponent's force when fighting you--if they use these rules.


I hope this "Know Thy Self" guide has helped you to have a better feel for your codex and your army and maybe even rediscover your army should it be an old passion. Also, remember that this guide is simply meant to touch on the options of the codex, not build a successful army or discourage the use of certain options. Feel free to add comments or updates or suggestions and fixes as this is meant to be a tool for us all!
Suffer Not the Witch to Live.

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