Catachans Verses Lost and the Damned Rematch

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The rematch, well after last weeks battle the lost and the damned player  wanted a rematch. Seeing how I was fine-tuning my list I thought I  would try a different set up. Basically I had this ideal of dedicating  platoon to a specific purpose. Platoon uno is my moving platoon with  heavybolters as their covering long-range unit. I put a couple of  flamers and a p-fist so I could deal with horde armies as well as some  3+. Platoon Dos has the same ideal in mind; two moving sqds. supported  by autocannons, that should handle any low armor vehicles that might  come my way, also the plasma gun for the same reason. Platoon tres is  entirely static but, I fielded minimum numbers so that I would bog down  too many lasguns. I had to make some last minute changes for the  battle because I was over point wise so I took out meltaguns from both  the vet patrol and the devils (big mistake!). As you can see my  opponent also made some big changes by adding 2 more obliterators, and  adding heavy bolters to his basic traitor units. He tossed the chim  from last battle and two sentinels and IMO came up with a really great  and balanced list.

Conejo could not believe the report his  veteran patrol had relayed to him. The traitor known as Varak one of  Lord Von Strasburg's militia leaders has been located and not to far  from Conejo location. According to the report Varak had a sizable  force three clicks north near an ancient ruin. Conejo promptly radioed  Colonel Guzman who at that time was leading lighting raids in sector 5;  Guzman delegated the decision for a strike up to Captain Conejo, but  voiced his opinion that not enough intelligence had been gathered for a  proper plan of attack. Caution was not in Conejo vocabulary, he knew  that if he did not strike know he might never get his chance to kill  the arch heretic. He called his platoon Lieutenants to go over a plan  for attack.

The Lists

Catachan 909th


Capitan Conejo (4) DWV + Flamer


Platoon Uno

Lt. Suarez

Uno 1: Veterano w/ P fist, Flamer 10 DVW

Uno 2: Flamer 10 DWV

DWV Fire Support x3 Heavybolters

Platoon Dos

Lt. Del Carbon w/ p-weapon

Dos 1: Plasma gun 10 DWV

Dos 2: Flamer 10 DWV

DWV Fire Support x3 Autocannons

Platoon Tres

Tres 1: Missile Launcher 6 DWV

Tres 2: Missile Launcher 6 DWV

Tres 3: Missile Launcher 6 DWV

Tres 4: Missile Launcher 6 DWV

Fast Attack

Veteran Patrol: Vet sarg w/P-fist 5 Vets.


Devils sqd. Vet sarg w/P-fist 4 Devils

People's Army of Lord Von Strasburg


Arch-Heretic Varak p-weapon

Traitor Guard x 16 Heavybolter, Plasma gun

Traitor Guard x 10 Flamer vet/w P-fist


x3 Obliterators

x8 Bloodletters

Heavy Support


Fast Attack

x1 Sentinel multilaser, armored crew

Cats won turn but lost deployment priority.

Catachan 909th Turn One

Movement,  Platoon Uno 1 and 2 moved through the ruins, Platoon Dos 1 and 2 moved  through the river hugging the banks desperately looking for some  cover. The HQ followed Platoon Uno into the ruins. Shooting went  bad. Tres 1: Tres 1 failed LD test and had to shoot at the sentinel  blowing it pieces the explosion also caught traitor sqd 3 in the blast  killing 3. The other missile launchers shot at the defiler but either  missed or the projectile bounced off the beast's armor. (bleh L) The  Heavy Bolters fired at Traitor sqd. 1 but was ½ inch short. The  autocannons fired at the Defiler but once again did nadda.

People's Army Turn 1

Movement:  Traitor guard 3 moved towards the small patch of woods that Tres 1 and  2 were dug in at. Shooting phase: Defiler hucks a pie plate and nails  the auto cannons killing four plus 2 from tres 3. The obliterators  form heavy bolters and shoot at uno 1 killing only 1! Gotta love cover  saves! Traitor 3 Rapid fires the flashlights at tres 1 kills 2. They  pass LD test as well as tres 3 but the autocannons run like girly men  off the table. No combat.

Catachan 909th Turn 2

Movement:  Uno 1 and 2 continue to hug the ravine Dos 1 and two move through the  ruins an long with the HQ the heavybolters reposition closer. I decide  to reveal the Vet Patrol in fire range of Traitor 3. Shooting: all  missile launchers miss the defiler save for trusty tres 1 who only  shake the beast (which of course he can ignore)

Vet patrol fires flashlights killing 2 traitors who then run for the hills! No combat.

People's Army Turn 2:

Movement:  The towering defiler moves forward, while the hellhound kicks into high  gear only to crash in to a hill. The Arch-traitor summons the blood  letters who appear in a small patch of woods not far from uno 1 and 2.  Traitor 3 fails another LD test and run further away. Shooting  Obliterators stay on target and rain a hail bolter shells on uno 1  killing 3. The defiler decides to help out the obliterators and fires  on the same sqd. killing another 3. They run like cowards.


[Catachans slog through the ruins ready the main battle line for a mid-range flashlight fight!]

Catachan 909th Turn 3

With  most of my sqds in decent firing position I opt to stay put, save for  Uno 2 who move closer to the Bloodletters then I reveal the Devils sqd  in the small patch off woods where the bloodletters are. Shooting:  Heavybolters now have a target the bloodletters, they fire and kill 1.  Uno 2 Rapid fires and hits with the flamer killing 2 bloodletters. The  vet patrol contines to fire at the fleeing traitors killing another  one. Then the devils rush into combat with the bloodletters. Although  2 Devils die the sarg smashes 2 with his p-fist!


[Gosh it's dark in here good thing we have standard issue flashlights!]

People's Army Turn 3

Traitor  3 rallies. Movement: Arch-Heretic Varak moves into the woods where  the ensuing battle between the devils and bloodletters are.  Shooting: Obliterators continue the skeet shoot at the adavancing  Catachans this time it was Uno 2 that was half inch shy of the small  patch of woods that the devils were in. One man fell. Traitor 1 could  only see the platoon Lt. of Uno and shot him down. Traitor 2 decided  to support the obliterators and fired on Uno 2 killing 4 more, and then  the run. The defiler chucks a pie plate into the ruins killing only 1  guy from Dos 2.

Then Varak moves into the combat to help the  bloodletters, he finishes off the devils and sweeps twards the ruins.  The bloodletters roll badly and are forced back into the woods.

Catachan 909th Turn 4:

Whelp  I'm in trouble, I can't down the defiler my beloved cats are between  heavybolters and traitor flashlights. But I have 2 units in firing  range of the traitors. Movement: I move the heavybolters away from  the obliterators. The vetpatrol moves out and hugs the hill for some  much need cover saves. Uno 2 continues to run after a failed LD test.  Shooting: Missiles continue to bounce off the Defiler, Platoon Dos 1  takes a chance and targets the Defiler with a plasmagun shot instead of  shooting the traitors, and still nadda. Dos 2 targets traitor 2  killing one. No combat. (I shake my head in disbelief as the traitors  turn begins.)

People's Army Turn 4

Movement: Varak  moves towards the ruins, everyone else digs in. Shooting: Obliterators  now concentrate fire on Dos 2 in the ruins killing 1. Traitor 2  catches the vet patrol trying to blitz and they kill 4! The Defiler  finally misses and kills nadda. Varak charges Dos 1 killing 2 with  P-weapon but the cats hit back wounding the heretic. Cats pass LD test  and mob up.

Catachan 909th Turn 5

HQ moves in to support  Dos 1, Heavy bolters move for a final shot. Shooting: Missiles once  again bounce off the defiler. Platoon Dos 2 fires on Traitor 2 nadda.  OMG can it get any worse? Combat 2 more cats fall to Varak but Dos 1  finishes him off. The sweep towards the traitors.

People's Army Turn 5

Movement:  Bloodlettersmoved towards Dos 1. Shooting: Traitor 2 kills one of the  HQ retinue. The hellhound decides to join in all the fun, and burns  another 2 of the HQ. Obliterators stay on target and kill 2 from Dos 2  with their arms stuck in Heavybolter mode. The Defiler fires again in  the ruins but only nicks one cat and fails to pen! LOL. J

Catachan 909th Final Turn

Movement  Dos 1 moves within rapid fire range of the bloodletters. Shooting:  Tres 1,2,3, miss the defiler but Tres 4 hits and it explodes! The  heavy Bolters finish off Traitor 3 and Dos 2 nails 2 men out of traitor  2. Dos 1 take their aim at the remaining bloodletters (2 of them) they  hit with both plasmaguns shots and penetrate….but they make their  invulnerable! (Whaaaa?)

People's Army Final Turn

Hellhound  fires and burns Tres 4 killing all of them (revenge!) lasguns fail to  kill any of the cats in the ruins. Bloodletters charge Dos1 and fail  to kill any of them, the cats do their best but also fail to kill any  of them.

Cats: 538pts.

Lost and the Damned: 755pts.

Major Win for the People's Army!


Whelp I lost, but it was a fun game to be a part of. Looking back, I  really like my opponent's list and did not like mine. Changing his  sentinels in for oblits was a very nice adjustment. Also adding  heaybolters to his basic units was a nice addition as well. He also  played a very defensive game, and let me come towards him. Which is  very difficult for a footslogging army. Also I had problems this time  downing his defiler (took me six turns) which kept me pinned in the  ruins. Losing my lucky autocannons 2nd turn hurt. Even with all that  went wrong, list, dice rolls, ect. I still think a few minor tweaks and  I will have this army in competitive shape. I refuse to shelf this army.

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