Catachans Verses Lost and the Damned

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Guzman gazed at the clearing in the jungle. The People's Army of Lord  Von Strasburg amassed on the other side. Conejo lit his LHO stick,  inhaled then blue smoke billowed from his nostrils. "Traitorous dogs,"  Conejo spat "they wish to draw us out and fight on their terms. This  is a trap, Guzman, a trap I tell you.""Have faith my friend, the  light of the Emperor and the saints have blessed us this day, for today  we fight. Ready the men for battle my friend!"

The Lists

Ok, critics before you go all tear this list a new one I want the following noted for the record:This a trial tourney list,  the basic ideal of the list is play static but have a pretty good  counter charge. I went missile launcher crazy because I tend to think  in a tourney your gonna run into some heavy armor. I also have 2  ambushing sqds. If I run into another static player.

Catachan 909th


Colonel Fuser Guzman, Pfist, Crimson Medallion, Refractor Field.X4 DWV's CCW Definition: Close Combat Weapon1 Flamer


Platoon UnoCaptain Conjeo Stormbolter P-weaponDWV (10) Sqd 1 – Flamer, Vet Sarg P fistDWV (10) Sqd 2 – Missile LauncherDWVFS x3 Teams AutocannonsPlatoon DosLt. W/ P-weaponDVW (10) sqd 1 – Plasma GunDWV (10) sqd. 2 – Missile LauncherDWVFS x 3 teams – Heavy BoltersPlatoon TresLt.DWV (10) sqd.1- Missile LauncherDWV (10) sqd.2 – Missile Launcher


X5 Devils Veteran Sarg P-fist

Fast Attack

X5 Vet Patrol, Vet w/P-fist 1 flamerTotal pts. 1247

Lost and the Damned (estimate, never played L&TD or read any lists)


Arch Heritic with plasma pistol10x Traitor Guards 1 flamer w/Chimera Transport multilaser, HB


18 Traitors w/ Aspiring Champion18 Traitors w/ Aspiring Champion


X6 BloodlettersHeavy SupportDefilerX1 Obliterator

Fast Attack

HellhoundX3 Sentinels w/MultilaserGallery image

Lost and the Damned Turn 1

The  sentinel sqd. used its free move to get in firing position along side  the river. On the other side of the field the chimera moved along side  the tree line out of sight from the Catachan missile launchers on the  other side. The Hellhound moved the edge of the woods tracking the  infiltrating Guzman and his retinue. The rest of the army took a  defensive stance. In the shooting phase the sentinel sqd fell two  Catachan solders from 1st platoon 2nd sqd. The obliterator formed a  heavy bolter and killed a guardsman. The defiler's pie plate smacked 5  guardsmen, but thanks to cover saves only two died. The hellhound shot  its inferno cannon at the only 2 guardsmen it could see hiding in the  woods; they were consumed in a fiery blast. The chimera shots both  mutilaser and heavy bolter and killed but one Catachan. No combat.

Catachan 909th Turn 1

Guzman  and the surviving retinue move through the woods towards a sqd of  traitor guard. Infantry 1 or Platoon 1 moved into rapid fire position  towards an adjacent sqd of traitor guard. Infantry 2 of platoon 2  moved up the hill towards the chimera. In shooting sqd 1 and 2 of  platoon 3 failed ld checks to shoot at the defiler and had to target  the sentinels. One sentinel was destroyed and the other lost it's  multilaser. 2 sqd of first platoon also had a shot on the defiler and  like platoon 3 failed an ld test and shot at the sentinel sqd blowing  up the undamaged one. However the autocannons passed their ld test and  could actually shoot at the pie chucking defiler. They struck true and  destroyed it! Guzman fired at the traitor guardsman and he and his men  killed 3. But sqd.1 of platoon shot the full fury of their standard  issue flashlights and only killed a traitor. After that Guzman and his  men charged into combat killing 5men, who stood fast and mobbed around  the HQ.

Lost and the Damned Turn 2

With a sqd in combat,  the sentinels down and the defiler out of commission, the traitors were  on the defensive. The chimera moved forward, the hellhound  repositioned for a shot on sqd 1 of platoon 1 that were moving through  the woods. In shooting phase continued to shoot the same sqd it fired  on last turn killing yet another man. The sqd of traitors not in  combat with Guzman fired at sqd 1 of platoon 1 and killed 2. The  hellhound unleashed the inferno cannon on sqd 1 of platoon 1 burning  all eight of them (ouch! the pain it burns..) The advancing chim  nailed 2 more Catachan men. Combat phase Guzman killed 4 more  traitors, but lost 1 of his own.

Catachan 909th Turn 2

2nd  sqd of platoon 2 continued to move up the hill towards the advancing  chim. The rest of the army looked for prime targets to take out at  range. 2nd sqd of platoon 2 fired it missile at the advancing chimera  destroying it and killing 2 troopers inside. The autocannons finished  the sentinels sqd. The heavy bolters took one traitor down. The rest  of the sqds took aim at the hellhound but did nothing to it. Hand-to-hand came to a draw Guzman killing 2 men the champion attached  to the traitor guard unit finally killing 2. Guzman was alone in  combat.

Lost and the Damned Turn 3

The pinned sqd of the  downed chim rolled for summoning (after the game we looked up the rule  and concluded that this should not have been possible.) Traitors got  the roll and the bloodletters landed close to Guzman. They promptly  moved in for the kill. The obliterator lumbered forward. The  obliterator shot it's heavy bolter and killed 2. The bloodletters  charged into combat with Guzman, Guzman did not last long... blood for the  blood god. The bloodletters swept along side the woods.

Catachan 909th Turn 3

Fearing  the worst, Conejo moved with 2nd sqd of platoon 1 to engaged the  bloodletters. Cats revealed the first of 2 ambushes, the Devil's Sqd  emerged next the bloodletters. The autocannons moved to the top the  hill and the heavy bolters moved up for a better firing position. The  missile launchers continued to fire on the hellhound and managed to  stun it for a turn. 2nd sqd of platoon 2 fired it flashlights at the  bloodletters killing one. The devils fired as well but killed nothing. Conejo fired at the pinned traitors killing 2 who in turn failed a ld  test then retreated. The devils in an attempt to slow the advance of  the blootletters charged into combat with them. Whelp, not so much as  the bloodletters cleaved all five devils into pieces.

Lost and the Damn Turn 4

Gaining  momentum the bloodletters moved towards sqd 2 of platoon 2 all that  stood in their way was a hill. The fleeing traitors regrouped. The  Obliterator fires on the heavy bolters killing 2 forcing an ld test. They fail and run off the table. Then the Bloodletters attempted to  charge but rolled bad on a difficult terrain test.

Catachan 909th Turn 4

The vet patrol sqd reveals itself. They fire and kill one bloodletter. Sqd 2 of platoon 2 took aim and killed one more bloodletter, but sadly  the plasma gunner dies in a tragic overheating incident. Another one  of the demon falls to a crack missile. While the autocannons in there  new position see the recently regrouped chim sqd, and after passing an  ld test they fire and kill them all. Meanwhile on the other side of  the battle the hellhound takes some serious fire but manages to bounce  off each missile! Finally the vet patrol charges the remaining  bloodletters, veteran sgt. Solis armed with his P-fist kills the  remaining demons, but in the action one of the vet patrol is killed. They sweep back into the woods.

Lost and the Damned Turn 5

In  a strategic move, the hellhound moved behind the woods keeping safe  from all the missile launchers. The two traitor guard sqd move into  the woods to engage the vet patrol but do a lousy difficult terrain  roll the move only an inch into the woods. The lone obliterator takes  aim at a new target the autocannons and kills 2 loaders. They pass  their ld test.

Catachan 909th Turn 5

The vet patrol  moves deeper into the woods to engage both traitors sqds. 2nd sqd of  2nd platoon is not far behind. All remaining units fire both missiles  and flashlights at the lone obliterator but tragically do nadda. The  vet patrol kills one traitor with a meltagun then rushes in. In combat  one vet dies while one traitor sqd is wiped out a total of three dead. The last of the traitors sqds pass the ld test and mob up with the vet  patrol.

Lost and the Damned Final Turn

Fearing a close  and tight final score, the People's army of Von Strasburg use some  point shaving techniques by keeping the hellhound out of LOS. The  obliterator fires once again at the autocannons killing 2 more, but  once again they stand fast. In combat the chaos champion cleaves the  remaining vet patrol members! They display cowardly cunning and sweep  out of the woods away from 2nd sqd 2nd platoon. (Dirty Dogs!)

Catachan 909th Final Turn

2nd  sqd. 2nd platoon pursue the remaining traitors and get within rapid  fire range. But a dust storm hits the battlefield and gets dirt and  shrapnel into the eyes off the units! For in shooting phase every shot  is missed. Four crack missiles somehow missed the obliterator along  with every flashlight in range also doing the same! Save for trusty  2nd sqd of 2nd platoon that rapid fire into the last of the traitors  killing 2.


Catachan 909th: 823pts.People's Army of Von Strasburg: 682 pts.Result: Marginal victory for the Catachans!Ok, now that I look back at the battle I was fairly lucky. The list istoo static and it lacks the counter charge punch that I would need to do well against  multiple types of armies. So it's back to the drawing board with me. My old lists usually I filed my trusty bone'eads as my counter punch  and I usually put a guy via honorifica with one of the ambushing sqds. this time I stripped every thing down to put up some numbers and  fielded some anti-armor. I need to play with the numbers and find a  healthy medium between the two schools of thought. That is not to say  I did not make tactical mistakes, I made plenty. Charging the Devil's  into the bloodletters was costly and did not stall their movement at  all. Also charging 2 traitor guards units with the vet patrol also a  rash move that got my men killed. I have to time the ambushes better  since they are a key component to my force.

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