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Below are the forum rules, please make sure that you have read the rules before posting and please check back here every few months to check for any updates to the rules. If the rule being broken is blatently against the law, please use the "Flag for Mod (Good or Bad)" feature which can be found on every post. If you find someone breaking these rules, but the post doesn't warrant use of the "Report to mod" feature, please send a personal message to any of the following staff members:

Greymatter, Farseer Tyross, Arguleon-veq, Del,[mace], Farseer Restayvien, Wargamer, Khanaris, Yriel, IVEATCH

Posting of Copyrighted Information
Games Workshop spends huge amounts of money to produce rules and fluff for our enjoyment. As such Games Workshop doesn't want their copyrighted material posted on these forums and so posting of copyrighted rules, stat lines, fluff etc is prohibited. To see Games Workshop's official line on this, please read their Intellectua l Property policy. Games Workshop also applies the Berne Convention to particular situations, and so please refer to that (or this shortened version) if you want a larger understandi ng of what you can and cannot post on these forums.

Grammar and Spam
Please don't spam in these forums and remember to post in the correct areas for your posts. If you are not sure as to where you post should be posted PM any of the staff members listed above for help.

For those who aren't sure, spam, or spamming, is the art of making useless, pointless posts to raise post counts. Please remember that post counts are not a status symbol of any kind, a post count is simply a number. That is all it is. Please don't feel the need to make short, useless posts to increase your post count- it may result in your post count being reset.

The language spoken on these forums is English. Not 'leet' or chat-room English, simply proper, grammatical ly-correct English. Please make every effort to include good spelling, punctuation and grammar in your posts. Moderators may PM you with a friendly warning to ask you to make your grammar better. If a member ignores the friendly warnings, editing of posts with poor grammar may take place, and you may also be smote.

Swearing is not permitted here. This extends to all swear words not just some of the 'worse' swear words. There isn't an age limit on members who can register here and as such there are young members here. Also please don't censor swearing- simply don't do it.

Introduce Yourself Forum
The introduce yourself forum is a great way to let people know that you exist- When you have just registered, feel free to make a thread there. However, from time to time some introductio n topics get dragged off-topic. If you're replying to a new member's thread in the board, feel free to welcome them, although please don't drag the thread too off-topic.

Only advertise in your signature. Starting new topics or posts solely to advertise another website, 40K or not, is against the rules. Advertising in posts is only allowed if it's germane to the post. Advertising via linking to other websites, or by advertising goods being sold on things like Ebay, Amazon etc are what this rule talks about.

When advertising in your signature, you may not use any misleading links - the link must fully describe where the user will end up. For example you cannot have a link which says "Click here for free money" which then ends up taking the person to a "Join my army" type site etc. Links must be clear.

The use of derogatory jokes, remarks and comments are strictly not allowed. Negative remarks regarding race, sexual orientation or other such prejudices are covered by this rule.

Flame wars (Heated-arguments between two or more members) are not permitted under any circumstanc e. This is a friendly community and it will stay that way.

Posting of information, or links to, warez, pornography, information of pirated software, hacking or discussing anything illegal is not allowed and you may be banned outright for posting such things. The list at the start of this paragraph is just a guide to what you can't post; please view Tau Online's host's Terms of Service for further information about prohibited content.

Please don't bump up old threads - if they're over a month old (for example, although that timing isn't set in stone) then it's generally frowned upon to bump up the thread - we call this 'necromancy'. Only do this if you have something really very useful to add to the thread Smiley

General Rules
Only one account per member is allowed. If you have forgotten your password there is a forgotten password feature that you can use. If you want to change your nickname displayed, you can do so by editing the "Name" field in this page of your profile settings.

Although we have a PM, or personal message feature, the rules of this forum still applies to PMs. You are not allowed to flame people via PM, or advertise your site etc. Please use the "Report to Admin" feature of PMs to report anyone breaking the forum rules via PM.

Punishment System - Updated 15th of March
We have a number of punishments which we may issue to members, ranging from nothing more then a rap on the knuckles to bans which stop you using the forums.

Our four main punishments are:

Issue a Mod Warning
These are a relatively recent addition to the forums. These can be issued by any mod at any time for any offence and vary in severity depending upon what happened and potentially why.

The warnings themselves range from 0% (an unwarned, innocent member) to 100% (pretty much a full ban). It is important to note that should you reach certain levels, certain permissions will become restricted.

For example, should you get a 50% warning level, your posts will become "moderated". This means that a mod(s) will have to approve your posts before they get seen by the public. This is to ensure that only the good posts are seen and that anything bad gets removed without causing further grief for anyone.

Another thing we have recently introduced is another penalty. Should you reach 30% warning level, access to the Enclave will be disabled until your warning level drops below 30%.

At 75% warning level, you will be unable to post at all and at 100%, we will generally ban you (it isn't an automatic ban though and we may decide to let you stay if you show improvement).

Another point to remember about the warning levels is that they do go down over time. For each day, the warning level decreases by 1%. So if you get a 50% warning, you'll only be on post moderation for a single day (as by then you'll be on 49% and not on post moderation). Also bear in mind that they are also accumulativ e as well, you can be warned multiple times over a few days and the effects will stack up. For example, if you get 4 15% warnings over a few days for minor offenses, the total would be around 60% and therefore you would be on post moderation for around 10 days.

If your ever unsure of if you've been warned (or why) or your present level of warning, contact one of the mods or staff and we will help.

Negative Karma
This punishment is permanent and is usually only given when a serious breach of forum rules happens. For example, you would expect a smite if you openly flamed another member, or you knowingly posted copyrighted material (see above). See the Karma system for more details.

It is also important to note that if you hit 25 either way (negative or positive), other things will happen. For example, if you hit +25 karma you'll get a user-changable custom title, if you hit -25 you'll be permanently banned. So be warned Wink.

Official Warnings
These are pretty serious affairs, certainly more serious then a smite. Should you receive an official warning, you will be told about this via PM and also have something put in your custom title like "Warning: Member has flamed" or "Final Warning: Posting copyright material".

You will only get three official warnings before you get permanent banned (usually self explanatory in the warning itself, "Warning", "2nd Warning" and "Final Warning" indicated which level you have.

Forum Ban
These range from permant bans where you are unable to do anything on the forums, including log in, view the forums or may be more limited in scope such as not allowed to register new accounts (in the case of spam bots). These may also be temporary or permant and can range from a few days up until forever.

This is the last resort for most issues.

Please note that this system isn't written in stone, for example, you might go straight to a Warning 2 for some offences and for others you may be banned outright.

Got a Problem/Question?

If you have a problem or a question about anything, or you feel that you've been dealt with unfairly by a mod, bring it up with the mod in question politely first. If you still feel they've been unfair, bring it up with someone higher in the forums, like a global moderator or Admin to have a look. They'll give you a fair hearing and check into things. It may be the case that they find what the mod was indeed fair and do their best to explain things better. If not, then they'll correct it for you.

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