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Necron Tactica
In this tactica I will go over two of the main parts of playing a Necron force first, phase out and WBB rolls.  After that it's on to each model of the Necron army.  I'm not going to go into stragety much, as that is another tactica in itself, and already is covered in a good bit of detail.

Phase Out
Alot of questions are asked about this, so here is a general overview.  Some models in the Necron army count as Necrons, while others do not.  While this may seem strange at first glance, it is easy to understand.  When the Necrons reach a point to where they have lost 75% or their Necron models, it causes an automatic loss on the part of the Necron player, as the rest of his models disappear to be fixed and made ready to fight once again.  The models that count as Necrons are  the Necron Lord, Immortals, Flayed Ones, Warriors, Wraiths, Destroyers, and Heavy Destroyers.  This leaves out Pariahs, Scarab Swarms, and Tomb Spyders.  Now phase out is checked for right after all WBB rolls have been attempted.  This is right at the start of the turn, and if you teleport models to your Monolith to re-attempt their rolls they may attempt a second time if they failed the first time, or attempt if they were unable to otherwise (see below).  I think thats about it.

We'll Be Back
This is the ability that makes the Necron army the Necron army.  This allows any model that is a Necron, the ones mentioned above, to attempt to rise again after they die.  At the start of each of your turns, you attempt this roll.  You get to attempt it unless one of 4 things have happened, which are listed below.

-It was killed by a weapon with twice the strength of the toughness of the model killed.
-It was killed by a power weapon in close combat.
-It was killed by a Sweeping Advance.
-The entire squad is wiped out and there is no model of the same type within 6" of it.

There is one way to override 3 of these, and that is the resurrection orb, which is a piece of wargear the Necron Lord can take.  It will be discussed in a little bit Smiley

The wargear is what can be taken solely by the Necron Lord, except for Disruption fields.  That is the one piece of equipment anyone else can take.  i will give a overview of each one, but I cannot put exctally what it does due to copyright laws Smiley

Chronometeron - This piece of equipment is usefull only when your Lord will see combat.  It is a blessing and can help you greatly, especally when if you happen to fall back inside of rapid fire range.  If I configure my Lord for CC i usually take this.

Disruption Field - This is useful for anything that might could be used for tank hunting, or if you give it to your warriors when they reach any vehicle they give a nasty surprise.  Too expensive to take on every model that can have it by far, but if you have some extra points to spend it is more useful than not.

Destroyer Body - Give the Lord a destroyers body, thus making him a jetbike.  Extra movement and higher toughness are the benifits, but it does come at a price.  If you are fielding an in your face Necron army then it is useful, otherwise you might want to spend the points elsewhere.

Gaze of Flame - Again, this is something for a CC oriented Lord, not really for every Lord.  It's not a stellar piece of equipment, but it can save you some headace as more of your models would survive that first round of combat.

Lightning Field - I view this as another mediocre piece of equipment, it is just too weak to justify what it costs, with the exception of armies with low toughness.

Nightmare Shroud - Forced leadership checks.  I never use it , because it's just too expensive for what you get.  If you happen to combine it with other things, such as pariahs, then it would be useful seeing as they would have a lower leadership Smiley

Phase Shifter - Kind of expensive, but also make for a more survivable Lord.  I take it, again, if I plan to use my Lord for CC or want to ensure he can attempt his save.  Otherwise you can just hide your Lord among your other units and keep him safe.

Phylactery - This is kind of like a glorified bionics, seeing as it only has an effect at 5+.

Resurrection Orb - Now this is something I always take on my Lord, because it it cancels out 3 of the 4 ways to prevent a WBB roll to the Lord carrying it as well as the Necrons that are within 6" of it.  This always has a use in any Necron army, and most lists you see will have a Necron Lord takeing one.

Solar Pulse - At first glance, I didn't thin much of this piece of wargear.  It does help a little to keep your Lord hidden, but really it,s not worth what it costs. In my experience, your opponet will achieve the distance he needs to see you, because the base is 9 inches.  I wouldn't recommend it unless you are playing under Night Fight rules.

Veil of Darkness - Last but not least, the piece of wargear that turns your Lord into a type of transport.  The 3 drawbacks to this which are it's cost,how much you scatter, and you may only teleport a squad of Necrons with your Lord.  Considering that you land via deepstrike rules, you scatter by the same rules.  If you are not careful, or if you get unlucky rolls, you can lose the whole unit or the Lord, or both.  That is alot of points lost in one whim.  I take one, and I use it to pull my models out of CC and get a unit to where they can werck havoc on enemy lines.

Necron Lord
This is the really customisable part of the army, no other unit can have wargear other than disruption field. It is equipped with a Staff of Light as standard, which is a nice little marine killer in both combat and ranged, but if you're up against something that has a really annoying invulnerable armour save then upgrading your Staff of Light to a warsythe is a good idea.  When designing an army, keep in mind that the base cost of the Necron Lord is 100 points, and then you add on wargear.  So it is always best to go easy on the wargear, and not turn your Lord into a pointsink. With that said you should leave a few points to spare for wargear for this guy, this will allow you to outfit him with gear that will complement your army.

One of these guys can be taken as a HQ slot, and are on the base level very powerfull and very expensive characters.  They are the Necron's gods, so you could expect no less.  There are 2 you get to choose from, the Nightbringer and the Deciever.  I know their statline is impressive, and they seem tough, but just rember what they cost and how many other models you oculd have gotten for one of these guys.

His statline is impressive, and he had a lascannon that shoots 2 feet.  On the other hand he can only move 6" a turn, and he is going to attract alot of fire.  Maybe that is a good thing, but nothing can block los for him short of very high terrain, so he can be almost always can be shot at, regardless of who is near him and how close they are.

Now here is an interesting and awesome model.  He costs less than the Nightbringer, has more unique abilities, and has nearly the same statline.  What I find most interesting about him is his ability Grand Illusion.  After all units are deployed, including infiltrators, you nominate a unit from your army and roll a D6.  Depending on how the roll goes, you can redeploy the unit and start the game or redeploy the unit and select another.  When you move their squads, you can move them according to the rules of the mission.  This can help if you had to deploy second, or just need to mix it up for a better setup.

Expensive.  Thats what came to my mind when I first saw them.  Really though for what you get they are not too shabby.  You're getting an ability that forces Leadership to 7, they cannot be pinned, they are fearless, their CC weapon wounds with no saves of any kind allowed, and they have the same gun as the immortal.  Whats the problem?  Well they are not necrons, so they do not get the WBB roll, only have one wound, may not be teleported via VoD or Monolith, and they are expensive.  These guys will serve you well when used aganist the right targets, in perfect conditions.  I don't see a use for them, and until they are made Necrons they will collect dust on my shelf.

These guys are like warriors, but have a much better gun as well as a higher toughness.  This costs you, however, 10 extra points as well.  These guys give good fire support, and also help add to the Necron model count, which in the end keeps you alive longer.

Flayed Ones
One of the two real CC units in the Necron army.  These guys cost as much as a warrior, count as Necrons, can infiltrate, deep strike, have no trouble moving through difficult terrain, and have a interesting ability called terrifying visage.  These guys make for some alright CC, since they can infiltrate, but some power weapons will leave them crying.  You need to pick out targets that are not going to be able to massacare you in CC, such as weak troops and the like.  Honestally I only take these guys if im playing an army that is weak in the CC area.  These guys tend to work best aganist army like Tau or IG.  More often than not you will see them cry aganist armies that like to carry power weapons, field alot of assault squads, or are just good in CC, like SMurfs or Tyranids.

The only choice you get for troops.  These guys are only allowed to be in squads of 10 or more models, and give you your best base aganist phase out.  THey are armed with a rapidfire weapon, so generally the best way to go is marching them toward the enemy.  These guys can hold their own in CC, but it's best if they are kept out of that.

Fast Attack:
These guys move like jetbikes, have an invunerable save, and have a high strength.  THey are more or less the terminators of the Necron army, without the power weapons.  I love to use them, and generally I do when playing higher point games.  Seeing as how they cost a little more than pariahs, and are still a one wound model, they require a little finesse to use.  You have to pick your victims, and you cannot be assaulted.  Although not many things would want to assault them, rember you can only make a 3+ so many times.  What I love about these guys is that they can move through anything as though it was not there.  One of your two CC options, they are strong and pretty resillant, and they count as Necrons.  Just rember given their squad size one dead can cause them to fall back.  I would field these guys aganist most armies, even orcs.  Aganist strong enemys such as termies though, expect to spend the rest of the game locked in CC, if you roll well.

These guys also move like jetbikes, count as Necrons, and have the best gun IMO.  Its got a high Str, and even though it is heavy they can fire it regardless of they move or not.  They are almost like a moving heavy support.  These guys do count as necrons, and are one of your best options to take out infintry.  Their gun will rip through most ranks of troops, and a squad of 5 can even take out tanks.  This power does not come cheap, as they cost more than wraiths do.  Not too much more expensive, but they do cost more.

Scarab Swarms
These guys are cheap multiwound models with low toughness.  They also count as jetbikes, and will get into CC quick.  These guys cost less than a warrior, making them the cheapest model in your army.  They do not count as Necrons though, and can be instakilled with most pie plate weapons.  So your best option is to get them into CC quick.  They can tie up a squad for almost, if not the whole, game.  So generally these guys can be a pain.  If you want them to be able to tank hunt give then disruption fields.  They still cost less than warriors and get 4 attacks on the charge.  They can be a scary thing, seeing as how they can take out a Lemun Russ battle tank.

Heavy Support:
Tomb Spyders
These guys are fearless, count as a Monstrous Creature an so follow the rules of such, can produce scarab swarms to help protect it, can be given a Staff of Light, and help Necron models regenrate.  They downfalls are they have extreamly low BS,Definition: Battle Sister or Ballistic Skill so if you shoot don't expect to hit much.  Generally I do not take them, seeing as their ability to help Necrons models repair is useless if you keep your models close enough.  THey have uses, but I find there are better ways to fill those roles =)

Heavy Destroyers
They are your only real anti-tank and anti-monstrous creature, count as jetbikes, and count as Necrons.  They are armed with a lascannon equivelent and have a higher BS Definition: Battle Sister or Ballistic Skillthan the guard.  If I take 3 they never fail to destroy a tank a turn.  The thing is they are the most expensive model in your army, so you have to use them wisely.  They can move and shoot, but if you leave them out in the open they will be knocked down more than likely.  I only advise them aganist tank heavy armies and godzilla Tyranid lists.

This is your only tank choice, which is also a skimmer, and it comes with a good bit of odd rules.  It plays a very important support role in your army, and is hard to kill.  It is by no means invincible, and will attract alot of fire.  Now on to the special rules.

-It is immune to any weapon that tries to lower it's armor value, and anything that gets to roll extra dice for AP no longer get to roll those extra dice.  It is immune to brightlance, melta weapons, and the like.  If you immobilize the Monolith, unlike other skimmers it does not get destroyed but simply floats down and sits there.
-It can teleport Necron models to it.
-If you choose to have Warrior squads start the battle in reserve, they will emerge from the Monolith's portal when you choose to have them arrive.  Mind you only one can arrive a turn, and if you fire it's large weapon or teleport units to it you cannot do this.
-The Monolith can deepstrike.  The turn it arrives it can have Warriors emerge from reserve to it's portal.  When the Monolith deepstrikes and lands on enemy models, it is not destroyed like normal.  The enemy models are actually moved around the Monolith!!  This makes for another great way to mess with your opponets setup, and when your Warriors arrive, if you have some in reserve, they can rapid fire their weapons into the troops nearby.

The Monolith has 2 weapons as well, and these weapons cannot be destroyed.  One of these is the particle whip, which is as powerful as a lascannon with less AP ability, and scatters per Ord. weapon rules.  It's second weapon is what I like to use.  It is the Gauss Flux Arc projectors.  These fire D6 shots to everything in range(I am pretty sure I cannot state that).  The only way to lower the number of shots is to get weapon destroyed results aganist the Monolith, which will lower the shots -1 for the rest of the game.  These are cumulative, so in theroy you can lower the number of shots to 0.

Ok well I hope this has helped you understand the Necron world a little bit better, and if there are any holes or maybe misinformation just PM me to bring it to my attention.

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