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Army IconUntitled [Primary]40k logoSpace Wolves27510

Untitled Army List

Section icon Headquarters Section icon

1 unit(s), 275 points, 1 model(s). 100% of points spent on this section.
Points Cost: 275
Model Count: 1
Painted: 1%
Modelled: 50%
Battles Fought: 1
Battles Survived: 0
Unit Toolbox

N/a (Logan Grimnar)

Wargear: Terminator Armour, The Axe of Morkai, Wolf tooth Necklace, Wolf Tail Talisman, Storm Bolter, The Belt of Russ, Saga of Majesty.

Other upgrades: And They Shall Know No Fear, Acute Senses, Counter-Attace, Eternal Warrior, Independent Character, Stubborn, Living Legend, The High King.

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