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Army IconAlaitoc [Primary]40k logoEldar13810

Alaitoc Army List

Section icon Elites Section icon

1 unit(s), 138 points, 6 model(s). 100% of points spent on this section.
Points Cost: 138
Model Count: 6
Painted: Yes
Modelled: 75%
Battles Fought: 50
Battles Survived: 35
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Shadow Stalkers (Striking Scorpions)

The exarch Shil'mon'ark hates Chaos. In numerous battles when he has finished the last enemy he looks around and sees how his comrades, his fellow scorpions, the ones that he was ment to protect were killed protecting him. But not just only that for the chaos hate us and so smash every soul stone they are near before they surcome to their wounds. Forever Cursing their souls to be tortured and eaten.

Number/Squad: 1 Exarch and 5 scorpions

Wargear: Exarch: Biting blade and Pistol, Scorpions: Scorpions chainsword, Pistol and Plasma grenades , all have Mandiblasters

Other upgrades: Stalk and Shadowstrike

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