-Army NameSystemCodexPointsUnitsComments
Army Icon2000 Black Templars Drop Force40k logoBlack Templars1,999130
Army Icon2000 Tau Army Suit Force [Primary]40k logoTau16210

2000 Tau Army Suit Force Army List

Section icon Headquarters Section icon

1 unit(s), 162 points, 1 model(s). 100% of points spent on this section.
Points Cost: 162
Model Count: 1
Painted: Yes
Modelled: Yes
Battles Fought: 0
Battles Survived: 0
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Shas'O Nan (Shas'o Commander)

Wargear: Fusion Blaster, Plasma gun, Shield Generator, Hard-wired Multi-tracker, Stim Injector, Iridium Armor

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