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Army IconRaven Guard [Primary]40k logoSpace Marines19510

Raven Guard Army List

Section icon Headquarters Section icon

1 unit(s), 195 points, 1 model(s). 100% of points spent on this section.
Points Cost: 195
Model Count: 1
Painted: Yes
Modelled: Yes
Battles Fought: 8
Battles Survived: 4
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Kayvaan Shrike (Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike)

The Shadow Captain of the Raven Guard 3rd Company, Shrike is renowned for his guerilla warfare mastery. He spent 2 years ambushing an Ork planet until reinforcements could arrive.

Wargear: Jump Pack, The Raven's Talons, Frag and Krak Grenades, Power Armor, Iron Halo, Bolt Pistol (apparently)

Other upgrades: Chapter Tactics: Any unit in an army containing Shrike exchanges Combat Tactics for Fleet

Transport: n/a

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