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Army IconTau Expiditonary Force [Primary]40k logoTau88720

Tau Expiditonary Force Army List

Section icon Headquarters Section icon

1 unit(s), 162 points, 3 model(s). 18.26% of points spent on this section.
Points Cost: 162
Model Count: 3
Painted: 20%
Modelled: 80%
Battles Fought: 0
Battles Survived: 0
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Shas'o Elun (Shas'o Commander)

Wargear: Bonding Knife; Hard-wired Drone Controller; Hard-wired Multi-tracker; Hard-wired Target Lock; Gun Drone; Missile Pod; Shield Drone; Plasma Rifle; Positional Relay

Section icon Miscellaneous Section icon

1 unit(s), 725 points, 1 model(s). 81.74% of points spent on this section.
Points Cost: 725
Model Count: 1
Painted: 20%
Modelled: 60%
Battles Fought: 2
Battles Survived: 2
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AX-1-0 (Tiger Shark)

Wargear: 2 x Burst Cannons; 6 x Seeker Missiles; Twin Linked Heavy Railguns; Twin Linked Missile Pod; Disruption Pod; Networked Markerlight; Targeting Array

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