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If you like this website, there are a couple of ways you can help us out if you wish. The ways you can help us out is by either submitting your work to be displayed on this website or by helping your fellow gamers in our forums. You'll quickly find we have a welcoming and thriving community right on your doorstep!


As with most sites, Tau Online started small and got larger. The reason for our growth is simple: user support. Nearly all articles found on this website have been submitted from gamers to this website. This site is kept running by user submissions, without them we wouldn't be a fraction of the site.

If you have a 40K/Hobby based article that is relevant to this website, then please consider submitting it to us. Just make sure you've read the hints/content below before sending away your submission:

Why write for Tau Online?

As said above, Tau Online grows due to user support. Without user submissions, we wouldn't be half the site we are now. Tau Online also gets at least 20,000 unique visitors monthly across the website and forums, meaning that your work will be seen by many.

Hints to remember when writing your submission

Below are a few hints to remember before sending off your submission:

  • Re-reading your article is vital if you want to eradicate mistakes. If you want to be sure you've caught as many mistakes as possible, also consider running your submission through a spell checker or getting someone else to read it.
  • Keep things short and to the point but include as much detail and information as needed. Try to keep the introduction short and snappy, and things to one idea per paragraph.
  • If possible, try putting the overall message at the top of the article and go into more detail below it. This helps because those who don't/can't read long articles easily can still get the basic message of the article easily.
  • Please don't plagiarise. The internet allows works to be around forever, and so please make sure the works you submit are your own.
  • Include pictures and diagrams if applicable. Pictures and diagrams help to break up the article, and the reader needs a break if it's a long article and so if possible/relevant, try to include pictures/diagrams in your article.

Take a look around

Before sending off your submission, take a look around the various articles on this website which are on the same topic as yours (For example: If you're writing a Tau tactic, take a look at a few Tau tactics first.) Looking at other articles should give you a few tips on how to write, and what to include in your writing.

One Final Thing

Please remember that your article may not contain too many quotations of rules or statistics from the codexes - this would be against Games Workshop's IP policy. Obviously you can talk about rules and why certain models are good (i.e. saying they have a high strength, or low AP weapon etc), however you cannot quote exact stat lines or anything like that. Such inclusions in our articles could get Tau Online in trouble with Games Workshop/the law. Although we make every effort to check for such IP breaches in each submitted article, as stated in our Disclaimer section, we cannot check everything and as such we cannot be held responsible for such breaches. If you do not agree with our terms of use, please do not submit your article.

Ready? Send away!

Once you've read and taken note of the above, you should be ready to mail off your submission. By all means include pictures and diagrams in your article, although please try to keep the total file size of the e-mail below 10 megabytes.

Send the e-mail to info[at]tauonline.org. In the e-mail please be sure to include the name of the submission, the submission and your name (only if you want credit)!

Your name is only wanted for credit purposes. If you feel uncomfortable with giving out your real name, feel free to leave it out.

And finally, thanks a lot for the support!

TauOnline.org is completely unofficial and is in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.