Quiz Committee Points Bank

As many of you may be aware, we, at Tau Online, have switched over a new system for awarding our Official Competitions.
By coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd (or even 4th or 5th in some competitions), you'll begin to gain Competition Points to either save up to buy yourself something better or to spend on getting karma.
In most Competitions, you'll get the following Competition Points for coming in the following places:
  • 1st = 10 points
  • 2nd = 5 points
  • 3rd = 2 points
Please note that most cases the above figures will be used, but for some competitions, with lots of entries, we'll increase the number of people who can win points depending upon the number of entrants and the quality of the competition.
This is a summary of what you can get for your points:
  • Custom Title = 35 points
  • + Karma Point = 10 points
  • Competition Winner Seal = Free, although you must come 1st/2nd/3rd in a comp to gain this
If you would like a more detailed explaination of the new system, or would like to enquire how many points you have, please send a PM to either Farseer Tyross, Dra'Tuisich-Novae, or Hive Lord.

The Bank

To keep a track of your points anyone who has any will have a record of them kept here, these can been exchanged at any time for karma or a custom title if you gain enough!

IDUsernameDisplay NameComp. Points

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