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This was a mob (unit) of Orks that I was almost always guarantied to take back under the old Ork Codex.  They always seemed to make back at LEAST the points I spent on them. It was NOT unusual for me to get back two and even three times the 179 points I spent on this 10 Ork mob. It is interesting to note that Tankbustas are one of the few Ork units that made the jump from the old to new Codex that actually increased in point costs (going from 11 points each to 15).  A big chunk of that increase is due to the fact that ALL members of a Tankbustas Mob now have a Rokkit Launcha.  Since the 15 point value of the new Rokkit Launcha armed Tankbusta is less than the 21 points it cost for the Old Codex version of the same, I guess that they are, in reality, cheaper in points. While Tankbustas are one of the more expensive point mobz (based on number of Orks) that I have (Only equaled by Lootas and exceeded by Flash Gitz and Nobz) they do have some pretty cool gear. What makes the new Tankbustas interesting? Two things, first and foremost are the new Tankhammers and the fantastic Bombsquig.  These two models alone make the new Tankbustas boxed set worth the price of admission.  Just the look of a Rokkit clamped to a stick and the thought of the wonderfully simple Ork logic in solving a problem in this fashion is just flat out awesome.  No other Ork weapon, short of a Power Klaw armed Warboss or a Dread Close Combat Weapon is going to give you a strength 10 wack.  And the good part of this, the attacks are at the Ork initiative of 2 (3 on the charge).  These Tankhammers work very well against monstrous creatures as well!

The thought of a little Bombsquig that acts like a barking dog chasing a car is amusing.  I can see the fluff story line already about Grisnak the Ork recognizing this talent in a pet Squig and strapping explosive to it and then releasing it at the proper moment .

Of course a set of positives like this has to be balanced.  I think that this is the logic behind the Glory Hogs rule.  Ork Tankbustas must always attempt to shoot at or assault any of your opponent's vehicles that are within line of sight.  Even if they are not in range.  A clever opponent can take advantage of this.  They can put a small expendable vehicle model (like a Rhino that no longer has any troops in it) as bait.  They can put the Rhino at a distance of 26.0" away (whoops - sorry mate, your out of range) or put the Rhino closer to your Tankbustas than that nice Baal Predator that you would rather be shooting at.

There are some tips that you can use to counter this tactic.  Number one, there is no rule that states that your Tankbustas must shoot first.  If an empty Rhino is being used as bait, shot it first with something else, say a Wartrak armed with Rokkits.  In addition, you can use that Wartrak, Killa Kan, Battlewagon or Looted Wagon to block line of sight, returning the Baal Predator as the new closet target with line of sight.  Effective positioning can also help.  Put the Tankbustas in a fire lane that has the flanks blocked from line of sight and this limits the shenanigans that an opponent can use against you.  While this limits your Tankbustas effective line of sight it forces your opponent to meet you head on.

 When used well, Tankbustas should be one of the top scoring units in the game.  Part of the answer lies in the fact that the primary targets of this unit are, as the name implies,  tanks and vehicles. When these go, they add up quick. Go ahead and down that fully loaded Land Raider, Predator and a Dread in a single game. This would be, of course, the exception and not the rule. But we can not only dream about it, we can actually have a fair shot at it with the new and improved Tankbustas.

Strengths - Its Rokkits, and lots of them. This mob of 15 can take up to 15 Rokkits (or nine Rokkits and six Tankhammers).  In addition, don't attempts at tank shock on this mob can be risky. You'll probably get a "tankbusta bombz" pinned to your vehicle or worse yet, a Tankhammer.  Both would be autohits with the Tankhammer having a 50% chance of a Glance/Pen on an armour 14 (that includes Monoliths) vehicle. Tankbusta Bombz can be almost as nasty. I won't go into the exact math but these little terrors can hit with an Amour Penetration of up to 18! Funny thing is I rarely if ever get to use the tankbusta bombz. Most players stay well away.

Weaknesses - What weakness could such a unit possibly have? Numbers, at a maximum mob size of 15, it is fragile by Ork standards.  Orks automatically pass pinning/morale checks if they number 11 or greater (Ork Mob Rule). When they number 10 in the mob, then they can fail on a roll of two boxcars (6s) or an eleven. You get the picture. Knock off a few tankbustas and the unit can quickly become in danger of breaking.

Use Frag missiles, Submunitions, target and shoot THROUGH closer units. Do whatever it takes to bring these Tankbustas down!

Don't forget about the 30 strong mob of Ardboyz, or that Wartrukk full of Trukboyz racing towards you, however.

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