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This week's wraithsight is a little more philosophical and preachy than standard wraithsight articles. Viewer discretion is advised. Wink Enjoy! - Yriel
Well- the time draws near for me to create a new HQ for the Vaedir, my personal Iyanden Host, or what I term "The Remnant." I finally managed to stop drooling over the new Yriel model, though I admit I'm a bit torn with regards to how I want to move forward with that HQ slot. One thing's for certain though- my current Farseer Sarielle Ebonstar will retire with her predecessor from previous editions and codexes, which has been a ritual of mine since I started playing this game.
That's not to say that Icarus, my Swooping Hawk Exarch soon to be upgraded to Autarch is the lock for the successor to the Vaedir. Regardless- I have a lot of painting and converting ahead of me. I've finished a new squad of Storm Guardians for my Saim Hann host, as well as one of the new weapons platforms, which paint up extremely nice and I love having the option of swapping weapons on it. My main painting problem right now is finishing up those new rangers- I've always had a problem with camo techniques, and the Eldar spin on camo is even more difficult for me.
But enough of my whining. I can't help but admit that I'm eagerly expecting the new Eldar codex- so that I might thumb through it all and memorize all of the new rules within 2 minutes of opening the book! That said- I will still have to say goodbye to some of the memories of things I could do in the former codex set- my dramatically themed Ghostwarrior, Wildrider, and Swordwind hosts. They will definitely still exist in my army lineups- just modified to fit the new codex.
Now- I know certain things will change for me on the field, but honestly, not much will change for me as a player. The minutia of tactics will change, and I will face a learning curve, but I expect neither godlike miracles nor career-ending catastrophes as a result of a new codex. It's not like us veterans of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions have never faced sweeping changes before, and how I view the Eldar codex revamp is hardly what I would term "rampant sweeping changes." Things like random shots will clean things up- as well as tighter rules for exarch powers and the like. In my mind- the codex was set in motion to do that very thing- it should allow me to play my army without the highly varied effect of hoping on pulse and scatter lasers, or even Ranger Disruption rolls.
And that's my point. Rules and codices will change, but players shouldn't expect miracle nor disaster from it. Good players will likely remain good players. Beards will seek and discover loopholes. Skilled players who have relied upon sound tactics and balanced lists should still retain their skill.
And that's the thing- I've encountered what I call "seekers" all the time. These seekers do their best to try and play along the lines of the "codex creep", ever-searching for the newest and best, swapping Tyranids for Tau, and sending their models off to ebay for a whole new set of "miracles" without a second thought to that army they just spent $500 on to try and take advantage of the new biomorphs/oaths/Shas'O wargear, etc. I see these folks at the hobby stores all the time, and inevitably they ask me, "What army is the best?" They are eager to break out their 16 psycannon, Landraider crusader Deamon Hunter army, and after losing the umpteenth time, casually toss the army and buy the new Eldar codex, expecting that the new Autarch rules and improved Dire Avenger range will suddenly make up for all of their strategic and tactical deficiencies.
Unless something is dangerously broken in the new codex- it's not gonna happen. The seeker will forsake standard foresight and tactics to try and cram every single new piece of wargear and special rule into their army list, just to prey upon newbies they could easily dupe and cheat out a win with any army, and yet still lose to the tried and true skilled player. 2 months from now the seeker will be looking for the next army, but for now he thinks that Shining Spear revamp has fixed all of his woes.
So for the rest of us- what does the new codex mean? Well- it means certain things will improve. Other things will be lost. Not to worry though- the loss of some of your old ways were done on purpose, and so think of this as a new spin on your tactics that will force you to be an even better player- not just a guy who owns a powerful army.
So maybe the Vaedir in the new dex has to incporate other elements that I don't regularly use- like Dire Avengers. Great! This is an opportunity to beef my tactical ground base and improve my use of more conventional Eldar weaponry and movement. But it also means that now I can consider an Autarch-led force, I can incorporate a Shining Spear blitz-screen- these are good things tactically, and change will only force me to become a more rounded player. Will I suddenly become the greatest player ever, or the worst player to ever throw dice? Probably not. I had best stick to what got me to the level of play I am at now- careful movement, timing, and of course, wraithsight! I will just have to go about it in a slightly different manner.
And what do I gain? A better overall understanding of units that may have been shelved for months to years. The opportunity to learn and master the use of my favorite units in different ways.
And of course- that awesome new Yriel model!

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