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Most will say that Trygons are for apocalypse of at least a 2500 point games; I on the other hand find that they're more fun to use in 1500-2000 point games of 40K

At my gaming club we've recently decided to allow people to use imperial armour rules as long as they don't take up more than 25% of your armies points and that they aren't part of a war machine detachment only. This means that my trygon (which i will be getting in 2/3 months- when i go to Warhammer World) will be taking part in quite a lot of games. I've decided to create this article to explain the pros and cons of this nice beastie.

How to use your Trygon

A Trygon is going to be a notable investment in your army as in a 2000 point game it takes up a 6th of your points. Many will say that using a model from Forgeworld creates an unfair advantage in smaller games. The Trygon isn't a game winner although it can prove to kill many times its point's value if it used correctly.

Arriving onto the Board

Because of the Trygons rules you will have to wait until turn two at the earliest to see your beastie on the field of battle- it will be arriving on a 4+ on turn 2- if you wish for your Trygon to arrive as early as possible you may wish to invest in a Lictor duet as each one allows you to re-roll a single reserves roll one per turn so there's a 75% chance that your Trygon will be on the board in turn two. Trygons, like Raveners, deep strike onto the board. With a Trygon it's advisable to deep strike 12" from your opponents board edge and wherever possible; directly into an elite unit or vehicle. As Trygons are gargantuan creatures they won't be destroyed if they deep strike into a measly enemy unit- they simply move the unit out of the way; the Trygon then counts as charging the selected unit.

In Combat

Once in combat the Trygon isn't as mighty as the Carnifex because of its lower strength but makes up for this with more than twice as many attacks. If it deep strikes into an Eldar Wraithguard unit then you will most likely hit 4 of them and wound 3 or 4 of them (no armour save allowed). If it deep striked into a Wraith lord then it would also be hit 4 times and then it would mot likely be wounded twice with no saves. No matter the result of the combat the enemy will be forced to flee.

What to keep in reserve with your Trygon?

If you've kept a unit of Raveners in reserve with your Trygon then at the beginning of your following turn you can deploy them at the point where the Trygon deep-striked in; there won't be any enemies nearby to cause a deep strike mishap upon them because the enemy will have ran away last combat phase. If your Raveners have devourers then they shoot at a nearby enemy unit- 6 Raveners will get 36 S3 shots with an 18" range, these shots hit on 4+ so you will wound on average 9 Guardsman or 6 Space Marines. This is enough to wipe out any nearby enemy shooting units but you should also remember your Trygon because it can move 12" and then charge into an enemy unit.


From reading this you will have found out that Trygons are powerful but there are ways to defeat them. Unlike with monstrous creatures, Trygons can't be bogged down in an assault because all units in combat with them must immediately consolidate away (unless they're forced to flee). My advice is to shoot at them with lots of S7, AP3 or better weaponry or find some way to delay the Trygon coming onto the board. Just remember that you can't outrun a trygon as it has the ability to move 12"; fleet; and then assault 6"

I hope people find this advice helpful Smiley

Colonel Sorck

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