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Lord Kalibos felt the bitter sting of defeat, forced to temporarily retreat from his operations on Nerrant II. "The Hydra can never be completely killed," he thought to himself, "destroy one head of the beast and the other two shall devour you." He needed time for Nerrant II to regain enough strength to repel the Eldar invaders, and for now he would leave it to his Agitator, the hidesouly deformed brother Scryus, to continue to infest the PDF. But now it was time for the Hydra to unleash its other heads upon another system- to gather strength, to spill blood, and to harvest more solidiers. He fixed his gaze steadily on the Arebus system...
It's that time again! Tournament day- beginning with an unhealthy dose of bacon, coffee, and of course waffles served by my wonderful girlfriend, and a 50 mile drive to a set of tables I was getting to know very well...
This time though, I brought my new Alpha Legion army, due to the help of the members of this board and especially Malveaux- we're ready to rumble! For purposes of this battle- I will be citing  Wargamer's Purity test to make a point about powergaming and tournaments. Be on the lookout for army purity ratings through this report.

The Fighting Hydras of Lord Kalibos- Alpha Legion



Lord Kalibos
Dark Blade
Bolt Pistol
Frag Grenades
Spiky Bits
Daemonic Speed
Daemonic Resilience
Daemonic Aura
Daemonic Visage
# Infiltrate


The Sirens- (8x Daemonettes)
The Crimson Shroud Militia
15 Cultists + 1 Cult Champ
Brother Leren- Powersword & Chaos Icon
# Furious Charge
# Infiltrate
The Guild of Forsaken Miners
15 Cultists + 1 Cult Champ
Ancestor Grimwold- Powersword
Brother Strutter- Chaos Icon
# Furious Charge
# Infiltrate
Squad Neptune
6x Chaos Space Marines
1 Lascannon
1 Plasma Gun
# Tank Hunters
# Infiltrate
Squad Triton
7x Chaos Space Marines + Aspiring Champ
Bolt Pistol & CCW's
Champion Serpentine- Bolt Pistol and Powerfist
# Infiltrate
Squad Tiamat
6x Chaos Space Marines
2x Plasma Guns
#Tank Hunters
# Infiltrate

Heavy Support

The Spitting Cobras
6x Havocs
3x Heavy Bolters
The Serpent's Venom
6x Havocs
1 Missile Launcher
1 Auctocannon
# Tank Hunters
# Infilitrate
Total: 1250 pts. Purity Rating: 0 - Excellent Gamer

Game 1: The Traitor; Gamma Rules. "Civil War"

Opponent: Black Legion

Minimal Chaos Lord w/ Bolt Pistol & Power Weapon
3 Obliterators
6 Man Chaos Space Marine unit w/ Heavy Bolter and Aspiring Champ in a Rhino
10 Man Chaos Space Marine unit w/ Plasma gun and Autocannon
3x Chaos Warbikes
1 Chaos Dreadnought with Autocannon and DCCW
1 Defiler
1 x 6 man Havoc Team w/ 3 Heavy Bolters and Aspiring Champ
Purity Rating: 13 - Power Gamer
[gal_img]960[/gal_img]Each player had to offer up one troop model to their opponent designated the "traitor" which the opponent must keep you from killing. I gave my opponent 1 squat cultist "Limpy" while he gave me a Chaos Marine from his 10 man unit.
Overall- it was a completely enjoyable and thoroughly bloody game. After cleaving through his Havocs and Bikes, Lord Kalibos found himself on the end of a Chaos Dreadnought- a bad charge on my part but with only the dreadnought in my charge range I had to risk it, or be shot to death on my own. My assault marines made short work of his defiler, though ended up being slain by the oblits. Close combat between his 6 man unit and my cultists was joined by Daemonettes, which killed the unit as well as his Chaos Lord and wounded an obliterator. My opponent made a tactical error in leaving Limpy out on his own- only to be vaporized by the Serpent's Venom. Carnage at its best! At the end of the battle All I had remaining was 1 Chaos Space Marine squad, 1 and a half havoc units, and my traitor. A very fun, competitive match.
[gal_img]961[/gal_img]Final Score: Alpha Legion 1339, Black Legion 969 - Solid Victory.
After the first round It was clear I was the point leader for the tourney, and once again the competitors were hungry for my blood! Let's see what happens when I face the #2 army- the Ultramarines!

Game 2: Take and Hold Gamma Rules. "Death to the False Emperor!"

Opponent: Ultramarines

Captain with Bolt Pistol and Powersword
6 Man Marine squad with missile launcher and plasma gun in Rhino
5 Man Marine squad with Heavy Bolter in Razorback with Twin Lascannons
6 Man Marine squad with meltagun in Razorback with Twin Heavy Bolters
LandSpeeder with Heavy Bolter and Assault Cannon
5 Man Assault Squad with Jump Packs, Vet Sgt with Powerfist and Plasma Pistol
6 man Devestator Squad with 4 Heavy Bolters
6 man Devestator Squad with 3 Lascannons
Purity Rating: 9 - Pure Wargamer
[gal_img]962[/gal_img]Setting up 4 counters outside of the deployment zones, each player must try to control as many counters as possible. 2 Counters were set up midfield, while he placed one on the edge of his DZ, and I placed another on the opposite side, also midfield.
Lord Kalibos was intent on chewing through as many dug-in ultramarines as possible. I infiltrated my entire army to begin the game in control of 3 counters- which was nice, and I would maintain control through the end. Lord Kalibos was an absolute terror- chewing through the heavy bolter Dev squad and two of the tactical squads, losing 2 wounds by the end. My opponent did his best to capture one of the counters I deployed on my right- by deepstriking his assault squad back there- but after nearly finishing Squad Neptune they were destroyed by massed firepower and cultists. The Assault Chaos Marines did their job in killing off the Captain and his third tactical unit, and at the end of the battle all that remained of the Ultramarines was the triple-lascannon Dev unit, half a tactical squad, and a Rhino. In the end I had captured 3 counters to the Ultramarines 0.
Final Score: Alpha Legion 1176- Ultramarines 575 - Crushing Victory
With 2 games under my belt, it was determined I had a 900+ point victory lead going into the final game... and this is where things get messy and ugly - we're in for a photo finish!

Game 3: Insertion; Gamma Rules. "For the Greater Beard."

Opponent: Tau

Note: This player insisted on using pre-released rules for Shield Drones to nullify the Majority Armor saves and casualties rules, and built his entire list around it. When I asked to see the rules he simply replied "They're online."
Shas'O with HW drone controller, Missile Pods, Fusion Blaster Target Locks and 4x Shield Drones
2x Crisis Suit Bodyguards with HW target locks, 2x Missile Pods and 2x Plasma
3x Stealths
3x Stealths
3x Crisis Suits w/ HW target locks, assorted weapons and 4x Drones
10x Kroot
6x Fire Warriors
10x Gun Drone unit
Broadside with HW Target Locks and 2 Shield Drones
Broadside with HW Target Locks and Shield Drones
Purity Rating: 61 - King of Totally Insane Cheater Power Gamers
Setting aside any one unit for Deepstriking (even if they are not normally allowed to do so), the goal is to deepstrike the unit and have it alive in the enemy's deployment zone at the end of the game.
[gal_img]963[/gal_img]Now the end of the game, in this case is questionable. This particular player is slow, horribly slow, and in fact I understand he did not finish 6 turns (let alone 4) in any single round. If that's done intentionally- it's a form of cheating in a tournament situation because it favors shooting armies- that tend to score earlier than assault armies, which can't mount an effective assault generally until turn 4. My opponent kept one unit of Stealths for Deepstriking, while I kept back Squad Tiamat. The game started off fairly well for me, I forced his Kroot to fall back in my first turn of shooting, while Lord Kalibos assaulted his drones, wiping them off the board and following into the falling back Kroot. The entire game might have fared differently had he not failed his Kroot morale, leading to another instant wipeout that left poor Kalibos too far extended, and one Railshot later... My other units poured shooting into suit after suit squad, mainly killing drones who were enjoying 2 and 3+ saves. Shooting on his front proved very effective against both of my cultist squads, and he managed to Deepstrike a stealth team into my DZ, but on a far, unsupported corner which was well out of my range. After 2 Turns I did manage to deepstrike Tiamat into his backline, but rapid fire and plasma could only kill 4 drones, and Squad Tiamat was cut to ribbons in his turn 3. The game only went three turns, just long enough for him to score early, and not long enough for me to mount effective assaults.
Final Score: Alpha Legion 257, Tau 756 - Crushing Defeat
At the end of the tournament though, it would appear that finishing games IS better than stalling. With my 900+ point lead going into the final game- I still finished 1st place with a 400 VP margin over the 2nd place player, who did make good and finish each of his games with a reasonably (rating 9) balanced list.
Special due to  Malveaux and members of the forums who helped design the Fighting Hydras!

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