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Hey all! Thanks for reading my tactica about the Black Templars! I hope you enjoy.

Special Rules

Righteous Zeal: This is the rule that people are most familiar with when it comes to the Templar, it can be both a blessing and a curse. Those Templar players who are not completely familiar with the Zeal move can be lead by a leash to where the enemy wants you to go, and thus the rule can be exploited in that matter. But, on the other side of the coin, it can also be exploited by a masterful Templar player. Zeal forces you to move up to the distance rolled, not the distance rolled; and remember, it does not have to be towards the closest model in the closest unit. Just the closest unit.
A Black Templar is a cold and calculating Tactician, always weighing the odds of success and failure.
Fearless: We Templar are Fearless in Close Combat, this can be a double edged sword, if you lose combat and you are using one of our larger squads, you will not run away or suffer any modifiers for that matter. However, if you are using a smaller squad, you will be forced to make saves, and those can ruin you if they are not made, but it can also be a blessing as you have no chance at all of running away.
The Templar are ruthless, slaying their foes with the might of the Emperor.
Kill Them All: We have a modifier when taking a Target Priority test, I have had it where I have failed every Priority test in a game by rolling one above the needed, my normal leadership, thus you can counter this by having a Marshal or a Castellen, though you still suffer the penalty.
A Templar will want to destroy his closest enemy, even when it is beneficial to destroy those who are further away.
Vows: The Vows are the Trademark of the Templar, they can ruin a foe, the ability to wound Eldar on 3's, or to hit Genestealers on 3's is invaluable. Now, as urged on by a friend of mine, you may change vows before each game, but do not attempt to do so in a tourney without permission from a judge.
Suffer Not the Unclean to Live: This vow modifies our Strength and our Initiative, but it makes our Holy Fury unbearable. It is useful against those opponents with low initiative(Orks and Necron) and high initiative(Eldar, Dark Eldar). I recommend it in One off games, but not those in a Tournament setting.
Uphold the Honor of the Emperor: This vow allows you to ignore pinning and gives you an invulnerable save, I recommend this against two armies, the Imperial Guard, and Tau. The ability to save against the Earthshaker, or the Railgun is invaluable. I recommend this one also in one-off games that are non-city fight, and for tournaments in which you are strapped for points.
Abhor the Witch, Destroy the Witch: Perhaps the most situational of the 4 Vows, this one is much like a psychic hood, with some benefits. It also gives you a consolidation move pre-battle. I recommend this one for Mechanized lists, and Tournaments where you are certain there will be many Psykers.
Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds: The "every situation" vow. This one grants you Prefered Enemy: Everyone, but it does not grant it to the enemy. There is still some debate on whether or not this is granted towards Monstrous Creatures, but the GW Definition: Games WorkshopRulesboyz have said that it does, whereas other people say that it does not. It forces you to charge, but that is easily offset using a rapid fire weapon. I highly recommend this Vow for every type of Templar, in One off Games and Tournaments.

Special Wargear

Holy Orbs of Antioch: This weapon is invaluable, it spells Death for all MEQs, and some vehicles(depnding on your rolls), even Monoliths. I recommend this for every Commander.
Blessed Hull: This allows our Landraider Crusaders to ignore Lances, I recommend this for a Mechanized Tournament list and one-off games.


Marshals and Castellans: If you are using a footslogging list, or a Mechanized list, I recommend this because of their ability to bestow their leadership upon the rest of the Army. They are slightly more expensive than normal Marine Masters and Captains however, and I would keep their wargear to a minimum.
Emperor's Champion: Contrary to popular belief, he is not a downside to the Templar and can rue many an enemy's day. He causes genestealers to hit on a 4, and has a 4+ invulnerable in Close Combat. He allows us to gain vow's, he does not take up an HQ slot, and he insta-kills Guardsmen. He has 4 attacks on the charge and he ignores armor and wounds on a 2 against most infantry. He is an excellent addition to the Templar Codex.
Master of Sanctities and Reclusiarchs: They are more expensive than a normal Marine Chaplain, but they are also more deadly. They automatically cause Righteous Zeal tests to pass, and you also move in the direction that you wish. On the charge any squad containing them is even deadlier, a 20 man squad with 60 attacks on the charge, 30 of which will hit on 3's, with re-rolls will devastate the Enemy Lines. They are an Excellent addition to any Templar army, for they will help you to utterly devastate the enemy army.
Black Templar leaders are known for leading their men to victory, allowing none of the enemy to survive their onslaught.


Terminators: These can supply either a, slightly, mobile fire base to the Templar, and will crush any enemy in combat. They are an excellent, though expensive, addition to any army. I recommend either drop podding or using a biker techmarine with a teleport homer to deliver them to the battle.
Assault Terminators: These can be the most devastating Terminators in the game. You add a Chaplain to the squad, and take Accept any Challenge, no Matter the Odds, and lightning claws and you will see enemy squad after enemy squad dropping. Providing a Landraider Crusader as a transport will allow you to reach the battle quickly, with the possibility of getting a charge on the first turn.
Sword Brethren: I recommend using the Veterans of our Esteemed Chapter in such a way as the enemy will not have a chance to get rid of them before the do their damage. I would say using them with infiltrate and a lascannon will help you eliminate the enemy tanks, or using them as an infiltrating fire support to harass the enemy before you reach the enemy lines would be the way to go. If you walk them over the enemy has a habit of targeting them first. The fact that they are the only Templar unit not able to take a Crusader hampers your choices if you want to go for an all Landraider list.
Dreadnoughts: I recommend using Dreadnoughts as a fire support unit. Their ability to take the longer ranged weapons and not be hampered by Righteous Zeal makes them invaluable in this instance. If you do not like to use them as a fire support, I would say bumping them up to venerable, throwing on a heavy flamer, and tossing them in a Drop Pod would be the way to deliver them to the battle, you pop out, shoot them, and then, next turn, charge them. It is a very reasonable tactic that can hurt the enemy and help you!
Techmarine: I almost forgot about the Techmarine. He has the ability to be a CC monster, with power weapon attacks, and 2 power fist attacks. Though this is NOT how I recommend going about a Techmarine. I recommend using 2 heavy bolter servitors, and 2 tech servitors with a Servo-Harness. You put him next to a vehicle and do not move him, keeping him in base contact. Thus making sure that you can still provide assistance to your vehicles, and a stationary fire support.


Crusader Squads: We Templar have but one Troop choice, the venerable Crusader Squad. I will talk about its uses, and ways to maximise them, in three sections:
Foot Slogging: If you are going for a foot slogging choice, I recommend filling the squad of its max, to minimise the amount of casualties your Initiates will take before hitting the Enemy Lines like a steam engine. By doing this you are not only going to provide a formidable force, but also a threatening force. For weapons choices I recommend the Bolt Pistol/Power Fist and Melta Gun combination.
Stand and Shoot: For this one I recommend a 6 man squad with your two weapons(which ever heavies and specials you want) and 4 bolters. That way you have 4 marines to use as "cushions" for Righteous Zeal, without having an overly expensive squad.
Mechanized: There are 4 ways to go about a Mechanized squad, a 10 man squad in a Rhino, a 6 man squad in a Razorback, a 10 man squad in a Crusader, and a 15 man squad in a Crusader. For all but the Razorback I recommend a Power Fist/Melta Gun combination, and for the Razorback, whichever shooting combination suits you.
Drop Pod: I recommend a 10 man force with a Melta Gun/Power fist combination and 6 bolt pistol/cc weapon marines with 2 bolter marines to give you extra shots when you pop out and to act as a buffer when you get shot.

Fast Attack

Assault Squad: This can really hurt the enemy, and though the temptation to give them a storm shield is there, I do not recommend it, because it will make your assault marines even more expensive. I recommend using a Power weapon and 2 flamers, with 7 BP/CC marines, because the flamers are devastating before the charge, and the power weapon and CC marines will take care of the rest.
Land Speeders For this option I recommend using them a a very mobile fire support, taking an assault cannon and flying circles around the enemy, pouring fire into them as needed. It is a cheep option and will probably not leave you point starving at the end of the day.
Bike Squadron: I recommend taking melta guns on your bikers and keeping them out of CC, those 3 power weapons might look tempting, but they will not get you anywhere at the end of the day. You might also want to throw in a multi-melta attack bike for extra hurt.
Attack Bike Squadron: This can be an expensive choice that I do not have much experience with, but I do recommend using either all multi-meltas or heavy botlers so that you can have a dedicated choice instead of a mix.

Heavy Support

Vindicator: Perhaps one of the best tanks in the game, it provides the only ordnance weapon available to the Templar, and will give you much needed fire support when assaulting the enemy lines. I prefer to go cheap and just throw on one upgrade, the extra armor upgrade.
Predator Annihilator: The Anti-Tank variant of the Predator, I like to give it extra armor and lascannon sponsons, using it more as a sniper tank than anything else.
Predator Destructor: The perfect Anti-Infantry tank, give this thing heavy bolters and extra armor and watch as the enemy falls under your hurricane of fire.
Landraider: Not my prefered Landraider variant, but I would recommend this as one of two things, either as a cheaper delivery system for terminators over the Crusader, or a fire support tank.
Landraider Crusader: The tank created the the Templar themselves as a "trench breaker" tank. It sports more guns than you can shake a fist at. I recommend taking it as a dedicated transport for a 10-14 man squad(room for a character!) that will rush towards the enemy and hit their lines like a Goliath, providing fire support to your men in CC.

Special Characters

High Marshal Helbrecht: He is a CC monstrosity! On the Charge he has the ability to have 8 close combat attacks. And he has the ability to have 7 when charged. I recommend giving him a 10-15 man retinue with furious charge and a Neophyte standard bearer. I recommend only using him in battles upwards of 2000 points.
Chaplain Grimaldus, Hero of Helsreach: He has a holy relic and 3 servitors, I recommend attaching him to a squad, getting as many squads as close to them as possible, and hitting the enemies lines like a freight train, unleashing the relic on the second turn of assault. I recommend him in any game that you can include him, that you want to take a special character.


Daemonhunters: If you take Daemonhunter allies, remember that you cannot give your Inquisitor any psychic powers whatsoever. Altho you can still give Grey Knights them. I do not recommend taking Grey Knight allies as you already have an edge in CC.
Witch Hunters: The same for Inquisitors as Daemonhunter Inquisitors, though if you take a Lord I recommend taking a Vindicare assassin so that you can some extra fire support. I recommend taking Sisters of Battle as fire supports if you do not wish to spend the points on a, not so reliable, fire support Crusader squad.

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