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"We must leave this galaxy for the mon-keigh is too many for our few to destroy. We must flee, a new empire awaits!" - the grand seer of Kian-Dalthash
Kian-Dalthash was founded soon before the fall by the grand seer, having been founded so soon before the fall much of its population was killed. The craftworld's bonesingers soon made wraith constructs that the dead might live on. Though a small craftworld Kian-Dalthash's decline is slower than many craftworld's. The bonesingers of Kian-Dalthash are experts in making wraithconstructs and they are in constant use, the eldar of Kian-Dalthash believe it the ultimate honour to die and be entombed in a wraith construct. They believe the dead will guide them and armies are occasionally led into war by specialised wraith constructs with advanced psycho-sensor arrays allowing the deceased Autarch to react almost as quickly as in life.
Many seers prefer to, instead of crystallising, force their consciousness into spirit stones so they may live on as a wraith-construct. Before the Grand Seer died he flooded his spirit into one stone. He leads his craftworld still for without him his first grand vision might come true.
The first grand vision is a time without the grand seer's constant guidance, a time alike to the fall, his people killing, dieing and falling prey to excess, a time when half the craftworld was overrun by mon-keigh. A time of death. So he must live on to lead guide his people to safety, away from the mon-keigh.
In the second grand vision the grand seer was one with the void and it was one with him, he could see his own galaxy, consumed by mon-keigh. But from it a small flame could be seen escaping from the chaos towards another galaxy. The coordinates of a planet flashed through the seer's mind where they stayed. As the seer came closer he could see an eldar at the helm of the craftworld, a young man with a stone embedded in his forhead and his wrists, behind him stood a tower of wraithbone engraved with symbols of the seer's great deeds and from which poured forth his consciousness. Then the seer was pulled through the centuries to a planet, with towering wraithbone archways and art with an unfamiliar sky and it was peacefull, and knowledge flowed into him that here there was no need for a path, Slaanesh could not reach it but excess had been avoided, a perfect place. And in a square there stood the wraith-tower, now dormant, the seer at peace. That is why the seer stay on and leads us onwards with the psychic flame generated by thousands of eldar on the path of the burner. To protect the craftworld from the warp even in its own realm.
Then the third vision came and the seer saw a birth, but this eldar was different, he was born with a birthmark in the shape of the rune for Asuryan on his back and stones in his forehead and wrists, he was the baby of the man who would lead the craftworld to this new galaxy, only with him at the craftworld's helm will they get to the world in time. That is why the craftworld waits for the boy, without him there can be no rest.

The Current Warhost (1000pts)

The armies of Kian-Dalthash field large numbers of aspect warriors and wraith constructs. However psykers are rarely fielded as they are needed to preserve the psychic flame. The craftworld's armies tend be highly mechanised with only a few units without transports.

My Dire Avenger Squad


My Alternative Exarch

There are many dire avengers onboard Kian-Dalthash. And they are becoming more and more popular, so popular that there are not enough ancient suits of armour to fit everyone, as a result many suits of guardian armour have had to be upgraded by having the wraithbone stiffened and many enchantments layered upon it. These measures compensate for the weaker armour. Mnay shuriken catapults have also had to be upgraded to avenger catapults through a similar process of multiple enchantments and honing of the barrel, these can, as well, compensate for the weapon's innacuracies at longer range but is too long a process to be used on every shuriken catapult.

The Guardian Squad

Guardian squads are, unusually, very rare in this craftworld's armies and when they are seen tend to operate in small ten man squads with an eldar missile launcher in the squad (depicted above) without warlocks. They also rarely have storm guardians and when they are seen the are always a mere ten men.



Wave Serpent

The armies of Kian-Dalthash have a large number of antigrav vehicles traditionally equiped as above. Falcons are either used as heavy transports or target light enemy vehicles before targetting their heavy infantry. Wave Serpents are traditionally equipped with two eldar missile launchers to provide flexible supporting fire for their squad, falcons operating as transports operate in a similar way. Alternatively transports may simply be used as a ruse to shock the enemy into shooting at it leaving the rest of the army unscathed.

War Walkers

War Walkers are traditionally armed with a missile launcher and shuriken cannon and operate in squads of two or three as fire support units, supporting the rest of the eldar advance. There is always a squadron leader in a war walker squadron and at least one other walker. The squadron leader's entire armour is white, he wears a helmet and his cockpit has squadron insignia on the front.

Swooping Hawks

Swooping Hawks have become more common as a result of Autarch Mearfaolchu's newfound fame. The shrines of the craftworld tend to have cloudy, ashy or dusty aspects to their name and colours. These Swooping Hawks are of theshrine of the darkened sky, the shrine at which Autarch Mearfaolchu served for many a year. They are identifiable as such from their light blue shoulder pads and feathers.

The Autarch Mearfaolchu

Recently Autarch Mearfaolchu and Farseer Ifaras have been sent to the summit of Golgotha to help decide the fate of the world, it is assumed that Autarch Mearfaolchu will lead the forces of Kian-Dalthash to great victory on the plains of Golgotha. Autarch Mearfaolchu served for many years a swooping hawk and still carries his battle-name and a lot of his equipment. The autarch has many times learned the need for rapid deployment of reserves and has a keen understanding of logistics. He only recently changed to the path of command, in battle he fights along side his former brothers and exarch to fall from the sky amidst the foe. Some say he succumbed to the warrior path but pulled himself out of it before he destroyed himself. If so he offers a hope to all eldar on the path, a hope of escape, a hope of perfection but still changing path rather than having to cast it aside unfinished to save their life.

1000 Point Army List

Autarch with swooping hawk wings, madiblasters, lasblaster and power weapon.
10 guardians with EML.Definition: Eldar Missile Launcher
10 dire avengers including exarch with diresword, shuriken pistol and bladestorm.With Wave serpent with twin-linked EML Definition: Eldar Missile Launcherand spirit stones.
Fast Attack
6 Swooping hawks including exarch with hawk's talon and skyleap.
Heavy Support
3 War Walkers each with EML Definition: Eldar Missile Launcherand shuriken cannons.
Falcon with scatter laser and holo-fields.
Experience with the warhost
My first game was an alpha level take and hold mission VS Tau. My friend was playing with a static army including a railhead, broadside, fusion blaster armed piranha, 2 crisis suits, a commander, an ethereal and three small fire warrior squads. I took the first turn and concentrated the emls on the railhead immobilising it. Then the falcon fired and destroyed straight afterwards. My Guardian's EML Definition: Eldar Missile Launcherhadn't fired at the railhead and, having passed its target priority, wounded the broadside which was killed next turn.
My opponent then fired with his fire warriors and took down about three guardians. I proceeded to tank shock a fire warrior team off the board, eliminate the crisis suits and finish off the broadside. During his turn the ethereal lead a charge on the swooping hawks and the Autarch, needless to say they died in the first turn. The Commander opened fire on the falcon which survived only due to the holo-field.
This turn my dire avengers jumped out of the wave serpent, and charged the last unit of fire warriors annihilating them. I then took the objective having killed the commander with repeated EML Definition: Eldar Missile Launchershots.
In my second game I played three-way against chaos undivided with a squad of khorne bezerkers and noise marines; and Kroot Mercs. At first the Kroot Mercs and Slaanesh formed a temporary alliance until the khorne bezerkers were forced to charge and slew the largest kroot squad in the army. In my turn, having lost half the guardians and the wave serpent I tank shocked the kroot who stood their ground and shocked my falcon. My War Walkers fired on the chaos lord and the dire avengers at the kroot killing a measly one while the guardians removed a kroot ox as the swooping Hawks and autarch skyleaped.
Next turn my war walkers were charged and systematically destroyed in combat, the falcon was downed and the guardians were finished off yet I was still doing better than the kroot. Then by miraculous chance the dire avengers wiped out the noise marines and later the obliterator leaving only the lord and his squad. In the final turn my hawks and autarch charged the chaos lord's squad alongside the kroot shaper council, the kroot were slain as was I. But only the chaos lord survived.
Third game I played with 1000 pts of kroot mercs against 1000 pts of 'nids and 1000 pts of 'crons. I was meant to deal with the 'nids. First turn the kroot snipers are wiped out by a lictor which was only killed at length by my autarch, the dire avengers and the guardians. The Hawks were killed as was the wave serpent and war walkers all on the first turn. Then we slew the lictor and it looked like we would win until the dire avengers were annihilated as were the guardians and the kroot were left with one squad. My Autarch set off to help the kroot squad against a wraith. The kroot squad waas killed before he got there but when he did I didn't wound the wraith at all and it killed my Autarch.


The army is quite manoeuvrable and is flexible due to the number of emls and the mixed role War walkers which are ideal against heavy infantry.
The army has reasonable combat power in the dire avengers and autarch. The dire avengers bladestorm then charge to finish off any survivors.


The army is a little all or nothing, if you lose the falcon or war walkers you don't have much hope as shown in my second two games.
If you don't get the first turn this army doesn't really work. In both of the last two games I started second and was wiped out. Agility comes at a price.

Chromatic significance (or why I chose the colour scheme)

The entire army is dark and could from a distance at first glance be mistake for dark eldar. This is due to the prevalent colour being black.
The reason for this is the craftworld is willing to surrender this galaxy and sees the future here as very dark and uncertain. Red and white are often used as contrast colours, either to show the psychic flame or the blood that will surely flow if the eldar stay in this galaxy. Blue or dark green are often used to complement the black and add depth to the armour. The armourers of Kian-Dalthash take great pride in trying to make it seem as though their suits of armour are as deep and dark as space itself.

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