Scenario: Crimson Night

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A Tau Listening post has been cornered by the Imperium. Cut off on all sides for any retreat the Tau must hold off or surrender. The Imperium war machine harasses the Tau listening post by long indirect mortar fire or by hidden sniper picking off fire warrior then retreating before the Tau can react. The casualties are high each day as they are cut off for 7 and half months. Broadsides and Hammerhead ran out off rail gun rounds to fend off the armor tanks. Each Fire warrior carries only one clip of ammunition. Soon the fuel for the tanks run out or malfunction and no Tau armor is able to move. The supply line is also cut off for the Tau so weapons, ammunition, and most important, food is at minimal. Starving the Tau follow after there Kroot allies and starts to eat the dead Tau, Kroot, and men. On the side of the Imperium they wait patiently for the Tau to starve. They have tried to out power the Tau and root them from there post but have cost them dearly. So the Imperium wait until the Tau are too weak to fight so they can finally sweep the Tau base without any hassle.
The Tau Shas'O has commanded to attack the Imperium bunker in the cover of night. It was either a slow death here or fight to your death there. The Tau crazed by starvation and hatred to the Imperium sneak up to an Imperium fire base. The Tau commanders do agree surprise is the best way since they are out numbered and only shelter by the night. The Shas'O sends Kroots and Stealth suits to recon and remove all the enemy patrol. The night is perfect a storm rolls in so gun shots cannot be heard and the light of the moon is gone (Doesn't have to be Tau and Imperium).

Special Rules

  • Night fight
  • There is no deep striking even if your codex allows it
  • 1) Attacker (Tau) cannot bring any vehicles and no weapon that have a heavy 1
  • 2) Attacker (Tau) gets preferred enemy and may retake leadership test
  • 3) Attacker (Tau) assigns two teams who have the ability to infiltrate to be infiltrators.
  • The Infiltrators must be infiltrated after the enemy sets up
  • 4) Attacker (Tau) can deploy on any side of the board (no infiltration units) after the patrol team or infiltration team is killed
  • 5) Attacker (Tau) can use up to 1000 pts
  • 6) Defenders (Imperium) cannot get any equipment or abilities to help in a night fight
  • 7) Defenders (Imperium) can deploy any where in the fire base; Defender must assign a patrol to a troop choice
  • Cool Defenders (Imperium) can only move and shoot the patrol until the enemy has been shot upon or they shoot upon non patrol units. No patrol unit can have indirect fire weapons
  • 9) Defenders (Imperium) After 4 turns of being shot upon (not patrol) the Imperium reserves come in (up to 500 pts)
  • 10) Defenders (Imperium) has a 0-1 choice on vehicles (no vehicles in reserves)
  • 11) Defenders (Imperium) can deploy 1500 pts not including the reserves, before any deployment the defender must choose a table edge so the reserves may enter from there
Game length: Fight to the death. "Before us is death, behind us is death so take your pick".
Line of Retreat: The Starved Tau will not take no for an answer and the Imperium has
 this war in there grasp. Fight even after everyman falls but one

Terrain Placement

  • 4 terrain piece maybe put anywhere in the firebase by the defender
  • 7 forest terrain piece maybe place on the field. The attacker gets to put the first piece the defender and so forth.
  • The fire base must be in the middle of the field
  • [gal_img]1129[/gal_img]

    Victory Conditions

    Tau: Over take the invaders fire base and repel their reinforcements. Leave no survivors.
    Imperium: Protect the fire Base; repel the Tau force until the reinforcements come and out flank the enemy.
    Play to the very last man. No negotiation. No compromise.
    For Imperium they choose to take this unit along as a non patrol group. To represent this model use a mortar heavy weapon squad.

    Long Mortar Batteries

    The Imperium found away to break Tau down from a range the Tau can even shoot back at. The Imperium would set a small team out off all the Tau small arm's range and give hell to the fire warriors.
    Shas'La30 pts333323284+
    Equipment: Long mortar gun and Sonar Radar (They may not be upgraded)
    Unit Type: Infantry
    Team: Team consists of 1-3 long mortar batteries
    Long Mortar Gun
    G62"344 Ordinance 1, small template, pinning
    Sonar radar: Allow the player to re roll the scatter dice if he/she is not happy with the hit. If they do they must use the second scatter even if worse (they can not re-roll the D6s)

    For Tau they can choose to use the special unit. Must be a infiltrating unit.

    Green Face Warrior

    All harden Veterans that are starving and blood crazed. They have got the name green face for painting there faces to blend in with surrounding. The Imperium men fear crawling out of there fire base for who know if a green face is watching.
    Shas'ui25 pts333313195+
    Shas'vre+10 pts433324295+
    Equipment: Rail Rifles, Blacksun Filter, and Pulse Pistol (They may not be upgraded)
    Unit: Infantry
    Team: Team consists of 4-6 Shas'ui. You may upgrade as many as you want to Shas'vre

    Special Rules

    • Infiltration
    • Green Face: for the enemy to shoot upon this unit they must roll 2D6 x 2 If the green face did not move the turn before

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