Scenario: Hells Gate

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Overview:A shower of meteors was shot out into space several million years ago and has now landed on planets. The meteors have been examined and it has since been discovered that they have amazing properties and capabilities. Due to this, armies have traced the meteors back to a planet called Deville Gata. The planet has a gate to the warp, where an infinite power source lies in wait...
Special rules: Deep strike, infiltrators, obstacles, dawn assault.
  Grinawn assault counts for the first three turns, night fight is in effect thereafter.
1) Each player rolls a D6. The highest roll chooses which edge to start off at. They must be within 36" of the starting edge
2) Each player rolls a D6 the highest roll chooses who goes first
The scenery should contain lava streams and must contain some sort of warp gate.
The boiling lava streams automatically deal one wound (Per unit) to ground troops without jet or jump packs when walking over them. Saving throws apply as normal.
One or more crystal-like objects should be on each table quarter, these count as keys (See below)
Game length: The game lasts until the objectives are met:
1) A team needs to obtain two keys by making a unit go over it. If the unit is defeated in combat or it retreats they drop the held keys.
2) A team need to deposit two keys to open the door.
3) The unit that last deposited the keys comes out at the players next turn, then the unit must get back to their original starting point
Notes: A unit can only carry one key at a time, if a unit that entered the warp is killed then the keys are returned to their original places and that team must deposit yet another two keys.
If a team opens the warp it doesn't mean the other team may enter it along with the openers.
Line of retreat: In fear of the immense powers of the warp, you may not retreat.

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