Scenario: No Mans Land

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Battle for No Mans Land.
Overview: Two forces have been battling over a planet for weeks months maybe years. The frontline stretches the length of continents and both sides are struggling to gain the upper hand. Only a thin stretch of land less than a hundred metres across separates the two forces, this is no mans land. By some fluke both sides have been building up forces for an attack at the same time, and at the same point in no mans land, and it is here that the final battle will take place. Both forces are committing all of their reserves to this attack in an attempt to break through the enemy lines and win the war once and for all.
Special rules: Preliminary bombardment, Obstacles, Fortifications, Deep strike, Infiltrators, Sustained attack, Victory points, Dawn assault.
Note, the Dawn assault rule, mean that the first turn of the game is fought with the night fight special rule, as both sides attack at dawn.
1: Both players roll a dice; the highest roller chooses a long board edge as their DZ. The deployment zones should be 24" apart if possible, and they should be at least 12" deep.
2: Each player may deploy any fortifications or obstacles they wish in their DZ, and should include at least one bunker.
3: In addition, each player may deploy further obstacles up to 6" out from their DZ.
4: Both players roll a dice, the highest roller may choose whether to deploy first or second. The first to deploy places one unit, then the second player follows suit, until all units are placed. Units must be deployed in this order: Heavy Support, Troops, Elites, HQ, and Fast Attack. Infiltrators from any category are deployed last. Any units that can deep strike, may be kept in reserve.
5: Both players roll a dice; the highest scorer chooses whether to deploy his infiltrators first or second. Infiltrators can be deployed anywhere inside the Obstacles zone or DZ of the player, although they may not be within 18" of an enemy unit.
6: Both players receive a preliminary bombardment, although you should only roll for enemy units and tank traps, as by the time of this battle, both sides artillery have got the enemy trenches well and truly zeroed, so there is no danger from friendly fire. In addition due to the increased accuracy of each sides bombardment, units and obstacles are hit on a roll of a 5+ rather than a 6+, as is normally the case.
7: Both players roll a dice; the highest roller may choose to go first or second.
Game length: The game lasts for six turns, although it would be fitting to fight on until one side is wiped out.
Line of retreat: Units fall back towards the long board edge of their DZ.
Victory conditions: At the end of the game, the side with the most victory points is the winner. Extra victory points are awarded as follows: double VPs are awarded for any HQ units wiped out; and each side gains +100 VPs for destroying enemy bunkers, 200VPs for occupying an enemy bunker, and +100VPs for any of their own bunkers that remain intact and in their possession.

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