Painting Tutorial: Daemon Prince

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[gal_img]977[/gal_img]As many have asked, I've made a painting tutorial on how to paint the model featured above. Sorry however there are no work-in-progress pictures.
  • Undercoat with black. This helps with a darker feeling to the model in the final outcome, and makes the paint stay better!!
  • Cover the skin with scab red. This is your skin's basecoat.
  • Paint the membrane of the wings scorched brown. This is the basecoat for the wings. Also paint the spikes, talons, horns, gold plating, hilt of the sword, skulls and straps of leather scorched brown.
  • Drybrush the skin with a mix of scab and blood red.
  • Continue building up colour on the skin by adding more and more blood red to the mix, until you get to a final light highlight on the skin. You may want to add a touch of yellow or orange on the final highlight in the mix of red.
  • Drybrush the wings a mix of scorched brown and bestial brown, building up the layers of paint, lighter and lighter as you go. Eventually use a blend including some bleached bone. For the final hightlight of the wings use a very small amount of bleached bone as a light drybrush.
  • Work your way up on highlighting the spikes as you did on the wings. Instead, for the final hightlight, use a large amount of bleached bone. Do the same for the detailed skulls on the chains and tabard.
  • As for the horns, drybrush the same as the spikes. Where the horns meet the head blend in the bone with red skin. It's not as hard as it sounds. It is just for the effect (Yay, drybrushing!)
  • For the gold plating paint shining gold over the scorched brown. Paint that until you get good coverage, then mix some mithril silver and shining gold and drybrush that on. It will come out with a tarnished look. Do the same with the spike at the end of the sword, the rings, and the other metal bits.
  • For the tabard and some chains I painted on boltgun metal, trying not to get it into the recesses. Then, highlight with mithril silver and wash it down with some watered down chaos black.
  • I didn't do anything special for the sword. I simply painted it with a mix of mithril silver and chaos black, and then highlighted it with mithril silver.
  • For the handle of the sword I painted on bestial brown, and highlighted with snakebite leather. Make sure to only paint the risen parts, not in the recesses.
  • Pick out some details you forgot, like teeth and eyes. Teeth are painted like the spikes. Eyes are skull white, with a dot of chaos black in the middle.
  • As for the base, slather on some PVA glue. Dip the miniature in sand and leave it for a while. Do not paint it whilst it is drying or you will have a very hard time! For the rubble I used chopped off sprue parts, and for the flat pieces I used some bits of cut-up CDs (discs).
  • For CityFight, mainly as my Khorne are new and for Medusa V, I painted my bases black to make it look like it is in a city. Drybrush a mix of chaos black and skull white - more black than white for now. Add some more skull white to the mix, and lightly drybrush the base.
  • Add some static grass sparingly, for the final touch.
Presto; you now have a great Daemon Prince!

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