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Since working on my gory assault marines for my chapter,  people have asked how i did the gore and blood on the weapons.
Most of the time, blood on minis turns out bright red, tomato ketchup.
But this method ensures you get perfect blood every time Tongue

I thought I may as well tell you all how it was done:

You will need the following -

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Flying stand plastic, the sprue, the stand, the rod - it doesn't matter. Its easy to come by.
Taymil Clear red - From Ebay, hobby sites, good art stores and so on. I use for specialist paints. About 1-2 for a pot depending where yo go.
Acrylic medium - again from hobby stores, (hobbycraft near the oil and acrylic painting section) or online. Cheap again about 2. Big pot. Comes in handy for creating your own washes and blending too.An second alternative would be PVA glue.
A fire maker - Cigarette lighter, matches, two bits of flint and some moss - as long as it burns things Wink

The flying stand and lighter is used to create the stringy gore effect. Its not essential if you are just painting thin blood.

Stage 1: Stringy gore.

Heat the flying stand in a well ventilated place (outside is best) anddont breath in the smoke. It  sets on fire like a candle after a few seconds, blow it out[make a wish] and quickly dab it onto your weapon, pull it away as it dries to form a string of plastic. Do this a few times until you are happy with the result.

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This may take a few practise attempts to get it right. You can pull the melted plastic off the model cleanly and start again.
When it dries fully, clean it up and get rid of all the long strings.

Stage 2: Blending it to the weapon.

Here, mix up scorched brown: acrylic medium/very slightly thinned PVA glue: Clear red. 10:40:50 approx. Paint this on to the weapon gore thickly, it will blend the melted plastic to the weapon.

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Stage3: Painting

Paint streaks or blotches, depending on the blood effect you want, with chaos black: Clear red 15:85 approx.
When this dries paint clear red over the area. You can add texture to it when it is partially dry if you do not want it to be mirror smooth.
If it is a splatter of blood, wetbrush (like drybrush but with more paint on your brush) clear red over the surrounding area to create 'flecks' of blood, and messy it up a bit.

And that is easy gore in a nutshell  Wink
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