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Origins: Planet Karrick
Alliance: Tau
 Karrick was one of many planets that fell under the rule of the Tau (who later renamed it Ka'riska) during the Orinius crusade. The only habitable planet in a solar system of just three worlds, Karrick was a land of many environments; desert, forest, ice and more.
Karrick was populated by two races: humans and kovarls. Kovarls could be described as an ab-human race, close to humanity but slightly different. In some ways they looked human, in other ways they were worlds apart. Kovarls had long ears that were far superior in hearing and balance keeping than even a space marine's, and only four toes on each foot. The colourings of their eyes were another notable difference. Where humans had eyes of green, blue and brown, kovarls had eyes of red, purple or even yellow.
For a long time humans and kovarls fought on the borders of their territory. Where humans had the advantage of greater technology, kovarls had a greater knowledge of their surroundings. They were advanced in hit and run tactics, using tame beasts to ride to battle, before dismounting and reeking havoc amongst the enemy. They attacked supply lines more often than they fought in battle.
 In one such centaury, when the humans were lead by a careless and complacent ruler, the kovarls managed to take many tens of human cities, striking fast and effectively, and taking humans as their slaves, as the humans took kovarls as their slaves. The kovarls were only stopped when the humans fell under martial law, and the kovarls were forced back and split, causing them to be scattered amongst different terrains. But the kovarls possessed an attributes that the humans did not know.
 For unknown reasons, kovarls pass on some of their experience to their children at birth; kovarl 'kleinling', as their children are called, possess some of their mother's and father's knowledge and skills without having to be taught them. With the kovarls scattered across Karrick, one skill they passed on was their adaptation to their habitat.
 In time the kovarls developed means of travel that allowed them to cross the globe quickly and stealthily. And so the traits of one 'Kovis' (a clan or group of kovarls) merged with those of another, until the race became adept in all grounds.
 And then came the Tau.
Whilst the kovarls were still hiding the humans of the Imperium on Karrick fought the Tau. The kovarls remained out of the way of what could have become a three way war until a small cadre of Tau found a Kovis in the northern wildernesses after eliminating human opposition there. They found a silent and somewhat primitive race, capable of sneaking up on fire warrior squads and dispatching them with ease. Immediately they saw a race that had burning in it a hate for the humans, and promptly called them to enter the greater good.
 Negotiations were swift. Within two months the kovarls were part of the greater good, and their primitive armaments were upgraded with Tau technology.
 Karrick was taken by the Tau forces just two months later, the kovarl's natural adaptation to any environment proving invaluable. With their Tau upgraded weapons, city after city fell, until Karrick was fully under Tau control.
 There were conditions in the kovarls negotiations. Though they allowed the Tau to colonise Karrick, special areas were put over for nature and kovarl habitation. The Tau did not object to this, as the kovarl were only as powerful as they were because of their adaptation to their world. Because Karrick had been so diverse in its nature, kovarl units could be deployed anywhere with the Tau and still be useful.
 In time the kovarls would prove themselves to be very capable marksmen and warriors. As their status with the Tau grew, so did their successes. It is thought that soon the kovarls will be deployed on other frontiers other than the Orinius one.

Kovarl Fighting squad

A kovarl fighting squad takes up one troop choice in your Tau army.
  • Unit Size:Between 6 and 12 Kovarls
  • Weapons:Kovarl Blaster
  • Options:One member of the squad may be upgraded to Kovarl'o at +9pts. A Kovarl'o may be further upgraded to have a markerlight at +10pts. Any member of the squad (including a Kovarl'o) may take a Hunting Blaster for +6pts. The whole squad may be upgraded to have EMP grenades at +3pts a model.
  • Special Rules:Kovarls have the Move through cover special rule. In addition, they add +1 to any cover saves, but do not receive cover saves in the open. They may use their knowledge of terrain movement to infiltrate, so long as they do so in terrain. Kovarls also count as having the acute senses special rule.

Kovarl Weapons

Kovarl Blaster:When the Tau came to the Kovarl, they were using unstable rifles called blasters. These weapons were effective but prone to overheating, often maiming the firer. The Tau improved on this to make it more stable and more powerful, before the kovarls further improved it by making it easier to fire on the move. Its main problem is in its total lack of armour penetrating ability.
24"4-Assualt 2
Hunting Blaster:Combining Tau pulse and kovarl Blaster technology, Hunting Blasters are deadly at long range, but also almost totally silent due to advanced sound muffling systems. A kill from such a weapon is both messy and effective. As there is often little of the enemy left, any of its team mates find it hard to pinpoint exactly where the shot came from.
Hunting Blaster42"X4Heavy 1, Sniper, Pinning
If a multi-wound character is wounded by a hunting blaster, roll a dice. On a five or six the character takes another wound, saves allowed (if they can normally save against the weapons AP). Another dice roll is not made. On a one to four the character takes only one wound as normal.
If anyone is unhappy with the point costs, stat lines, rules, please comment on it and tell me what you think they should be. HT

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