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"The need for the existence of the commandos first arose during an assault on Fal'shia by ork pirates. A half mile hulk ship landed close to the borders of the principal city. Shas'o Fal'shia kais doran'ro kauyun had no ordinance capable of destroying it with its shield and not enough men to stall the orks for long enough to evacuate the city. He decided on a drastic do-or-die mission. They were going to board the hulk. Within a dec a handpicked team were outside a gaping hole in the hulk's hull. Within two there was a fist-sized block of D-12 explosive on the hulks chief plasma generator. After the boarding (and destruction) of another ork pirate hulk, the assassination of a space marine captain, and the destruction of an imperial supply column, 'commando' training for the best 20 men in each contingent became available in the mainstream and the commando was born."
Commandos Team (Tau: Shas'ui)
Shas'ui Team Leader+15243313294+

Additional Rules

  • Team: The team consists of a team leader and 5-11 shas'uis; 0-2 of those may be upgraded to experts.
  • Unit Type: Infantry
  • Equipment: All models have elite pulse rifles (see below). The team leader also has a bonding knife.
  • Options:
    • All models may take EMP grenades at +3pts per model
    • The squad may attain the specialist equipment/backup to provide them with up to two of the following special rules at an extra cost per model; deep strike for +5 pts, infiltrate for +4 pts, stealth for +4 pts, move through cover for +3pts or scout for +3pts. Any transport vehicle the squad has may take infiltrate or scout for no added points cost
    • Any model may replace their elite pulse rifle with a pulse carbine for free
  • Special Rules: Experts
    • Medic at +11 pts
    • Demolitions expert with D-12 explosives (meltabombs) for +5 pts or a fusion rifle and hard-wired target lock for +15 pts
    • Assistant team leader with drone controller for +0 pts
    • Two normal squad members may become a heavy weapons team for no points. One member of this team replaces their elite pulse rifle for a heavy weapon form a laser guided missile and hard-wired target lock for +20 pts, cyclic ion cannon and hard-wired target lock for +40 pts, or an arc laser and hard-wired target lock for +45 pts. The other may take a networked markerlight and multi-tracker for +10pts (One team per squad max. 12 man squads only)
  • Character. You must upgrade one squad member to a team leader for +15 pts. The team leader may take a networked markerlight and multi-tracker for +10 pts.
  • Transport. In squads of 12 or less, you may take a devilfish as a dedicated transport vehicle.

Commando Armoury

Elite Plasma Rifle24"55Assault 2
Laser guided missile (Frag)48"46Heavy 1, Blast, Twin-Linked
Laser guided missile (Krak)48"83Heavy 1, Twin-Linked
Fusion rifle12"81Assualt 1, Melta
Cyclic ion cannon24"64Heavy 1, Rending
Arc laser18"65Heavy X*, Pinning
*Fires a number of shots equal to half the number of models in the target unit, rounding up.

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