Keeping Lost And The Damned Alive

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As some of you may (or may not) know one of my main armies is Lost and the Damned. At my local GW Definition: Games Workshopstore the redshirts were not happy to let me put my Favorite army on the shelf so we came up with ways to adjust the Lost and the Damned book to the new Codex. I wouldn't mind others suggestions on this stuff as well. What I'm going to post is what we agreed upon in the store.
Mainly we just translated everything as directly as we could.. Though it was deemed that LatD Spawn should stay as LatD spawn and not Chaos Marine spawn as they are specifically mentioned in the LatD codex on how they work.
Arch Heretics -> These guys are no more. Thats it.
Greater Demons-> They work the same as they do in the Chaos Codex. One Generic Demon type.
Aspiring Champions-> These guys use the points in the LatD codex for their base points and they keep the use of their special marks (as they are specified as being special marks). They take their wargear options from the chaos space marine unit entry in the new codex.
Tzeentch Marked champs can take a psychic power at the same points as everyone else...But they don't gain any Tzeentch Benefits, so they only can have one power and need to take psy-tests.
Demon Packs->These are now lesser Demons. Instead of occupying 'troops' they occupy elites.
Big Mutants->Same
Possessed->Operate in the same manner as the new codex.
Traitors->Work the Same. Agitators take wargear as Aspiring Champs at the same points cost.
Gibbering Hordes->Gone
Fast Attack
Hounds-> same
Demon Beasts-> Gone
Heavy Support
Defiler->As the new codex
Spawn->Keep the LatD Spawn as they have their own 'rules' in the LatD book.
Traitor Recon and Heavy Support remain the same.
Chaos Marine Allies work the same way. IE 1 HQ 1 Elites 2 Troops 1 Fast attack
Though I'll say any Marked troops are elites IE Chaos Marines with Icons and any cult marines.
So, Any Input? This is the same stuff that I will be basing my Army lists off of in the future. As much as it may look, LatD change almost flawlessly with the new codex regardless...And I am sure that people wont mind you playing against them any more then before...Or at least I hope.

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