Tau XV39 Gue'Vesa Battlesuit

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"Many Tau Septs have begun to see that they need a strong close combat unit, mainly the newest Sept of Fi'rios. Although Kroot are good for this purpose, they fall easily even to lasguns. Gifted with a new task, the Earth Caste began to make new weapons and Battlesuits for this purpose. Eventfully, they made two new types of gear for the battlefield, the Proton blade & the XV39 Battlesuit. But with the Tau's dislike for close combat, few wished to use the weaponry. Eventfully, the Tau picked out some of the most promising Gue'vesa were picked to man these suits. Thanks to these suits, many battles against the Imperium have been easily won. Few of these suits & weapons have been made and are used only when necessary."

0-1 Elite Choice; Stats of the XV39 Battlesuit

Stats of the XV39 Battlesuit 
Gue'vesa'ui65425 (6)424283+
Gue'vesa'vre+15425 (6)434283+
Team: A team contains of 1-3 Gue'vesa'ui.
Unit Type: Jump Infantry (Jet Pack).
Equipment: Each team member has a XV39 Gue'vesa Battlesuit (see below), Proton blade (see below) and a shield generator. They may also pick 1 shoulder-mounted battlesuit weapon system or support system.
Options: Any model may change their shield generator for a stealth field generator at no extra cost. Also any model may get another attack at 10 points.
Character: One Gue'vesa'ui may be designated as a team leader at +5 points, and may select items from the Battlesuit Wargear list. A Gue'vesa'ui team leader may be upgraded to a Gue'vesa'vre for an additional 10 points, giving him access to Special Issue wargear.

Special Rules

Altered Training: During their first trial of fire, the chosen Gue'vesa have different training than usual warriors. Because of this, their close-combat skill is enhanced but their shooting skill suffer.
XV39 Battlesuit: The team members' battlesuits grant them the Acute Senses and Deep Strike special rules.
Proton Blade: The Proton Blade is a modified version of captured power weapons that have Proton's moving through them allowing them cut through even the toughest armour with ease. Their attacks ignore normal armour saves, increase their strength increases by 1 & has D6 + 4 armour penetration.
Explosive Blade: The protons in the blade are highly explosive so when they hit against another material, the explode wounding the attacker. To show this, if a unit misses against the suit, roll a D6. On a 4-6, the weapons clash and the protons explode causing a S3 hit with normal saves allowed. However, on a 1-3, the enemy completely misses and nothing happens.
Quick Slice: In the assault phase, a model may use this attack instead. It hits all models in base contact on a 2+, regardless of WS.
Explosive Blast: In the shooting phase, the model may use this attack but it loses an attack in the assault phase. It uses this profile:
Stats of the Explosive Blast 
Template-4-Assault 1 / Pinning

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