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A new item of Special Issue War gear for Tau Commanders only:

Translocator - 30 points

First encountered by Imperial Guard forces during the Gideon IV Anomaly, this is a piece of experimental Tau technology used only be experienced Tau Commanders, whose effect can be seen in this fragment from the report of a company sergeant of the Mandellian 17th:
"The lads dubbed 'im a Jack-a-Box, for cause he kept poppin' up outta nowhere, shootin' us and then vanishin' again. He were a proper pain in the-[RETRACTED]"
Utilising a blend of the stealth suit technology and a vastly miniaturised version of the warp-dive system that powers their interstellar fleets, this equipment allows the Tau Commander to disappear from the field of battle and re-appear elsewhere, often to devastating effect, or simply to avoid being over-run.
The device is used in the movement phase, but may not be used if the Tau Commander has already moved, is attached to another unit or if the Tau Commander is locked in close combat. The Tau Commander counts as having moved at the beginning of Turn 1 for these purposes, so the device may not be used on Turn 1.
The Tau player must identify the translocation target area to his opponent (which may be anywhere on the table, excluding impassable terrain, and observing the usual unit placement rules eg. not within 1" of the enemy), and then roll a D6:
D6 Roll Result
1 Optimal translocation. Place the Tau Commander on the translocation target area. Do not roll for scatter. The Tau Commander may now move, shoot and assault as if he had started the Turn on the translocation target area, and had not moved.
2-5 Functional translocation. Immediately deep-strike the Tau Commander to the translocation target area as per the rules on page 84 of the rulebook (ie. roll for scatter).
6 Delayed translocation. This operates as a Functional Translocation, except that the deep-strike takes place on the Tau player's next Turn. Remove the Tau Commander from the field until then. The Tau player may not alter the translocation target area he identified. If there is no next Turn, then treat the Tau Commander as wounded for Victory Point purposes at the end of the game.
If the Tau Commander has any drones, they will accompany him. The Tau Commander must detach from any unit he has attached to before he can use the translocator. Note that detaching counts as movement for the purposes of using the device. The Tau Commander may not take a translocator if he also takes a bodyguard. Due to the device's size, it may not be taken on any Crisis suit that also has Vectored Retro Thrusters or Ejection System.
Designer's Notes: this device allows the Tau Commander to deepstrike several times per game. The considerable advantages this has are reflected in the cost, and are hopefully offset by the limitations. In particular, rolling a 6 will potentially place the Tau Commander in serious peril, as the enemy will have advance knowledge of where he will be appearing. If there happens to be unit there when he arrives, then unless he scatters, he is dead! In addition, use in Turn 6 to grab a distant table quarter will be discouraged by the possibility of the Tau Commander vanishing off the table and gifting VPS to the opponent. It would be of obvious use in a Helios configuration to target back-field armour, but would complement other load-outs equally well. It has been made Special Issue, but a Tau Cadre packed with translocator-equipped VX8 Crisis suits might be worth play testing (with an understanding opponent!).

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