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My gaming group has 1 box of Space Hulk, we are to distribute the models and each of us paint a number of models.I got dibs on the Sergeant with Powersword, Librarian and the dead Terminator on throne. So here's my go on them.Blood Angels SergeantBeautiful model with loads of details, I had a fun time painting this badboyGallery image
Dead Terminator on ThroneAh my first go on a different method of paint chipping, this is done by painting a dark mix of Scorched Brown and Chaos Black, dab a bit on the edges of the armor draw some streak lines and so on. Next is a highlight of Blazing Orange to pop out the chippings.Gallery image
For scale comparison they are pretty much the same, they have more cool 'bling' on them and dynamic poses but overall they tie up nicely with the normal termies.Here's a pic.Gallery image
Here is the Librarian a.k.a Mephiston. He is much harder though, especially the freehand on the shoulderpad. I did my best. Gallery image

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